Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 4: Summer Days of Before

OILT – Chapter 4 – Summer Day of Before

It had been a few weeks of Emmett and Ezra dating. Rumors had spread across school about their relationship. They had been hanging out a bit more, and some girls even saw them make looks towards one another.


Lyndsey was one such girl. “Ezra and Emmett seem closer than before.” She sat at the lunch table with Logan, her closeted boyfriend.


“Ya, I wonder why...” Logan had an idea on why. He had tried a couple of times to get together with Ezra, but he always made an excuse. “He and Levi have always been close, maybe Ezra has gotten closer to his best friend's older brother?”


“Naaah” Owen sat down beside the couple. “I don't think he's just gotten closer to Emmett.”

“What is it then Owen?” Lyndsey asked him. Owen just shrugged and started eating his lunch. Lyndsey was now determined to figure out what was going on.



Once home, Owen waited for his brother to arrive. When Ezra made it through the front door, Owen pulled him aside. “We need to talk.”


Ezra blinked rapidly. “What? Why?”


Owen rolled his eyes. “Emmett.” Ezra's eyes opened wide, knowing what will be the topic.


Adam walked through the front door, seeing his brothers together. “What are you two doing? Can I come with?”


Both brothers spoke at the same time. “No.” Adam scrunched his face before continuing into the house.


Ezra set down his backpack and tossed Owen his shoes. “We're not talking here.” The two brothers found themselves at a site they used to spend much of their time. In the bush, there was a worn down tree house that could hold a couple of people. “What do you know?”


“That you two kissed outside the house a few weeks ago.” Ezra's face burned with embarrassment. “Look, I don't care if you find dudes attractive but some kids at school might.”


“They can shove it.”


Owen laughed. “I agree, and I will be the first to tell them that. I just want to know, is this something you really want? Like, are you sure about it all?”


“What do you mean, 'is this something you really want?'?” Ezra mimicked his brother. “If this wasn't something I wanted, do you think I would be doing it?” Crossing his arms, Ezra did his best to keep his voice down.


Owen shook his head. “I don't know Ezra. It just seems weird, you and another guy doing stuff.” His body shook at the thought. “Have you even done anything?”


Ezra rolled his eyes. “I've been actively doing stuff with guys since last summer.” A smirk rolled up Ezra's face as Owen's mouth dropped. “Surprise?”


“How? You were camping with me most of the summer.”


“Remember when I went away to camp? And that guy, Ryder, I told you about from it?” Ezra laughed as he watched his big brother's eyes widen. “Yes Ryder was my first time, but we didn't go 'all the way'.”


“You think you know a guy...” Owen said mostly to himself.


Ezra lowered his eyes. “Please don't tell mom and dad. I'm not ready for them to know.”


“Of course, little brother.” Owen placed his hand on Ezra's head and messed his hair up. “That camp must have been a blast for you.”


“Well...” Ezra giggled. “I had no idea that it would start the series of events that it would. I thought of it as mutual boy fun and nothing else. Boy was I wrong.”



Ezra: Age 13 at Summer camp

“And this will be your bunk mate. Ryder, this is Ezra.” Ezra stood at the entrance of the room next to the counselor. Ryder was setting up his sleeping bag on the bottom bunk, leaving the top for Ezra.


Ryder sat down on his bed as he turned to the entrance. “Oh hey!” The 14-year-old smiled cheerfully at his bunk mate. Blonde hair flowed perfectly, covering his forehead. His pale blue eyes met those of his bunk mate. “I'm Ryder!”


“Ezra.” He offered Ryder a small, shy wave.


“There will be councilors in the kitchen at all times, so if you need anything just ask.” The counselor returned to his other duties, leaving Ezra and Ryder to themselves.


“Do you mind the top bunk?” Ryder asked. “If it bothers you I can take it.”


Ezra shook his head. “No, it's fine.”


Ryder grinned. “Awesome! Well, I'm basically set up, but I'll wait for you.”


The camp was on a lake, and with it being late summer, there were already many kids in the water. From the mess hall, there were two halls filled with rooms, one straight off the hall, and one off to the right. The boys and girls each had rooms and bathrooms down their halls.


Out the main doors was a deck overlooking the small field, sandbar and lake. Ten councilors were around at all times, with almost sixty youth to look after. The whole place was buzzing with youth and their parents dropping them off.


Ezra quickly threw his things onto his bed before heading out with Ryder. They toured around the set boundaries together to get a hold on things. They were quickly becoming friends.

“Wait are we in the same group?” Ryder questioned.


