A Way Out: Book One

Chapter Nine: Coming Out

On the way home I listened to positive music so I didn't feel so awful about leaving. I thought about our last hours together. After lunch, I walked him to his class then went to do some shopping at the mall and local stores. I did the last of my Christmas shopping but mostly killed time while he was in class.

I took him to a more expensive place to eat for dinner. He said it was too much for me to be spending on him but I told him it was his birthday I wanted to treat him to a nice place. I explained it won't happen very often. When we left he said he was sorry about what he said. I told him it's okay I understood what he was trying to say. We ended back at his dorm since Ethan was gone we just lay on his very small bed and cuddled.

We barely talked the whole time. He laced his fingers through mine as we lay there just enjoying each other. I decided he doesn't really realize when he laces his fingers through mine. I love it when he does though. Makes me feel like he has claimed me as his, even though he did this the very first night we slept together.

When it was time for me to head home we held each other close and had many long passionate kisses. I left him at his door teary-eyed. I was too, it seemed harder leaving him than when he leaves. I don't know why but that's how it was. All the way home I replayed every moment I had with him while I was there. It was perfect including the parts with Ethan. A good guy that one, I knew he would take care of my boy. As I knew Carson, in turn, would take of him when he finally asked for his help.

Over the next few weeks, I kept busy with work. I spent time with Debbie talking about the same old stuff, we had lunch often. I went to talk to Mom to let her know I was still doing great. Told her more about Carson and how much he meant to me. This time she was much more understanding. I think she could tell how I really felt about him and she said she looked forward to meeting him. I also talked to Dad about the same things and we talked about the after-school program at the center. I don't visit my parents very much but I know they are glad when I do though.

Every once in a while I would get a call from Matt. Most of the time he just wanted to talk because he was lonely. He did end up going to counseling. There were many times he wanted to quit but I helped him realize it was important to keep going. He was slowly getting better.

He ended up going back home with his Mother. He was happy but wasn't at the same time. When he did go back home he came into the center every day like always which he was glad to be able to again.

One day I was on Facebook when I came across a picture Carson was tagged in, there was a picture of him and his siblings years ago. I clicked on it to get a better look. When I looked closer I got a deep chill all through my body, there in the picture was Matt. Well someone that looked like Matt that is. I knew who it really was though, it was Carson's oldest brother Marcus. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How could Matt look like Carson's brother? Marcus was about the same age in the picture as Matt was now. So many thoughts rushed through my head all at once. Could I really have found Matt's biological father? How could I prove it though?

As it so happened a lady came to my office a few days later. She was short with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She was nervous like she was scared to be there.

I got up from my desk and went around to greet here "Hello, can I help you?"

"Are you Kirk?" she asked timidly.

"Yes Ma'am I am, what can I do for you?"

"I wanted to talk to you about my son. Matt?"

"OH you're Matt's Mother please come have a seat," I said as I pointed to the couch.

She sat while I closed the door then joined her. "I wanted to thank you for what you did for Matt. I was such a mess, I didn't know what was really going on. I know that is no excuse for what happened." she hung her head in disappointment.

"I did what I had to do to make sure he was safe from harm. I will do it again for any child that comes in here or comes my way." I paused to let that sink in. "I have to be honest I was disappointed when I learned Matt was back with you. But if the state felt it was safe for him to return I can't do anything about it."

"I know I've been a terrible mother I should have done right by my boys but the alcohol has controlled my life so much. I want to do better but it is so hard to fight the urges." she didn't continue so I said.

"The children here are very important to me, to all of us really. This isn't just a place for them to come hang out after school but it is a place where they can be safe. There are rules set in place to make sure things stay that way." I paused for a moment then said. "We do what we can to make sure they feel safe. One is that anyone is welcome to come in here and talk to me. Whatever it is we talk about stays between me and the child unless they are in danger or laws are being broken. Most of the time they come in because they want someone to listen more than anything. But Matt came in to talk to me because he was afraid and needed help. Before that day we barely talked just hi here and there. I made sure I talked to him whenever I saw him to make him feel welcome. It worked too because he was willing to come talk to me when he had nowhere else to turn." she remained quiet just taking it all in.

Then she said. "Matt is so much like me, he keeps things bottled up then when it gets to be too much and it all comes pouring out. Sometimes though when that happens it causes trouble because things are said out of anger."

