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January 2, 2022: A Belated Merry Christmas!
Posted by The Story Lover :-) of the Annex

December 31, 2021: Happy New Years
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex

I must say this year has wound down extremely fast. 

But don't be fretten. 

All your favorite stories will still be here next year.

With even more to come.

So remember to say howdy everyonce in a while. 

We are glad you are here. 

And Remember just because time has added another year on.

Doesn't mean anything. 


The Mikyvis Time Corps will hopefully fix all Time Anomalies!


Hugg's Everyone!

This year is a wrap!


November 21, 2021: 2021 Christmas Short Story Event
Posted by The Story Lover :-) of the Annex

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Fred De Elf

We are thrilled to announce our Christmas Short Story Event for 2021, and the first Event of 2021.

This year's themes are: Christmas In Outer Space, Christmas On Mars etc., and because Uncle AC begged, Christmas at Dennys® On [Name Your Planet].

The Guidelines are straightforward as usual:

  1. Stories should be between 500 and 15,000 words, give or take a million words.
  2. All Submissions should have the author's initials appended to the end of the Filename.
  3. All submissions are due by Sunday, December 20th at Midnight PST.
  4. This event is open to any reader or author that wants to enter; non-fort Family Authors are more than welcome.
  5. Have Fun Writing!
  6. All submissions should be sent to 2021 Christmas Short Story Event.

And now something special for this year's event Flash Fiction! The Themes are: A Horse for Christmas, An Elf For Christmas etc.

The rules are the same except for the word count, which is a Maximum of 500 Words!

As always, this event is open to all readers and authors. 

Happy Writing,

Fred the Elf PNG

October 31, 2021: Voyagers Book II Updates
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex

Voyagers Book II

by Voyagers Authors

"Chapter Twenty: Up the Chain"

"Duty Roster ~ SS Sooloo"

"Duty Roster ~ SS Joseph Hooker"

October 13, 2021: Updates!
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex

Current Updates!


Voyagers Book II

by Voyagers Authors

"Darastixian Calender"

"Chapter Nineteen: Let's Debate"


Parvenu: [5] Son & Heir / Sun & Air

By MultiMapper

"Chapter 20 - Ancient Artistry"

September 28, 2021: Updates!
Posted by Brynmor of the Annex



"Book II: Glossary"

"Chapter Seventeen: Medici's Committal"

"Chapter Eighteen: Plus Three"


Voyagers Book II


Voyagers Authors


"Chapter 19 - The Dazed Maze"


Parvenu: [5] Son & Heir/Sun & Air




"Chapter Twenty-One: Giving Thanks"


Still Another Chance ~ Book Four of Another Chance


Zarek Dragon




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