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January 14, 2018: New Author C.J. Gibb
Posted by Brynmor

Dear Readers, I would like you to join me in welcoming our Newest Addition to the Annex. 


January 13, 2018: New Chapters!
Posted by Brynmor

Sneaky Authors!

Look at this I look away and turn back and three more chapters are up! Voyagers Authors, Jeff P and Multimapper just snuck in and posted more to read. 



January 11, 2018: New Chapters are here!!!
Posted by Brynmor

We have new chapters this week! 

Zarek Dragon has brought us Chapter 10: Surprises from the Submariner.

Silver Wolf has added Chapter 12 of A Little devil at Hogwarts!

Remember let our authors know how you like the story and the editors how much you appreciate their hard work.





January 1, 2018: Happy New Years!
Posted by Brynmor

Today starts a New Year! That said, Please let your Authors know how much their Readers are enjoying the stories this really help to light a fire in their hearts to post chapters.

Hmm, last sentence seem's to run on. Also remember to reach out and thank our editors who work tirelessly to keep our stories making sense. 

Everyone go out have a wonderfull day and enjoy a new beginning to this year.



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