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May 17, 2018: Chapter Updates for Thursday
Posted by Brynmor

Updates Available

William King - Refugee - Chapters 28 - 31!

Brynmor - Digital Refresh - Chapter 4

Can't wait to see who posts a chapter next!

PS Authors need email! Please send them an email. 



May 16, 2018: Twists of Time
Posted by Brynmor

Update !!!!

Boudreaux - Chapter 7  - Twists of Time

I know we are getting ready for the weekend! I know more chapters are going to sneak up on the site!

Bring it on!


May 14, 2018: CSV-DSM Part 2
Posted by Brynmor

Wow, ACFan is getting into the posting party. 

CSV-DSM Part 2. Chapter 8 "Brothers" is now live on the Annex.

PS, time to read!



May 13, 2018: MultiMapper Update
Posted by Brynmor

Good morning, 

Today we are updating our co-hosted stories to include Parvenu on the Annex.

Parvenu - Book 1 - Chapter 1

Parvenu - Book 2 - Chapter 1

Parvenu - Book 3 - Chapters 1 + 2



May 13, 2018: Weekend Review
Posted by Brynmor


Looks like I am running a little behind.

Boudreaux - Fantasy Faire - Chapter 5

Kuragari129 - Little Life of Nolan Parks - Chapter 25 + Epilogue

Kuragari129 - My Life Started After High School - Chapters 18, 19, and 20

William King - Refugee - Chapter 26 + 27

William King - I'll Kiss You in the Rain - Chapter 2

Read more chapters. 


May 10, 2018: New Chapter Alert
Posted by Brynmor

Howdy Guys, 

Southern Runners is now live on the Annex. 

Enjoy reading and have a great night!


May 9, 2018: New Story on the Annex
Posted by Brynmor

Hello Everyone, 

There is a new story live on the Annex, Book One of Absolute Beginners.

I'll Kiss You in the Rain - Chapter 1 (An Unknown Country) - William King



Also we have updates to William King's Refugee Chapters 24 and 25.

Also we have  MultiMapper - Book 2: All My Loves - Chapter 1 (Part of the Brynnhollow Universe)


Updates, updates, updates!


May 7, 2018: Late Additions for the Weekend or Early Additions for Monday Morning
Posted by Brynmor

Hello don't Panick,

We are currently Co-Hosting MultiMappers BrynnHollow Stories. 

So you will see a multitude of MultiMappers work appearing all at once.


Also, William King has snuck in another chapter of Refugee - Chapter 23 ( No Comets Seen )


Side note, I enjoy new chapters. So keep posting and Keep Reading! Dont forget to email your authors to let them know you like their stories!!!!



May 6, 2018: Weekend Review
Posted by Brynmor

At the Annex this weekend we have new chapters for the following stories. 

Kuragari129 - My Life Started After High School - Chapters 15, 16, and 17

Kuragari129 - Little Life of Nolan Parks - Chapters 23 and 24

William King - Refugee - Chapter 20, 21 and 22

Silver Wolf - Naruto's Revenge - Chapter 3

Even though the weekend is almost over, the journey isnt over.


May 6, 2018:
Posted by Silver Wolf

Naruto's Revenge has  new chapter. Learn  WHO Naruto really is, and the extent of the betrayal.

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