Memories: Down Under

Book 1

Chapter 5 - A New Home

Thomas Residence, Sydney, 7:30AM, 15th October

Cody had woken up at 6 o'clock, buzzing with energy at the fact that today Sky was moving in, and they also got to share Cody's bedroom until the new apartment was finished. Unfortunately for Cody, his enthusiasm for the day had not transferred to the rest of his family. Within ten minutes of waking up, Cody had already had threats against his health from his dad, a pillow in the face from Kane, and a nip on the finger from Kiara, the family's Border Collie.

Cody decided to get ready for a full day of shopping. After a nice, long shower that was likely to have used up all the hot water, he spent fifteen minutes brushing his teeth and hair, before putting half a bottle of cologne on. He returned to his bedroom and spent twenty minutes finding what clothing he would wear. Cody wanted to look his best for this occasion. After he was ready, he went down to the kitchen to start breakfast.

After five minutes, he realised that it was a bad idea to make breakfast in his best clothes. After making a particularly bad mess with the pancake mix, he returned to his bedroom and changed into a different set of clothes to make breakfast in. Soon, the sounds and smells of breakfast filled the house. At 7:30, the rest of the family came down to the dining room, to find Cody putting out a final plate of bacon and eggs.

The family all enjoyed their breakfast, consisting of bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit salad and fresh squeezed OJ, then Cody excused himself to change back into his nice clothes. When he walked into his room, his mother's scream rang through the house, and he knew she had just walked into the kitchen.

An hour later, after Linda and Harry had scrubbed the kitchen clean and they and Kane had gotten ready, the whole family, minus Kiara, got into Harry's Explorer and made their way to the Children's Hospital. When they arrived at Sky's room, they found Sky bouncing with as much energy as Cody had. As soon as they were in the room, Sky latched himself onto Cody and the two shared a long kiss.

When they broke the kiss, Sky picked up Kane and hugged him tight. "Hey lil' buddy. How are you today? Ready to go pick a new bed and other stuff?" he asked the young boy.

"Yeah. You movin' in today, ain't you, Sky?" Kane said with excitement.

"That's right, lil' buddy. You like that idea, do you?" Sky asked, tickling the boy in his arms.

"Hee hee hee ... yes ... I'm gonna ... PEE!" giggled a now squirming Kane. Sky put the boy down and he ran to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Sky hugged Harry and Linda. Linda gave Sky a backpack containing new clothes from him.

"Can't have you walking around in dirty clothes now, can we?" Linda said with a smile.

"You didn't have to get me more clothes. I coulda worn the ones from yesterday." Sky said in shock.

"Nonsense. You are legally my son and Harry's. That means it is our responsibility to provide the best we can for you." Linda said to Sky, tears forming in his and her eyes. "Those clothes, yesterday's and those we get today are ALL for you." She then hugged the young boy tightly.

Once Kane had finished in the bathroom, Sky had Cody accompany him to the bathroom to get changed. This took longer than it should have, as both boys became locked in a passionate kiss and it was only when Sky giggled and said, "We should hurry up before someone barges in," that they hurried up. As soon as they were all ready, Sky collected up all his belongings, of which they weren't many, and the group made their way to the reception desk.

When they reached the desk, they found Dr. Campbell and nurses Gutierrez and Muller waiting for them. Dr. Campbell gave Sky a firm handshake and said to him, "Next time you come here, it better be as a visitor or for something minor, right?"

Sky giggled. "Yes, Dr. Campbell. I promise not to come back. Except for a broken arm, that is." Dr. Campbell hugged Sky when he said this.

Luisa hugged Sky tight and whispered in his ear, "Tell them, Sky. They need to know when you have nightmares. And be good." Sky tightened his grip on Luisa.

"OK. I'm gonna miss you. Thank you for looking after me. You're my friend now." Luisa smiled at the young boy with pride.

Sarah wrapped her arms around Sky and said, "Good luck, kiddo. I'm sure you'll love your new home. Be good and don't come back, y'hear?" with a smile.

"No, ma'am." Sky said with a broad grin.

When the rest of the family had finished thanking Dr. Campbell, Luisa and Sarah, the Thomas family and Sky left the hospital and got into Harry's Explorer, to drive to the shopping centre, where they would buy all of Sky's new things.

Westfield Miranda, One Hour Later

The Thomas family and Sky arrived at the huge shopping complex in Miranda and began to do their shopping. The first stop they made was the Harvey Norman furniture store. Here, they wondered around, and the boys picked out all the furniture for the new apartment, which was due to be completed two days after Kane's birthday.

