Hedley Hollow

Chapter Three : Road Trip

Phone call

Dylan looked over to the Sleeping form of Steven, then looked at his mom. “Do you think he would be safe to travel?”

“Honey, we would need to go along. He has some major healing to do and if he moves wrong he might undo some of the work.” Lily said knowing her son was trying to make sure Steven got help.

“If I call the hollow and talk to Jake and work out some way we can visit then can we all go” Dylan said as he pointed around the room.

“Go ahead and make the call.” Lily said knowing he was trying to look out for his friend.

“Be right back, I’m gonna go outside,” Dylan said it loud enough for everyone but Steven to hear.

Walking outside the cabin, Dylan walked toward the clearing on the hill. Digging the phone out of his pocket Dylan started to Dial the first number. Listening to the phone ring he heard the voicemail come up for Jake and left a brief message. Looking back to the numbers he dialed again this time a voice answered. “Hey, this is Robin. How can I help you?”

“Hey, Robin. My friends parents gave us a list of numbers if something happened or if Steven wanted to come visit.” Dylan said his voice cracked several times just thinking about the things that happened to Steven.

“Are you talking about Janet’s boy Steven?” Robin asked wondering what was up.

“Yeah, him. We, would like to bring him for a visit but there is more going on then just the visit. I know Jake is trying to protect Lance. But…” Dylan stopped to try and get a breath as he realized he had started crying. “He needs to visit but he is barely in the condition to visit. I really can’t tell you whats going on without violating his trust.”

“Do me a favor take a deep breath and sit down. Can you tell me where you are at? Are you safe?” Robin asked putting everything else on hold. “If you will give me your address I will come to y’all and we will go from there.”

Dylan nodded in to the phone for a few moments and then realized he had totally stopped speaking. Before he could answer Garrett, tapped him on the shoulder and signaled he wanted the phone.

“Hey, this is Garrett. I’m Dylan’s brother, I heard him crying so I wanted to check and see whats going on?” Garrett said calmly into the phone.

“Hello Garrett, my name is Robin Hedley. I think Dylan was trying to arrange for Steven to visit but somethings not right and he says he can’t tell me whats going on and I asked where y’all were located so I could come there and see if we could figure something out.” Robin said hoping this new person wouldn’t breakdown.

“I’m texting you my address and a picture of the turn so you don’t get lost. Make sure you drive a truck or something so you can make it up the driveway.” Garrett said into the phone while he was holding his brother trying to calm his nerves.

Robin received the text and pulled the address. “If I drive out there tonight, I can be there by midnight, would that be alright or should I just come in the morning?”

“If your good to drive out tonight then come on up.” Garrett said as he continued to rock his brother.

“I should be there by midnight, I just need to let my brothers know I’ll be gone for a day or so.” Robin said as he typed the message out on the system and let everyone know where he was going.

“Just drive safe and be careful on the driveway its a bit on the treacherous side.” Garrett said while looking down at his brother who had fallen asleep. “Well, I think today's events just caught up with Dylan, he’s out cold.”

“Garrett, please watch over them both I’ll be there shortly.” Robin said as he disconnected the call. Looking around his room he packed a small overnight bag, just in case he needed it. Then walked out to his old truck checked the fuel and filled it up. Then headed up the drive and running in to his mom.

Jess slowed down and stopped beside Robin’s truck. “I got your message, go on and see whats up.”

“Yes, maw.” Robin said with a really horrible drawl while Martin just started cracking up even more.

“Dammit, Martin! Can you please act your age?” Jess huffed out looking exasperated with her long time friend.

Robin looked to the back of Jake’s truck and noticed the covered souls and asked. “Are they alright?”

“They just need a rinse, dry and checkup and then possibly defensive driving. Then again I think we need to install a governor on their vehicles.” Jess said thinking about the pukers in the back.

“Be good mom, and if you can’t then don’t get caught.” Robin said as he began to pull away from his mother.

Robin continued up the driveway until he got to the road. He watched his brother and Robbie fighting to get the car loaded on the trailer, so he put the truck in park and got out to try and help. After a few minutes they got the car loaded up.