The organizers put everyone into separate groups. This allowed them to know where their main counselor is at all times, as well as schedule activities with those groups. Ezra wasn't aware of this.


“There's groups?” He questioned his new friend.


Ryder nodded. “Ya, it's mostly just for the activities. Usually, kids that are roomed together aren't in the same group.”




“Come on!” Ryder grabbed Ezra's hand. “Let's go find out!” The boys went straight to the mess hall.


As they came in, Ezra saw his father talking with an older gentleman. “Dad?” Ezra spoke loud enough to be heard. “What are you still doing here?”


“Ahh! There you are Ezra!” As his son got closer, he passed a bottle over to him. “You forgot your shampoo in the car. Then I got distracted, so here I am.”


Ezra shook his head. “You're silly dad.”


“Hey Uncle!” Ryder waved to the man Mr. Davis was talking to. “You know Ezra's dad?”


Ryder's Uncle chuckled. “Know him!? I grew up with him. We went to camp together and everything when we were your age.” He slapped the back of his childhood friend. “We were just catching up with each other.”

Ezra had a confused look on his face. Ryder turned to him to explain. “My Uncle is the owner of the camp. The only special treatment I get is that mom doesn't have to pay.”


“That's right Ryder; I expect you to follow the rules just like everyone else.” His Uncle sternly spoke.


“Yes, sir!” Ryder joked a salute to his Uncle. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Davis, I'm Ryder, Ezra's roommate.” He offered his hand out to shake with the older man.


“Nice to meet you, Ryder.” Mr. Davis accepted the young man's hand. “Make sure my son showers, will ya? He tends to need a reminder sometimes.”


Ezra's face turned beet red. “DAD!!” He pushed his father towards the doors. “You can go now! Thanks for the shampoo, see you in a week!” Everyone laughed at the expense of Ezra. His father stayed for a few more minutes, but the boys quickly went off continuing their exploration.


They found out a few things throughout their day. They would be in different groups but decided to eat all their meals and spend their free time together. The rules were given to each group by their captains and dinner was eaten. Both Ryder and Ezra quickly retired to their beds and fell asleep.


The following day, they were just as busy. Swimming, games, and planned activities filled their day right up. Ezra made a few other friends, but none stuck out as much as Ryder. Every chance they could, you'd find the two hanging out with each other. On the third night of camp, their relationship would change though.


They had just retired to their rooms but were full of energy still. They were lying in their beds talking. “Owen thought he was 'too cool' for camp this year and Adam isn't quite old enough yet. He's going to his own camp next week, though.”


“That would be cool to have brothers; I'm just a single child.”


“It's not all it's held up to be, honestly. Owen can be mean sometimes, and Adam is a bit annoying.” Ezra laid there, hands behind his head. “But it's nice to have them sometimes.”


“Have you ever seen them naked?” Ryder asked with more enthusiasm than he wanted to.


“I used to have baths with Owen, so technically yes. Adam still runs around half naked at times. To be nine again...”


Ryder let out a giggle. “Ya... have you and Owen ever done anything?”


“What do you mean?”


“You know... like showed off or something?” Ezra remained silent, not knowing what his friend meant. “Have you two shown each other your hard-ons?”


Ezra rolled over and peered over the edge of the bed. “No, we're brothers. Why would we do that?”


“I don't know, just wondered. I feel like if I had a brother close to my age, we'd do it.”


“Really?” Ezra's eyebrow rose as he thought about it. How would Owen react if I asked? He thought to himself. “I don't see Owen and I doing it, and there's too much of an age gap between Adam and me.”


Red faced, Ryder asked, “Would you want to do it with me?” Ryder was already fully erect in his PJs and wanted to see his new friend naked. “I mean, show each other our hard-ons.”


Ezra thought about it for a few moments. “Sure, why not?” Ezra had been soft until he was asked to show. The idea turned him on so much his cock shot straight up to full mast instantly.

Purposely taking his time, Ezra didn't want to seem too eager to participate. His mind suddenly decided that seeing Ryder naked was perfect. It was exactly what he wanted to see right then and there.


Both boys standing at the foot of their beds opened their pants up for the other to see. Ezra's cock twitched as he took in what he saw. Ryder's uncut cock was bigger than his, and all Ezra wanted to do was touch it.


“Wow...” Was all that either boy could say.


Ezra finally broke that silence though. “How often do you jack off?”


“Almost every day,” Ryder admitted embarrassed. “Have you shot anything?”


“Ya... I jack off once in a while and have shot a couple of times.” Ezra couldn't resist it anymore; he needed to touch his friend's cock. “Can I... Can I touch it?”


