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September 15, 2022: Official Announcement: New CSU Author
Posted by The Story Lover :-) of the Annex

Attention All CSU Readers:

As Archivist of the Clan Short Universe, I hereby declare and confirm that the author known as SamIam has successfully completed the necessary requirements to be awarded the title Clan Short Universe Author and confer upon him all the rights and responsibilities which are consistent with the title.

On this day, September Fourteenth, in the year Two Thousand and Twenty-Two, let it be known that the story Oh Can You See has been reviewed and accepted as a Clan Short Universe Core Timeline story, and is considered a canonical part of the main storyline.

TSL Clan Short Archivist

Welcome to the CSU SamIam, as usual, all of CSU Stories will be co-hosted on the CSUhub as well. This is the only place for all the CSU Stories, Images, and Resources.

This post has been approved by The Clan Short Archivist. CSU Crest PNG

Portions of the post have been contributed by ACFan Creator of The Clan Short Universe.


(PS: Temporal Tranquilizers are in the third drawer on the left!)


September 9, 2022: Condolences to all our UK friends and family
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex

The Fort Family of sites wish our most heartfelt condolences to the subjects and territories of the United Kingdom upon the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration to millions. Her legacy will be remember for years to come in our souls and hearts. 


August 5, 2022: Possible Stability Issue
Posted by JeffsFort of the Annex

Hi Fort Family!

As many of you may be unaware, on Thursday evening our service provider was one of many who experienced a complete outage that took our entire community down for a short period of time. I won't go into any details but we are not complaining about the speed in which this issue was addressed. The reason for this post is to request that any major site updates or important chapter postings should be postponed to allow for temporary fixes to receive permanent repairs. Where the work continues, I would consider all of our sites "Read Only" for a day or two. I will attempt a current backup as a "Just Incase" but, if we experience DNS issues resulting from the outage, new work could be lost.

So please join us in thanking those involved in such a speedy recovery but to be safe, do some reading and let your readers angrily stare at your newest cliffhanger one or two more days. 🤣


July 31, 2022: Its been a while
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex

In the time I have been missing in action the following stories have been updated.


Brotherhood of Love

by ACFan

"Chapter Five: Munchies"

"Chapter Six: Lessons From the Past"

"Chapter Seven: The Healing Begins"

"Chapter Eight A: What's in a Name Part 1"

"Chapter Eight B: What's in a Name Part 2"

"Chapter Nine: Thank you for being a friend"

"Family Tree as of Chapter Nine"



by Boudreaux

"Chapter 8"



Voyagers Book II

by Voyagers Authors

"Chapter Twenty-Four: No Longer Lost in Space"

"Ajagaron Calendar for Year 2335"

"Chapter Twenty-Five: Diplomacy"

"Chapter Twenty-Six: Destination Earth"

"Chapter Twenty-Seven: Family Reunion"

"Chapter Twenty-Eight: Emergency"

"Duty Roster: SS Darastix"

"Duty Roster: Space Fleet Academy"




by MultiMapper

"Part 6: Once in a Blue Moon >> Chapter 26"



by William King

"Chapter Ten: Gilgamesh"

"Chapter Eleven: Blindsight"



Shadow of a Soul

by MultiMapper

"Chapter 19: Albiet Regret"





by Mike D

The Touch - Volume One: The Void

"20 - The Bond"

ACE - Artificial Intelligence

"9 - Seperation"

Be The One - Awakening

"8 - Fighting for Air"



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