Local Falcon Health Technology Entertainment Queen releases "Face It Alone", a rediscovered song with Freddie Mercury Packers fall to Giants
Local Falcon Health Technology Entertainment Queen releases "Face It Alone", a rediscovered song with Freddie Mercury Packers fall to Giants

Life of Phoenix

Chapter 19 - The Way We Are

Current Time: Max's POV

I sat in the emergency room as a nurse looked at my arm. “The doctor should be here shortly to take a look. We'll probably have to cast it.” It was still aching in pain, but not as bad as before.

Mom came flying into the emergency room. “Are you okay honey?”

“Yes, mom.” I couldn't help but laugh a bit before continuing. “My arm hurts, but the sling is helping out a bit.” Mom tried to take a look over the nurse's shoulder.

“When will the doctor be here?” My mom asked the nurse as she stood up.

She smiled at my mom. “Should be here any minute. I'll go check up on that for you.” She walked off rather quickly; I guess you gotta when you're a nurse.

Mom had all kinds of questions for me. She wanted to know how it happened, who did it. You know all the questions a mom would have when her son gets hurt. It was annoying, but I answered all of her questions to the best of my ability. By the time she finished all her questions, the Doctor had come and gone.

As I was getting wrapped up, Nix and Scott came into view. It looked like they were looking for me, so I called out to them. “I'm here.” Nix turned right to me and gave a shy smile as they headed towards us. “How are you guys?”

“Worried sick about you!” Nix's concern was overflowing in his voice. It made me want to give him a kiss, but mom was here. “How's the arm?”

“Still hurts but it's getting there. Doctor said it wasn't too bad, but a cast is needed for a while.” I explained.

“Hello Nix. We got an X-ray a little while ago, and it didn't look too bad. I had a worse one growing up.” Mom interrupted me. “You two sure have been spending more time like before haven't you.” That caused Nix and me to blush; Scott stood there awkwardly.

Nix broke the silence. “Ya, regaining lost ground and such.”

“Nix and I are dating,” I said it very quickly, not wanting the moment to continue for much longer.

Mom didn't say anything until I opened my eyes. She had this huge smile on her face. “I'm not surprised in the least.” Nix and I looked at each other very confused. “You two used to snuggle in your sleep when you were little at sleepovers. Every time without any exceptions.”

She was genuinely happy for us. That we had finally done something about what she saw to be our love for each other from a young age. Mom was so happy it made me forget about the arm that was being currently casted.

“All done Max. You can head home anytime. Make sure to book an appointment with your doctor to get it looked at in a couple of weeks. Gotta make sure it's healing right.” The nurse gave us a smile before heading off to her other duties.

Nix shyly smiled. “I guess the cats out of the bag...”

Mom rubbed his cheek. “It's perfectly fine dear. I'm happy for you both. Do your parents know?”

Nix shrugged. “I've told mom I'm dating someone, just haven't told her who yet. Ursula is really on my ass about it. She wants to know.” Awww Nix, he's kinda told his parents. That's farther than I've gotten until today, he's truly amazing.


The entire weekend I spent at home just chilling out, relaxing. Phoenix and mom spent their entire weekend catering to my every whim. I actually had to get mad at them and make them let me do stuff on my own.

Cooper and dad ended up coming over and checking up on me. It was awkward with mom and dad being in the same house. They were civil about it, so that was good. Nix was there but remained silent for most of the time.

Now though it's Monday and I'm back at school. Ken and the others have been suspended, and we had to cancel our entry in the last tournament. The whole team was pissed at Ken about it and sympathetic with me.

Lacey, on the other hand, was not very happy about it. “Why the hell did you have to get into a fight with Ken?” Lacey attacked me as if it was my fault. “If it weren't for you idiots this school would have a team heading to provincials!”

I just rolled my eyes. “Whatever Lacey, it wasn't my choice for Ken to beat me up and break my arm.”

Lacey had the most dramatic of eye rolls to give me. It wasn't her who spoke; it was Theo. “Ya because your faggot ass chose to be gay.” He came up arms crossed. “Whatever, your loss, now get out.”

“Ya ya, I don't need to listen to you two any longer.” I left the room as quickly as humanly possible. Lacey and Theo have to be the worst people to be stuck in a room with. There are no words to describe how I don't like them.


Oliver's POV

“This place is so cool!” Joshie and I were walking around town checking out all the sites. He was super excited to see all around town. Eventually, we stopped at the mall and did some window shopping. “Malls here are so cool!”

I smiled at his enthusiasm. “I thought it was pretty dull when I first got here. That being said, I didn't have you here to share it with.”

Joshie grabbed my hand and linked our fingers together. See in England that means friends, unlike here in North America. It shows you're in a relationship. So naturally I let go almost immediately. “What's wrong?”

“Holding hands here, especially with fingers linked, means more than friendship.” I shied away from him, rubbing my hand that he held. “And I'm not really available anymore...”

