Story Submission and Hosting Guidelines

This site is always open to hosting new authors and their stories.


There are a few simple guidelines:


  1. The storyline and character development must come first.
  2. While the depiction of alternative lifestyles is preferred, it is not a requirement. However, depictions of any lifestyle should be positive.
  3. Stories based on love and character growth are always welcome.
  4. Sci~Fi may be seen throughout the site, stories do not have to be Sci~Fi or Fantasy based. {That is a plus though}
  5. Stories featuring the rescue of children and others in need are always welcome.
  6. The portrayal of sex is not prohibited, but should come about as a natural development of a relationship. Sex should not be the dominant storyline!
  7. Stories with a dominant Adult Youth (AY) theme will not be accepted.
  8. Stories based on necrophilia, or solely based on rape and sexual violence will not be accepted either.
  9. Stories that have an AY, Rape or Sexual Violence component that is necessary for a character's mental state or development of a crucial storyline will be reviewed by a panel.
  10. While completed stories are preferred, all stories will be reviewed. Although authors may choose to post their own chapters the Site Owner/ Webmaster retains control over what stories may be hosted.
  11. Authors have complete control over whether their stories are co-hosted on another of the Fort Family Sites.
  12. Authors must authorize and the Fort Family Sites explicitly, by written permission to host their stories.
  13. Anyone can submit an author or story for consideration of hosting. If a reader thinks a story or author would be a good fit for the site please submit the author/story name and as much information as possible. The Site Owner/ Webmaster will then contact the author in question.

To submit stories or an author for consideration of hosting:


  1. Send an email to the following address ~ submissions at Substitute the 'at' with the @ symbol and delete the spaces.
    Include a link to published stories for consideration or, Attach enough chapters or stories to give a valid overview of the author's writings.
    All chapters submitted must have the author's copyright information in the chapter. For legal reasons, any chapters without that information will be deleted and the email returned to sender!
    This information is needed for the author's protection.
  2. Also, the Site Owner/ Webmaster may send some submissions to other Site Owners, Authors or Editors for their opinions.
  3. The Site Owner/ Webmaster will then review all submissions and contact the author with his decision within two weeks.
  4. Stories/chapters without 'curly quotes' aka 'smart quotes' are preferred.

Any other questions can be sent to the submissions email address or webmaster.acannex at as well. Substitute the 'at' with the @ symbol and delete the spaces.