"I understand completely I get that a lot. But then they realize what they said once they've calmed. Then rethink about their feelings with what's going on. If you want you can talk things out with me." I said

"Are you sure that's okay?" she asked with hesitation

"Yes because I want to help you any way I can and in turn help Matt as well," I replied

"If it's really okay I guess I could but I don't know what to talk about."

"Well, why don't you tell me about how Matt came along?" I said

"Hmm, I don't know." I could tell it was a touchy subject

"Maybe it's one of the things you've talked about a lot."

"No not really but it wouldn't hurt I guess." she paused then said "I was young when I had Matt. Not long after he was born I fell into a deep depression and started drinking. I keep thinking I should have given him up when he was a baby but once I had him I wanted to keep him against everyone's wishes." she paused for a while. "I have had my good moments but not many I'm afraid. Even though all that he has grown into such a nice young man just like his father."

"Tell me about him, his father I mean." I thought here it is I will find out if I am right.

"He is a great man today. It all started a long time ago when I was barely 18. There was a party just before school ended my senior year. I remember that night better than most. I didn't drink at all that night I was just there for the hell of it ya know. A hot guy was there and kept looking at me like he was interested but he was so drunk he could have been interested in anything really. He kept hitting on me so I accepted his advances. By the end of the night, we had sex in one of the bedrooms at the house we were at. What one I don't know, not that it matters." she stopped for a few minutes.

"What was his name?"

"HUH? Oh, his name is Marcus his friends were calling him Marky that night. He is in construction nowadays, works with his dad. I knew he was the father because Matt looks just like him and he was the only guy I had sex with for months before or after the party. I should have told him but I was afraid to. I don't know why but I was."

"Do you think you would be willing to tell Marcus about his son now? Matt wants to know who his father is."

"I, I don't know. I don't know if he would even accept Matt."

"You think about telling him and leave the rest up to me okay?"

"What do you mean leave the rest up to you?"

"I happen to be dating Marcus' brother. I will talk to his brother about this and see how things go. But we may need legal proof if there are doubts."

"How would we prove Matt is his?" I could tell she was confused.

"First you will need to sign for permission to allow Matt's DNA to be tested. I will have my attorney draw up the papers and go from there. I don't want you to say anything to Matt until we know for sure." she nodded. "Anne make sure you keep your self-clean and stay in the AA program you are in. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and Matt." She agreed to do so. I planned to make sure she did. We talked a bit longer then she left after we exchanged contact information so I can get things sent to her and she can get a hold of me if needed.

That night when Carson called I had to remain calm to tell him I was so excited. We talked for a bit before I told him

"I have some good news about Matt."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"I learned who his biological Father is. His mom came in to talk to me, she told me the whole thing. I suspected who his father was but she confirmed who it was."

"Well, that's good. Does he know about Matt."

"No she was too scared to tell him but I think she may be ready now."

"Good for her. Matt deserves to know so he has a chance to get to know his father."

"You are very right about that. He has already met his uncle he might as well meet his Father too."

"Wait, Matt has met his uncle but not his father? How could that be." he was really confused.

"Baby you are Matt's uncle." Dead silence then

"Are you telling me that one of my brothers is Matt's biological father?"

"Yes, Marcus is Matt's biological father."

"How? How can you be so sure?" I started out by telling him how I saw Matt when he opened the door to his dorm. Then told him about the picture of his siblings and how I saw Matt in the picture but it was actually Marcus at 15. I told him almost everything up to when Matt's mom left my office.

"Fucking hell that's insane. I can't believe she never told Marcus about his own son."

"I know what you mean but what matters now is she sounds like she is ready to tell. I told her it's the right thing and I would work on finding out if Marcus will accept Matt. That is a big worry of hers."

"Why wouldn't he accept his own son?"

"You tell me, sweetie, he is your brother. You would know if he would accept this or not. Another thing is proof that Matt is his." I told him about my plan on getting permission from Matt's mother and how to do the DNA tests.

"How do you plan on getting DNA from my brother exactly?"

"I don't, I will use yours. By doing so the test will show that Matt is very closely related to you. If he still had doubts after we approach him with all that information we can use his DNA. But you have to promise me not to be mad that I will be paying for the tests."

"Why would I be mad about that?"

"Because it won't be cheap."

"OH. How much will it cost."

"In the hundreds of dollars for the test between you and him. The paternity test is a bit easier and won't take as long but that's if it's needed."

"You have put a lot of thought into this haven't you?"

