Dear Diary

Chapter 25


Layton looked over at Dixon and Jessie who each had a sleeping twin on their lap, and smiled. They might be young, but he knew they would make great parents for the precious popsicle boys. He saw Jessie looking back at him and grinned wider. "What is it with you and burning farms?" he teased.

"Hey, at least this time I didn't blow up the outhouse," Jessie returned with an equally mischievous grin.

"I ain't even gonna ask," JB muttered as he shook his head. "Dat just sound too wrong."

"Yeah flaming flying poop balls is pretty gross," Dixon agreed.

"That will be quite enough discussion along those lines, Dixon Daniel Wiggins." Suddenly there were two giggling squirming four year olds in their fathers' laps.

"Mamee use tree names," Etienne snickered.

"Daddy in trouble," Emile agreed with a giggle.

"I think we have two little opossums here, Dixie," Jessie said as he tickled his lap full of boy. "They were just pretending to sleep."

"We just wanted lovings is all, Poppa," Etienne said blinking his big brown eyes up at Jessie.

"Awww… " Dixon gushed as he squeezed his boy in a tight hug.

"Oh no… those two won't get spoiled at all," Layton said sarcastically.

"The correct term is preciously pampered, thank you very much," Mamee said in a very dignified tone of voice. "Your day will come, I'm sure, Layton. When it does, we'll see how well you resist the puppy dog eyes."

"Puppy dog eyes?" JB asked in confusion.

"Show Uncle JB your puppy dog eyes, boys," Jessie instructed the twins. The little boys giggled and ran over to do as they were told.

"Mon Dieux, jest look at dem babies," JB practically melted. "You babies come wid me and we go see can dis here fancy place make a beignet."

"I'm doomed," Layton said melodramatically as he watched the man he loved walk out with a boy in each arm. "If every kid we rescue looks at us like that, we'll have a hundred kids each in no time."

"And we will all love every one of them," Mamee pointed out.

"I think they will have a pretty great pair of dads too," Dixon told him sincerely.

"Not to mention an awesome pair of uncles, to teach them all the dirty tricks to play on their dads," Jessie grinned impishly.

"We can play that game too," Layton warned.  

"What you thought about that?" JB said as he walked back into the room accompanied by two powder sugar covered tornadoes. "Dat repmacating machine did know beignet after allDat repmacating machine did know beignet after all ("That replicator machine does know beignet after all")."

"I know somebody ain't got beignet and forgot about old Tanté René." Everyone leapt to their feet and rushed to the door where René stood looking as strong and healthy as Mamee. He graciously accepted a pastry from the twins who assured him that they had not forgotten him.

"You all better now, Tanté René?" Etienne asked.

"Good as new and twice as pretty," René answered with a smile and a pose that would have made Mae West jealous. "You two been good for you new Poppa and Daddy?" Both boys nodded as they ate their sweets. René looked over at Dixon and Jessie and asked, "You gonna bring my babies back to visit sometimes, yeah?"

"And just where is it you think you will be living that they have to make a trip to visit you?" Mamee asked with her hands on her hips, while her foot was patting the floor.  

"Don't you been look at me in dat tone of voice Amee Whatley. My place might be burnt down, but dat don't mean I'm de charity case around here."

"You always were a stubborn Cajun mule," Mamee told him. "No one is offering you charity. I'm telling you that I want you to stay with us and be a part of our family."

"Well, since you put it that way, I guess I got my sister back from college, hard headed old biddy that she is," René smiled. Everyone else in the room soon joined the two of them for a group hug. "You sure you got room for me, Amee?"

"Big as dat house is, she got room for most de whole bayouBig as dat house is, she got room for most de whole bayou ("As big as that house is, she has got room for almost the whole bayou")," JB laughed.

"That's a good thing, because I didn't bring these three here to leave them homeless."

