A New Life - Memories: West Coast

Chapter Five

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(From last chapter)

He just looked at me for a minute before saying, "Honey, if you're a homosexual then so be it, and you need to know that I'll always love you no matter what, okay?"

"Yeah Dad, I know that," I said, not realizing yet just what he was trying to tell me and how important it was to me. I just knew that my dad loved me and always would, it was something that I took for granted, like the sun rising and setting and it had never occurred to me that he could not love me. That was just too alien a concept for my young mind to fathom.

"Well give it a little time with Lucas, and if he loves you half as much as you love him, I bet he comes around and you two will get this all resolved," he told me.

"I hope so Dad, I can't live without him," I whispered.

I can't live without him I thought as my dad hugged me to him and stroked my back offering me what comfort he could, as I thought about those hazel eyes and how much I missed them.

Lucas, please come home.

Chapter Five

Lucas didn't come home.

Lucas didn't speak to me and he wouldn't have anything to do with me either.

One day turned into two then three and a week and my heart hurt more each day as he avoided me and refused to speak to me.

I tried, I really did but nothing seem to get through to him.

I just didn't know what to do anymore.

Even Jimmy tried to get through to him but he wouldn't speak to him either.

Mom, Dad, Jimmy and my brothers tried to be there for me but I wasn't consolable walking around feeling as if my heart was dead in my chest.

I guess fate has a way of putting their hand into things because about two weeks of misery later being at his house came back to haunt him and I got my Lucas back, I just wish it wasn't the way it happened.

I had come home from school and went to my room falling on my bed to lay there staring at nothing as I had been doing for two weeks.

I don't know how much later it was when I heard the doorbell ring but I didn't care so didn't pay it much attention until I heard my mother scream for Jimmy to come quick.

Something about her voice sent chills down my spine and I suddenly got very afraid as I jumped up out of the bed and took off running for the front door.

Upon getting there I came to an abrupt halt at the sight which confronted me for there just inside the door was a bloody and battered boy lying on the floor with my mother kneeling alongside.

It was Lucas.

"Lucas" I whispered in horror as I ran to his side falling to my knees "Lucas" I cried again as Jimmy came running in stopping in shock much as I had a moment ago.

Oh my God, Lucas was all I could think as I looked down on him with the tears falling freely down my cheeks.

"Oh my God, what happened?" Jimmy asked as he walked slowly up to his mother looking down at Lucas lying there.

"I don't know help me get him up" she said and we all grabbed him and lifted him up carrying him into the living room.

Lucas was moaning and didn't seem to see anything as he just kept turning his head back and forth.

"Jimmy run and get a couple of wet washrags right now" mom said as we set him on the couch.

"Lucas" I called to him again as I sank down at his side but he didn't respond.

"Mom?" I looked up with tear filled eyes not able to say what I was feeling simply looking at her begging that he was alright.

"Bobby, let me look at him" she said beginning to take his shirt off.

"Mom, don't" I said suddenly knowing Lucas wouldn't want her to see him.

She looked at me strangely and said "Lucas I need to check for injuries"

"He doesn't like people to see him" I quickly said hoping she would let it drop.

"Robert I have seen how many boys naked?" she asked smiling gently at me.

"Please mom" I asked just looking at her and she didn't move for a minute but then nodded and buttoned his shirt back up and another nail went in.

"Thanks mom" I said softly as Jimmy came running back with the washcloths and handed them to our mother.

She took them and began gently wiping the blood off his face and neck where it had run down his skin.

It didn't look as bad when she got him cleaned up but he was still out of it as mom felt around his head and then examined the rest of his body.

Finally she looked up and said "He has a knot on his head but there doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with him although I can't see much without taking his clothes off" looking directly at me.

Suddenly he sat straight up scaring the hell out of all of us as he cried "Bobby!" looking around as if he couldn't see me.

I looked at mom quickly then told him "Lucas it's okay, I'm right here" but it didn't seem to do any good as his shoulders slumped down and he said "Bobby" again only this time much softer.

"Lucas" I said as I reached out and took him into my arms.

I didn't know what I was doing but it felt right somehow as he stiffened in my arms at first but then melted into them suddenly sobbing and crying "Bobby, Bobby" over and over again.

"Shhh, I'm here Lucas, I'm here" I said just holding the most important thing in the world in my arms and vowing that I would never let go.

I had put my head down on his shoulder and had my eyes closed as I just whispered "It's gonna be okay, you're here now, it's gonna be okay" over and over again.

I don't know how long I sat there until he slowly eased off of his crying and then pulled back slightly but my heart almost burst when he stayed in my arms and wrapped his around me as well.

He just looked at me and neither of us said anything as the tears ran down his cheeks and I realized mine as well.

"I'm sorry" he said softly

"So am I" I told him.

Nothing else was said as we just looked into one another's eyes and the feelings went back and forth between us and for the life of me I couldn't describe it.