"Yes after I saw that picture of Marcus I started researching and thinking of how I could get the tests done. But with Matt's mom coming in and telling me everything it made it more clear they are father and son. But I want proof first. I don't want to be pushing and encouraging this to happen without it. That and your family will think I've lost my mind paying to prove some kid from my center is their long-lost son grandson, nephew, you get the idea. Wait I haven't even asked if I could use a sample from you to test."

"Of course you can. How could I say no?"

"Good point." We only talked a short time after because he had to get some sleep.

Two days before Thanksgiving I went shopping to make sure I had plenty of food for Carson and me. I was excited for him to finally come stay with me for the long holiday weekend. When I got to my door I could hear music coming from inside. I know I didn't leave anything on but maybe I did. When I unlocked the deadbolt it was already unlocked. Something wasn't right. Before I could decide what to do the door opened. Standing in front of me was an amazing young man with the smile that made the butterflies in my tummy flutter like crazy.

"Well don't just stand there drooling get in here." he joked. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand to tease him like I really was drooling. I took the bags in and set them on the counter then he helped me put everything away. After everything was put away I took him in my arms and held him to me and gave him long much-needed kiss.

"Missed me did yea?" he asked with a smirk.

"More than you know sweetie more than you know. Why didn't you tell me you were coming today?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Well, I am surprised. And I am grateful you wanted to stay here with me." I kissed him again

"Of course I want to stay with you, won't be any fun in that big house with just me and my parents. OH speaking of which."

"What do you mean speaking of which?" I was nervous.

"We are having dinner with them tonight. Just the four of us."

"Uh, that's sudden."

"I know I am sorry. I'm ready to tell them but I decided I wanted you there with me. They know about you of course because I tell them about you but just not exactly who you are to me."

"Whatever way you want to do it is fine with me and I am happy to be there with you."

"Great dinner is at around 7:30 at there place." God, he was so excited for this I couldn't believe how calm he is considering he is about to come out to his parents.

"It is almost six now I should get ready."

"Yeah you should but you don't have to dress up all fancy though."

"Yeah right. I'm meeting the in-laws I have to make a good impression."

"You will trust me." He said pulling me in for a kiss. Breathing taking kiss it was.

"OK I got to get in the shower," I said heading to the bedroom. I was in the shower about 2 minutes when the curtain was pulled back and a sexy naked college boy joined me.

"Think you were going to shower without me huh?" he smirked.

"I wasn't going to be long, promise. But now when I am having dinner with your parents this moment will pop into my head out of nowhere."

"Sure it will be this moment? Could be when you fucked me in the shower on my birthday." he grinned and his eyes sparkled.

"Oh god don't put that image in my head yet. I just know I'll start blushing soon as I think about it."

"Good I like it when you blush." I just rolled my eyes at him which made him laugh.

At 6:30 we were all dressed and ready. We left early so we would have time to talk and so Carson could introduce me. I was nervous as fuck but tried not to let it show. I didn't want to upset Carson in any way.

However, as we neared his parents' home he started to get nervous. I insisted he pull over. "Carson sweetie look at me." He turned to me I could see tears in his eyes. I took his hands in mine, they were shaking like crazy.

"You need to calm down. I know this is hard to do. To be honest I am nervous as well but we both need to relax." He nodded his head and wiped tears from his eyes. I leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips then put my forehead to his looking into his bright green eyes.

"I love you very much and I am so proud that you are ready to do this. Now let's compose ourselves so we can be presentable for your parents okay?"

He softly said "Okay you're right. I have to calm down." We sat quietly talking for a few minutes until he had visibly calmed down.

Like the first day we met, we pulled in front of his parents' home not knowing what would happen next. He turned his truck off but didn't move. It was weird that he was so excited and happy at the apartment but now he was scared. We had talked about him coming out to his parents for months now. We had little doubt they wouldn't except him. However, there was some doubt they would accept me. My doubts that is. But here we were waiting to find out. I put my hand on his shoulder he turned to me and I nodded to him. He faked a smile and got out of the truck as I followed. We walked side by side. I wanted to take his hand for comfort but I couldn't.

When we entered he called out "Mom?"

"In the kitchen honey," she replied to her son.

"Why don't you sit I'll go get her?" he said in the front room, he was sweating like crazy.

"Okay" was all I could say and sat on the couch, the same one we once cuddled on. I was so nervous it felt like every part of my body was sweating. I could hear Carson and his mother talking but couldn't make out any words.

