Little Life of Nolan Parks

2. Hidden Behind Masks - Do What You Want

Mom went to the school and got us set up at it. It's a private school though, luckily with just a strict dress code and no uniform. The rules for boys are a lot easier than the ones for the girls.

We can wear jeans without any visible rips, shorts that go down below your knee, sitting down. For shirts, nothing that say anything can be worn and no tank tops as they call them. Brand names can be worn, though. So if I have a quicksilver shirt that says 'Quicksilver' that's fine. We cannot show any of “the three Bs” Boobs, Butts, or Bellies. Punishment for going against this code starts as a warning, then goes to suspension, and finally expulsion.

After reading over that I went through my closet. I felt the need to sort out what's okay for school and what's not. That took me like an hour. Mostly because I had to double, or triple check all my jeans. When I was all done I found out I had 3 pairs of jeans I could wear.

“Mom...” I walked into the kitchen, “I only have three pairs of jeans that don't have visible rips.”

She looked at me, “I thought you would have had a little more. Oh well, I need to go shopping anyways.” I always question how she always has so much money. Never asked though, too scared of what it might be.

We headed off to the mall shortly afterwards. Mom made me try on like every pair of pants in the store. Suddenly as I heard someone come to the changing room door a pair of shorts came over, “Try these on, I'm guessing your size.”

I opened the door to see Henry standing there. His hair wasn't wet this time, it was definably dry. It was poofy too. The back of it was pointing away from his head, it looked cute on him. His bangs came down to just above his eyes. DAMMIT he's to cute!

I checked the time, 3:30 it read. “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? I work here after school on Friday.” He smiled at me, “The manager is a family friend and Quicksilver is my favourite brand, so here I am.” Oh I forgot to mention we're shopping in a quicksilver store.

“Oh... okay...” Mom came by and looked at me up and down.

“They look good, put them in the buying pile.” She looked at Henry, “Who's this?”

Henry cleared his throat and extended his hand. “My name is Henry Jacobs, I met Nolan last night at the swimming pool.”

“I'm his mother, nice to meet you, Henry.” She handed me a couple more pairs of pants, “What are the size of those pants, I'll try to find some more.”

Henry pipped up, “Let me help you. I'm just getting on shift.” Mom smiled and Henry went to quickly grab his name tag.

With both of them looking for cloths for me I became surrounded by pants. By the time we finished I swear I tried on 100 pairs of pants to make sure I got the perfect size, and a few pairs of shorts Henry threw in. I ended up getting only 5 pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts. And with how much each costs it was almost $250. Ya I know, super expensive.

As we were leaving Henry asked me, “You going swimming tonight? I'm off at 7 so I have time for a bit of a swim.”

I shrugged, “I don't know...” My voice was barely audible.

“How 'bout this? If you go swimming I'll try and get a couple of my friends to come, too. It'll be fun.” I shook my head. I didn't want anyone to know me as 'the kid who can't swim.' “Why not?”

I could feel my cheeks turn red, “It's embarrassing...”

He caught on rather fast, “Oh, the whole can't swim thing. Then how 'bout I give you your first lesson tonight? We'll stay in the shallow end, I promise.”

Mom called out to me, “Nolan, we're leaving!”

I turned to go, then turned back. Henry had puppy dog eyes going off. “I'll see you there if I can.”

“Okay, cool!” I ran off after my mom. Henry waving with a huge smile on his face.

We spent a little more time in the mall. We got an early dinner and Paul found his way back to us with a couple of large bags. After all that we made our way back home. We got lost... twice on our way home. We got to see the town along the way at least.

I finally got home and started to get my new clothes into my closet. I was almost done done when I saw something, that I definitely didn't buy at the bottom of the bag. I grabbed the Speedo and out fell a note. It read, 'Please come swimming? Maybe in these, they should fit. -Henry'

I couldn't help but smile. I quickly threw it into my underwear drawer and continued putting my clothes away. Once that was all done it was about 6:30, and I walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I noticed Mom wasn't there as I felt a hand reach around and grab my crotch, “Mom's not home. It's been a few days, hasn't it?” His left hand undid my jeans as his right lifted up my shirt, “I've got some blue balls right now, and you're the cure.”

I stood there as he fondled my cock and balls. I could feel it grow as he played with it. “Please no.” I barely made out.

Paul didn't hear me, or ignored it. Next thing I knew I was up in the air and he was carrying me upstairs, “Time to break in your bed. I think it's been missing your cum being on it all the time.”

In no time Paul had me stripped. He did it all himself. As he set me on the bed my pants and underwear were ripped off. My shirt went over my head and he pushed me down. I knew if I resisted it would make things worse, it always does. He pushed my head down, and my butt went up.

I started to cry... Paul didn't care, he was horny and wanted to get off. He put some lube on his cock and pushed it all the way in. I grabbed my pillow and screamed into it as he thrust. The tears grew in strength the longer it lasted.