“Jake, I know you wanted to be the one to interview Steven, but I received a call earlier and seems there is something else going on.” Robin said hoping he wouldn’t piss off Jake.

“To be honest, I can feel something is not right. Go see whats up, and keep us up to date.” Jake said as he walked up and gave Robin a hug.

Robin walked back to his truck and took off making sure to wave at his brother and friend.

Back at the Cabin

Garrett carried Dylan inside quietly and carried him to the nearest couch and covered him up. Then walked in to the kitchen to check on Steven and to see what his parent where up to.

“Is he alright?” Steven barely whispered loud enough to be heard.

“Yes, he is just worn out and I honestly think he is extremely worried about you.” Garrett said without any sign of malice.

Robbie’s Office

Robbie had left the Hedley’s house after he made sure everyone was situated. Once in his office he started calling around trying to get any information he could about getting the bodies recovered so they could start planning the funerals. Finally after ten o’clock he received a call from Donna’s Lawyer.

“Hello, Sheriff Bledlock. How can I assist you tonight?” Robbie asked trying to use the phone grammar Deidra had been trying to teach him.

“Sheriff Bledlock, my name is Jacob Randal, I am Donna Fenwick’s lawyer.” Jacob said to the young officer.

“Yes Sir, How can I help you?” Robbie said finding his confidence again.

“Well after going over the will, there were a couple of requests for burial pertaining to Donna and Patrick.” Jacob said trying to hide the his mirth over Patrick's arrangements.

“Alright, whats up?”

“Well Donna, requested to have funeral and burial in Hedley Hollow. While for Patrick she requested a more simple funeral.” Jacob said with a smile. Then continued on. “See they had a prenuptial agreement in place before they were married.”

“So she doesn’t get his money?” Robbie asked hesitantly.

“Actually, Patrick didn’t get her money, assets or part of her company.” Jacob stated knowing he just shocked the officer. “The more interesting part is: The will pays for Patrick’s funeral but is very limited in what it will pay.”

“Alright what does it pay?” Robbie asked as he held up his hand to let his boss know to hold on for a moment or too.

“It pays for one day viewing and service. Plus it allows for the least expensive urn available at which ever funeral home he is placed. Plus once the service is over who ever his current lover was is to receive the urn to continue their service of Patrick.”

“You have got to be kidding?” Robbie busted out. “She put all of those request’s in the will?”

“Yes, very much so. I have taken the liberty of transferring Donna to Lewis Chapel. And Patrick is at Wilson Chapel less than a mile from the office.” Jacob said slowly relaxing.

Back at the Cabin

Garrett got up to check on Dylan, then Steven and finally his parents. “Mom its eleven thirty pm, I’m gonna walk to the end of the driveway and wait on our visitor.”

“That’s really thoughtful of you dear.” Lily said admiring how her eldest son had matured. “Just remember to text us when he is here so we can get ready.” pointing over to her sleeping husband.

“Of course mom” Garrett said as he leaned down to kiss his mother on the forehead.

Just as he passed Steven he heard his name and stopped.

“Is Jake coming over?” Steven whispered softly.

“No, Jake wasn’t available. Robin is on his way to check on you. It will be up to you to tell how much you would like to bring him in to the circle.” Garrett said gently giving enough information for Steven to fill in the blanks.

Steven looked up to Garrett with fear clearly showing in his eyes and began to shake. Garrett looked down and placed his hand square on Steven’s chest. “He is not coming to harm you. If anything he will be here to help you through this. I know he was confused earlier when Dylan called him and broke down on the phone.” Steven slowly nodded and calmed down then fell asleep.

Looking at his watch Garrett realized he would have to get a move on if he was going to beat Robin to the end of the driveway. Looking over to the shelf he grabbed his lantern and then his coat off the door and hurried out the door. Deciding to take the fast path down the hill he lit the lantern and took off at a slow jog. As he neared the end of the driveway he spotted a truck sitting at the end of the driveway carefully he approached the truck and noticed the driver had pulled to a stop and was taking a nap.

Garrett walked up to the driver window and gently tapped on the glass. The driver looked up slowly then began rolling the manual window down. “Hello, I think I’m at the correct driveway.” Robin said sleepily.