By the end of the shopping in Harvey Norman, the boys had picked out three matching Queen-size beds, six dressers, six bedside tables, three desks and three bookshelves for the three bedrooms. They also picked out a seven-seater sofa suite, a solid oak coffee table and a huge entertainment centre for the living room. They picked a small dining table and set of chairs for the dining area of the main room as well, for when they hosted friends and other visitors.

When they left Harvey Norman, Sky walked up to Linda and Harry, a nervous look on his face. "This is too much. I feel like I'm taking advantage of your kindness."

Harry pulled the boy to him and spoke in a clear, firm voice. "Nonsense, Skylan. Most of what we're getting today was going to have to have been bought when the apartment was finished anyway. All your coming to live with us means is that the apartment is being finished sooner than we expected. Linda and I have plenty of money. We are getting you what you need to live with us." He then leant down and kissed him on the top of the head.

Sky snuggled into Harry even further. "But it's so much money. I'm afraid you'll think I'm being greedy."

Linda pulled Sky out of Harry's arms and said to him in a firm voice. "That's enough of that. It doesn't matter how much we pay for anything. Harry and I can make up the money spent very quickly. Now from what you have been stressing about, we can be assured that you aren't going to ask for the most expensive stuff. However, we will be buying you everything that you need. Is that understood?"

"Yes." Sky said sheepishly.

"Yes, what?" Linda said in a softer tone.

"Yes, Mum?" Sky said hopefully.

"Oh, baby. How can I stay mad at you when you go and do that?" Linda said with watery eyes.

"I love you, Mum." Sky said, barely holding back his own tears. 'Geez, I'm turning into such a cry-baby.' he thought to himself with a smile.

"I love you too, Sky." Linda said to the young boy.

Soon, the family made their way through the shopping centre to a Dick Smith Electronics store. Here, the boys all left Harry and Linda and ran around, looking at all the gadgets that were on display. Cody and Sky were looking at the desktop and laptop computer systems, and Kane was looking at all the toys and electronics parts.

Harry walked up to the counter and asked the assistant to see the manager, while Linda walked over to Kane, noticing his interest in the electronics. When the manager approached Harry, he extended his hand.

"Joshua Lyman, I'm the manager here. Is there a problem today, sir?" the man said.

"No. No problems. I'm Harry Thomas. I work for Starfleet IT Division. I'm here on personal business. We have just gained a new son and are expanding our house to accommodate, so we need all the necessary electronics. Is there a chance of someone walking around the store and taking an inventory of a rather large order?" Harry said in a professional manner.

"Of course; I'll be glad to assist you myself. Please excuse me while I collect my PDA from my office." Joshua said with a large smile.

"No problem. I'll be over at the computer systems." Harry said with his own smile.

"I'll meet you there."

And with that, Joshua left to go to his office and Harry joined Sky and Cody at the computers.

"Well boys. See anything you like?" he asked with a smile.

"Heaps, but it's all too expensive." Sky said in regret.

"Now you better not let Linda hear you say that." Harry said with a smile. "What takes your fancy?"

"Well, I like this Compaq Presario 2.5GHz system, cause it's got the lot and would be good for games." Sky said, pointing to a middle-ranged desktop system.

"That's a good one, but you don't want the best model?" Harry enquired.

"That is the best model, though. All the programs and games that are on the market require a lot less power than what this machine provides. And when the need presents itself, we can get it upgraded with parts that are no longer needed by Starfleet, right? You are IT Director after all." Sky said to Harry with a sly smile.

"Well, you are full of surprises aren't you? I think that's a very mature way of looking at it, Sky, and you're absolutely correct. I'm proud of you." Harry said with a smile, which caused Sky to blush. "What about laptops. Cody, anything you like there?"

"Well, the one you and Mum bought me is perfect. It's not too expensive and the fact it was ex-lease and upgradeable makes it value for money." Cody stated.

"Well put, Cody. The two of you have a very mature view of the world. I'm proud of the both of you." Harry smiled.

Both boys beamed with pride. At that moment, Mr. Lyman joined the group, holding a PDA in his palm. "Well, shall we get started?" he asked the group.

"Certainly. First, we would like three Compaq Presario desktop computers, a Compaq Presario M2217AP laptop and whatever accessories deemed essential for school, work and play." Harry said, smiling at the huge grins on the boys' faces. "Guys, why don't you head over to Kane and your Mum, see what they're up to."