"Okay, I'll go get dad," Carson said then his mother came in the room.

"You must be Kirk, we have heard so much about you it's nice to finally meet you." I stood up

"Mrs. Willardson it's nice to meet you ass well," he said softly

"OH, please call me Karen." she smiled a bright smile like her son's.

"All right Karen. You have such a lovely home so comfortable and inviting."

"Thank you." she smiled a comforting smile which made me relax.

"You're so welcome." She was about the same height as Carson. I could see where Carson gets his black hair but her eyes were a blue-green. She was wearing jeans and blue button up blouse and a tan sweater.

"Why don't we sit while we wait for the boys." she sat next to me.

"So Carson tells us you work with children what exactly do you do?" she asked

"I am the program director for the after-school program at a center in Sumnerville."

"Oh I have heard such good things about that place, what do you do as the director?"

"Oversee the entire programs after school and summer. I make sure everything is as it should be. I spend time with the kids when I can get away from my work. I also talk with the children if they need someone to talk to."

"That is nice of you. Are you a counselor as well?"

"No, I'm afraid not. However when it's clear that a child does need counseling I work with their parent or guardian into getting counseling for the child. If they can't afford it I arrange for the funding."

"Oh my, sounds like you do a lot for those children."

"I do what I can."

"That's good of you to do so much." she looked up I turned to see Carson and his father. His dad was a big burly guy. He was wearing a t-shirt with the company logo and what looked like brand new jeans. He had light brown hair and green eyes but they weren't as bright as his son's were.

I stood up to greet him. He had a scowl look as he eyed me. "UH dad I want you to meet my friend Kirk" he slowly said, "Kirk this is my dad Mark."

I put my hand out "Nice to meet you Sir." he shook my hand, at first I thought he would crush it be he was very gentle.

"It's about time we meet you." He said after he released my hand. Carson had a look of pure shock on his face and I'd guess I had the same look.

"Sir?" I barely got out.

"No more of that sir stuff makes me feel old. Please call me Mark."

"Uh, sure Mark."

"Why don't we have a chat before we eat?" Mark and his wife took the love seat across from the couch while Carson sat on the couch with me but on the other side of the couch. He must have still been so nervous. I wasn't, it was clear they knew what was going on and that they have accepted me.

Carson sat quietly playing with his hands. "Wasn't there something you wanted to tell us son?" asked his mother. No answer, Carson was looking at his hands "CARSON," His father said loudly but didn't shout.

Carson's head shot right up "What" he mumbled. I smiled to my self, I love this boy so much.

"What did you want to tell us son?" his mother asked. She was smiling at him and so was his dad. He was so out of it he didn't notice.

"Mom Dad I" he paused "I'm." he stopped suddenly then was quiet

"Carson," I said he turned to look at me I smiled at him. "It's OK just say it." He turned to his parents but he just looked at them.

"For God's sake boy just get it out already." his Father blurted out. Carson stood up and walk over to me. He took my hand and pulled me up to stand next to him. "I'm gay and Kirk is my boyfriend," he said bluntly and nervously.

"We know honey." his mom said with a big smile. His dad stood up

"You do, how do you know?" Carson stuttered out

"Your mother and I have suspected for some time son."

"And we knew Kirk was someone special to you by the way you have talked about him." his mother added

Carson let go of my hand and went to his parents as they stood. The three of them hugged then Mark said looking at me

"Now to important things." he paused "Are you going to take good care of my son?"

"Yes, Mark I will. I love him very much." I smiled at Carson when I said it.

"Good, let's eat I'm starving," Mark grunted out and we headed into the kitchen.

Karen had made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Also a salad and fresh rolls. We talked about our families. My job, the construction company his father owns and Carson's schooling. When the subject of how we met came up Carson made it clear that he would tell them later. Luckily they accepted that and moved on.

After we ate, we continued our visit in the front room again.

"Carson honey I assume you are staying with Kirk while you are home?" his mother asked.

"Yeah, mom I'm staying with him. I don't get to spend much time with him and I figured you wouldn't mind."

"That's fine dear." Looking at me she asked, "Will you be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday?"

"What do you mean Saturday Mom, I thought we were doing it on Thanksgiving Day?"

"We had to change it because Marcus will be with Marsha's family she insisted." I had a feeling they didn't get along with their daughter-in-law.

"Oh well, I'm sure I can join you then if that's alright with everyone," I said.

