Brotherhood of Love

Prequel: Notes and Timeline

Welcome, reader, to this expansion on the Clan Short saga.

This story falls in line at the ending of Memories: Part Three. Events within the story, especially the beginning, heavily rely on events in Mikyvis Chronicles: Honeymoon. If either story is not present at the place that you are reading this, please go to and follow the Clan Short Universe link.

It is just after midnight on the 13th of November, 2004. An event which the Family Clan Short leaders saw coming, but inwardly dreaded, has came to pass; DJ and Tanner, two of the earliest youth saved by the group that would become Family Clan Short, actively began following in the footsteps of the co-parents who saved their lives, Cory and Sean Short. As the Clan recovers from the attack on Earth by rogue Romulans, the Wagner family prepares to write another chapter in the history of Family Clan Short that will have everlasting effects across the Multiverse.

Join us as we experience the examples of what can come when the model big brothers of the Clan decide that it is time to take the next step.

I hope that you enjoy this addition to the Family Clan Short saga!