“You mean Lakota and you? Ya, I figured it out pretty quickly. Kind of hard not to when you two look so cute together. I'm happy for you Oliver.” Joshie smiled at me; he was so happy for us. “I guess we'll never know what Joshiver could have been.”

“Ya, I guess I just didn't wanna make things awkward between us is all.” Joshie smiled at me as he rubbed his hand. I knew he still wanted to hold my hand but I just can't with Lakota and me going out. “I like having you here, though; it's great having the feeling of back home.”

“Definitely a breath of fresh air. I like having my bestie around!” Joshie slapped my back before skipping off down the hall of the mall. “Is there a pet store in the mall anywhere?”

“No, but there's one down the street. Why don't we stop at the coffee shop for a bite to eat?” Might as well support where I work right?

Joshie and I each had a bowl of butter chicken before we headed off to the pet store. We looked at all the pretty fish, and hamsters. The guinea pigs and bunnies were extra cute. They almost made me want to call my mom and ask her if I could get one.

“So how is Lakota? Tell me about your boyfriend, Oliver.” Joshie peered down at some mice that looked cuteish.

“Well, Lakota is shy yet stands out in a crowd. He's popular but enjoys being left alone. He's a huge gamer and knows way too much about games and not enough about school. Lakota is a nerd to a huge degree, but I can't tear him away from his games.” I couldn't help but smile as I talked about him.

“And you're a born actor! How the hell did you two get together?”

“Simple, I made him audition for the part of Michael in Peter Pan!” Joshie rolled his eyes; I don't even know why he asked. “And I helped him out, and he got the part. It was just meant to be!” I wanted him to be my Micheal; he was adorable when I saw him for the first time. I just had to talk to him more.

“Well, I'm really happy for you both!” Joshie held up a mouse while having a huge smile on his face. It was pretty great when the mouse fell out of his hand, and he freaked out. Joshie even screamed like a girl.

After that, Joshie felt too embarrassed to stay in the store, and we ended up leaving. We once again just walk around enjoying each other’s company. “Though, Lakota has been being harassed by this Theo guy.”

“Who's Theo? Does he have a thing for Lakota?”

I shrugged. “It's possible, but that's not it. They had sex while Theo was going out with Lyric. Now that they broke up Theo seems to be taking things out on Lakota and me.”

“Well, we just need to get him back enough that he stops bugging you.” I stopped walking and stared at him inquisitively. “What is that not a good idea?”

“No...” It was Joshie's time to question me. “It's how it all got started. We really shouldn't add more fuel to the fire.”

“Then we have to make peace!” Joshie jumped up as if he came up with the most amazing idea. “Or just make it peaceful enough to get by. Either way, I've got your back, Jack, bitches be crazy!” I shook my head and started walking again. What the hell did I do without this kid?

I wonder what his plan is? I hope it goes well for Lakota and me.


Cooper's POV

“Phoenix has been spending a lot of time at your mother's.” Dad and I were having dinner, and that was how he decided to start up the conversation.

I didn't look up from my plate. “Ya, he was there when Max broke his arm. He's been worried about him.” Dad was staring at me harshly like he knew that I wasn't telling him the whole truth. “They used to be great friends, what do you expect?”

“Ever since your mother and I split Nix hasn't been hanging around. And now suddenly they are back to being friends? Something seems fishy to me.” Dad should stop thinking about that; he might find out about Max and Nix if he continues.

I tried to change the conversation. “Exams are coming up soon. I'm nervous about my English exam. My teacher said it's going to be a tough one.”

My attempt didn't get very far; dad caught on really fast. “Why are you changing the subject, Cooper? What do you know?” I sat there and said nothing. “Cooper! I will not have this in my household.”

The look on his face looked so serious; it scared me. “Phoenix and Max are going out with each other! And now you hate my brother because of it!”

Dad had a very serious tone as he spoke. “Is that what you think of me, Cooper? That I would disown my son simply because he's gay? Or at the very least exploring his sexuality.” He stood up, leaving his half eaten plate of food on the table. “Get your coat we're going to your mothers.”

“Yes, sir.” I did as I was told and followed suit. The car ride over was super silent, neither one of us said a word. Dad drove and kept his eyes on the road. When we finally got to Mom's place, we knocked on the door, and Mom answered. “Hey, mom...”

“Can we talk out here for a moment?” Dad asked mom. “Cooper go inside.” Again I followed his orders.

I walked into the living room where Max was watching TV. “Oh hey, Cooper. What are you doing here?”

Nervous, I spoke. “Well... I told dad about... well you and uhhh, Nix.”

Max looked right at me. “What?”

I waved my hands in surrender. “Hey, dad was asking why Nix was around so much and when I tried to change the subject. That's when he called me out, and I couldn't think of anything else to say. He had his 'dad' look on his face.”

Max sighed and shook his head. “It's fine Cooper; it's not your fault. He would have found out sooner or later anyways. I'm guessing he's outside talking with mom?” I nodded. “How did he react?”

“He questioned what I thought of him... I think he's okay with it all.” I heard the door open, and I took a step out of the entryway to the living room. Mom and Dad walked into the room. “Hey.” Max and I said at the same time.