It was as if everything in the world was down to that one small point of existence occurring between us at that moment and the rest of the world didn't exist for either of us as I saw and felt his love, fear, and hope

At least until mom reminded us that it existed but the time we spent spoke volumes.

"What happened honey?" she asked softly

I could see the fear suddenly enter his eyes as he realized that he would have to tell finally and I couldn't say that didn't make me happy.

I wanted his father to stop hurting him; no dad should do to him what his had been doing.

"Nothing" he mumbled not looking at my mother. I watched as her eyes narrowed and she reached out and gently took his chin in her hand turning it towards her.

"What happened baby? You don't have to be afraid anymore" she told him softly

He didn't answer her looking down refusing to meet her eyes and finally she let it go and said, "Why don't you take Lucas up to your room and have him lie down for a while. Lucas let me know if you feel dizzy, nauseous or have any blurred vision okay?"

"Yes ma'am," Lucas replied.

Mom got up and left the room and Jimmy, after looking at us for a moment followed.

"Lucas, your father did this to you didn't he?" I whispered to him

"You can't tell." he said to me then, "Please?" begging me with his voice

"Lucas…" I said but he interrupted me and said again, "Please," looking at me with such pleading in his eyes that I relented and said, "Okay," and with that word, nailed the last of the nails in for this was the last chance and between us we hadn't taken it, hadn't known we needed to.

I helped him up, slowly walking him up to our room and helped him out of his clothes then led him into the bathroom where I got a washcloth and very gently cleaned him up as best I could without taking a bath before taking him back to our bed and laying him down on it while I removed my clothes and crawled in beside him.

I was scared to touch him but he was looking at me and reached out his hand and placed it on my shoulder where he began to stroke my arm gently up and down.

I gasped and a smile lit my face as the feelings were so good, so right, that began coursing through me.

I placed my hand on his side and began doing the same to him and watched as a smile overtook his face as well.

"I'm sorry," he whispered looking at me.

"It's okay, now," I said to him because now it was, my Lucas was back.

"No it's not, I have to explain what happened," Lucas said.

"No you don't, as long as you're back now, that's what matters," I said.

"I have to, please," he said to me and I simply nodded my head saying, "Okay."

"My dad has told me that faggots are evil and going to hell all my life and….and," he said but stopped there.

"You're scared because now it ain't messing around anymore," I told him.

His eyes got big but all he did was nod his head.

"I knew it that night, I just wanted to touch you and hold you and it didn't have nothing to do with our dicks, I just never wanted to let you go," he said softly.

"I know, I felt the same way," I said to him smiling, "At first I was embarrassed and wondered what you would think but then when you reached out to me and started touching me again, it made me so happy and it felt so good, so right that I couldn't speak for a minute. You thought I didn't want it, but I did," I told him.

"I was scared and thought you were just doing it to make me feel better, but more than that, I didn't want to be a faggot. I learned what one is and I don't want to go to hell," he said.

"You won't. Dad says there's nothing wrong with being one," I told him.

"But dad says…" he started to say, but I interrupted him and said, "Your dad is an asshole, don't listen to him."

He looked away but then back, "He's called me one as long as I can remember, I don't want to be what he says I am," he said.

"Your dad thinks being a faggot is bad, but it's not Lucas, you be whatever you are and I'll be right here with you," I said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, really cause I think I'm one too, cause I love you so much and don't ever want to let you go either," I told him, smiling at him which caused him to gasp and say again "Really?"

"Yeah really, I just don't want you to ever go away again like that," I said.

"Don't worry, I won't," he whispered as he pulled me to him and we wrapped our arms around each other.

"I…I love you," he said softly in my ear.

"I love you too, Lucas, and I always will," I said and heard him sob as his body began shaking.

I found tears in my eyes again as well as I said, "Never leave me."

"I won't, I promise and I don't care if this makes me a faggot or not, for the first time in my life, I'm happy, really happy," he said as we cried into each other's arms releasing all the pain and fear that had consumed us.

My heart was filled with the most wonderful feelings that I can't begin to describe but it was like the light and warmth of the sun had come back into my life and I was ready to burst with it.

It was as if I was whole once again, filled and complete and I knew that we would be together always, because I would never let this feeling go, never.

We fell asleep like that and woke up like that as well, looking into one another's eyes, just looking and seeing so much as our hearts and souls finally melded together into one.

I can't tell you when it happened but one moment we were staring into each other's eyes and the next our heads were slowly moving towards each other not even realizing or knowing what we were doing.

They met with our lips and as they touched it felt as if a jolt of electricity went shooting through me and I could tell Lucas felt the same as our heads came apart and we looked at one another.

The love there in his eyes was something that I would never forget and the love that filled my heart knew no bounds as our breathing was suddenly fast and I felt hot all over as we allowed our lips to come together again, only this time much longer.

That afternoon we found out what the term 'making love' really meant and it wasn't intercourse.

We had, had sex before, touching one another and making ourselves feel good but this was different, much, much different.

