A Way Out: Book One

Chapter Three: A Day Together

As I was laying on my back not yet ready to completely wake up I listened to the birds chirping outside. I could feel he was still on the bed with me but knew he was awake. I had a feeling he was watching me. I felt him move a bit then stopped. Then in a flash, like it didn't happen he quickly kissed me on the lips then pulled away. I barely even felt it.

I didn't budge for a few minutes but then I said "Do you always kiss your sleeping guests?" as I opened my eyes and turned to him.

There was a mix of shock and embarrassment in his expression.

"S s sorry." he squeaked out. Then a look of shame crept on his face. I felt so bad I scared and embarrassed him.

"Nothing to be sorry about in fact I'm honored."

"You you a are?"

"Yes I am, you are interested in me even with my appearance when you first saw me and what you have learned about me."

His long dark hair was everywhere as he lay looking at me as I looked back. He seemed less nervous now.

"Why would that keep me from being interested in you?"

"I'm not looking my best right now and I have made such a mess of my life I wouldn't think of anyone giving me a second thought."

"I can imagine what you look like when you are taking better care of yourself and I can see past all that you have told me. I know the more I learn about you the more I'll like you even if you have had some trouble lately."

I really am liking this kid more and more. I don't know where things will go with us but we will have to see. I know it will be hard to leave him if we spend much more time together. I know I should go home soon but I'm not ready yet. I like being here with Carson and figuring things out about my problems.

I put on the clothes he gave me last night and he got dressed. Then we gathered my dirty clothes and all his to put in the wash. We just had a bowl of cereal and toast to quiet our stomachs. After brushing our teeth we sat on a porch swing under a large tree in the backyard and talked more. It was nice and cool in the shade. He told me he was kinda lonely back at school because he didn't connect with people as well as he used to. He talked to those on his swim team and the others he played in the orchestra with but never got close with any of them. I got the sense he was leaving something out but wasn't sure what. He went to check the laundry then back to his spot next to again. This time he sat closer to me. I had a feeling he wanted to tell me more so I decided to stay quiet.

"When I was 16 I lost my best friend, Nick," short pause. "he was 14 I was 16. It was winter when we were out riding our bikes just having guy fun. I had to get home so I left him riding I assumed to home as well. The thing is he never made it home," he paused tears flowing from his emerald eyes. "I never saw him again." I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around him.

"I didn't know anything was wrong until 11 at night his mom called looking for him. A half-hour later the cops came here to ask me when was the last time I had seen him and where, stuff like that." I had a feeling he was just talking not really to me per se.

"I stayed up all night because I was so worried about him. I called and texted him but I guess his phone was turned off it kept going to voicemail. After so long his voice mail was full I guess everyone else was leaving him messages as well." He paused again this time I went to get a box of tissues because by now we both needed them.

When I got back he was wiping the tears from his eyes. I sat down and gave him a few tissues. He took them and thanked me. I sat back down but before he got restarted I pulled him to me and held him. He leaned against me accepting the comfort that was much needed and he put his legs up on the seat.

"I didn't go to school the next day because I was too distraught about him being missing. The cops started to think he just ran off but I knew something was wrong very wrong. I had that feeling you know you get when things just aren't quite right? Well, days turned into weeks into months I looked every day for a sign of my best friend. I quit the band a few weeks later and started hiding from people. I even started to get angry at people I never would, never even raise my voice to. There were no leads at all until April the next spring. Some hikers found a bike, it turned out to be his." he paused to wipe his eyes and blow his nose. I hugged him tighter to me. Hearing him tell this I remembered the search for Nick it was all over the news for months. There were even some fliers in the apartment complex I lived in.

"The bike was in the woods about 5 miles from where I had last seen him. After his bike was found the woods were combed inch by inch but there were no more signs of him after that. Part of the reason I took this so hard was I felt so guilty I didn't make sure he got home and the cops started thinking I was the reason he disappeared. I loved him so much he meant so much to me that it took a long time for me to find a way out of my own dark world I created to hide from what happened. I never saw my best friend ever again." at that point he collapsed into my arms and cried, he shook with every sob.

