Life of Phoenix

Chapter 17 - Outed

Current Time: Cooper's POV

I sat at the table eating my breakfast; dad sat across from me. He hasn't heard the news about Nix and Max being together yet... and I don't know how he would take it. It was sorta the reason mom and dad broke up in the first place.

See when Max and Phoenix were little they would sleep over at each others a ton. Same bed and everything, they were little it was innocent. When mom brought up the idea of Max being into boys and not just being a kid, it sparked a huge argument that ended up with them splitting and dad getting custody of me, while mom got Max.

Who knows how he'll feel about them finally becoming official. “What's on your mind Cooper?” Dad asked me. I must have zoned out; it was almost time to leave for school. “You've barely touched your food, and it's time to go.”

It's nothing... Nix got himself a new boyfriend.” Dad likes Nix, has no problem with him actually. Dad doesn't care about other people's sexuality; it's his sons he cares about for some reason.

He nodded. “Good for him, why is it eating you up?” I just shrugged. “I just didn't expect him to actually go out with him I guess...”

Who is this boy Phoenix is with?”

You wouldn't know him.” I spoke quickly and got up just as fast, “I should go, sorry I didn't eat much.”

Take an apple.” Dad tossed me an apple as I passed by. “Have a good day Cooper.”

You too dad.” I walked to the front door and stopped. “Dad what would you do if Max ever got a boyfriend?” This conversation has come up a few times, mostly me overhearing him and mom argue.

He let out a big sigh. “I don't know Cooper... Why is Phoenix's boyfriend Max?”

I was silent for a moment too long, I think. “No, they aren't dating.”

Is he looking at boys?”

I shrugged. “I don't know; I don't see him much at school. Anyways see ya!” I hope I didn't just send my dad on a trail to find out who Nix's boyfriend is... that wouldn't be good for Max or me...


Lakota's POV

Oliver and I were right in the middle of being interrogated by a couple of kids in our grade. We danced at Prom together; there's bound to be a few kids wondering about us. Sure enough, almost all of them are girls too.

Last night we talked about it, and we decided what our answer would be. Both of us were confident in ourselves, and it was quite funny that we both wanted it, to me at least. At the same time, we both said. “Let's be honest with them.”

I was a little too shy to say it, though. Oliver was all over it. “Are you two together? Those dances looked way to intimate.” We had a few slow dances together.

Ya Lakota and I are boyfriends now.” He spoke as if it was nothing. I love how confident he is in himself. When you've been on Broadway, you would have to be.

The girls gasped and turned to me for confirmation. “Ya...” I spoke softly. The girls squealed really high; I had to cover my ears. “Is it really that interesting?”

Of course it is! Two gay couples from one Prom! It must be a record of some kind!” The girls continued to swarm us with questions until the warning bell went off. And even then we had to tell them we have to get to class. Oliver and I had to go our separate ways for our classes.

First class was pretty normal. I got a couple of looks, and there were whispers throughout the room. The teacher made sure to address it right away. “I'm aware of the Prom drama from Friday, but you all need to shut your traps and pay attention!” There were no more whispers for the rest of class.


After class though was another story. It felt like people who would normally talk to me, now will have nothing to do with me. It all made me feel alone; I hated this feeling.

Oliver found me walking down the hall. “Why you such a slow poke today?”

It feels like everyone is avoiding me...”

They are just awkward about it. Once they get over it, they'll warm back up to you. Promise.” Oliver gave me a kiss on the cheek. I stood there emotionless. “Do you regret coming out?”

I quickly shook my head. “No! I wanted to; just don't like how everyone is right now.”

That's because you're a little home wrecker.” Theo... I haven't heard anything about him since prom, and now he has to be the one who is not ignoring me. “How are the two faggots today?”

I glared at him, Oliver replied. “Sorry, you ruined your own relationship by trying to take advantage of Lakota. Guess you shouldn't go after your girlfriend's little brother.” Theo was taken aback by the comments. Truth be told I was too. I mean Theo had already told everyone that I tried to get into his pants, not that he tried to get into mine.

