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September 19, 2017: Thanks for the help Jeff
Posted by The Story Lover

I would like to say thank you very much to Jeff's Fort for stepping in and finishing the transfer of files and adding the new content. I was a little swamped with the job of still completing my own sites upgrade. Now that he has done all of the hard work I can kick back and relax! wink Akeentia our masterful programmer has done another wonderful job creating a faster and easier to use site. All I had to was give him a few suggestions and he created this masterpiece.

You may have noticed a name change during the upgrade we reverted the site to its original name.

I will be keeping the site updated and making sure that auto-updates happen. Thanks again Jeff and Akeentia.

TSL Webmaster

September 18, 2017: Our oldest family site...
Posted by JeffsFort

...becomes our newest upgraded site!

Hi everyone and welcome to the totally upgraded and completely redesigned "Annex: Down Under"! As I'm sure most of you have noticed, our family of sites has taken on a newer, streamlined, mobile friendly, easier to search, able to leap tall buildings... Well, you get it. Thanks to the hard work of "The Story Lover" and our designer and technical genius "Akeentia" we can now announce that one more site has finally been brought up to "Code".

Not to worry though, all of the content that you come to read is still here. As a matter of fact, the largest upgrade that you will notice is that our sites communicate with each other. Now if a story is updated on sister site and is co-hosted here, the update happens instantly. No more falling behind. Over the next few days, there may be some minor tweaking but, take a look around and you may even find some content that wasn't there on the old site.

Have fun!

Until the next update - *HUGZ*

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