“Are you Robin?” Garrett asked and noticed the driver blink and then start nodding his head. “If you’ll slide over to the passenger side, I’ll drive us up to the cabin.”

As if on cue Robin unlocked the truck door then slowly slid over. “I guess I should have come in the morning. I got ten minutes away and could barely keep my eyes open.”

“It’s alright I know what this drive does to everyone that’s why I wanted to be down here when you arrived.” Garrett said as he hopped in the truck. He looked over to Robin and noticed he was out cold. So he picked up his phone and texted his mother and let her know Robin was here and passed out cold next to him.

After a few moments Garrett fired up the truck and slowly began up the driveway. Once he made it to the cabin he parked Robin’s truck beside his own. “Robin we are here, I need you to wake up so we can get you inside.”

Robin got up and out as if on autopilot and followed Garrett in the cabin. Once inside he began to become more alert and that’s when he spotted Steven on the kitchen table. Slowly he walked up and noticed Steven looked completely and utterly helpless unlike the last time he had encountered him. Steven flinched seeing Robin standing beside his table. Seeing this flinch caused Robin a moment of pain. He had seen this many times. “Calm down, I am not going to hurt you, I really wanted to see what was going on. Dylan called me and broke down, so call me curious.”

Steven nodded and spoke very softly. “Lily, can you get him the photo’s from earlier?” Steven asked as he began to tear up. “I’ve done so much to others, I really don’t deserve any kindness.”

Robin noticed the tone and hidden meaning after hearing them so many times from Trevor. “Steven, let me be the one to decide what you do and don’t deserve. I feel you deserve a friend or two.”

Lily walked up and touched Robins arm and passed him a file. “You should go read this and then we will see what you want to do.”

Nodding at Lily, Robin walked over to an open chair and started reading, followed by looking at pictures. When he finished all signs of sleep were gone and if looks could kill an entire army would be gone. “We need to get him to the Hollow and get the investigation started.”

“We need to wait till about 1pm tomorrow to move him.” Lily said hoping he would understand. “That way everyone has a chance to take a nap and we can take one vehicle. Steven and Dylan can ride in the back bedroom of the RV and we can take a nice peaceful drive.”

Thinking it over Robin agreed thinking about how he almost passed out driving. “Works for me, I guess I’ll find a couch and take a nap.”

“If you don’t mind sharing a bed I have a California King.” Garrett said trying to be nice. Of course the blush didn’t help his situation.

Lily and Daniel just giggled. Steven smiled then spoke softly. “Garrett, we gotta work on being subtle.”

Robin blushed brightly followed by Garrett.

“How about we all get up around eleven am to begin getting ready for the trip.” Lily said while looking at the two young men sporting full body blushes.


Garrett walked in and sat on one side of the bed, while Robin sat on the other side.

Eventually they both turned to look at each other, both still blushing hard core.

“Garrett, I’m just going to say it. I think your really handsome.” Robin said as his gaze looked to the floor.

Garrett slowly got up and moved next to Robin. Slowly he reached down and lifted Robin’s face so he could look him in the eyes. “Robin, you stole my line and my breath. You are hot as hell.” Garrett said 

gently. “But as much as I would like to strip you down right now and have a passionate make out session. I would really like to get to know you first.”

“So sleep, maybe cuddles and save the rest for another time. Especially since we need to get Steven some help.” Robin said gazing straight in to Garrett’s deep green eyes.

“I’m good with a snuggle Robin, but I agree the timing is wrong for us to run wild with the wind.” Garrett said while getting lost in those brown eyes.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Come in” said Garrett.

The door opened and there stood Steven, he slowly walked over to them both. “I know I have a lot of things to learn and undo, but I want to be your friend even if you do wind up dating.” Steven said while keeping eye contact with them both.

Garrett and Robin just opened their arms up indicating they wanted a hug. Slowly Steven walked over and was embraced by them both.

After a few moments Lily popped her head in to check on Steven. She smiled seeing him being held by her son and Robin. “Ahem, Steven. I cleared off one of the guest room beds so you could sleep a bit more comfortably.”