Dad cleared his throat. “I understand Phoenix, and you are dating now Max.”

“Yes, we are.” Max kept his reply short but sweet.

“I'm very happy for you both. You two have been friends forever.” Wow, dad is genuinely happy for them. “If you're too awkward to go get condoms or anything just ask your mom or me, and we will be happy to get them for you two.”

“On top of that,” Mom smiled as she spoke. “You're father finally got over himself and has agreed to let you two stay together. Starting tomorrow every two weeks Cooper will start going back and forth between houses.” My face lit up as mom explained. Dad's turned into a scowl as mom spoke.

“What do you mean dad 'finally got over himself'?” I asked my parental units.

Dad explained. “Your mother and I don't agree on parenting techniques, and as a result, we separated you two. I can see now in hindsight that it was mostly bitterness from the divorce and there are no words to apologize to you two.” Wow, thanks, dad, you're the greatest, aren't you?

Max sat up instantly at the news. “What about me?”

Dad smiled. “Your mother and I figured since you're older you can do whatever you'd like. Plus you're graduating soon; we figured it would make things less confusing for you than anything right now.” Wow, mom and dad actually thought it all through in that little time?

“Thanks.” Max leaned back in his seat with a huge grin on his face. “This means a lot to me, and I'm sure Cooper too.”

“YA!” I was so filled with glee I could hardly contain it. I hugged both mom and dad. “You guys are the best!” Even though Dad was acting like a little kid, he's no longer going to do it. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.


Past Time: Oliver Age 13

“And here is our theater.” A young Oliver was getting a tour of his new high school from a senior class men. The actor in Oliver came out as his eyes sparkled at the sound of the theater. “Would you like to go in?”

“Yes please!” The two boys walked into the theater as a girl was singing. Oliver recognized it as Never Never Land from the play Peter Pan. The senior seemed to know who it was on stage. “Who is that?”

“Her name is Lyric; she's one of the best theater kids in the school.” Oliver sat down and listened to her perform intently. His focus was so extreme no one could gather his attention.

When Lyric finally finished, she bowed, thinking no one was in the audience. Oliver stood up and clapped, surprising her. “I wasn't aware there was an audience.” She stepped off the stage and out of the lights peering onto her. “Oh hey, Scott, who is this with you?”

“My name is Oliver. You have an amazing voice for that song.” Oliver's English accent was loud and clear. The projection of his voice was perfect. “Is the class doing Peter Pan this year?”

Lyric couldn't help but blush at the compliments. “Why thank you, Oliver. Mr. Parks spent last year fundraising so we could afford the rigging, so we better be doing Peter Pan!” Lyric came up the stairs of the house of seats to speak without having to project. “Interested in participating?”

“I was on Broadway when I was younger, so yes!”

That sparked a huge conversation between Lyric and Oliver. After ten solid minutes of them talking Scott got up. “I think I'll leave you with Lyric. Do you mind showing him around while you talk?”

“Ya sure, I guess I kinda took over anyways. See ya later Scott.”

“Thanks, Scott!” Oliver called out as the senior left the two theater nuts in their second home.

“Follow me; we can talk and tour at the same time.” Lyric and Oliver started moving as they talked. She showed him all around the school, giving little descriptions as they went along. Most of their conversation was spent talking about acting.

As they finished the tour, the bell rang signaling the start of classes for the day. “Thanks, lyric, you've been a great tour guide. I'll have to run over a few of the wings, though.” The young English boy smiled and stretched out his hand.

Lyric rolled her eyes. “Anytime Oliver, I enjoyed the talk.” She shook his hand and headed off to her first class. “I'll see you in theater class then!”

Oliver made his way through the school quite well. He gained more knowledge about his new school than he originally thought. The day itself was spent talking to kids about England. Many of his recently obtained classmates were interested in his home country.


It wasn't until the next day that Oliver took notice of a boy in a few of his classes. He was one of the only boys who actually wanted to get to know Oliver and not his old home. “Lakota?” Oliver asked the boy.


“I haven't told anyone this, but next week is my birthday.” Oliver felt he could trust his new companion but didn't have much else to go on. “I'm honestly kind of home sick right now.”

Lakota offered him a pat on the back and a brief hug. “I'm sorry you feel that way, but maybe we can make this a great first Canadian birthday!”

Oliver laughed. “All I can imagine is a Canadian theme birthday, with Maple Syrup, hockey sticks, and plaid shirts. Oh and people saying 'eh' left right and center.” The idea made both boys laugh at the thoughts of the party. “I don't think I should do a huge thing, though. Just me and my family this year.”

“That's fine too; you are new here. I feel like we need to do this kind of party now, though.”

Oliver giggled and shook his head. “I'm sure it would be super great to be at. I'll be there if it happens.” Oliver eyed up Lakota and found a very cute boy. His pants grew a bit tight, but it wasn't anything he wasn't used to.

I think I'm getting a crush on this kid. Oliver thought to himself. Oh well, he is really cute.

Chapter end.


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