Our hands went out and began touching once again, rubbing arms, shoulders, backs, our chests and even down onto each other's butts but the one place we didn't touch was our dicks, we didn't even take off our underwear. I don't know why we didn't, but thinking back on it, I think we just knew this was about loving and not just sex.

Oh don't get me wrong, we were both the hardest we had ever been but it just wasn't important right then, loving one another was.

We kissed and caressed one another as the heat built in our bodies and tried to pull one another into each other in an attempt to get closer to one another, loving each other in a completely new way and when it felt as if we couldn't take anymore, suddenly as we clung to each other there was the brightest explosion we had ever experienced that caused us to cry out with the feelings overwhelming our bodies and minds.

I don't know what happened but when I awoke it was to Jimmy standing there looking worried shaking me asking, "Bobby, Bobby what's wrong?"

Wrong? Nothing's wrong. I had never felt better in my life, although it scared the shit out of me.

All the heat and feelings had been in one area and now they radiated out from that spot and in pleasant warmth and ache that left me feeling exhausted but in oh so good a way as I looked up at him smiling and said "Nothing, why?"

"You screamed," he said "What happened?"

I seemed to kinda recall that but I said, "I don't know, we were holding each other…."

"And it felt soooooo good," Lucas said from beside me.

"And then it was like…like…I don't know, Jimmy, it was the bestest feeling I've ever had," I told him.

"Me too," Lucas added before getting a funny look on his face but before I could say anything he added, "Shit, I think I pissed myself" and I realized I did too.

Blushing, I said, "I think I did too."

"I think you got the feeling, guys," Jimmy said into this embarrassed silence.

"But we weren't touching em and we ain't got no sperms" I said, knowing he was talking about the feeling he had when his sperms came out.

"I bet you do now," Jimmy said laughing.

We threw the covers back and looked at each other and could see the wet spot in the front of our underwear as we looked at each other a moment before pushing our underwear down.

It wasn't much, and it wasn't as white as Jimmy's, but it was definitely sperms and we both yelled "YEA!!!" at the sight, while Jimmy just kept laughing.

"Far out guys, congratulations," Jimmy said as we looked at what there was, still not believing it.

I guess we were in shock but all we could do was stare and then reach slowly out and touch the new substance that apparently was coming out of our bodies now.

We looked at it and played with it giggling and even smelled it before Lucas touched his finger to his tongue tasting it.

"Ewww," I said upon seeing that.

"It doesn't taste bad," Lucas said, looking at me and I realized that he was tasting me and suddenly I wanted to have a part of him in me and taste him as well, so with some trepidation I reached my finger down and brought some back to my lips looking at it for a moment before placing it in my mouth.

"Ahhh," I said as the most incredible taste filled my mouth because it was from the one I loved more than any other in the world.

It was sweet and nice and I loved it I thought, as I smiled at him and received a smile in return.

"Just don't stick it in any girls now or you can get them pregnant," Jimmy said just having to ruin the moment as Lucas and I said, at the same time,

"Ewwww cooties!" which just got Jimmy laughing harder.

Then he got serious as he sat down beside us and said softly, "Lucas, I told Bobby this and now I'm telling you. I'm a faggot, I like boys" while staring into Lucas's eyes.

Lucas didn't say anything for a minute and then he said simply "So am I."

They didn't say anything they just looked at one another and before long Jimmy smiled and said, "If you ever need someone, I'm here for you, okay?"

Lucas smiled warmly back up at him and then reached over and pulled my brother into a hug, saying, "Thanks, that means a lot."

"Are you okay?" Jimmy asked, sitting back up.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna be just fine," Lucas replied smiling and somehow I knew he would be, we would both be.

Lucas, if he hadn't already, basically moved in with us at that point never going home at all except for chores, and his dad didn't get the chance to get him too much.

I always went with him and there were a few occasions when his father showed up unexpectedly but hardly ever, so we got comfortable, too comfortable.

Our love deepened over the next months and we each turned twelve years old with my parents buying Lucas his gifts as his father didn't even remember his birthday or care.

We had taken to going over and doing his chores and sometimes having a bit of fun while we were at his house, since it was the only place we could be truly in private.

That first day when we had truly discovered our love for one another when we had come downstairs after cleaning up and all, mom had been sitting on the sofa and asked us smiling if we had, had fun, it was so embarrassing so we took whatever chance we could to get away from them and the little ones who liked to tease us whenever they could.

All was right with the world and I couldn't ever have been happier than I was in those months, as it seemed as if my love for Lucas grew each day and even sometimes, I thought, each hour and minute.

Jimmy had taught us some more sex stuff and we certainly had a lot of fun putting what he taught into practice, but it was the love that meant the most to us as Jimmy had said one day to us, "You can always find some boy to play with your dick but you can't find one that will love you so easily," and he was right.

I would never find another that I would or could love like I loved Lucas.

The end, when it came, was so normal and I think that made it all the more unexpected as we made our way to Lucas's house for his chores that bright sunny Wednesday afternoon.

