Not of This World

Not of This World

Not of this World


By C.J. Gibb © 2017


All Rights Reserved.


        Bobby was walking home one autumn day after school. It had been a rough day because he was late for school in the morning and he had forgotten an assignment he had to take back to school.  He really wanted to just get home so the day would be over.  He cut through the park every day on the way home as he did today he spotted something in a bush as he came closer he noticed it was a phone.  It was dead so he put it in his pocket and continued home. 


        In his room he took off his backpack and jacket but when he did so the phone he found fell from his jacket and hit the floor. He picked up the phone and tried to turn it on but it didn't so he checked to see what kind of charger it needed.  Happens it was the same as his so he plugged his charger into it.  He went  to use the bathroom and find something to eat.  The found phone  was forgotten.  Later that night Bobby was laying on his bed talking to his boyfriend Mark when he remembered the phone then told Mark about it.   Mark told him to check to find out who it belonged to so it could be returned.   Bobby did just that.


        Sitting back on his bed he turned the phone on. It came in on just as expected. The only thing wrong was the phone had no service at all.  Mark suggested looking at the pics in case Bobby knew anyone in the pictures.  Scrolling through the pictures he saw a boy and a girl he knew from school. He figured it was the girl's phone because of all the pictures and stuff.  Bobby fell quiet when he started to see strange things in some of the pictures things that caused goose bumps on his skin.  The last picture taken on that phone was of the girl in the park where the phone was found at dusk. It was a picture of the girl talking a selfie but she wasn't the only one in the picture.   


        The closest thing that Bobby could explain to Mark what as in the last picture was something not of this world.  He scrolled back through the pictures to where he first saw the strange things in them.  The more recent the pictures the clearer and closer the strange something became.  When he got to the last picture again he turned white and cried out.   Bobby didn't really know but the pics were only taken within hours of each other.  He hurried and turn the phone off and threw it across the room. He ended up crying himself to sleep that night. He didn't sleep at all. 


        When he left for school he took the phone he found with him even though he wanted to destroy it.   At school he took it to the office and told them he had found it in the park on the way to school.  Later it was learned that the girl that owned the phone has disappeared.  Bobby and Mark talked about the missing girl and what he and seen on the phone.  That night when they talked.  They both wondered what had happened to her and hoped she was going to be OK.  The next day it was learned she had been found but she had died.  What neither boy knew was she was completely drained of all fluids from her body.  It was impossible for that to happen in the short time she had been missing.   He blood drained away yes but she there was no fluid left at all. That part was made public after so long. What no one knew about was the pictures that were on the phone with the strange thing that Bobby had seen.  Only he and those involved with the case ever saw the pictures of something not of this world.