I could feel his pain. I know it took a lot for him to be able to talk about this even after he got through the dark part of his life. I think this was why he cried when we hugged in his truck last night he was feeling his old pain and my pain as well. He is softer then he lets on at times. I wonder how often this side of him shows.

He calmed down after a while. "This is why you have a hard time making new friends isn't it?" I broke the silence

"Yeah, I wasn't the same after all that." I kissed his head softly and held him to me. "I'm glad you made it out of your dark place to become the young man you are today."

"Me too. It took a long time and lots of counseling to get through it. At first, I was forced to go but I realized I needed to get better that's what Nick would have wanted."

"I'm sure he would have given that he cared for you as much as you did him."

"He did I know it. We were best friends since we were little." I could tell he smiled.

We both went inside to finish the laundry. As we folded his clothes he said: "What do you do by the way?"

"I oversee an after-school program for kids. A summer program at the moment."

"That's cool how did you get into that?"

"I had always wanted to work with kids so I focused on child development related classes in college. I even did some business classes just because I thought it wouldn't hurt.

When I graduated High School my Grandmother passed away and since my father was an only child he inherited all she had. To sum it up it was a lot. We didn't know she was worth so much so it was a huge surprise but dad knew of course. When us three I, and my older siblings got past a certain age he started giving us some of the inheritance. When dad came to me he asked if I wanted to use some or wait."

"I wanted to use some of it so I started to support the program I now watch over. I volunteered there at the center where the program is held a lot over the years so I wanted to help it out. When there were signs it was going to close my dad pulled some strings to keep it open. He started putting money into the program and got others to do as well. I am about the only one paid that works there. I don't make much really. What I did get I put in the center anyway since I have been living on some of the inheritance. I live on a low budget so it will last for a long time."

"What do you do there exactly?"

"I oversee the whole program nothing happens without my say so. Well almost, there is a committee that the important things have to go through but I make sure those things happen. I make sure bills are paid, things are safe for the kids etc."

"Sounds like it can be a lot of work to me"

"It can be yes but long as I stay on top of things it's not so bad, working with the kids is very rewarding. There is something you don't know. I don't talk about it at all because I am ashamed." He looked up at me with a look of confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Well for one I let the center take over my life so things in my life fell apart as you know. That is where so much of the guilt comes from. Also during this whole mess after James and I broke up I kinda let some of my nonofficial duties slip."

"Slip how exactly?"

"Well I did all I told you about that is my official work. What I let slip was the extra stuff. I spent a lot of time with the kids. Playing with them. Watching over them when someone wasn't available and talking to them when they needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to pay attention to them one on one stuff. All that stopped when reality set in about the breakup. I did what I had to do then went home. I guess you could say I shouldn't have done so much when James was around but I felt I owed the kids more. In the end, the program was why things started to fall apart with James."

"You could give the kids more but maybe not so much. You do have your life to live. Why didn't James go there to be with you hang out with the kids?"

"I invited him to come all the time but after a while, I quit. He wasn't interested, he never really wanted kids so going to the center with all those kids must have put him off. I have a lot of guilt built up from spending so little time with him. I was so caught up in my work those kids. But when I was with him I enjoyed our time together immensely. He was so important to me but I didn't let him know the ways I should have."

When we were done folding his laundry he asked: "Are you going to go back to how things were?"

"What do you mean?" I wasn't sure what he meant

"Spending time with the kids like you use to. Maybe not as much as you did but be there for 'em?"

"Yea I need to. I need to get out of this rut, I need to be me again. Move on from the pain I received and caused. Helping them by being there for them when they need someone the most made me feel I was doing what was needed."

"I hope you do," he surprised me by leaning over and softly giving me a kiss on the lips like he did when he thought I was asleep. That caused butterflies in my tummy, only James had ever caused butterflies.

I looked him over and saw Carson but differently than I did yesterday. He had a good head on his shoulders. He knows what he wants and what he has to do get it. Sometimes when we were talking I forgot that he was just nineteen he seemed older. Must be because he had been through so much. I had to admit I was falling for him.