Steven slowly released Garrett and Robin and walked to Lily who reached out and gently took a hold of his arm to stabilize him as they walked to the bedroom. Once inside Steven noticed Dylan had taken up residence on a recliner in the corner. “Dylan, there is no way you will be comfortable in that chair all night.”

“I just want to make sure you don’t have anything go wrong during the night.” Dylan said slowly trying to keep his breathing under control. “Besides, I can sleep tomorrow on the drive to the hollow.”

Lily quietly walked Steven to the bed and began to tuck him in the bed when Steven stopped her. “Dylan, there is enough room in the bed for you. If your mom says it would be alright for you to sleep over here then I have no problem with you hopping in bed.” Steven said thinking about their talk earlier and how Dylan all but told him he didn’t want his ass, just wanted to make sure he was alright.

“Steven, I see no problem with Dylan sleeping in the bed with you tonight. Just remember no funny business you need your sleep and you need to heal.” Lily stated watching to see if Steven or Dylan reacted.

“Mom, as I told him earlier…” Dylan started and then stopped as he remembered it was a private conversation. “Alright, no horse play or funny business.” Dylan spoke as he spotted Steven smile at him just slightly.

Slowly Dylan stripped down to shorts and t-shirt before hopping in the bed to have his mother tuck them both in. “Now remember, Sleep. If y’all need something we are in the next room.” Lily said as she walked back to the door and turned the lights off.

Lily and Daniel’s Room

Daniel looked up as Lily walked into the bedroom and closed the door. “So is everyone situated?”

“Yes, both groups are in bed and under instructions.” Lily said knowing her husband would catch on quickly.

“So are you saying, we might have two son in laws?” Daniel said with a smirk.

“Would it bother you if that were the case?” Lily asked holding her gaze.

“If you would have told me five years ago, then yes. I would have been irate as hell.” Daniel said as he remember what kind of ass he had been to Garrett. “But now after seeing Garrett again and what kind of person he grew up to be and also having all the counseling so I could understand the problem I was having.” Daniel said as he realized he was so happy to have both his sons back. “I have no problem if they both get together.”

“Steven might need some counseling going forward knowing how phobic he was prior to today’s events.” Lily said remembering all the stories Dylan had told her.

Eleven AM Wake up call

Lily looked to her watch as she drank her coffee. “Well Daniel, looks like I need to go wake the kids up.”

“You know, your just curious to see if they are all curled up.” Daniel said as Lily walked toward the room Dylan and Steven had sleep in.

Lily gently knocked on the door and listened for a response. After no response she slowly opened the door. “Guys, its time to wake up. Dylan you can grab a shower. Steven, once your ready I’ll get you cleaned up.”

“Yes, mom chorused from both boys as they began to untangle.”

Lily then closed the door and walked to Garrett’s room. Gently she knocked on the door.

“We are up mom, give us a few minutes and we will be in the kitchen.” Garrett said just loud enough to be heard.

Back at the Hollow

Jake was sitting in the kitchen having a late breakfast when his phone dinged. Looking down he read a message from Robin. We should be leaving here around one o clock. We will all be traveling in their RV. Approximate travel time is four and a half hours since we will be stopping for breakfast.

Jake responded back asking a few questions. How is Steven? Did you arrive safely last night? Are they wanting to stay here or in town?

Robin sent a quick message. Sorry forgot to text kinda passed out at the end of their driveway. Steven will need to have Martin begin exam and investigation, plus I think he needs protection for a little 

while. They will probably stay in town cause Steven is afraid of making Lance mad for being there. I did let them know this morning about Lance’s mom.

Let me know when you make it in town and I’ll drag Martin and Robbie over. Jake texted and then told Robin to be safe.

Just leaving the driveway

Daniel looked over to Robin who was slowly learning how to drive the RV. “You did really well bringing us down Garrett’s driveway.”

“I just hope I can keep this vehicle in the lane.” Robin said as he shifted into the next gear. “How come this RV is a manual transmission?”

“We decided a long time ago when we bought our first one. We would never have another automatic transmission after replacing it three times in five years.” Daniel said thinking about the old RV.

