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The Ones You Left Behind - Poem

The Ones You Left Behind

© By The Story Lover 2004

You thought you were doing the right thing

You thought things couldn't get better

You thought no one cared

You were wrong many people cared

People you knew, people you hadn't met and people who weren't even born yet.

You thought no one would miss you

You thought you hadn't made a difference

You were wrong you will be missed

Your smirking smiles, the sparkle in your eye

The grin you thought no one could see

You will be missed by the son , the daughter you never had

The son or daughter who asks Mommy can Daddy see my poem?

Daddy, can Uncle or Aunt see me play?

The child on the street who lived for your smile

The parents whose lives now have a hole in it that may never fill

The Boyfriend or Girlfriend you will never meet

These people care and many more

The help is there just ask for it

The help may take some time but it will come

The friend you need may be on their way.

Just reach out for help it will come.

You made a difference to many lives you just couldn't see

Sometimes we are too blind to see those who need our help.

Just give us a chance reach out your hand,

Help will be there it may be slow, but give us a chance

The ones you left behind send you their love

The ones you left behind will shed many a tear

The ones you left behind will ne'er forget

Remember someone always cares they may be near or far but someone cares.

So remember before you go, think of the ones you leave behind!

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