With all the clothes folded he went to put it all away while I changed into the clothes I was wearing when he found me. I kinda missed wearing his clothes though. But I had to wear mine because I had to get home. Home, it had felt more of just a place to sleep lately more than a home.

He came downstairs "So what do you want to do next?"

"Actually I was thinking it was time I get home." I could have slapped him and he would look less hurt.

"Hey sweetie I didn't mean it like that. It's time I get home I have a lot to do." I put my right hand on his cheek as I continued "Kiddo I have enjoyed this time with you." I rubbed his cheek with my thumb "You have helped me so much but I need to start on my new life."

"I like having you here too but I I don't want to be alone it's nice having someone to talk to.

"If you're not ready for me to go I could stay longer if you wanted. I guess I'm not ready to be alone either..."

"You w would stay here just for me?" His eyes brightened

"Not just for you no but for me as well. Being around you and talking things out I can see a better future for me. You have helped me find a way out of my dark places that I have so desperately needed to get out of. Much like you were able to."

We spent the rest of the day getting to know each other better and keeping each other company. I didn't want to go home to that empty apartment nor did he want to be left alone. I told him about my oldest brother and how he blew through much of his inheritance on stupid shit like a fancy car and new clothes. He did settle down after that then started saving his money, found a nice lady and they had two beautiful boys. My older sister didn't spend as much of her money like me but what she did spend she spent on herself and flaunted it. Like my brother, she learned it's best to save. She went back to school and became a teacher in another county. She and her husband are expecting their second child a girl, their boy is already 4.

"What about your parents?"

"My Father is a doctor, a podiatrist."


"He is a foot doctor."

"OH. And your mom?" he seemed to be enjoying hearing about my family. Or just listening to me talk.

"She was a stay at home Mom until I was about 10 then she went and got her certification in nursing updated and went back to work." "What do yours do?"

"My Dad is a contractor he owns and runs his own company Willerdson Construction Inc. He has built a lot of the homes and some other buildings around here. When Mom went to school she studied business and accounting which came in handy when she started doing the books and office stuff for the company. When we were growing up they had an in-home office, when I got older they moved into a building in town. He has a foreman, my older brother that is running things while they are away and have someone in the office as well."

"Sounds like they are keeping pretty busy."

"Yeah, they do. This is the first time they have traveled so far away, it's like a second honeymoon for them."

"Sure sounds like it. What time is it I'm getting hungry again?" he pulled out his phone. We had found our way back to the swing under the tree when we started talking about family.

"Uh its almost 7." he sounded surprised. I was, I didn't know time had gone by so fast.

"Let's find something to eat then,"I told him pushing him gently off me and stood up.

We had frozen dinners that turned out to be pretty good. When everything was cleaned up we sat in the front room. There were lots of pictures of his family over the years and of his siblings and their families. I learned with my back against the armrest of the couch with a leg on the couch. He lay between my legs with his back against my chest his legs on the couch. Nothing was said for some time. We were just enjoying each other. I could almost see us together as a couple one day but that was long ways off even if it would happen at all. I still had a lot to accept in my life before moving on. I still think about James often, I couldn't help it since he had become such a huge part of my life. But a part of my life I didn't pay enough attention too though. In just 24 hours this boy has become special to me. We have been connecting in such a way I couldn't just leave and forget about him and I know he thinks same.

He suddenly stood up took me by the hand and lead me up to his room saying "Let's make this an early night. We can shower spend the rest of the night in bed maybe watch a movie." Or watch each other I thought. I couldn't get enough of him.

"Sounds good to me." I smiled. We stripped to our underwear once we got to his room then headed for his bathroom

We brushed our teeth then took off our underwear and got in the shower. Standing under the water with him was amazing. We took turns soaping each other up and shampooed our hair as well. I got lost in the moment washing this beautiful swimmers body but I had to let him do mine. We avoided the man bits but I lingered on his ass I admit. He was intact, had nice heavy balls and shaved pubes. I wanted to have my way with his body but I also knew I couldn't, not yet at least. I was sure I could do anything I wanted and he wouldn't have stopped me but there will be a time for that. After we were clean we dried ourselves. No fun I know but it was for the best. I put back on my underwear and he put on a new light blue pair of tight briefs. I swore he was trying to kill me putting those on. They fit him perfectly. When I sat on (my side of the bed) I noticed for the first time his violin case.