We had a great day at school for a change and couldn't wait to get to his house to look at what we had just recently discovered on ourselves.

Lucas had found a hair on me, I had hair finally and I had found two on him. It was so cool and we checked each day, several times, to see if there were any more.

We were looking forward to exploring the land to see if any more had grown in the field since we had left for school that day.

We were joking and laughing all the way to his house and I knew I was hard as a rock thinking about the field trip we were about to take, cause just looking for new growth felt soooooo good.

We got to his house and did the few things we had to do to keep his father happy and still had at least two hours before his dad got off of work, so we headed up to his room and did like we do every day knowing that it was safe.

We did like we do every time and just stopped apart from each other about a foot looking at one another and into one another's eyes.

This had become our special thing, before anything else, we just looked at one another and then slowly moved forward until our lips met and our arms went around the other and held them close, kissing and cuddling together.

We would stay like that caressing one another for several minutes while we kissed and then one or the other of us would reach around and begin undoing the other's shirt ever so slowly until it was undone and then we would take them off and kick our shoes off for the next part.

We would hold one another and kiss some more pressing ourselves against each other running our hands up and down each other's backs until those hands made there way back to the front where we found the snap on the jeans followed by the zipper and slowly opened them.

After taking them off, we would go over to the bed and lay down together bringing one another into each other's arms once again where we would touch each other all over except for one place that we always saved until last, the most special place.

As we kissed and rubbed each other the feelings would build and our bodies would rub together until hands slipped down and pushed our last piece of clothing off of us leaving us completely together with our love and our heat.

Often by this time it didn't take more than a minute to get us wet before we could ever actually touch each other but today it didn't happen as we kissed and rubbed and pushed against one another, the heat rising towards unbearable levels Lucas pulled back and smiling said, "I love you," as he eased himself down and took me in the best way possible.

It lasted only a minute once I was in his mouth, I had been so hot before he took me, that the explosion overcame me with enough force to cause everything to go black once again after the bright light of course.

When I became aware again it was to him crawling back up to lay next to me and kiss me softly on the lips before I pushed him back down and proceeded down to give him what he had just so wonderfully given to me.

As short a time as I had taken he took even less before I tasted his sweet self in my mouth and heard his cry of pleasure at the release.

I didn't want it to end and it was only him pushing me off of him that made me let it go finally as I sighed and came back up to take him in my arms and hold him tightly saying, "I love you," to him as we kissed gently totally spent, happy and content.

I guess we drifted off to sleep for a while because the next thing I knew was this incredible sensation coursing through my body as I opened my eyes to realize that he had me in his hand and was softly stroking me up and down making me feel waves of pleasure as he pushed his dick against my leg obviously feeling quite good himself.

I let my hand go to his organ and felt him gasp as I took it in my hand and began returning the love he was giving to me.

"We should go," he said.

"What time is it?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

"Five," he replied.

"He won't be home for another hour and a half will he?"

"No, I guess not," he said as he went back to what he had been doing.

"Good, cause I definitely don't want to go home right now," I told him, grinning.

"Don't you ever get enough?" he asked, giggling.

"No," I replied, giggling along with him.

And with that, I sealed our fate and that of the one I loved more than any in this world.

We touched and held one another and soon Lucas cried out that he was getting the feeling and I watched as two small spurts of sperms came shooting out of his dick and seeing that I could feel it start to begin for me too, all it took was seeing the joy on his face to set me off and complete my own.

"It's coming," I gasped as he stroked faster and then it was there as I felt my own sperms shooting from me as the explosion overtook me.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?!!" I heard yelled, bringing me suddenly back to here and now as fear coursed through me, replacing the joy of seconds ago upon turning to look at the figure standing in the doorway.

It was Lucas's father.

We were both frozen with fear and Lucas's hand was locked around my dick with him being unable to move it.

Then it began.

"FUCKING FAGGOTS, I'LL TEACH YOU!!" he screamed, as he came bounding over to us and began to hit the both of us.

We were screaming now and he was yelling at us to shut up and that we would burn in hell for this as he struck us over and over again.

I had never hurt so much from where he had hit me and I was beginning to think he might kill us the way it was going, and then,

"No son of mine is going to be a faggot," he said, finally grabbing Lucas by his throat and lifting him up.

Lucas was choking and his face was turning bright red as I pounded on his father's arms screaming, "LET HIM GO, LET HIM GO!!!"

I had never been so scared in my life, but the fear was no longer for me but the one I loved as I saw the red turn to purple

"YOU'RE KILLING HIM!!" I screamed, in panic now, as he laughed and said, "Good."

In desperation, I lunged forward and sank my teeth into his arm causing him to bellow "AWWW!!!" in pain, but it had the desired effect in that he let Lucas go in order to strike me again only he grabbed onto me as I fell back from his blow and threw me around and across the room where I slammed into the wall across the room.