There was a collective gasp from several people as Mamee, René, Layton and JB, Dixon and Jessie, and Emile and Etienne suddenly found themselves in the parlor of Wiggins House. Standing near them were some kids they had never seen before… or at least not exactly seen before. They stared first at the little blond haired boy who had spoken and was holding a tiny red haired baby. Next they took in the two nearly exact copies of Dixon.

"Daddy, dere two more you's," Etienne observed.

"And one of you dress like Tanté René," Emile added.

Dixon was too distracted to answer. It felt like a herd of elephants was dancing on his head. Daniel and David recovered a little quicker since they had been through it before. Daniel took Bethany back into his arms possessively. David looked back and forth from Daniel holding Bethany to Dixon holding Etienne.

"Am I the only me that doesn't have kids?" David blurted.

"Considering that the three of you are the only three of you that exist anywhere now, yes," the little blond boy told him. "For one reason or another, all the others of you in all the other dimensions have died. But now you three can 'live long and prosper' as our Vulcan friends say." 

 "Oh Lordy," Pet gasped as she walked into what she thought was an empty room.

"My dad says I should expect to hear that a lot, 'cause he does too, but I'm not Him," the little blond said with a smile. "Name's Quint actually, and I know you are all happy to have met me, can't thank me enough, and want me to stay longer, but I have to go see what my best friend is up to at the moment. Byebye now." Before anyone could react, the boy was gone.

"What a strange child," Mamee murmured.

"Mamee, is it really you?" David whispered as his eyes filled with tears. "I thought the police killed you like they did Uncle… Uncle Mel?" he gasped as the man walked into the room.

"Dixon, why are there two more of you now?" Lije asked as he ran into the room wearing nothing but his underwear. "Who's the kids and that lady… errr.. man… I mean person?"

"Nice save, little bro, NOT!" Nate teased as he walked in.

"It's ok, Nate," Dixon answered. "Lije, and everyone else, this is Auntie René. He’s going to be living here with us now, and he’s an old old friend of Mamee’s.”

“Watch how you use dat o word, Little Dixie,” Auntie René said as he swatted Dixon on the backside lightly.

The young twins giggled and grinned up at Dixon. “Daddy in trouble again,” they said in unison.

“Did they just call you daddy?” Huey asked.

“Everyone, meet Emile and Etienne. They are mine and Dixie's sons," Jessie announced grinning like the proud Papa he now was.

"Well that was subtle," Dixon giggled as several mouths dropped open. He then gave a shortened version of all the events that had happened while they were in Louisiana.

"... Then we got beamed out to get medical attention for Auntie René," Jessie added. "He had cancer, but the docs cured it with a treatment developed by Dr. McCoy from the Enterprise. While Auntie René was getting treated, Dixon and I talked with the boys here and well… we adopted them."

"You adopted them? At our age?" Daniel asked.

"Jessie and I are legally recognized as adults by the clan," Dixon explained. Without knowing that he did it at first, he telepathically sent a more detailed description of how he and Jessie came to be legal adults to his two other selves. All three gasped, as they suddenly understood what had just happened.

"Sir, permission to offer a possible explanation based on observation of what seems to have occurred between you and your other selves," Zemal offered formally, as he entered the room, saluted Dixon and Jessie, and then stood at attention.

"What… who… is that?" Daniel and David asked in unison.

"He's not a what or a who," Lije defended. "He's a Zemal, and he's my friend."

"Sir, Lieutenant Zemal Sharn, Director Wiggins, sir," Zemal said as he saluted crisply again. "I have been assigned to your command as a communications technician."

“SWEET!” Dixon exclaimed. “I’ve never met an Andorian before.” He noticed Zemal still standing at attention and waved a hand dismissively. “Relax, lieutenant, I mean at ease. We aren’t a strict military unit, so you don’t have to be so formal and stuff.”

“Your homeworld is quite a bit cooler than Charleston,” Layton observed. “Will you be alright with the heat here?”

“My VSO bodysuit will keep me pretty comfortable, sir, but I will need to replenish my body fluids regularly,” Zemal replied.