I'm gay, I won't deny that, but that's the problem. I should find sex with another boy enjoyable, but from my experience it's horrible. There is physical pleasure but mental pain and hurt. It's like the person you love is right there but you know they don't love you back.

Every guy I've had sex with has raped me. Not a single one asked me, they always asked Paul. “Are you sure?” “He doesn't look all that into it.” They would say... Paul would just laugh and say, “He likes it, don't worry. Fly at him.” and they would do it. The most in one night was 4... it was last year's end of the school year celebration.

Paul picked up his pace. I felt him twitch and his cum shoot into me. “OH YEE!” Paul moaned out behind me. He reached for my cock and jacked it twice and I shot onto my bed.

Like I expected I was picked up and my mouth was placed over where I had shot. I ate every ounce of it without even a word. I could feel Paul's hands rubbing all over my body. He had yet to remove himself from me.

I turned around once I was done, “Done...” I whispered.

Paul smirked again, “You might be but I'm just getting started. You're getting another load in your ass before I'm done.” I felt him thrust his hips against me, “Tell me, who has the best cock?”

“You.” I replied. He's played this game before. He asks a bunch of questions along the lines of 'who's the best' and he expects me to say him every time. When I don't answer I get punished.

“Who's cock do you enjoy in your ass?”

He slammed into me. “Yours!” I squealed.

“How fast do you want me to go?” he sped up.


“How fast?” He sped up again making a quick pace fucking me.

“FASTER!” Again tears formed. Paul fucked me as fast as he could.

I couldn't reach the pillow, I couldn't scream. “You love it don't you?” Paul whispered into my ear. I nodded. It was all I could do.

This lasted another ten minutes before he shot again and left me in my room alone. I limped my way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I had ran out of tears and just let the water fall on me. I sat there letting everything run it's course.

I heard mom come home while I was in the shower. I didn't see her when I got out, though. I grabbed a pair of pyjama pants and flopped onto my bed. I just laid there listening to music.

I looked over at the clock and suddenly it was 9. “OH SHIT!” I jumped up and ran downstairs, “Mom! What time does swimming end?”

She looked up at the clock, “Right now.”


“Why Nolan?” She looked at me like she was trying to find something.

I blushed, “Henry wanted me to meet him at the swimming pool...” I felt really bad! I left Henry hanging at the pool. He probably sat at the spot I was at yesterday waiting for me to show up.

“Do you have his number?” I shook my head. “His last name is Jacobs right?”

I nodded again, “I think so...”

She tossed me a phone book and smiled, “See if there's a number in the phone book.”

I quickly made my way through the phone book looking for his last name. It took me 5 minutes but I found three people with the last name Jacobs. I phoned the first one and was wrong... the second, wrong.

I called the last one in ill faith. They answered, “Hello, Jacobs residence, Grace speaking.”

I spoke quietly, “Does a Henry Jacobs live there?” My mom looked at me again in hope it would be right this time.

Her voice was so bubbly, “Yes, may I ask who's calling?” My face lit up and I rushed upstairs. I didn't want to get all gooey in front of my mom.

“My name is Nolan Parks. I met Henry last night at the swimming pool. May I talk to him?” She sounded like she was walking somewhere. I could kinda hear that she was calling for Henry in the background. I think I heard my name somewhere in there.

Someone grabbed the phone. Breathless a voice came through the phone, “Hello?”

It was definitely Henry, “Hey... it's Nolan...”

His voice changed to ecstatic, “Hey Nolan! What happened tonight?”

“I lost track of time... I only realized it was 9 just before I called.” I was super embarrassed. I didn't want him to know what really happened. I didn't want to remember what happened.

“It's okay, I had fun anyways. I wanted you to meet Justin, he's a member of the swimming team, too.” I heard springs, was he sitting down on his bed? “How did you get my number anyways?”

I inhaled sharply. I didn't think he would ask this, “I looked it... it up... in the phone book...”

It was silent on the line for a moment, “My number is in the phone book?”


“Cool! Well now that you know my number, what's yours?” I figured out my new number and told him, “Awesome! Wanna swim tomorrow? I have practice at 5 if you want to go.”

“I'll try...”

“Well, now I have your number so I'll be able to call and remind you. Maybe we live close and we can go together.”

“Ya... Okay... I'll talk to you tomorrow then.”

“Bye Nolan, see you tomorrow hopefully!”

“See ya...” He hung up, I copied his actions.

I laid there in an awe about the conversation I just had. Henry was really cute and he really wanted to be my friend. I'm just so happy right now!

Then Paul stopped at my door and ruined it, “How's the new boyfriend?” I said nothing as he laughed and walked downstairs. I try not to let Paul get to me... But sometimes it's hard not to let him.

This was one of those times. My mind started to wonder off about Henry. Did he like me? Am I even his type? He does seem friendly, maybe too friendly? I'll try to not let it bother me, since I'm going to see him tomorrow and all.


Chapter end.


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