Oh go fuck yourself and go back to your shitty teethed Island.” Theo stepped up really close to me. “Just be sure you stay clear of me. My fists are not the calmest right now.” He shoved me into a group of kids as he pushed through Oliver and me.

Sorry.” I helped the one kid up from the floor. They were on their way pretty quickly. “Theo is an asshole.”

Wanker... He's such a cock.” I laughed. An English accent saying 'cock' is funny to me. “Well, he can't do anything to you. I'll make sure he gets what he deserves. Plus Lyric and Phoenix would kill him. For that matter, we have Max on our side.”

Ya, I guess we shouldn't worry too much about it then.”

Oliver got a smirk on his face. “Got your back, Jack, bitches be crazy.”

You're crazy; you knucklehead.” I gave him a gentle push as we continued our way down the hall to our next class. Lyric came around the corner, with a pissed off look on her face. “What's wrong?”

Theo, that's what. He's being a complete ass. He's spread all kinds of rumors, and I'm going to kill him.” She took a long look at me. “What's up with you?”

Same problem,” Oliver spoke calmly. “That wanker is asking for some payback.”

I shook my head. “That will just continue the war that we technically started. I mean we did kinda pull the first trigger.”

Lyric rolled her eyes. “That doesn't matter Lakota. I broke up with him, and now he's trying to make our lives a living hell. He's going to pay for that.” She started to walk away, talking to herself. “I could start by getting a new boyfriend...”

Theo could be a problem, but as Oliver said, I have a support system in place. He won't get away with anything he tries to do to me. Plus I think Lyric will probably kill him before he would be able to do anything too bad to me.


Max's POV

Nix and I have been walking around school all day today, and all we've gotten is support. It was a really cool feeling having the principle congratulate you on your relationship. It's not often you get a principle so in touch with their students.

I was just heading to the gym for basketball practice when the coach called me. “Max, come here a second!” No one should disobey their coach, so I entered a light jog and went over. “I heard the news, and I'm happy for you and Phoenix. Not everyone will be, so if you start getting flack by the team just tell me, I'll put them straight.”

Thank you, sir. I don't think there will be much of a problem.” He nodded and motioned for me to head off to the changing room.

I'm not going to make a big deal about it in front of everyone unless it becomes an issue.” That's coach for you; he doesn't like taking part in the teenage drama. He's very good at ending the drama, though.

Scott was standing outside the change room, waiting for something when I came back to it. “Hey, I thought I would go down with you.”

Okay, can I ask why?”

He shrugged. “Never know how the guys could react. Just wanna be there to support my friend.” Scott is a great guy, easily my best friend, aside from Nix of course. He's been with me through thick and thin, just a great friend to have by your side.

I remember all the times I slept over at his place and we just hung out. He was the guy who I told everything to. How I felt about my parents splitting up, the way looking at Nix made me feel. This was the kid who knew everything about me.

Thanks, Scott, you're the man!” With a fist bump between us, we walked down into the locker room.

It was obnoxiously loud like most locker rooms. Guys were acting like guys, wiping each other with towels and trying to hide their junk. It's nice to see something normal around here, even if it could be for just a moment.

And it was like I wasn't even there. Everyone did their business like they normally would. Practice went by in a flash; everyone was how they normally were. Nothing was out of place or different. It was one of the best practices we've ever had honestly.

Okay boys, go hit the showers!” Coach called out as we finished the last of our drills.

Everything was all chum and awesome until I turned to the showers with my towel. “Oh hell no, I'm not showering while you're in there.” Ken, the best friend of the team captain, Riley, spoke really loudly.

Scott glared at him. “What's changed between before prom and now? Max has a boyfriend; he doesn't need to look at your stank ass.” The entire locker room snickered, which only made Ken all the madder.