“What dat mean?” Emile asked.

“I will need to drink lots of cool liquids,” Zemal answered with a smile at the little boy. “You know, you and your brother may be able to help your daddy and his new brothers.”

“We like dat!” both Popsicle twins exclaimed happily. “How we could help Daddy?”

“Your daddy and his other selves seem to be experiencing a mind link commonly found in twins,” Zemal explained. Seeing the little one’s confusion, he asked, “Can you two talk to each other without words sometimes?” They both nodded. “Well, your daddy just learned that he can do that with your uncles.”

“I’m an uncle?” David questioned. He glanced at Dixon with the twins and then Daniel with Bethany. “Yeah, cool! I’m an uncle!”

“You look like Auntie René,” Etienne told him. “Do you wear pretty dresses like him all the time?”

“No, I had to dress this way to get away from some bad people,” David explained. “Where I come from I was named David.” He then went on to tell his story, although it took some cuddling with Mamee for him to get it all out. At the end, after telling about his father’s death, he buried his face against Mamee and sobbed in grief along with still unresolved guilt. “"How come he didn't show up quicker? My Dad would still be alive and he could have come here with me."

Mamee held the boy tight and kissed the top of his head. “I’m not sure, but I think I have an idea on that. I think that there are some trials that you have to endure, and no higher race is allowed to relieve that burden because it makes you the stronger person that you must become in order to meet the trials you may face later on in life. As much as we all would want to spare you that pain, not to mention bring joy to all of us who miss your father and mother, you needed to experience that painful growth moment for some reason that no one but Our Father can understand or know. The same is true for the people that died because of the attacks on the Clan, or for sweet little Joel being raped, or millions of other painful moments in people's lives throughout all the universes. There are just some things we have to go through in order to be the people that we need to be."

"I guess that sort of makes sense, but it still doesn't feel very fair," David said softly, wiping his tears away. The family was silent for a moment before Daniel spoke up.

“In my universe, I was or am Daniel Kirby Wiggins, III,” he began. “My father was a colonel in the armed forces. We have been at war in Europe and Asia for years and years. There was an extermination of Jews and other people that were considered undesirable by the dark forces in Europe at the beginning of the war. Technology was developed for weapons that would end the war, but the secrets were leaked to the enemy. Both sides had these powerful bombs, but no one wanted to use them, so they kept on fighting the old way. So many men were killed that they were letting teenagers fight. My dad was the commander of one of those units. My mom was a secretary for the base commander. One day someone decided to use the bombs after all.”

Daniel went on to tell of the destruction and carnage he had seen. He told about finding Bethany’s mother, and how Bethany was born. He even told them what he had done in order to get milk for her, while he too got cuddles from Mamee. Pet had taken the three youngest children out of the room to feed them and change Bethany while Daniel talked.

“It’s about time we got another girl in this house in amongst all these boys,” Pet announced when she returned with Bethany and the popsicle twins, who each had pralines in their hands.

“We haven’t even had the boys three hours yet and already our family is sugar buzzing them for us,” Jessie observed. After everyone laughed a bit, he got serious and looked at Dixon. “Why don’t we take David and Daniel up to our room and fill them in on our… I mean your story?”

“You had it right the first time. It’s our story,” Dixon told him while hugging him tightly. “There wouldn’t be a my story if you weren’t in it to save me twice.”

“I love you, Dixie,” Jessie said taking Dixon’s hands into his own. He then looked down into the faces of his two new sons. “After we are done talking with David and Daniel, we need to find you two guys.”

“Dixon, Jessie…I think I knowed a room de Popsicle babies can has,” JB said with a nervous, yet hopeful look at Layton, who immediately grabbed his hands and kissed them softly.

“Are you sure you are ready for that?” Layton asked.

“Are you?” JB returned.

