Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 8 - A Get Away

Kieran – Can't wait to see you!

Me – Can't wait to get out of this house

Kieran – Is it any better then before?

Me – Not really, but oh well

Kieran – Sorry to hear that. Hope we can make this weekend extra special!!

Me – Me too


 “Why does he have to go?” Jamie whined as Kaige put his bag by the front door.

Kaige's mother was having a smoke by the front window. “Get used to it Jamie, he goes to his uncle's every other weekend.”

Jamie pouted, like a child. And his mother called him out on it. “That's enough Jamie, you're not five!”

“You're right! I'm five-teen!” Kaige couldn't help but roll his eyes at this stupidity before him. He questioned to himself how someone could act that way and survive.

“Act your age, child.” His mom simply glared at him. before her attention returned to her project. Jamie ignored her words and continued

Kaige sat by the window waiting for his Uncle to show up. Jamie continued to try to gain Kaige's attention. Nothing Jamie tried worked, or even made Kaige react. “You're no fun at all, Kaige...” Jamie sulked to himself.

Kaige shrugged. “Or maybe, you're not as interesting as you think you are.” Kaige turned just slightly to see Jamie scowl and walk away from him.

 It wasn’t a long wait until Kaige’s uncle arrived at the house. Like usual, his mother went out to the car first. Kaige had overheard the conversation a few times. The “You be careful with my boy" chat, which Kaige always thought of as empty words.

 Once that was over, and Kaige was in the vehicle, they took off. After about half an hour on the road, the conversation turned.

 “So, what’s the situation at the house like?”

 Kaige groaned, “Jamie has to be the horniest boy I’ve ever met.”

 His uncle chuckled, “He can't be that bad.”

 “The first time I saw him he was begging ‘Please master’,” he turned to his uncle who still seemed skeptical. “I chose my words carefully, begging is the polite way of Wording it.”

 “That bad huh?” He shook his head. “Mom still being as useless as ever.”

 “Rarely see her, usually in the mornings when I do,” Kaige returned his attention to the window. “His mother just enables his actions by not caring. She doesn’t discipline him at all. In my time there, he's had three guys over to fuck his whore ass.” Kaige got more agitated the more he spoke.

 “Firstly, language,” his uncle spoke calmly and brought Kaige down. “I understand you’re frustrated, we can express feelings without insulting other people though. Can't we?”

 “Sorry.” Kaige replied with a hint of frustration. “I don’t like him.”

 His uncle nodded in agreement. “He sounds like a terrible roommate. Perhaps your aunt and I could work something out. Get you out of that house and into ours.”

 Kaige turned around, amazement in his eyes. “You can do that!?”

 “With a bit of planning and a little luck, maybe.”

 A maybe was enough for Kaige. The rest of the ride the two stayed mostly silent but Kaige had a huge grin on his face.

 They arrived at their destination, Kaige's ‘weekend getaway’. Kieran was at the window keeping an eye out for their arrival. The moment the vehicle stopped, Kaige was pulled from his seat.

 “Chill out Kieran,” Kaige laughed as he got out. “What’s the hurry?”

 Kieran turned and smiled at his cousin. “Just come with me!” and he bolted into the house.

 Kaige rolled his eyes. “Thank you, Uncle, for the ride.”

 “Anytime, Kaige.” He gave his uncle a wave before following his excited cousin inside.

 Kaige went after the thundering footsteps going up to Kieran's room. Kieran was found bouncing his butt on his bed.

 “You want to meet Logan?”

 Kaige shrugged. “I could do with or without meeting him. I’m just happy to be here and not at home,” Kaige sat down beside his cousin. “You’re going to make me meet him, anyways aren’t you?”

 Kieran furiously nodded. “Of course I am!” He got up and rushed to his computer and opened facebook. “Give me a sec and I’ll pull up his photo.”

 After a minute or so, Kaige got up and took a look over his cousins shoulder. “That’s Logan?” He stared at an image of two boys and pointed at one of them.

 Kieran shook his head, “No that’s Ezra, his friend. He managed to get him to smile and I caught it on camera at the perfect moment.” The younger boy seemed to glow when he made the comment.

 “Why would that be an accomplishment?” Kaige questioned.

 “His boyfriend passed away in a crash about a month ago,” Kaige had no words. “Yea, that was my reaction, too. Let do something a little cheerier, shall we?”


 The two boys spent the rest of the day playing games and goofing off. After dinner, while it was still light out, they set off to the river. The weather was warmer than usual this time of year, so a light jacket was enough for the boys.