I heard something snap and felt an incredible pain shoot through my shoulder and arm as I screamed in agony and he was walking towards me.

I know I pissed myself at that point, I could feel the wetness falling on me as he said, "Suffer not the sinner to live, I shall have no faggots in my house nor shall I suffer them to live."

As he got to me, I heard, "Hey dad, did it make you hard seeing what we were doing:?"

Oh my God, what was he doing I thought, as I watched through pain filled eyes as his father came to a stop mere inches from me and his face got bright red with the rage that filled it at hearing those words.

"I'll kill you," he growled as he turned and walked back towards Lucas.

"No, leave him alone, you're the faggot, you liked seeing us doing it," I said.

I couldn't let him hurt Lucas anymore.

His father froze again, but then started forward towards Lucas once again.

"Bobby run, RUN" Lucas screamed as his father struck out and caught Lucas a glancing blow as he ducked to get out of the way of the hand that was coming at him.

"NO!!! I WON'T LEAVE YOU!!" I screamed.

He didn't duck the next one but managed to scream, "GO! GET HELP!!"

"GO!!!!" he screamed, desperation in his voice now as he saw me still laying there.

His father turned towards me now, and I quickly scrambled up and began crawling away trying to get to my feet as he laughed and said, "Don't go too far little faggot, you're next," causing chills to run down my spine.

I made it to the door and with tears running down my face, looked back to see Lucas curled into a ball being struck over and over again.

"I love you," I called to him, but I don't know if he heard me as I scrambled out the door and ran as fast as I could for the front door.

I ran outside screaming for someone, anyone to help us, over and over again but no one came out as I made it onto the lawn and collapsed in pain.

It was then that I heard a sound that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

A blood curdling scream that would make anything ever heard in a horror movie seem tame in comparison and I knew from whose throat it had come.


It was followed by a crack and when I looked up it was to see the end of my world.

Lucas came flying back, first through his bedroom window screaming as he fell, to land with a sickening thud as I cried in horror.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the sight which confronted me and to hear his father laughing as I looked up to find in him in the window watching, watching and laughing as he said, "Don't go away now."

I crawled over to my love whispering, "Lucas, oh Lucas, no."

When I got to him he was coughing and blood was burbling up out of his mouth as I said "Lucas, you're going to be alright," but even I knew he wasn't.

I think he did too as he looked up at me with pain filled eyes and I could tell just by looking into them how much agony he was in but my Lucas managed to smile up at me, and between ragged breaths say,

"I…Love…You…Too," and then he said no more as I watched the light begin to dull in his eyes as I screamed, "Lucas, NOOOOO, don't leave me, LUCAS!" begging him not to go, begging him to stay but before I was through I witnessed the light, the love and the life fade from those beautiful hazel pools on my love and I felt my heart tear asunder as the last spark departed.

With everything in my soul, all the pain, all the anguish and all the love lost I screamed one word



My world was over at that moment, with Lucas's life went my own and when I heard the voice next, there wasn't even any fear left at the words I heard, there wasn't anything for I was dead as well only my heart still beat.

"Your turn, faggot."

I looked up to see his hand coming towards me and I didn't care, I just hoped I would soon be with Lucas as the flash of silver struck home bringing with it a fiery pain in my stomach that quickly turned to agony as the feeling shot through me.

I felt myself collapsing backward as he pulled the knife free and sank to his knees saying "Damn, I missed," as he grabbed my dick and raised the knife once again but I still didn't care as the blackness swept over me and took me away.

I heard screaming, I thought, but all I knew was that I would be with my Lucas soon, I would be with Lucas.

I awoke to pain and slowly opened my eyes wondering what had happened and why I hurt so much.

Then the memories came back and I knew why I hurt so much and what was outside didn't hurt nearly as much as the pain within.

They told me I would be alright, but I didn't want to be, I wanted to be with Lucas.

They told me that he had died instantly, which I knew wasn't true, but I wasn't going to tell them our final moments together, they were ours.

They told me that I had a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm, internal injuries and a stab wound to my stomach and somehow damage to my vocal chords but I didn't care.

They told me that the police had arrived just after I had been stabbed and that it looked like Lucas's father was about to do it again, I wished he had.

They told me that he wouldn't put the knife down and they had, had no choice except to fire on him to protect me, I wished they hadn't.

They told me he had died, why couldn't I have as well was all I could think.

They told me I almost had and that they had fought very hard to save my life, I wished they hadn't.

They told me that it was all over the news and reporters were wanting to talk to me, I didn't care.

They told me I would be alright and all I could think about was Lucas wasn't going to be.

I had killed him and all I could do was wish I was dead too.

I finally got out of the hospital three weeks later, and after many visits with a shrink who tried to talk to me about what had happened,

I didn't talk.

I went home and existed.

Nothing else, just existed, for my world was ended that Wednesday afternoon with my love.

My parents and brothers were very worried about me but there wasn't anything they could do, I think I would have found a way to kill myself if Jimmy hadn't been there.