“More than anything,” Layton smiled. “As soon as I saw you, I wanted this. I looked at you and felt that piece of me that had always been missing click into place. I knew from one look at you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“It were de same for me, mon coeur,” JB replied with a kiss. He looked back at Jessie and Dixon with a blushing grin. “Dat nursery room is all yours again. I’ll go up rat now and took my things outta dere.”

“No, we’ll move your things,” Layton corrected.

“How many people live in this house?” Daniel asked as JB and Layton left the room holding hands. His jaw dropped, as did David’s, when they heard the answer.

“Daniel, you might want to use that room for Bethany,” Dixon suggested.

“Pet, dear, I’m sure you know this old house as well as anyone,” Mamee said thoughtfully. “Why don’t you help everyone get situated, and I will go help Annie Mae with those pralines. I do have one suggestion for you though, remember the butler’s pantry.”

“Yes’m, I was thinking of just that spot myself,” Pet confirmed.

“Are we going to sleep in the cabinets, like some of the kids I knew?” Daniel asked.

“Well, yes and no,” Pet answered with a sly grin at Zemal. “Melvin, you may have some carpentering to do.”

Surrounded by curious faces, Pet motioned for everyone to follow her. She took them through the large formal dining room and into the butler’s pantry between it and the kitchen. She then opened a tall cabinet that held a rack of aprons.

“Take the aprons out of the way,” she instructed. Huey grabbed the aprons and laid them on a nearby counter. “Now push on that back wall, Zemal.” The Andorian did as he was told, revealing a secret door to a stairway leading down into a basement.

“WHOA!” Huey cried out. “I never knew that was there.”

“The last person I know to come down here was Dixon’s daddy back when he wasn’t much older than you Huey,” Pet told them all. “This was his room that he didn’t think us womenfolk knew about. He would go down there to… well, he did boy things down there he didn’t think we knew he was doing. I do the laundry around this place. Don’t nothing you boys do get past me.”

“MOM!” Huey squealed in embarrassment.

“Why would he hide in a hole?” Lije asked, then gasped out loud and announced, “OH! He was playing with his tool like Nate does in the bathtub.”

“You’re dead, Lije,” Nate growled as his face imitated a stop light and turned bright red.

“Melvin can help you boys get it cleaned out,” Pet told them. “It should be nice and cool down there for you, Zemal.”

“Let’s go check it out,” Huey announced.

All the boys younger and older followed the stairs down to the secret room. It had shelves all around the once whitewashed stone walls. There was also a pile of blankets in one corner of the room along with a couple of magazines.

“Hey are those comic books?” Lije asked loudly, as he ran toward them.

“No, son, I don’t think them’s comic books,” Melvin answered.

“Melvin Washington, don’t you be down there looking at stuff you don't need to see,” Pet called out.

“EWWW!” Lije blurted. “There’s naked girls in here.”

“NATHANIEL AND ELIJAH LEWIS!” their mother commanded. “Get back up here this minute!”

“Yes, ma’am,” the two boys answered quickly.

“He wasn’t actually looking inside them, Ma,” Nate informed her when they reached the top of the stairs.

“Be that as it may, I don’t think that room is a place where either of you belong right now,” Emily responded.

“Ma, the dirty pictures are down there,” Lije complained as he tried to dislodge his mother’s hands which had clamped down over his eyes as soon as she could reach him.

“Well maybe I was trying to save you from the shock of seeing cleaned dishes put away in cabinets the way they are supposed to be in this room, since you and your brother seem incapable of doing it at home.”

“Nice save, Emily,” Pet laughed. She then looked at the Lewis boys with a grin. “I get good reports from your momma here next week and I will have you help me make some of my triple chocolate whoopie pies.”

“YAY!!” Lije yelled. “I’m going to like all of us working here, Ma.”

“Pet, you give this one that much sugar and chocolate and he will be spending the night here,” Emily warned playfully.

“Actually Mrs. Lewis, I was thinking that your boys should get a room here as well,” Dixon began as he got to the top of the stairs.

“I knew it!” Nate exclaimed. “Nobody does nothing good without an angle. You’re trying to take us away from our Ma.”