 They made their way to the ridge they found the boy at. “Remember when we found a couple of guys having fun here?”

 Kaige watched the sun set over the mountains on the other side of the river. He laughed to himself. “We should have asked to join,” he stuck out his tongue.

 Kieran’s eyes went wide, “You wouldn’t have!”

 Kaige burst into laughter. “You’re face!!” He laughed hysterically, Kieran blushing the whole time. “You’re right, I wouldn’t haven't. They would have demanded my silence on the matter.”

 “Have you ever thought about moving in with us?” Kieran asked out of the blue.

 Kaige nodded, “Yea, even tried once.” Kieran was genuinely surprised about this. “Yea, that one time I spent the entire week at your place. I begged your dad to never take me back, but Mom threatened legal action. So, I reluctantly went back home.”

 “We could try again!” Kieran offered.

 “It’s not that easy, Kieran,” Kaige let out a sigh. “She’s really got to fuck up in order for me to leave that shithole.”

 Kaige got up and started walking back, Kieran followed. The sun set behind them over the mountain just as they got passed the treeline. The street lights lead them home.

 The two cousins enjoyed their time together, spending most of their time outside during the day. They had spent an entire day at the river, it now being late they wanted a fire. Once they gathered all the materials, they tried to light it, but failed.

 “Kaige it’s getting cold!” Kieran complained. “How long till you’ve got it lit?”

 Kaige rolled his eyes, “You weren’t complaining two minutes ago.”

 “We were moving, so it didn’t feel that cold,” Kieran grabbed and rubbed his shoulders. “So how long?”

 “I don’t know, it’s just not staying lit,” Kaige continued struggle to ignite flames. “Fuck this!” He threw himself onto the ground in a fit.

“Guess we should just go home…” Kieran suggested.

 They almost got up to go, but were interrupted. “Need help lighting that?” Ezra stood there, Dawn at his side. The two boys eyed the pit bull. “She's very friendly, no need to worry.”

 Kaige relaxed a bit, “Sure, yea, the damn paper isn’t staying lit.” In less than a minute the fire had formed and was quickly warming the boys. “You're a miracle worker, thanks.”

 “No problem,” Ezra went to leave, Dawn already walking away.

 Kieran spoke before he got to far away. “You're just going to leave, Ezra?”

 He stopped, “You know me?”

 “Yea, we were at that party together. I went into the room with Logan,” Kieran explained. Ezra's eyes flickered. “Remember?

 “Oh, sorry, I didn’t recognize you,” he looked over at Kaige. “I don’t think I’ve met you, though.”

 Kaige shook his head, “Nope, the name's Kaige.”

 “Ezra,” Ezra returned and sat down with the boys, calling Dawn back to join them. “Why are you out here trying to light a fire?”

 “Don’t want to go home yet,” Kaige admitted. “It feels like the sooner we go back, the sooner I go back home.”

 “Oh…” Ezra seemed distracted but was trying his best to focus on the conversation.

 Kieran smiled, “Why are you out here?”

 Ezra sighed, “I got into a major fight with my mother and came out here to postpone the punishment. So, I guess a similar reason to you.”Ezra finished that off looking at Kaige. The two shared a longer-than-intended stare before they looked away.

 “Yeah, guess so,” Kaige tried to push the conversation forward. “How did you get so good at lighting fires?”

 Ezra shrugged, “I just liked being outside. I usually go camping every weekend when it’s warmer out.” He turned and pointed in the direction of the ridge, “There a ridge over there I like to camp under.”

 Kaige and Kieran quickly turned to each other eyes widened. Before Ezra turned back around, they had returned their expression back to normal.

 “You’re really the outdoorsman then,” Kieran spoke quite quickly.

 Ezra didn’t seem to notice. “Yea I guess so.”

 Kaige spent the conversation keeping his attention on Ezra the entire time. He didn’t seem uncomfortable with being with them, but did seem distracted. Kaige deduced it was probably due to the loss of his boyfriend.

 Before they knew it, the little light of the sun had set behind the mountains. The trees between them and the town were pitch black.

 “Shit, we don’t have flashlights or anything,” Kaige turned to his cousin.

 “It’s okay” Ezra revealed a flashlight. “I have one, and I should really be getting home.”

 “Ready to face the music?” Kaige asked.

 Ezra shrugged, “As much as you are, I assume.” Kaige nodded. “Follow me then,” Ezra led the way having flashlight light the way. It wasn’t long before they found the street lights. Ezra walked with them as far as he could.