“Yikes, that had to cost a fortune.” Robin stated matter of factually. “I still don’t think its wise me driving when I’m not on your insurance.”

“Well thankfully this is a commercial vehicle and you are an approved driver.” Lily said from the kitchenette table. “Just keep it under seventy miles per hour and we should be fine.”

“Before we go to far, lets consider stopping somewhere for a sit down meal.” Daniel spoke while watching the tree’s go by.

“There is a nice restaurant about an hour down the road.” Garrett said as he walked back up front from checking on Dylan and Steven. “It’s ran by an older couple, they are awesome.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Robin said from the drivers seat as he put the hazard lights on and began pulling off the road. “Since you know where it is then you get to drive.”

“That works as long as you resume driving afterwards so we can make it to the hollow.” Garrett said with a smile.

“Well guys, I’ll leave y’all to driving and I’ll go back and check on our patient.” Daniel said evacuating the passenger seat.

Garrett looked at his dad and hopped in the drivers seat. Turning to look at Robin in the passenger seat. “This is my first time driving this RV.”

Robin looked to Garrett with an odd expression. “So why haven’t you been driving this beast?”

“Me and Dad just started talking again last night. Just a few hours before you were called.” Garrett said quietly trying not to let his emotions show. “I honestly didn’t think we would ever talk again.”

“So what your saying is Dylan and Steven, brought you and your dad back together.” Robin said as he looked back to Daniel who also was nodding his head.

Living room of the Hollow

Jake was sitting reading a book trying not to worry about everything going on when Martin entered the living room. “Hey, Martin. Are you still going to be here around five pm?”

“Was planning on being here till about seven. Why whats up?” Martin said wondering what was up.

“Well Robin should be back with Steven by then, and Steven will need to be checked out and have an investigation started.” Jake said trying to not see red.

“Does Lance know?” Martin asked quietly.

“That Steven is on his way with Robin and will be here at five pm?” Trevor asked from the door way.

“I told Lance this morning and explained something else was going on.” Jake said quietly and looking at Trevor as if to challenge him to say something wrong about the situation. “Besides I trust Robin, do you?”

Trevor looked at Jake as if he had punched him, then walked over to the couch and sat down. “You know I trust him, it’s just I don’t trust Steven.”

“I get that, but I also know Robin isn’t going to risk bringing Steven here unless there wasn’t something major going on.” Jake said trying to assure Trevor.

Maw’s Hearty Skillet

After a little over an hour Garrett pulled up to the restaurant. “They have some of the best food.”

Robin looked at the restaurant and wondered if this was the one his mother had helped with a loan. “Looks nice lets go in.”

Dylan walked with Steven to the front of the RV, while Daniel and Lily made sure all of the medical cabinets were locked. As they all exited the RV the couple inside looked out at the new comers.

“Honey, I get the feeling we know two of them.” Max said to his wife Alice.

“One of them I believe is one of the Hedley’s” Alice said looking at the rest and then noticing one of them was limping badly. “Honey, go get the private room ready real quick.”

“Yes, dear.” Max said not wanting to argue since his wife had an extra sense about her.

As everyone entered the restaurant, Alice approached. “Well hello, guys my name is Alice and Max is going to get your tables ready.”

“Hello Alice” Robin said and before he could say anything else she spooked him.

“Now, Robin what do you think Jess would say about you being so formal?” Alice asked as she started barking out with laughter.

“I guess she’d tell me to loosen up and see what you wanted to be called.” Robin said quietly.

“Mom or auntie.” Alice stated calmly. “Now since we are through with the intro lets get you to your room.”

“Room?” Lily said with a little shock.

“Yes, I watched y’all walking in. This young man has a severe limp which tells me he will need somewhere more comfortable to sit.” Alice said as she thumb toward Steven. “Besides I think Jess would agree with my decision.”

Daniel smiled, she reminded him of his mother. “Mom, what ever you say. We are stopping long enough to fill all the bottomless pits before heading to the hollow.”

“Well in that case give me a few minutes and we will get everyone all set. Do you want breakfast or lunch?” Alice asked as she lead them to the private room.

