Still Another Chance ~ Book Four of Another Chance

Delay: Update

On Thursday, 5 April 2018, I had an MRI done on my left foot. The following weekend, my left leg was in so much pain that I barely moved, and when I did, I crawled. Then, on Monday, 9 April 2018, I received a phone call telling me that I needed to get to the hospital.

At the hospital, I was told that I had an infection in a bone of my left foot.. I am receiving IV antibiotics for the next 4 to 6 weeks and I must stay off my feet during that time or they may have to amputate. Chapter twelve is almost ready, I just need to confer with True Fan, then have it edited.


14 May 2018

On 9 May 20018, I  was told that my wounds are healing. On Saturday, I was told by the nurse changing my dressings that the worst wound is almost gone. Doctors were thinking I should amputate two weeks ago, but this week, the same doctor said, "Oh wow, your wounds have healed quickly over the last two weeks. I no longer think we should amputate, I believe we can save your leg,"

Today, my email accounts were disconnected. Until further notice, I cannot receive email at or If you need to email me, temporarily use



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