Ryder grinned from ear to ear. “If I can touch yours.” Ezra nodded. Both boys dropped their PJs to their knees and gently grabbed hold of the other's cock. Ryder began jerking it immediately, while Ezra played with the foreskin. “I've never seen one without a foreskin.”


“First time seeing foreskin for me.” Both boys stood there taking in the experience. Ryder was the first one to make a move, pulling Ezra in closer for a kiss. Their lips met but remained still.


Just as they moved away from each other, they heard a counselor knock on the door beside theirs. They quickly pulled their PJs up before scurrying back into their bed.


With a soft knock, the counselor opened the door. “Awake?” He asked quietly.


“We're just heading to bed now,” Ryder replied.

“Yep!” Ezra awkwardly added.


“Sounds good, don't stay up late you two. Get some sleep. I'll be in the room at the end of the hall if you need me. Don't be afraid to wake me up.” The counselor then closed the door and continued on his way down the hall.


Both boys lay their anxiously but said nothing. They both ended up falling asleep shortly after, but not before playing with themselves, of course.



The fourth night, after the counselor had gone by and they were changing into their PJs. “Hey... say no if you want to, but could I suck you off?”


Ezra lay still in his bed. “You wanna suck me?”


“Ya... your cock.” Ezra's eyes went wide when he realized what he was being asked. “What did you think I was asking?”


“I don't know, that's why I asked.” Ezra looked towards his feet. “Umm... I don't know Ryder. Isn't that kind of gay?”


“I am gay, Ezra.” Instinctively Ezra took a step back as he looked up at his friend. Ezra's mind went into a spin, unable to focus on something. “Ezra, are you okay?”


Ryder's question knocked Ezra's mind straight. “Ya... sorry.” His eyes returned to the floor. “I didn't know you were gay...”


“I hadn't told you yet.” Ryder sat down on his bed. “Should we just go to bed now?”


Ezra shook his head. “No,” blushing he continued. “I wouldn't mind if you did, ummm, suck me.”


Ryder smiled. “Okay!” He moved over on his bed. “Lay down here.” Ezra did as he was told. Nervously, Ryder pulled down Ezra's PJs and underwear. He admired Ezra's erection before going in.


Ezra squirmed and covered his mouth as he was sucked on and played with. Whimpers escaped once in a while from Ezra's mouth. Ryder was caught in his own lust of pleasuring his friend to notice. It wasn't long before Ezra climax, and Ryder got his load down his throat.


Trying to catch his breath, Ezra looked down at his friend. “You swallowed?”


Ryder nodded. “Ya, the only way to do it! Now there isn't any mess.”


Ezra giggled. “I wanna try now.”


“Okay!” Ezra got his first taste of cock that night, and cum. He swallowed just like Ryder or rather tried his best to. They spent each night for the rest of the camp swapping head once the counselor had passed by.



On the last day, they regretfully said their goodbyes. “You got to add me on facebook okay!?” Ezra demanded of his new friend.


“Of course, and we can try to hang out in person again sometime.”


“I'd like that.”


The boys were interrupted by Ezra's father. “Come on; we're on a strict schedule. Your mother will kill us if we aren't back in time.”


“Sorry, I gotta go. See you later Ryder!” They gave each other a quick hug before Ezra ran off to his father's car. “Can I go again next year?” He asked his father.


“This coming from the kid who didn't want to go. It must have lots of fun, eh?” He poked fun at his son.


“Ya, loads of them!”



Current time:

“You're coming to the game on Friday right?” Emmett asked his boyfriend.


Ezra looked blankly at him. “There's a game on Friday?”


Emmett rolled his eyes. “Yes silly, my soccer game. You said you had to check on things to make sure you could come.”


“Oh! Right!” Ezra took out his phone and sent a text out. “I forgot to ask about that, sorry. I just sent a text to dad about it though.”


“It's fine. Just make sure you can come. You're gonna be sitting in the 'girlfriend' zone.” Emmett gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “It's where the team's girlfriends sit.”


“I gathered that. That will basically be me coming out though.”


“You want to know something?” Ezra shrugged. “Everyone has already basically figured it out. I've gotten asked a million times if I'm dating you, but I keep saying no because you haven't said you're ready to come out.”


“Thanks, Emmett.” His phone went off. “I'm free for the game, and I will sit in my seat.”


“Can't wait!” Again, Emmett kissed him. “I love you.”


Caught off guard Ezra replied. “I love you... too.”


Chapter End.

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