"Sure, Dad." Cody said and dragged Sky away from the computers. When they were out of earshot of Harry, Cody lowered his voice to a whisper. "Sky, Kane's birthday is in two days' time. I thought you might want to buy him a present, or maybe we can buy him a combined present, from both of us. I haven't bought him one yet, so maybe the shared gift is better."

"But I don't have any money." Sky said sadly.

"That doesn't matter. I have my Starfleet dependant's money card. It links into an account Mum and Dad set up for me. I get $1,000 a month, and I've been saving up. Just look for something he likes, and we'll buy that for him as a present from both of us." The two boys shared a quick hug, then joined Linda and Kane in the electronics section.

"There you are, boys." Linda said when she saw them. "Kane here seems to have an interest in electronics." She said with a wink in the boys' direction.

Both boys' mouths dropped open; shocked at the fact Linda seemed to know what they had talked about. "How did she KNOW that?!" Sky asked in shock.

"I don't know, Babe, but that's just scary." Cody said, looking at Linda in a scared way.

Linda chuckled at the boys' reactions. "Oh please, it's not that bad. I know what's going through that head of yours, Cody, and Sky, you're just as easy to read." She said with a smile.

Kane, meanwhile, was engrossed in the electronics parts, and didn't notice the conversation happening around him. Soon, Linda led the boy away with a wink to Cody and Sky, who looked at each other and came to an agreement. They now knew what to buy for Kane.

They soon found a starter's kit full of ideas that would keep the young boy amused for hours, and then took it to the counter to pay for it. Cody asked if the assistant would gift-wrap the box, so that Kane wouldn't see what was inside. After they had completed that bit of shopping, the boys returned to Harry, who had been joined by Linda and Kane, over at the Audio-Visual section of the store.

"Okay, kids. Time for you to pick out the entertainment equipment for the living room of the apartment." Harry said to all three boys.

After 10 minutes of talking, the boys all agreed upon a 63cm plasma TV, a high-definition PVR, a DVD recorder and a 6-disc changer stereo system with 5.1 surround sound. They had decided not to get a VCR, as all their movies were on DVD format, and if a VCR was required, the main living room had a spare; the old VCR that Linda and Harry owned before upgrading their entertainment system.

The family spent another 30 minutes in the store. By the end of this time, they had the entertainment system, the desktop computers and networking equipment, as well as various other electronics added to the order. Harry and Linda bought a new iPod mini for Cody; to replace the one he gave to Sky, as well as two new mobile phones connected as dependants on Harry and Linda's Starfleet Communications account. These and Kane's birthday present from Sky and Cody were the only items the group took with them.

The next stop for the group was Target, where they bought a whole new wardrobe for Sky, as well as bedding and manchester(1) for the apartment. Linda also had Sky and Cody help her pick up new clothes for Kane as a present for his birthday. Soon, the day of shopping was nearly completed, and the group had a trolley full of bags, with one shop left to visit.

The family was now hungry and it was just after 2PM, so they went to the main food court to get some lunch. Here, Sky and Cody went to a Chinese place, while Harry went to a kebab place and Linda took Kane to the McDonald's. They all met up at another table and began to enjoy their lunch. About five minutes into the meal, Cody suddenly shouted out, "Hey Jason!" and waved his hand in the air towards another person.

Jason approached the table and greeted Cody. "Hey dude. What's up? How come you ain't at school?" he asked, hi-fiving Cody.

"I could ask the same about you. Jason, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, and new brother Skylan. And this monkey," he said, ruffling Kane's hair, "is my baby brother Kane."

Kane squirmed under Cody's hand and whined, "I not a monkey. I'm a boy!"

Sky smiled at Kane and stuck his hand out to Jason. "Hi, nice to meet you. Do you go to Cody's school?" he asked.

Jason shook Sky's hand as he replied. "Yeah, but I didn't really know him until yesterday. He found me doing something I feel ashamed about now."

"I'm sure it'll work out. We all do things we're ashamed of." Sky said sincerely. He then noticed dark bruises along Jason's arm. "Oh my God, Jason! What are those bruises?" he asked in a panicked voice.

Jason adopted a nervous look as he answered. "Umm ... they're nothing. Just had a bit of an accident. I'm a bit clumsy. I'm fine, honest."