Everyone looked at each other then almost everyone stated lunch. Steven looked around at everyone, then looked to the ground. “I guess I’ll do lunch.”

“No sweetheart you will do breakfast.” Alice said softly as she walked over and lifted his face to look at her. “I don’t know what you’ve been through but if they are taking you to the hollow at least I know they will be getting you help.”

Steven started to speak but Alice placed her finger gently in front of his lips. “I wasn’t asking for any information about what is going on. That is private and for the correct people.”

Alice watched Steven’s eyes as they teared up and she leaned in and gently gave him a hug. “Thank You” Steven said in to her ear as he held on to her through out the hug.

Alice stood back up and looked to Max. “Pa, we have one breakfast platter and five lunch specials.”

“How do you want your eggs?” Alice asked gently.

“Can I have them scrambled with cheese?” Steven asked cautiously.

“Sure dear, anything else?” Alice asked knowing he wanted something else.

“With some tomato slices and ketchup?” Steven said quietly almost reserved.

“Sure thing, How about some tomato slices on a separate plate as well?” Alice asked tuning everyone but Steven out like he was her one and only customer.

Steven let a small rare smile creep across his face and then started nodding.

“Alright, I’ll be back in about ten minutes with your order.” then she stopped and asked. “What would you like to drink?”

Steven dropped his gaze and mumbled “Water is fine.”

“How about a glass of Milk to go with the water? Or even Orange Juice?” Alice asked as she squatted down to look him in the eyes.

He simply stated “I guess.” and his expression went blank.

Alice looked at Lily cautiously then said “I’ll be right back.”

Once back in the kitchen Alice began preparing Steven’s breakfast and then stopped and walked over to the jukebox, slowly she put in her code to play tracks with out being charged for them. Then selected the song Little Light of Love by Eric Serra, followed by Love Will Turn You Around by Kenny Rogers. After she made her choices she walked to the private room and enabled the speakers in the room and then let the group know “Guys, I set the jukebox up so you can pick some music and it won’t charge you.” Then she went back to fixing Steven’s food.

Max on the other hand had asked if they wanted steaks or burgers and was cooking steaks. He looked over at Alice, “I’m fixing him a small steak to go with breakfast.”

“That was an excellent idea.” Alice said looking at the heaping plate.

“I also called Jess, after seeing your look toward Lily.” Max said after picking up on her worry. “She said they aren’t who we need to skin alive.”

“So you really are starting to read my thoughts.” Alice asked in a teasing voice.

“Honey, if looks could have killed that poor woman would have died.” Max said gently. “I already talked with her and apologized for the look. She told me she understood.”

“Well lets get them fed and out of here before the afternoon rush.” Alice told her husband.

“To bad Jeremy isn’t here right now, he could catch a ride possibly and go visit Trevor.” Max said and realized Daniel was standing at the window. “Something, I can get for you?”

“I over heard you talking about giving Jeremy a lift to the hollow, If you can get him here we will gladly take him over.” Daniel said with a large smile.

“I’ll call him now.” Max said as he walked over to the antique phone on the wall and began dialing. “Hey Jeremy, Do you want to go to the hollow for a visit?” Max asked and waited for an answer. “Well pack a bag and come on over.” Max laughed at the answer and then hung up.

Daniel paused when he heard someone running around upstairs.

“He will be right down in a few moments.” Max said with a chuckle. “hopefully he walks down the stairs instead of tumbling.”

“Tumbling?” Daniel Echoed for confirmation.

“Yep, he gets clumsy when he gets excited.” Max stated as they turned to see Jeremy running down the stairs at mach three. “Twelve year old’s can be like that on occasion.”

Max caught Jeremy’s attention and waved him over. “Hey, you can rough house with everyone but that boy there.” Max said pointing at Steven. “He’s been hurt, and I don’t have the details but make sure you treat him gently.”

“Yes, paw paw.” Jeremy said with a slight drawl. “Do they have any games to play or do I need to grab a few?”

Daniel looked to Jeremy. “I’m pretty sure we don’t have any kind of game on board, but if you would like to bring a few I’m sure a few of us would enjoy playing games to pass the time.”

“Okie Dokie” Jeremy stated then ran back up the stairs.