"Yes that will be just fine then you can meet Carson's brothers and sister and their spouses and his nieces and nephews." she smiled and seemed happy I had agreed to come.

"I can't wait to meet them. We talk about them all the time. I even saw the picture someone posted of them on Facebook."

"OH yes, that one. I took that one so many years ago. I just love that picture so much"

"It is a good one," I replied. I couldn't help but think of Matt at that moment. If only they knew they had a grandson out there they never met.

We stayed until nine then left to head back to my place. "That went way differently than I ever expected," Carson said once we were on the highway.

"Why, what did you expect? That they would get pissed and throw us out?"

"NO, of course not but I didn't expect it to, well go as good as it did."

"To honest, it didn't go like I thought it would. I knew they would accept you but I didn't think they would have accepted me as well as they did."

"You don't know do you?"

"Know what?" I was confused

"Mom is ten years older than Dad."

"What the hell? Why didn't you tell me that? I worried about nothing!"

"I'm sorry I didn't think about. Mom looks so much younger than she is."

"Yes she does doesn't she?"

"She only started to color her hair a few years ago but no one really knows that. But whatever you do, don't mention it."

"OH, I won't. But she will have to color it more often when she finds out she has a 15-year-old grandson."

"OMG, you're right. I thought about that when you brought up that damn picture my sister posted. Damn, I hate that picture."

"But why you were so cute in it. That cute little suit you were wearing was adorable." he grinned at him.

"Ha ha ha bite me!"

"Not now you're driving but I will when we get home."

"I bet you will. And no hickies this time. Do you have any idea how much shit I got from Ethan and my friends back at school from the one you gave me on my birthday? Thank god it has faded."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to get teased. Tell you what I'll leave one where it will be covered with clothes."

"Oh yea where would that be?" he smirked

"I don't know we will have to wait and see." He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch, it was bulging nicely.

"Feel what you're doing talking about biting me and giving me hickies?" I gently squeezed. "Hey, don't do that I'm driving here."

"Well, you're the one that put my hand there."

"That didn't mean you had to squeeze him. Do you have any idea how long he has had any action?"

"As a matter of fact, I do."

"Then quit it. I don't want to jizz in my pants."

"Oh you're right you should save that cream for a better place."

"Dude quit it, you're getting me hornier."

"I can't help it." I grinned at him

"I know but wait until we get back." I held his hand the rest of the way trying not to think of that bulge.

The moment we got through my apartment door clothes went flying. We left a trail all the way to the bed. I hated having to wait so long to make love to my boy and I know he felt the same. We kissed, licked nibble and sucked all over each other. We were all roundup but we still took our time enjoying each other. I did end up giving him that hicky but it was somewhere no one would see.

Laying enjoying the afterglow for the second time he said: "That was amazing thank you."

"I should be thanking you. You were amazing, where did you learn all of that?"

"You mostly but learned a few things from porn as well."

"Damn boy." I leaned over and kissed him.

"What do you say we shower to get this sticky mess of yours off us?"

"My mess? A lot of it is yours."

"Okay fine, Why don't we shower to get OUR sticky mess of us?"

"That's better, " he said and grabbed my hand leading me to the bathroom.

After we showered we locked up turned off the lights and went to bed after gathering our scattered clothes. I held him close to me while he laced his fingers through mine. I fell asleep kissing his neck and inhaling his scents. I had pleasant dreams of us and our future together.

I woke up to warm wetness on my cock. I just lay there enjoying Carson's warm mouth and tongue. I moaned as I was near and put my hand on his head to encourage him to keep going but he pulled off.

"Hey what are you doing? Don't stop when I'm close." I couldn't see him but I knew he smirked at me. He lifted the blanket off us and started rubbing lube on my ready to explode cock. Then he knelt over me and slowly sat down my rigid cock. I grunted as he slid down. I got lost in other thoughts as he pivoted up and down so I wouldn't shoot so soon. I wanted to last as long as I could for him. But when he started moaning I couldn't hold on anymore and blew my seed all over his insides as he squirted his all over me. He didn't move until I softened then he went to the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later then wiped me with a damp cloth. He tossed it in the hamper in the corner then crawled into bed with me. I was still laying on my back so he lay up against me resting his head on my chest taking one of my hands lasing his finger through mine.

"Feel better?" I asked softly

"Much thank you." he snuggled into me

"Any time lover boy." I kissed his head then we dozed off again.

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A big thank you to Max and Mason.


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