Linda heard the conversation between the boys and leaned over. "Jason. My name is Linda Thomas. I'm Cody, Sky and Kane's mum. If you're having problems at home, I want you to tell either me or one of the boys, okay?" Jason nodded and tears started forming in his eyes.

"Thank you," he whispered, "people don't usually care about me."

"Well we do, and don't you forget that." Sky said with force.

Jason grinned at Sky, and then a look of dawning comprehension came on his face. "Oh my God. You're Cody's boyfriend? Then that would mean ..." he said softly.

"Yes, he was in hospital, but he was released today, and now we're doing some shopping. You wanna join us? We still have to go to Electronics Boutique for video games." Cody said with a grin.

"Sure. I'll be right back. I need to go get some lunch." Jason said, before running off to one of the food stalls.

Cody looked at Sky, "You don't mind do you Baby?" he asked hesitantly.

Sky leaned over and kissed Cody's cheek. "Not at all babe. He looks like he needs a few good friends, and who better than us and Kane, right?" he giggled.

Soon, Jason returned to the table, carrying a tray with an omelette from the Asian food stall, and desserts for the rest of the group and him. "Wow Jason. You didn't have to buy us dessert." Linda said with a smile.

"I know. I just wanted to do something nice for my new friends and their family. It's my way of saying 'thank you' for asking me to join you." Jason said with his own smile.

"Well, I for one am not complaining." Sky said through a mouthful of mud-cake, which brought giggles from the rest of the group.

Everyone continued eating their food until there was none left, before heading off to Electronics Boutique, the last store for the trip. When they reached the store, Linda and Harry set the boys loose, telling them to pick out games for all the consoles.

As the boys were doing this, Linda and Harry approached the counter. "Excuse us, we'd like to make a fairly large transaction. May we see the Manager?" Linda asked the girl behind the counter.

"Sure. Hang on I'll get her for you." The girl said.

Meanwhile, the four boys were running rampant within the store. Kane was looking at GameBoy Advance games, Cody was looking at the PS2 games and Sky and Jason were looking at the XBOX games.

"Sky, what are the Thomases' like? I mean Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Do you like them?" Jason hesitantly asked Sky, who was looking at a copy of 'Fable'.

"Mum and Dad? I don't really know yet. I only met Mum the other day, and then I met Cody, then Dad and Kane. I feel safe with them though." Sky said in complete honesty.

"What was your life like before? Do you miss it at all?" Jason asked a little quieter than before.

"I don't really remember my life from before. I remember that my parents were really homophobic, though, so I don't really miss my old life like most people think I would. I've come to realise that family isn't about blood ties. It's a group of people that love you for who you are, so I believe now that this IS my family," Sky said, "Jason. Is there something you want to tell me?"

Jason looked around nervously and, seeing no one else around, he leaned in close to Sky. "You know, I'm gay. I told Cody, but I really can't tell my parents. They'd kill me! These bruises ... my dad hits me if I do anything wrong, or if my school marks aren't to his liking." By now, tears were forming in his eyes. "I don't know what to do Sky. I love my parents, but they don't seem to care about me at all."

Sky wrapped his arms around the taller boy and tried to console him. "Jason. I know what you're going through. See these cuts and bruises? My own parents did this to me. I can't even remember what happened, because they hit my head so hard that I have amnesia. Now, I feel safe and loved. I have a mum and dad who love me, a boyfriend who truly loves me and a little brother who I adore, as well as you, my new friend." Sky said.

Jason looked at Sky through watery eyes. "Thank you Sky. I needed to hear that. I think of you as a friend too."

Sky tightened his hug with Jason. "You should talk to Mum. She can help you, like she did me."

"I don't know, Sky. What if my parents find out? They'd kill me for 'revealing the family secrets'."

"Well if you decide to do something about it, give Mum a call. I know she'll help you no matter what. Just keep that in mind." Sky broke the hug. "So ... what games do you think would be good for the XBOX?"

Jason giggled at the sudden and poor change of subject. "I dunno. That 'Fable' looks pretty good. Oh! And you've gotta get 'Need For Speed: Underground'. From what I've read, it's a brilliant game."

"Cool. We'll get those. Now, what game would you like for yourself? As a game we'll play only when you're at our house." Sky asked while pulling down two DVD cases.

"Seriously? Umm ... I dunno. Oh I know! We gotta get 'Halo'. Man that is the sweetest game ever! And then we gotta get 'Halo 2' when it's released." Jason said in excitement.

"Cool. Well you grab that and meet me at the DVD Video section." Sky said over his shoulder.