"Will you play for me?" indicating the case.

"Sure I could do that for you since you were kind enough to wash me." He showed me his bright smile and his eyes lit up I smirked at him.

He bent down to pick up the case and gave me a great view of his ass. Damn what a fucking little tease he is. I swore he even shook it.

He opened his case and pulled out the violin and bow. Watching him he was so graceful and delicate. He posed the position and started to slowly play. It was a slow sad song. I realized it was Thomas Newman's Any Other Name. It was a favorite piece of mine. I watched him play the instrument like it was part of him. He played another song I like He's a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean©.

"That what you were expecting?"

"Yes thank you very much."

"Pleasure is all mine. I don't get to play for hot guys in their underwear in my bed, well ever." His eyes lit up again. Damn I love the beauty of his eyes I am always drawn to them, they fit well with his black hair. With being around him and seeing pictures of his family I learned it was his natural color.

He put it all away then got into bed with me. He found something to watch, a gay-themed movie on YouTube. It was really good though I nearly fell asleep near the end I had gotten so tired. As soon as it was over I rolled over. While Carson had gone to lock up the house I had fallen asleep. I did, however, feel him cuddle up to me lace in fingers into mine and kiss my hand like he did the night before.

I slept soundly as I did last night again no dreams, that I could remember. When I woke I was spooning Carson and he had his finger laced with mine again. It was a little thing but it meant so much. Thinking about it I got butterflies in my belly again. I lay there for some time but I had to pee so I got up to do so. When I was done I got back into bed with him this time I snaked an arm under and over him pulling his body against mine. I held him like this, kissing his neck and shoulders until he started to stir.

"Mmm that nice don't stop," he told me with his a drowsy voice. I was happy to oblige him. I felt calm and relaxed every time he was near especially when I held him.

"This is nice, can I wake up like this every day?" he said dreamily

"You would like that huh?" I replied with more soft kisses

"Yes so much. I feel so good so safe," he said slowly and sighed

"I feel good and safe too." without a doubt my feelings were growing for him more than I realized

"I have never really cuddled with any of the girls I've dated or kissed. I never thought about it actually but I have enjoyed getting to cuddle with you either on the couch or when I was telling you about Nick. I'm enjoying it more now though especially with these kisses." he then rolled over to look at me.

In the last day or so there has just been light kissing and touching but at that moment he leaned over then he put his lips to mine and I put my hand behind his head. The kiss was full of lust, passion and little did I know at the time love. We only parted when we needed air but before we did his whole body shook. I leaned back to get a look at him. His eyes had glazed over and looked shocked. "WOW" was all he was able to get out. When he "came to" he looked at me looked at his crotch then suddenly bolted out of the room and slammed the bathroom door.

It was my turn to be shocked. I lay there for a bit going over my head what I had missed then it dawned on me. I got out of bed pulled on sweatpants then went to the bathroom door. I lightly tapped on it. "Carson are you ok?" Silence. I better give him a minute so I went to find another bathroom to freshen up.

After finding another bathroom I found some mouthwash then went back to see if he was out of the bathroom yet. Nope still in there. I knocked again. No answer.

"Carson? Don't be ashamed it happens to everyone at some point." No answer so I checked the handle unlocked, I go in and find him sitting naked on the closed toilet. I could smell fresh cum then I found the bright blue underwear he was wearing nearby the hamper. He had his face buried in his hands crying.

I walked up to him knelt down and took his hands in mine. He tried to resist but not much. He turned his head so with one hand I held his hands and with the other, I took his chin to turn his head to me. "Hey look at me. It's okay I promise. You don't need to be embarrassed, ashamed, nothing."

"I feel like an idiot." He tried to turn his head but I still had hold of his chin.

"You're not an idiot. You got excited it happens."

"Really?" he asked with a doubtful expression.

"Yes really. I didn't even notice it. It even took me a few minutes to realize what had happened."

"I feel like such a clumsy virgin."

"Well you are aren't you?"

"Yeah I am," He said kinda shamefully.