The fuck you talking about Scott!? All homos want is to convert others to their diseased lifestyle!” Does he honestly think that? Can I kill him, is that an option here? Nix didn't convert me; I didn't convert Nix. It fucking happened naturally, you fuck. “Where do you think it happens the most, the fucking showers.”

Riley slammed Ken against a locker, putting his face right up against Ken's. “If you feel uncomfortable showering with Max, that's on you, Kenneth.” Oh dam, full name! “I don't care if you don't shower here, but I will not have my team turning on one another over this tiny deal. So fucking what, Max is gay or bi or whatever he is! Who fucking cares, Max is one of the best players on this team.

So if YOU don't want to shower here, don't. But don't fucking announce it to the fucking world because we don't wanna hear it.” He turned to everyone in the locker room. “That goes for everyone! You got a problem with showering with another guy close by, go shower at home. Some of us are graduating in just a few weeks, so buck up and be a fucking man.”

Riley looked over at me with a smile. “Thanks, Riley.”

Hey, it's the captain's responsibility to keep the team unified. We have a tournament next weekend boys, let's get out there and make our school fucking proud of us!!” The entire locker room went up in cheers. There is a reason why Riley is captain; he's damn good at it.

Riley and I entered the showers together and acted like we always did. Ken was nowhere to be seen, must have gone home to shower. No one dare tried to say anything about me being gay in front of Riley or I. I guess it will all come to be when we head off to the Tournament next weekend.


Oliver's POV

Hey mom, I'm home,” I called out as I walked into my house. “Lakota is here too; we're gonna chill.”

Come here for a second Oliver!” Dad is home? He should be at work... Lakota and I walked into the living room, where Joshie and his parents were on a Skype call. “We have a surprise for you!”

Joshie screamed out, in the middle of dad's sentence. “I'm gonna come to visit!” My face lit up instantly. “It's gonna be so awesome!!”

Oh, my God! That's awesome! Lakota, this is Joshie. Joshie this is Lakota!” I pulled Lakota into view of the camera. “When are you going to get here!?”

Next weekend. Our parents have been working in secret for me to come and visit. I didn't even know until a few hours ago!” That's so sweet! Joshie is going to come and experience Canada. “You two love birds can show me around town.” He fucking winked at us!

Joshua, don't tease Oliver.” His mom scolded him. Joshie hated when anyone called him Joshua, except his mother. She insisted on calling him his full given name. 'I named you it, I'm going to use it' is her logic. “It's late, so we have to go. Joshua has to get a good sleep for school tomorrow.”

We all said our good nights to them and ended the skype call. “You've been such a good sport about the move, your father, and I thought we would get you something nice.” Mom smiled at me. She got me the best thing in the world! I'm so damned excited now!!!

After a little talk Lakota and I went up to my room. He seemed distracted by something. So I pulled him into a snuggle. “What's up?”

Joshie... I'm happy that he's coming to visit, but you have a history with him right?” I nodded. “What if him being here brings up those feelings again? I don't want to lose you.”

We just have, to be honest with ourselves and with him. I like you, and that's what I'm going to tell him. Joshie should be fine with it, maybe a little jealous but overall fine.”

Okay. That's good I guess.”

You and I can make it through everything Lakota. That's a promise!” I kissed him on the cheek, and he seemed okay with everything from then on. I know his concern, I share it. If I just tell him, though, he'll respect my decision. That's how Joshie works, plus he already knows about us. Nothing should go wrong.


Past Time: Oliver Age: 13

Two young teenage boys stood in a house, all alone. Josh and Oliver had just gotten home from school; well they had just gotten to Oliver's. Both mother and father were at work until almost 7pm. Which meant the two boys had almost 4 hours to kill before any parents got home.

Each boy knew what they wanted to do. Neither one knew the other wanted the same. Both Oliver and Josh found each other attractive and both found pleasuring themselves to the thoughts of touching the other at times. The sexual tension between them was there, but neither knew exactly what it was.