Both boys carried their purchases to Linda - who had grabbed a basket from the manager, while Harry organised payment - and met up with Cody at the DVD section. Soon enough, the group had a brand-new XBOX, PS2, GameCube, a GameBoy Advance for Kane and a huge collection of games for all consoles. When the shopping was complete, Jason mentioned he had to get home, so the family said goodbye to him and left to return home.

An hour later, Starfleet Housing Area

Harry pulled the Explorer up to a large gate protecting the Starfleet Housing Development. As the car drove through the lush suburb, Sky's jaw dropped; he couldn't believe that he'd possibly be living in a place like this. When Harry pulled the Explorer into one of the driveways, Sky's jaw dropped even further, if possible. In front of him, he could see a large, three-storey house with a lush garden full of flowers.

Cody noticed Sky's reaction to the house. "Sky, babe, close your mouth. We don't want flies in your mouth now do we? It's just a house after all." He said with a grin.

"JUST a house?! More like a mansion, compared to what I'm used to!" Sky said in awe.

"Well, come on. We need to get all this stuff into the house." Harry said as he opened the boot of the car.

When Sky walked into the house, a sense of home overwhelmed him. He stood in the huge entrance hall until Cody came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. "What's up baby?" he asked as he kissed the back of Sky's neck.

"I can't believe this is your house. It's huge." Sky said as he took in his surroundings.

"I think you mean 'our' house. After all, you are a member of the family now." Just as Cody finished his sentence, Sky saw a large Border collie come bounding towards them. Sky had a thing for animals, and so he kneeled down, despite Cody's warnings not to.

The dog pounced on Sky, knocking him to the ground and started sniffing at him. After a few seconds of this, it stopped and lay down - on top of Sky.

Sky looked up and saw Cody trying to stifle his laughter and having no success. "Ah, Babe? A little help here?" he asked while trying to hold in his own giggles and glare at Cody, but it wasn't working.

"Kiara. C'mon, off of Sky. C'mon baby." Cody said to the dog, which looked at him for a moment before laying her head back down. "Looks like you're on your own, Sky. That's Kiara, the family dog. Have fun." And with that, Cody raced out of the room, leaving Sky lying in the entrance hall with a dog lying on top of him.

He lay there for a few minutes, trying to think of a way to get the dog off of him, until Cody returned from the next room, carrying a dog treat. "Kiara. Come here, girl. I gotta treat for ya." And with that, he tossed the treat a few metres away from Sky. Kiara slowly got up and walked over to the treat, picking it up and waltzing away with it in her mouth.

Cody helped Sky up, only to have him slap him upside the head. "Ouch! What was that for?" he asked as he rubbed his sore spot.

"That was for abandoning me and leaving me stuck under a wild, vicious animal." Sky said, over-playing the drama, placing his hand over his forehead in a fainting gesture. Cody giggled and soon both boys broke down into a fit of laughter. This lasted until Linda walked back into the house.

"What's this then? Trying to avoid helping us are you?" and with that, she leapt at the boys and began to tickle them in the ribs. Soon, both boys were squirming in her arms. After a minute of this torture, Linda released the two boys, who were now gasping for air. "Come on, guys. Let's go help your dad and Kane with the rest of the stuff.

Within half an hour, all the stuff the family bought had been brought into the house, and Sky was sitting in his and Cody's room. Cody walked in to find Sky sitting on the bed with a stunned expression on his face. "Hey, Sky. What's wrong, dude?" he asked, his voice showing his concern.

"It's just too much for me to take in Code." Sky said, tears forming in his eyes. "I feel like something's going to go wrong with it. Like I'm going to do something to stuff it up."

Cody pulled Sky into a tight hug and comforted him. "Shhh, Sky. Nothing's gonna happen. You're here for good. I'm not gonna let anything happen to hurt you." And with that, Cody pulled Sky into a loving kiss.

"Cody, I gotta talk to you and Mum and Dad about something. Can you join me?" Sky asked with trepidation.

"Of course Sky." Cody lowered his hands to wrap around Sky's waist, and the two boys walked downstairs into the living room to find Linda and Harry sitting on the sofa, watching a cartoon on the TV with Kane perched in between the two of them.

Linda looked up at the two boys and noticed the fear and nervousness evident on Sky's face. "Sky, honey. Is there something wrong?" she asked with concern.

"Um ... can I talk to you and Dad? In private, if possible. What I have to say might be a bit scary for Kano to hear." Sky said with a worried look to Kane, who was too engrossed in the TV show to notice that people were talking about him.