“Nathaniel, I don’t think that was what Dixon meant,” his mother corrected. “Go ahead, Dixon.”

“Nate, I am so, so sorry that I didn’t word that so you knew what I was trying to say,” Dixon told him honestly. “I was stolen away from my parents and they both died before I could get back to them. I would never, ever take a child away from their parents if I didn’t absolutely have to.”

“I’m sorry, Dixon,” Nate apologized. “I guess I screwed up my job here, but please don’t fire my mom or my brother. They both like it here and I don’t want them to pay for my big, dumb mouth.”

“Nobody’s fired, not even you,” Dixon assured him. “What I meant to say was that given the kind of work we will be doing if you and Lije had a room here that you could decorate up a bit so it would like your own room, it might be more believable when you are on cam working.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Emily said. “It would just be for your work, Nate.”

“We don’t have to move in here away from Ma,” Nate asked to be sure.

“You only move in with your mom, if you needed to do that,” Dixon told him.

Just then, Zemal came up the stairs. “That room will serve very well, Mrs. Washington.”

Daniel and David had come up the stairs with him and both were looking all around the room, but not directly at anyone. “You two are about as subtle as a bull in a china shop,” Pet told them. “You hand them dirty books over to me,” she ordered, holding her hand out. The two culprits blushed from head to toe and handed over their stashed magazines.

“I told you we wouldn’t get away with it,” Daniel protested.

“It was your idea,” David defended.

“Yeah, but I said it was a bad one,” Daniel pointed out.

“Are we in trouble now?” David asked.

“Busted, yes, trouble, no,” Pet told them. “You can’t help being normal boys. And at least now we know one difference between you two and Dixon.”

“Yeah, now I don’t have to worry about you guys tricking Jessie into thinking you’re me,” Dixon grinned.

“EWWW NO!” Daniel exclaimed.

“OOO I hadn’t thought of that,” David giggled. “I wouldn’t do that to an old married Poppa, though. I would rather have someone that likes me for me.”

“Well, we have Zemal’s room figured out, let’s see about the rest of you now,” Pet announced. She looked down at the little twins. “Would you two like to have separate rooms?”

“You mean sleep alone?” Etienne whispered nervously.

“We want de same room, I skeered of de dark,” Emile said quickly.

“It’s really me, Daddy,” Etienne whispered to Dixon. “I sorry for being such a baby, Daddy. I try to be better.”

“You are just perfect, my little man,” Dixon told him. “Being afraid of something doesn’t mean you are a baby. Your uncle Jason is scared of snakes and he’s bigger than JB. He’s not a baby.” The little boy hugged his new daddy tightly.

“I know a place that just might work for your family, Dixon,” Pet offered. “We’ll need to talk to your Mamee about it first though. It was Mr. Daniel’s rooms.”

“Mr. Daniel’s rooms?” Huey asked in a whisper. “But Momma, nobody’s been in there since Mr. Daniel died.”

“That’s why we should check with Mrs. Amee first,” the woman replied.

“No need, Pet,” Mamee said as she walked in from the kitchen. “You’re absolutely right; those rooms would be perfect for Dixon and Jessie and their boys. That way Daniel and Bethany can have the room with the nursery. David could take the guest room between Daniel’s and mine. All my boys will be right next to me, with their little ones. I couldn’t have dreamed that I would be this happy in this house,” she said as she wiped a tear from her eye. She smiled then and looked back at René. “This old crazy Cajun can have my daughter-in-law Vera’s room. It’s the only one with a big enough closet in it for him.”

“You trying to say I’m a clothes queen, Amee?” he asked her with a grin.

“Well if the sequined gown and matching tiara fit,” she returned.

“I’ll had you know I do not go around de house wearing my Sunday best just any old time,” René said with a bit of a pout. His face showed his raw saddened emotions as he added, “Guidry make me wear dis.” He suddenly turned and walked away. Dixon ran after him.

