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November 6, 2017: a new poem at The Annex
Posted by Silver Wolf

With the help of Jeff, I posted a new poem at the Annex: I am a Macadam Flower, dedicated to the memory of all those young child prostitute that end up dead in our big cities. It is in French, but there is an underlying English translation, for those who do not read the language.

Silver Wolf





November 2, 2017: Poetry/Plays Section
Posted by The Story Lover

True Fan and The Story Lover have also added to the Poetry/Plays section along with Silver Wolf so check it out you might just be surprised at what you find. You might even find yourself liking poetry.



October 29, 2017: Posted on the Forums...
Posted by Silver Wolf

Heh, Jeff added one of my poems to the poetry stock found at The Annex. It's in French, but an English translation is included if you click on the text, for those whom do not know the language. As always, translations are 'best concept fit', not word for word, so it does not sound as fluid as it does in French, and for that, I am sorry. It is quite old, being one of my first published work, dating from the GWG (Gay Writers Guild) days. In short (!) it describes the feelings of a parent that has lost a child to foul play. Do read and comment.

October 26, 2017: Book 3 of the Prophesy is up!!!
Posted by Silver Wolf

Jeff's been busy while I was in my den fighting the fleas. He posted book 3 of The Prophesy, The Hammer of Atlantis. Thanks a lot, Jeff. 

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