"Sure, honey." Linda said, her concern growing even more.

Sky, Cody, Linda and Harry all went into Harry's office and sat down. Harry and Linda sat on one of the love seat's, and Sky and Cody took the other. Cody protectively put an arm around the nervous boy next to him.

"Mum, Dad, Cody. Last night, I had another nightmare. And this one really scared me more than any others." Sky said, tears forming in his eyes at the memory of the horrible nightmare. Cody tightened his hold on Sky. Sky looked at Cody in gratitude. "Thanks." He whispered to him.

"Why don't you tell us about it? It might help to do so." Harry asked in concern for the boy.

"Well, last night, I dreamt that I was living here and I heard a noise from the kitchen. When I walked in there, I found my old dad ... standing ... standing there ... with a-a knife in his hand. And all of you were ..." Sky choked on his words, but Harry, Linda and Cody all knew what had happened in the dream.

Linda quickly wrapped Sky in a tight hug and tried to soothe the distressed boy. "Hey, Baby Boy. That didn't happen. It's not gonna happen either. You're safe here and there's no way that's gonna change. I won't let it." She said to the trembling boy in her arms.

Sky continued sobbing for a few minutes, until he calmed down and looked up into Linda's eyes, "Thanks Mum. I'm feeling real tired, so I might just go to bed now." He said sheepishly.

"Okay, Baby Boy. You go get some sleep, it's been a long day, and it may be the same tomorrow. Sweet dreams." Linda said as she hugged him tighter and kissed him on the forehead.

Harry hugged Sky goodnight and Cody said, "I'll be up in a few minutes, baby. I need to talk to Mum and Dad for a second. Wait up for me."

"Okay. I'll go brush my teeth. Don't be too long." Sky replied and left the office. As he passed the living room doorway, he called out to Kane, "Hey, 'lil buddy. I'm goin' to bed. Do I gets a g'nite hug from you?"

Kane was instantly up from his perch on the sofa and in Sky's arms. "I luv you, Sky. I'm glad you live here now." He said as he snuggled into the older boy's arms.

"I love you too, 'lil buddy. What say tomorrow, we go exploring the house and you can show me around, how's that sound?" Sky asked the contented little boy in his arms. He felt Kane nod his head against his chest in response. "Good. 'Nite, 'lil buddy." He kissed the young boy on the top of his head and put him back down.

Sky went upstairs to prepare for bed and Kane returned to the sofa. In the office, Cody was discussing Sky's dream with his parents. "Mum, Dad. You don't think that dream could come true, do you?" he asked his parents in fear, "While I don't fancy dying, I'm more worried about how that would affect Sky. I love him so much."

"We know you do Cody. That's quite obvious. I'm going to call Teri tomorrow and see if Dr. Richardson can come down in the next couple of days." Linda said, "Now off to bed, kiddo. Sky'll be waiting for ya. Don't wanna keep him waiting do ya?" and she kissed him on the forehead and sent him off. Cody gave Harry a goodnight hug and gave Kane a quick hug and ran upstairs, where he found Sky sitting on the bed, dressed in his pyjamas and waiting for him.

"Hey. Just give me a few minutes to brush my teeth and I'll be right with you. Hop in and get comfy." he said to Sky as he walked through the door to his bathroom. He quickly brushed his teeth and applied his anti-pimple night cream, before changing into his PJ's and climbing into the bed next to Sky, cuddling up to the other boy.

The two boys looked into each other's eyes. Cody leaned in and softly kissed Sky. "Welcome home, babe. Mum's gonna call someone named Teri to organise someone to help you with your nightmares. I'm gonna do all I can to make sure you're safe, okay?" Cody said and then kissed Sky again.

"Thanks Cody. I feel really happy living here already. I love you." Sky said as he snuggled into the embrace.

"I love you too, Sky. See you in the morning, for your first full day here." And with that, both boys drifted off into dreamland.

A few hours later, Linda and Harry checked on the boys to find Kane sleeping between the two, having slipped out of his own bed. Cody and Sky were both cuddling the young boy, smiles on all three young faces.


(1) - Linen Closet

Author's Note:

Well, things are looking up for Sky. A new family, a loving and generous boyfriend and a new life. But what happened with his old parents? And what about Jason? Why is he scared of his attractions? How will Cory help Sky overcome his memory loss? Will it include Jamie and Jacob? Or someone else? These questions will be answered soon.

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