Joshie after a while decided to be blunt about it. “Oliver, do you want to have fun before your parents get home.”

Oliver did not pick up on his friend's emphasis on the word 'fun' though. “I thought we were having fun? We've been laughing the entire time...”

Joshie rolled his eyes at his friend. “Not that kind of fun, THAT kind of fun.”

It took Oliver a moment until it finally clicked. “Oh...” His face started to turn red. “Umm... what did you have in mind?”

With a sly grin, Joshie grabbed his crotch. “Well I'm pretty hung, and you've got a nice arse if you know what I mean.” Oliver did know what he meant, and it just caused his face to turn to a darker shade of red. “I have a condom and some packages of lube from the sex ed class we had the other day at school.”

Joshie knew what he wanted, and to be honest, it both frightened and excited Oliver. When Oliver got pushed over, and Joshie was over him, his heart raced. Their lips had barely made contact when Oliver gave in to his excitement, and he pulled his friend in close.

He loved the pressure of his friend over him. Even more, when Joshie moved Oliver's legs to his hips, Oliver found himself in heaven. He wrapped his legs around Joshie above him and pulled him in closer. He could feel Joshie's rock hard boy toy against his own.

The boys could barely contain themselves; they only ever broke the kiss to take their clothes off. Very quickly both boys had nothing but underwear against each other. Oliver's hands were on Joshie's back and ass. As Oliver would grab his friend's cheek tight, Joshie would moan.

Joshie pushed Oliver's legs onto his shoulders and thrust against the boy below him. Oliver let out a sequel of pleasure. “Joshie, please let's just do it!”

Okay!” He got up and started to remove his underwear. What Oliver saw was an amazing sight to him. The 6-inch uncut cock in front of him was the biggest he's ever seen. To be fair, though, it's also the only one he's ever seen hard.

Joshie grabbed Oliver's underwear and pulled them right off. “Now what?” A reddened Oliver asked.

I lube you up so it won't hurt you. Flip over.” Oliver did as he was commanded. The next thing he felt was a finger covered in liquid against his hole. What he thought would be a weird feeling, felt oddly great. When Joshie pushed his finger in Oliver shot up with a moan. “Feel good?”

Oliver nodded. “Ya...”

Joshie played with his friend's hole. Oliver moaned as he was slowly fingered. When a second finger went in Oliver started to pant in heat. Soon Joshie pulled out and left Oliver feeling empty. Just as Oliver was going to ask what was happening, he felt Joshie position himself.

Ready?” Oliver nodded. With a gentle thrust, the boys became one. Joshie gently got his whole cock into his friend's hole. Oliver loved the feeling of a cock in him. When Joshie began to thrust quicker and rougher, Oliver couldn't contain himself. He would almost scream in pleasure from having a cock pushed into him.

Oliver's cock demanded attention. He took hold of his cock and went face first into the bed. Joshie got into a better position and slammed his cock into Oliver. “OH FUCK YA!” Oliver screamed out as he pushed himself onto the cock in him.

Oliver you're amazing! This feels amazing!” Joshie smacked Oliver's ass, and a red hand print could be seen immediately.

Joshie more, I need more! Fuck me more!” His wish was Joshie's command. Joshie got himself into the best position he could and started pounding his friend's ass. Oliver was pushed forward with every thrust, but he met each and every single thrust Joshie gave. His hand rapidly pumping his cock getting closer and closer to shooting his load.

I'm gonna cum!” Joshie moaned.

Just those words got Oliver over the edge; he began shooting his load, and Joshie felt it. His hole tightened around Joshie and pushed him out. Joshie thrust right back in, and his cock pulsed and began shooting his juices. Joshie pushed so hard Oliver screamed in pleasure as his load covered the bed below him.