He found Auntie René in the back yard, sitting in a swing and holding the baseball that Guidry had thrown to him just before the house had collapsed in a fiery blast. “I knowed why he wanted me in dis dress. He didn’t tink I knowed it, but I did. I heard him told somebody one time. They was saying something about me wearing my dresses all the time, and he told dem to shut de hell up. Said dey was just jealous because I look better in dis dress than dey did in de best clothes dey own.”

“He really did love you, didn’t he, Auntie René?”

“Guidry love me from way back when we was children no bigger den you and Jessie,” René confirmed. “He couldn’t never admit it proper. Dat’s why him and me we fight like cats and dogs our whole life. I knowed he loved me and wanted him to said it, and he stubborn as a mule.” He handed the ball to Dixon then. “Guidry, he give me that ball when we was just 12 year old. He playing on the baseball team, and I’m dere watching. I couldn’t play dem sports to save my life, but Guidry, he make dem other boys let me on de team to keep score. All dem other boys dat day, dey got dem little girlfriends watching and cheering for dem, and asking dem boys to hit dem homerun for dem. I go up to Guidry and I start to ask him dat same ting, but I don’t. I didn’t know he love me like I love him back den.”

René wiped a tear from his eye as he continued. “Guidry, he look at me and he say, ‘I knock dat ball clean out dis parish for my cheerleader’. Dat jest what he did too, near bout. He busted out de windshield of the sheriff’s car when he hit dat ball. After de game, he walk up to me and hand dat ball to me, and he done wrote on it.”

Dixon turned the ball over and saw there was something written on it. “From then till now, the best looking best cheerleader I only ever wanted,” he read aloud.  

“Dat ain’t what it said dat day,” René told him. “It said ‘To my cheerleader, hit out de park just for you’. It’s wrote on de other side.”

“You mean he wrote this new message just before… before he threw it to you out the window?”

“It jest like dat damn fool, he wait until it too damn late to told me what he felt,” René said quietly. Dixon judged correctly that it was time for him to go back in and let Auntie René have some time alone. He handed the ball back and went inside after giving Auntie René a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Once back inside, he met up with Jessie, who told him that Mamee wanted to see him alone before he and Jessie looked at their new rooms. Dixon found his great grandmother in her sitting room looking at a picture of his great grandfather and another man. She pulled him onto her lap and shared the old photo with him.

“I barely knew Daniel when I married him,” she said finally breaking the silence of the room. “My father wanted me to marry Daniel because he wanted to take over the Wiggins family businesses. Fortunately for Daniel, a little bird told him what my father was plotting, and he not only kept his own business interests, but took over my family’s as well. Somewhere in that process, Daniel and I managed to come to an agreement, and married despite what my father had tried to do. Daniel and I were the closest of friends. We did create your grandfather together, but that was about it for that side of our marriage.”

“I’m sorry Mamee, but that doesn’t sound very romantic,” Dixon said quietly.

“I suppose it wasn’t really,” Mamee agreed. “It wasn’t because Daniel was not a romantic man at all, though. He was one of the most romantic men I ever knew, although René was a close second.”  

“He was like me, wasn’t he, Mamee?”

She looked down into Dixon’s face and nodded as she brushed her hand over his cheek. “You look so much like him, Dixon; you and your new brothers. He would have been so proud and happy to have all three of you with us again.”

“You were really in love with him,” Dixon observed aloud.

“Yes, I really and truly was,” Mamee confessed. “I knew all along his heart belonged to another, just like all three of us knew mine was his.” She saw the look on Dixon’s face and continued quickly. “Daniel had a lover who lived here with him under the disguise of being his personal secretary. Charles and I actually had a wonderful friendship considering we were both in love with the same man.”

“I’m sorry, Mamee,” Dixon said as he hugged her tightly.

“I had almost a whole lifetime with a man I loved very much, and who loved me as much as he could love any woman,” Mamee smiled sadly. “I guess I have always been what some people these days call a fag hag, although I detest that term for a couple of very obvious reasons.”