“Is he always this active?” Daniel said as a small chuckle escaped his lips.

“He wouldn’t be Jeremy if he wasn’t running around like this.” Max said as he finished getting everyone’s steaks together. “Just let us know if he misbehaves. Especially around Jess.”

“Will do.” Daniel said playfully. “But, I get the feeling he will be on his best behavior.”

A few minutes before the afternoon rush

Max and Alice watched as everyone boarded the RV, including Jeremy. They then watched as he wound up in the passenger seat in the front of the RV. “They definitely will not be falling asleep on the drive.” Max said as Alice just snickered.

Inside the RV, Robin had taken the pilot seat while Jeremy was talking to him at a mile a minute. After a few minutes of interrogating Robin, Jeremy went to get the game out and go check on Steven to see if there was anything he could help him with.

As the RV lumbered down the road, Robin spotted a car in the ditch lights were on but weak. So he pulled over and got everyone’s attention. As him and Daniel stepped out to check to see if everyone was alright they found a lady slumped over the wheel and a child in the back seat.

Daniel opened the door for the child and began checking on him. “Hey Robin how is the lady?”

“She has a faint pulse but its steady.” Robin said as he checked for any sign of bleeding. “We are about ten miles from the hollow and twelve miles from the hospital”

“Lets get them loaded up in the RV and if you will call the local sheriff and let them know what we found and where we are going.” Daniel stated as they gently unloaded them from the car.

Once back to the RV Daniel asked “Steven would you be alright sitting at the kitchenette table for a few minutes until we get them to the hospital.”

“No problem.” Steven said as he moved to the front of the RV and sat down beside Lily.

Jeremy sat down beside Steven quietly asking him a few questions. “What kind of games do you like?”

“I prefer shooting games and racing games.” Steven said as he seen the look Jeremy gave him. “Whats wrong little guy?”

“I’m not allowed to play shooting games, but I really love racing games.” Jeremy rattled off.

“Well then, we will play racing games a little later then.” Steven said actually enjoying Jeremy’s company.

Once back on the road Robin called Robbie directly. “Hey we just found a car broken down off the road twelve mile out from the hospital. We have the occupants loaded into the RV and are heading to the hospital first if you would like to meet us there.”

“I’ll be there shortly. Do you need anything else?” Robbie asked hoping he was good.

“Can you send someone out to check the car.” Robin asked quietly.

“On it, see you at the hospital.” Robbie stated and the line dropped.

A few moments later Robin slowed down to make the turn on to the road to the hollow. Slowly they lumbered down the road at fifteen miles per hour. A few moments later Robin tooted the horn as they passed the ranch and continued to the hospital.

As they approached the hospital Robin spotted Robbie’s truck and Martin standing beside it. Once the RV was stopped Martin was the first on board and Lily took him back to check on the patients.

“We need to get them inside.” Martin stated calmly. “They are both stable, but it wouldn’t hurt getting them inside.”

Garrett and Robin carried the patients inside the hospital and set them on separate stretchers.

Back at the ranch

“Wonder who was driving the RV?” Lester asked no one in particular.

“Robin was driving, the RV wasn’t going any faster than fifteen miles per hour with the hazard lights on.” Jake said looking over the system alerting system to see if there was any errors.

“So are they expecting any issues.” Lester then asked trying to get Jake to talk.

“From what I’ve read Steven is acting like a totally different person” Jake said looking back to Trevor who was trying to figure out if Steven was playing or being serious.

Dr Martins Office

Dr Martin had led Steven, Dylan, Lily and Garrett inside to talk about the investigation. “Have you told your parents yet?” Martin asked quietly.

“No, I haven’t told them yet.” Steven said as his face paled and he started to shake.

“We will need to get them involved so we can get this taken care of.” Martin said knowing this young man was really embarrassed by everything. “It must be done so we can get them in your corner.”

“Can we at least wait till tomorrow to let them know?” Steven said looking at his watch noticing it was close to seven pm.

“Tomorrow it is.” Martin said then suggested they stop and get something to eat and then get some rest knowing all hell was about to be released in the morning.

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Here be our stopping point for this chapter.



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