 “Oh, you live in there?” Kieran asked, and Ezra nodded. “Okay, I’ll see you at school, then.”

 “See you another time Ezra,” Kaige swore he saw a bit of blush on Ezra’s face.

 “Yea…” His voice seemed happier then any time in their conversation. “See you later guys. Come on Dawn, lets go.” The pitty followed her master as they separated.

 Once they were out of earshot, the cousins turned to each other. “He’s the guy!” They said simultaneously.

 Their conversation home was all about how Ezra and his sexual adventures by the river.


Jamie had big plans for his weekend away from Kaige. He had brought home the new kid in school, Talyn. Talyn was a year younger and haven’t gotten to know many people yet. He was an awkward boy, with wild blond hair hiding his pale green eyes.

 After a night of hints here and there, Jamie convinced his friend to strip down and enjoy the situation. Both boys were in their underwear, and with a little persuasion from Jamie, Talyn got naked.

 Talyn, not wanting to distance himself from his new ‘friend' agreed to play around a bit. Before Talyn knew it, Jamie was riding his cock, and it felt too good to resist. Talyn came but felt uncomfortable about the whole situation. He spent the night in Kaige’s bed away from Jamie.

 Weeks went by before Talyn told anyone. He had decided on telling Kaige, who was with Ryder and Kaylen when he found him.

 “Um Kaige…” He surprised the three boys. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

 Kaylen laughed it off, “Its fine, dude. You’re that new kid… Talyn right?” Talyn nodded. “How can we help you?”

 “I don’t think anyone but Kaige can help me…” Tayln hid his face with his hair. “No offence.”

 Ryder and Kaylen shrugged it off, “What an I able to do for the new kid?”

 “It’s about Jamie…”

 All three boys pipped up. Ryder stepped into the conversation.

 “Okay, now this is something we can all help with. What happened?”

 Talyn told the boys of his night with Jamie.

 “I agreed to, like, sucking and stuff, but not…” He shivered. “That.”

 “Who have you told about this, Talyn?” Kaige asked.

 He shook his head. “Only you three,” tears started to form. “I don’t know what to do!”

 The flood gates opened, and his tears started flowing down his face.

 Ryder hugged the boy, while Kaylen stood there awkwardly. Kaige’s face was one of anger. Kaylen noticed this.

 “What are you thinking Kaige?”

 “Jamie can’t continue doing this, he’s raped someone to feed his addiction,” Kaige’s words were venom. “Talyn, are you willing to talk to the police about this?”

 Talyn nodded. Ryder looked at his friend.

 “You sure about this Kaige? You want to start a war in your house?”

 “Yes, I do,” Kaige said with absolute conviction. “This isn’t about what’s good for me, it’s what’s good for Talyn here.”

“Thanks, Kaige,” Talyn said through his sobs.

Kaige set off away from his house, “You guys take him to his parents or the police, I’ve got something to do that can help us.” He set off, leaving his friends confused.

With the little money he had, Kaige went to the closest electronics store and bought a security camera. Hiding it in his backpack, he set it up once he was alone in his room. He set it up, so it could see the entire room, but without knowing it was there you’d never see it.

Kaylen, Ryder and Talyn went and talked to Talyn’s parents and went straight to the police. They had little evidence, aside from the words of a teen, but told them they would thoroughly investigate their claim.

Kaige just received texts from his friends that police would probably be coming to his home when they arrived. Kaige stayed in his room until they had left. The unfamiliar voice of his mother called him.

“KAIGE, COME HERE NOW!” She was clearly upset.

Both her and Wendy were sitting at the kitchen table with furious expressions. “What did you do!?” His mother spat at him.

“Nothing, why?” Kaige took a defensive stance and tone.

“My son has been accused of rape, and the officer mentioned your name. If you had anything to do with this, you will not be living in this house,” Wendy growled at the teen before her.

Kaige rolled his eyes and turned around. “I’d be better off that way anyways.”

Without even listening to the women behind him, Kaige returned to his room. Jamie sat on his bed kicking his legs playing some game on his phone. “You seem chipper for someone who’s being investigated for rape.”

Jamie giggled, “Yes, it makes what happened even hotter.”

The devilish grin on Jamie’s face only reaffirmed Kaige’s decision to buy a security camera for his own safety. Kaige made sure the camera could see both his bed and Jamie’s via his phone before attempting to get some sleep.

Chapter End.


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