"Then don't worry about it. Besides it's not like every day I make a cute guy cum just by kissing him." That made him smile at least.

By now I have my hands on both sides of his face wiping his tears way (again). I lean up and tenderly kiss his soft lips.

Standing up I look at him and say "Damn boy it smells like cum in here did you have an orgy or what?" He laughed at that and smiled at me. I took his hand and walked him to the bed. I lay down on my side he on his facing each other.

"You didn't expect anything like this when you came home for the summer did you?"

"Uhm expect what?" he looked confused.

"Laying naked in your bed with another guy after sleeping with him twice and showering with him too."

"Oh no I didn't but I sure wished for it," He blushed and smiled

"I bet you did kiddo. I bet you did. Have you ever kissed anyone before?" I asked

"Yes, some girls in high school and back at my college but it wasn't like that it was more of the light kissing we did earlier," he replied with a smile.

"What was it like then?"

"To be honest it's hard to explain it was different from it, well it didn't feel right. If you know what I mean?"

"Yea I know what you mean. So I was the first guy you kissed?"

"Yeah." He smiled and blushed as his eyes lit up. "Kissing you did feel right. Felt more than right actually."

"I could tell," I smiled remembering what happened.

 He leaned over as if to kiss me but hesitated but I guided his lips to mine again. I could kiss this young man forever. I then pulled him over as I lay on my back and he sat on me. As our tongues fought as my hands wandered up and down his smooth body. His hips started to thrusts back and forth on my cock. Before I came I rolled over with him so I was on top of him. Our lips part enough to catch our breath. I just stared down into his eyes as he looked up into mine. His hands were rubbing my hairy chest. I could see a need in his eyes. I had seen the need before but this was much more eager, clearer to see now.

We kept our lips locked for some time. I just couldn't get enough of this young man and I could tell the feeling was mutual. When I came up for air again he looked at me and said "I'm ready," I could see the lust in his eyes.

"Are you sure of this?"

"I have never been more sure of anything in my life."

"Once we go that far you can't undo it." I gave the look that I meant it.

"Trust me I want to I need to do this with you." I could see he was telling the truth.

"Do you have protection?" I asked

"Yeah, I do" He opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a hand full of rubbers I could tell he was prepared just in case.

"See? I even have lube I use with my toy." He pulled out a little dildo and the lube. We discussed what he wanted to do. He wanted me inside him then he would top me. He had been longing for a real cock in him for a long time but not just anyone. I spent the next half hour rimming him and making sure he was stretched properly until he began begging for me to enter him.

The next 2 hours we spent making love to each other. I topped him then I bottomed for him. I was gentle and took my time with him so I wouldn't hurt him and he could enjoy it. After he came from topping me he rolled off me, us catching our breath and enjoying the afterglow again. I looked over at him as he turned to look at me. He had a huge smile on his face and his eyes were glazed over again. I made him cum for the third time in a few hours. He was one happy cum covered boy now. I was a happy man again just by spending time with him.

I must have been lost in thought because Carson was shaking me,

"Hey didn't you hear me?" He looked worried

"Oh sorry"

"Are you ok? You seemed lost."

"Yes, I am ok I was just thinking. I guess my thoughts got away from me."

"What were you thinking about?" I sat up and looked at him. He looked confused about what was going on.

"I am sorry I started thinking how happy I have been spending this time with you and what will happen when we part ways."

"Why do we have to part ways?" He asked sadly. He then rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me and his head down. I crawled across the bed and sat next to him.

"Because you have your schooling I have my work and I well I didn't put much thought into "us" beyond you helping me out until after you wanted me to stay when I felt it was time to go home."

I could tell he was heartbroken. I felt so awful making him feel this way right after him making love for the first time.

"What about after you did stay what were you thinking about "us" then??"

"That we could stay friends." He still seemed a bit off.

"Carson am I missing something here? I honestly didn't expect things to get this far I really didn't. This has happened so fast. So fast, in fact, I didn't stop to think, I was so caught up in the moment." I told him.

"So I was just a quickie to you then?" That was like a punch in the gut.