“Nobody better ever call you that when I’m around, Mamee,” Dixon said firmly.

“You know, I think it really is time for the head of the Wiggins family to have the master suite of this old house again,” Mamee said with a smile and a kiss to Dixon’s forehead. “Plus, I don’t know of a better way for you to remember and learn about Daniel and Charles than for you to see where they lived in their private moments.” She stood up and led Dixon across the hall to an ornate set of double doors. She lifted her great grandson’s chin up so that she could look in his eyes. “There are only three people alive today that have been in these rooms; me, Pet, and you.”

“Me? I’ve been in here before?” he asked and received a nod in response. “Is Charles still alive, Mamee?” Dixon asked timidly, not wanting to bring up any potential painful memories that hadn’t already been experienced that day.

“Charles died in a car accident a month before you were born,” Mamee replied. “Daniel took it extremely hard. I think he would have died of a broken heart then if it hadn’t been for you. From the moment you were born, you were the apple of his eye.” She laughed as she told him, “You must have given that woman that stole you a lot of grief when she first took you. Daniel had you so used to being carried everywhere you wanted to go. He took you with him practically everywhere he went. That’s why it hit him so hard when you were stolen from while he had you at the store with him. You see, he was driving the night Charles was killed. The accident wasn’t his fault; someone else hit them. Likewise, he couldn’t be blamed for your abduction either, but no one could convince him of that. In his mind, it was his fault he had lost Charles and his fault that he had lost you. He couldn’t live with that much guilt and grief. He lost his will to live, so I woke up one morning and he didn’t.”  

She handed Dixon the key to the room then and said she would go find René and take him shopping for some clothes since his were destroyed in the fire. Dixon stood and stared at the doors for a moment before he realized that he wasn’t alone anymore. He leaned back into Jessie’s chest with a sigh.

“Davey and Danny sent me to find you,” Jessie whispered. “They said you were feeling weird. Actually Davey said you were a little nervous and Danny said you were sad.”

“They were both right,” Dixon confirmed. “There’s a lot of stuff no one ever knew about my great grandpa.”

“What? Did he lock someone up in here and kill them or something?” Jessie asked a little nervously.

“No, Mamee’s father is the only murderer in the family….. so far.”

“That’s what I love about you, Dixie,” Jessie said sarcastically. “You’re such a ray of sunshine.”

“Aww… I thought you loved me because I have a cute butt,” Dixon giggled as he rubbed said cute butt against Jessie’s crotch.

“Ok, that too,” Jessie answered with a laugh of his own. “Have I mentioned lately that you are a naughty boy?” He wrapped his arms tighter around Dixon and kissed him on the cheek. “Whatever is in this room, we can handle it because we are together, Dixie, and I am never letting you go.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about this room,” Dixon told Jessie. “It would be hard for Mamee to come in here, but we should be fine.” He turned in Jessie’s arms so that they were facing one another. “Great grandpa was gay too, Jess.”

“But he was married to Mamee, and they had a baby,” Jessie reasoned.

“He was gay, and Mamee knew it all along,” Dixon confirmed. “He lived in these rooms with his boyfriend, Charles, while Mamee stayed in her rooms across the hall.”

“Mamee married a man that she knew was gay, and she let him live with his boyfriend right across the hall from her?”

“Yeah,” Dixon nodded. “The more I get to know Mamee, the more I love her.”

“Me too,” Jessie agreed. “You ready to go in and look around?” He started giggling and asked, “Do you think we will find gay porn in here?” When Dixon smacked him on the arm, he had the good sense to apologize. “You know that no one from any universe is as cute and sexy and cuddly and all around perfect for me as you are, including your clones down the hall.”

“You know what Mamee would call you?” Dixon asked with a blushing giggle. “She would say you are a silver tongued devil.” The two boys kissed for a moment and then turned back to the door. “Well, here we go.” They held hands as they stepped inside the room.


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