Jimmy and I had always been close and now he was the only thing that kept me in this world, he wouldn't give up on me, no matter how much I tried to get him to.

Believe me I tried, over and over again I tried but he wouldn't stop loving me.

Don't get me wrong, I was still a sullen and morose little boy and teenager over the next years, but he kept me alive.

He moved into my room and never left me alone, always cuddling me in bed or holding me when we were downstairs but never allowing me to be alone.

I fought him at first with everything in me, but he wouldn't give up until finally I gave up fighting and just put up with it until one day I relished it and then loved having it.

It was the only thing that kept me part way sane throughout that time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"It wasn't until I met your mother that I began to heal, not that I wanted it, I fought it tooth and nail," Dad said to us, as we held him with tears streaming down our faces at what he had just told us to join his and our mother's.

"She began to heal the old wounds and got me to open my heart once again to love" he said.

We all sat there in silence for a moment or two until he said, "Lucas is the reason I went into family law, so I could help other children avoid what he had to go through and Lucas is why your loving one another doesn't bother me in the least and finally Daren, Lucas is why I won't let your mother hurt you ever again, I will never let it happen again. I am responsible for one child's death; I'll never be responsible for another."

There was silence but finally Daren said, "You aren't responsible for him dying,"

Dad didn't say anything and looking up at him I saw that look I knew so well. He didn't want to argue, but he didn't agree either.

"You're not, Dad, he died to protect you, he loved you," I told him.

"What's that thing you said one time about there is no love like giving your life for someone else, Dad?" Rodney asked quietly.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," my father replied softly, almost to himself.

"That's it, he saved you, Dad, he wanted you to live, he loved you," I said to him.

I felt him squeeze us and say softly, "Thank you boys, for being here and hearing that. I haven't told anyone about that except your mother and only because she showed me that my heart could love again when I thought I was dead inside forever."

"I'm glad she did," Rodney said, smiling at him as Dad bent down and kissed him gently saying, "So am I kiddo, so am I cause I have the most wonderful wife and the three greatest children in the world because of it."

Daren didn't get it, at first, I could tell, but then he gasped and looked up at Dad who was smiling down at him and gave Dad a great big hug and buried his head in his chest while we just smiled looking on.

I don't know how long we sat there before mom said she was going to fix dinner and got up leaving the room and we slowly got up as well.

Each of us gave Dad another hug before he shooed us out of the room and we told him we loved him, as we left.

Mom was right, it hurt so much to hear what he told us, but I felt so much closer to my dad now and we had always been close, but this was something else entirely and I couldn't explain it I just knew it.

Daren, Rodney and I ended up cuddling up on the bed holding one another and not talking just loving until mom called us for dinner and then we got up and hit the bathroom and then food.

"If I don't hear some laughter pretty soon, it's gonna be tickle time," I heard, as my dad walked into the room and Rodney and I both screamed in terror at the thought.

Daren looked lost and I said "just scream, trust me," grinning and he did which caused all of us to laugh.

"What? You said to scream," he said, looking at everyone with innocent eyes that made us laugh even more.

We finished dinner and headed off to cuddle on the couch and watch some TV with Daren relaxing finally and it was sometime later that the phone rang not that we paid it much attention until mom came out to the living room looking white which definitely got our attention.

We all sat up and asked, "What's wrong?" in unison.

"I need you and Rodney to go in and pack your suitcases now, pack some things for Daren as well," she said in a tight voice.

"Mom…" I started to say,

"Just do it!" she almost yelled, as we sat back in shock, Mom didn't yell.

"Honey, calm down, it's going to be alright," Dad said, walking into the living room and up to Mom, putting his arm around her shoulders and hugging her to him.

He led her over to the couch and I could see tears streaking down her face as they sat.

"Boys, I want you to listen carefully, very carefully," Dad said, looking at each of us in turn until we nodded our heads.

I couldn't speak for the other's, but I felt kinda sick and knew it was cause I was suddenly scared to death.

"First of all, Daren, you are going to be safe and you are never going back to your mother's custody, I promise you that, do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes sir," Daren replied in a small voice.

I pulled him tightly to me and held on as dad said, "There's no easy way to say this, but I want you to remember what I said before, we won't let you go, Daren. Your mother seems to have some pull, and she is being released, her attorney is getting a court order to return you to her custody."

I could feel Daren who had begun to shake with each word after 'pull and it had only gotten worse until Dad finished speaking, until with his last words he gasped and said, "No, please no."

"Daren you will not be going back" Dad and mom said together as I said "I ain't gonna let nothing happen to you"

"Listen to me carefully, this is important, your mom is going to take you away from here, all of you. I have a friend with a motor home, and you are all getting out of town right now. We have a few hours yet, before anything becomes official, but you have to get going and get going fast," he told us.

"What about you?" I asked, and could feel my voice crack as I said it as I fought back tears.

"Oh baby, don't you worry about me, I'm staying right here to fight this and bring you all home," he told me.