Joshie pulled Oliver in close and collapsed on the bed beside the mess. Cock still in his ass Oliver turned and kissed his friend. Joshie grabbed Oliver's leg and made it go over him. Joshie snuggled into his neck and held him really tight.

That was amazing...” Oliver panted.

Joshie nodded. “Ya... we definitely need to do this again.”

Yes, please! I would love that.” They lay like that for a while doing nothing but snuggling. It wasn't until about an hour before the folks would be home when they moved and cleaned up their now dried up mess.

When they were asked about the bedding, Oliver played it off fine. It had been a while since his bedding was washed anyways. The boys gave each other a knowing smile like they had gotten away with murder.

Before Joshie went home, he gave Oliver a peck right on the lips. “Will you be my boyfriend?”

Oliver blushed but nodded. “Ya, I'd like that.” With another kiss on the cheek, this time, Joshie skipped out of the house happy as can be. Both boys were filled with glee, looking forward to the future they could have together.


Past time: Max age: 12

Downstairs in the Harper house, the parents were fighting. Max could hear enough of it to make out a few words but not enough to make out what exactly was being said. He lay in bed unable to fall asleep.

When his door opened, he could hear his mother clearly. “...wrong with that!” and then the door closed and he couldn't hear it anymore.

Cooper, can't sleep either?” Max asked his little brother, who was without a doubt the one who had walked in.

He could hear his brother hold back tears. “Mommy said she would come and tuck me in, and that was like a billion hours ago.” Cooper crawled into his older brother's bed and snuggled up to him. “When are they going to stop arguing?”

I don't know buddy.” Max held his little brother tight. Once Cooper had fallen asleep on him, he reached and turned on his music to sleep as well. They slept soundly as the yelling continued below, now out of earshot of the brother sleeping together.


Max Age: 13

What do you mean you're splitting up!?” Max asked his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper have already started divorce proceedings. Cooper was left in the dark still, Max had a gut feeling it would happen but never thought it would come to be. Max had friends who lived in broken homes, going back and forth. He didn't like the idea of bouncing between parents.

Your father and I are not happy with each other like we used to be. The arguing is only getting worse, and it's for the better for you and Cooper.” Mrs. Harper tried to explain herself to her son without much success. Max was to hysteric about the news. “Calm down Max and just listen to me, okay?” She spoke in a soothing voice.

Max's mind went everywhere. Each point he went it was something that blamed himself for the divorce of his parents. One thing that seemed prominent to Max's young mind was his feelings towards guys. To him, that was the only thing that could make this happen.

Mom it's because of Nix, and I isn't it!?” Tears flowing down his face, Max managed to speak. At 13 he knew he was into Nix, more than just friends.

His mother shook her head. “No honey, it's not that at all. Your father and I have different parenting styles, and they conflict with each other. We have tried to make this work for years, but we just can't do it. I'm so sorry you feel that way, Maxie.”

When she tried to embrace her son he pushed her away. With sobs, Max bolted up to his room. A slam behind him, Max threw himself onto his bed. When he finally stopped his cries, Max began to be mad at himself.

Big boys don't cry! Not for anything!” He told himself. Max had seen no man ever cry. His father never had. Therefore, he had no reason to. Soon Cooper would find out, and he needed to be there for his little brother. “Stop feeling so bad about nothing! Lots of kids have split parents.”

There was a soft knock at Max's bedroom door. “Nix has called and is wondering if you want to play.”

I don't want to!” He yelled out, clearly frustrated.

Mrs. Harper sighed. “Please come down and talk about this with me Max.”

Mom I DON'T WANT TO!!” Max screamed this time. He threw a pillow at the door, making the door rattle in its frame. Mrs. Harper fought back her own tears and returned to the phone.

Max had once again started to cry. Becoming more and more frustrated with himself as he did. More and more tears flowed from his young eyes, unable to be stopped. When Mrs. Harper came up for dinner, she found a fast asleep Max. She decided not to wake him; he was in for a long couple of days.

Chapter End.


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