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This work is a collaboration of 3 authors.
We will be posting chapters of this story on an "as we are able" basis.

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Note: The Plaque was created before the Ship was completed, therefore Lt. Cmdr Richard Fries is named even though he was NOT an officer at the time of launch.

Actual Senior Officers at Launch

CAPT David Bowman
CMDR Henry "Hal" Tietokone

CMDR Jordan Rivers
CMDR Jason "Jace" Blackwell
LT CMDR Aiden Douglass
LT CMDR Kyle Robinson

LT CMDR Connor Marlin
LT CMDR Bradley "Brad" Kanye
LT CMDR Randall "Randy" Thompson
CMDR Thomas "Dr. Tom" Abernathy III

Twenty ships take to space on a thirty-year exploration of the unknown. Each with a Captain, and an XO alongside a crew of seventy-five young boys ages twelve to eighteen. What will they find out there? What will they discover within themselves? Are these boys men enough to survive?


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