"Daddy…" I said, and could see Rodney was already crying.

"Go on baby, go on," he said, and I got up and ran out of the room feeling my own tears starting.

How could anyone give him back to that woman after what she had done to him, I just didn't understand it.

I started packing and was soon joined by Daren, and together we got through it.

I heard the doorbell ring while we were packing and both of us froze in fear until mom came into the room saying everything was going to be alright that it was just a friend.

We finished and dragged our suitcases out of the room into the living room where we found Mr. Carson sitting on the sofa. He was a friend of Mom and Dad's and I finally relaxed.

Dad came back into the room and said it was time for us to go and the tears started again on all of us.

I hugged him so hard and didn't want to let go, but he finally pulled my arms apart and said "Son, you have to go now," in a gentle and loving voice that broke my heart as I realized this was as hard on him as it was on us.

Rodney fared no better, and we were all crying as Daren took his turn hugging him tightly and saying, "Thank you, I love you," in a broken voice.

"Never again baby boy, never again and I love you too, don't you forget that," Dad told him as he pulled back and looked up at him smiling a little as he said "I won't."

"Good, now get." Dad said, trying to be brave for us but I could see the tears slowly starting, showing that he was losing the battle.

Mom came over and hugged him, giving him a kiss and saying, "I love you, you don't forget that either."

"I won't," Dad replied in the same voice Daren had just done, before Mom, with one last look said, "Come on guys" and pulled us out of the room towards the garage.

At the doorway to the kitchen, I looked back feeling more scared than I had ever felt before, and feeling like my safe world had just came to an end I called back, "I love you Dad, see you soon, okay?" but he just looked at me and said, "I love you too," but didn't answer me as I was pulled out the door.

The next little while was confusing as we were taken downtown and dropped off, and then took a taxi to the bus terminal in the Mission district where we went inside and Mom bought tickets to Portland Oregon, putting them on her credit card and then dragged us back outside again where we took a taxi down to a little restaurant at 24th and Taraval where we got drinks still lugging our suitcases around like tourists and generally getting a lot of looks from people.

I asked mom what we were doing, but she said she'd explain later and that was all I could get out of her.

Then we got in a taxi and headed for the airport and I was even more confused this time, cause Dad had said we were going in a motor home.

Mom got out and went inside coming back in a few minutes with tickets held in her hands saying, "The plane doesn't leave for five hours, so let's go have some fun, driver, take us down to Ghirardelli Square and you guys can have some real chocolate."

Okay, this was getting weirder and weirder we had been there a hundred times and she knew we loved their chocolate, just like she loved the glass figurines at the Glass Factory but she was acting like we'd never been there before.

We got out of the car when we finally got there, and I was surprised when she headed back towards the city and not the Square.

We walked in silence for some time before she ducked into an alley and we followed only to find a car there with real dark tinted windows.

It wasn't ours.

"Get in," she said, reaching down on the left front tire and pulling out a set of keys, which she used to unlock the doors.

We got in and sat down in the back as she said, "Keep down back there and if we stop anywhere, fall on each other like your asleep but make it so no one can see your faces."

"Okay," we all said, as she shocked us by pulling a black wig out of the bag she had with her since we left the house, and putting it on her head.

She then pulled some make-up out and began putting a bunch on her so that by the time she was done, she didn't look like mom at all even putting something in her mouth that made her cheeks look fat.

"How's it look?" she asked

We just looked at each other before Rodney said, "You look weird."

"Good, do I look like mom to you?"

"Ah no," Rodney answered.

"That's the point," she said with a smile, and off we went.

She drove out of town and stopped, just past the Oakland Bay Bridge to pull off and up to a large motor home sitting in the back of a supermarket parking lot.

The thing was parked backwards so the door was facing the street instead of the store but mom pulled up so the back to the end of the car was even with the end of the motor home and told us wait until she called before coming and then to come quick when she called.

We watched as she got out of the car with her suitcase and the big bag and walked over to the thing, reaching down under the step where she pulled another set of keys out which she used to open the door.

"Come on," she mouthed and motioned to us as we all got out and ran for the motor home.

She got us inside, shutting and locking the door behind us before saying, "All of you strip naked right now," leaving us shocked.

"Do it, we don't have much time," she said after noticing us standing there with our mouths hanging open.

She turned and took the bag going over to the table and dumping its contents on the table as we quickly began taking our clothes off.

She grabbed several boxes off of the table and said "All of them, and let's go," heading off towards the back.

We followed her and went into what turned out to be the bathroom of the motor home as she was turning on the shower.

She took Rodney by the arm and said, "You're first," sticking his head under the water only long enough to wet it thoroughly before grabbing me and then Daren repeating the process on both of us.

She then grabbed a box and opened it taking out what I now saw to be hair dye.

She was going to dye our hair apparently, and I watched as she first did Rodney and then me with Daren last.

