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March 22, 2018:
Posted by Silver Wolf

Hey readers,

I am glad to announce the appearance of the introduction to a new story, Naruto's Revenge. It is a new take on that fascinating world. Comments are welcomed. It now resides at the Annex as well as Wolf's nest.


Silver Wolf   ,,, and yes, my coat is sparkling white! I need to refresh my picture, it was taken in the late summer, after the first snow fall.


March 20, 2018: Thank You to The Story Lover!
Posted by Brynmor

I want to send a word of Thanks out to The Story Lover for posting "A Letter From a Gay Son's Mother". It is truely a shame what people do to each other. 

My hope is someone learns from this letter, a freind, a family member or even a passerby. All that really should matter in this mixed up world is love, caring and understanding.




March 19, 2018: New Author Detected!
Posted by Brynmor


We have a new Author on the Annex!

William King has joined our site in the Featured Authors in Universes. 



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