When she was done, she took a towel and dried us off a bit before saying "Okay stay back here and don't come up front for any reason until I tell you. I want you to each to get in the shower in 30 minutes and rinse your hair out, then put some more in it, okay?" she said to us.

"Alright Mom," we all answered and she nodded as she said, "Let's get out of here," and walked back up front.

Soon we could feel the motor home begin moving and we settled down to wait.

We did what mom asked and went through the whole thing again, and she was right, we didn't look at all like we had before, by the time we were finished.

I don't know how long we drove before mom stopped and came back to us and nodded her approval before saying, "Okay, here's the way it's going to work. You can be anywhere except up in the driving compartment," as she led us back up towards the front.

"I can place a divider up there and no one can see inside that way. If you need me you can yell or pick up one of those phones around here and it will connect you to me. Don't come up front no matter what, unless I call you, do you understand?" she asked.

We all nodded and I asked, "Where are we going?"

"I don't know, just away from here until it's safe," she replied.

"Okay," we all said.

"Did any of you bring your cell phones?" she asked

"Oh no," I replied.

"What?" she asked

"I forgot mine mom," I said, ashamed.

"Me too," Rodney added.

"Good, that way they can't track us through them," she replied, as we all stared at her in shock.

"Okay, then let's get this show on the road and you can get dressed if you want or stay that way, it's up to you," she told us, as she left us sitting there.

The next couple of days were nothing but driving and more driving. We never stopped for more than a few hours so mom could rest, and by the time a couple days had gone past, she had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep.

We now knew that we were wanted everywhere.

An Amber Alert had been placed on all three of us and mom was accused of kidnapping us and if that wasn't bad enough, we found out that dad had been arrested the following morning after our departure.

Our pictures were on the news constantly and they kept talking about how bad our parents were and we were getting more scared all the time.

Parents say they would do anything for their kids, but I was getting to see it actually happen and it made me feel so good and it made Daren feel even better.

We came into a place called Des Moines, and for the first time, mom allowed us to get out and go inside briefly.

It wasn't a long stay but it felt so good to get out of that thing for a little while even if it wasn't long enough.

All too soon, we heard mom calling,

"Come on Kevin let's go" Mom said, as she walked back towards the motor home and I looked at Daren briefly before taking his hand and heading back.

I guess I should tell you that I was now Kevin and Daren was David while Rodney had become Rhonda, don't ask, but some things made his hair even longer than it was before and now he was a girl which we kept kidding him about, non-stop.

No one was looking for 2 boys and a girl with reddish hair.

We got in and were off once again as Daren snuggled up to me and I placed my arm around him bringing him close to me.

It seems that we haven't stopped, haven't taken a break, nothing, just driving, just, driving.

My name's Kalen and I'm eleven years old, this is my story, my story and my family's but most importantly, it's Daren's, my boyfriend.

It all started a little over a year ago, when one morning I was dropped off at school early and now a little over a year later we were running for our lives but most importantly for Daren's life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine miles from where they had started, give or take a few and one thousand, four hundred and nine give or take from where they were now and a light and buzzer was going off in a room filled with children.

"Aw shit! What now?" a boy of approximately twelve years of age with blond almost white hair and ice blue eyes said to no one in particular, as he got up and quickly walked over to a communication console where the offending light and sound was coming from.

"Clan Short Headquarters Gabriel Michaels speaking," he said into the communication console.

"Gabriel, it is good to speak with you again, I just wish it was under better circumstances," the mysterious voice said.

"What now, or do I want to know?" Gabe asked, resigned knowing this particular person would not be calling unless there was a great need.

"You should be aware of a situation in the San Francisco area involving three children," the voice said.

"I think this person means that mother that kidnapped those kids we saw on the news," Travis said, coming up alongside Gabe.

"Yes that is the case I am talking about only it is not what it seems," the voice said.

Gabe looked at Travis and then back at the blank screen before saying "Explain."

"The father is a family court judge and the mother is a pediatrician and there is much more to this story than what has made it into the news. These children are in need of help as is the family and I think you would be best suited to provide it."

Gabe and Travis once again exchanged glances before Gabe said, "Very well, we will investigate and do whatever we can to assist."

"Thank you, I knew I could count on you, I will transmit what I have at this time and will update you as more information becomes available. Gabe, they are trying to save a child but have run up against more than they bargained for, please help them," the voice said quietly.

"We will," Gabe replied as the line went dead and he looked at his partner before saying

"Here we go again."

Editor's Notes:

The first thing I need to do is apologize for taking so very long to get this chapter edited. I really don't have that much of an excuse, as I love the story, the concept and the execution of it. Some things managed to find their way in front of it and I let it slide out of my consciousness. In any case here it is for your reading "pleasure". Just have lots of Kleenex handy.

Dark star has taken a concept that began as a very rough story, one which, however, was well worth telling, and given it new life The Characters and plot points as originally presented were in need of much work to make them fit smoothly into the CSU. I congratulate Dark Star on the wonderful job he has done in making this story a reality.

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