"Absolutely not Carson. If you didn't want to go past that first kiss that would have been fine. I could tell you wanted more than a real kiss which ended up causing you embarrassment."

"I did want more but I I ugh I don't know I'm so confused."

"You and me both buddy." I thought for a few minutes of what I should say. I needed a change in my life. Could I let him into my life and see where things will go? I didn't want to hurt him nor did I want to lead him on for too long. It was too soon to get caught up with someone after I had fallen apart and into a terrible depression. I was stuck in a happy world with him or the world I walked away from. Maybe I should have left yesterday.

"You don't want me do you?"

"Hey, I never said that. I have a lot going on right now. The day before yesterday when I woke up I was in an old shed in the middle of a bunch of pastures because I walked away from my home, work and friends. All because I was so smothered by my own self-pity, you know all that. But now I have all that plus a gorgeous sweet kind caring young man that I not only spent a whole day with, slept next to for the last two nights but I just took his virginity as well."

He just looked forward maybe he didn't know what to say and or he was absorbing what I told him. He looked down at his hands I heard him mumble something under his breath. "What was that?" I asked softly

"Nothing" was his reply he didn't even look up. I turned his face to look at me and said softly "What did you say?"

"I said I love you" a short pause, "I think." I leaned back I couldn't believe what he said. But maybe I did. We didn't really spend a lot of time together but we shared so much with each other in that short time.

Could he really believe what he said? I had to think of the feelings I have had about him. I was drawn to him. I felt good around him better than I had in a long time. I was able to spill my guts to him but that could just be that I had needed to talk it all out and he was there to listen. He didn't say anything bad about me or James. He asked questions here and there but that was all. He had even cried because I was in pain and felt awful. He then shared his pain with me. We talked like old friends in no time. I had to say just the right thing in the right way so he didn't get hurt but first I need his idea of what he wants or was thinking about.

"Carson?" I said softly and with care.

"Yeah," he looked up at me.

"When did you start thinking you love me?"

"Honestly? It was when we were in my truck that night when you hugged me back. You were hurting so bad and I could feel your pain because of what I went through. I, I don't know if I am IN love with you but I know there is some love for you. I have never felt this way before. I guess that is why I wanted you to sleep with me and why I wanted you to be my first. You make me feel special in a way." He smiled at me with a look of hope.

I leaned in, softly kissed him and said "I have a feeling for you too Carson. I don't know if it is love yet but I know I really like you." That sparkle in his eyes was the brightest I had seen it yet.

"Tell you what. Why don't we be friends? That way we are not going our own way and our time together won't be a distant memory and we won't spend our lives going what if?"

 He nodded his head urgently grinning. We held each other for a long time.

"Come on we need to get cleaned up we are covered in cum," I said

"Yeah we are aren't?" I kissed him then we went to take another shower together. Again we took turns soaping up each other's bodies. But this time we washed the others man bits and I took my time playing oh I mean washing that great ass.

 After our shower together which involved lots of kisses we got dressed for the day and went to find something to eat. We ate talking about whatever. I kept looking at him, he looked amazing to me. I studied every bit of him. But he got nervous when I was looking. He blushed too. Once we got everything cleaned up we sat in the front room in the same position with him leaning against me.

"You're not really ready for another relationship yet are you Kirk?"

"No I don't think I am but I have enjoyed this time with you very much and look forward to more," I said then I kissed the top of his head.

"You want to be with me even with all I've told you?" I continued

"I think so yes. I have only dated girls my age but we never lasted long." He paused "I am not in a rush to date or anything but one day I know I will want to settle down. I think I would like to do that with you especially because of the time we have spent together and will spend together." He turned to look at me.

"Carson you have a lot ahead of you. Not just school but planning ahead and thinking about coming to terms with yourself even with our time together and what we did this morning. You work on that and then we will see how things go. Remember I am out, everyone I know knows about me. You have to be ready for that when you want to be with me."

 "I know all that. I think that is why I haven't tried dating a guy yet. I do want to be ready before I date." I held him tighter and kissed his head again. He really does want to be with me and to be honest I want to be with him as well. I know I said I need to work on things and I still felt a need to be with him the way he wants. We talked for a while about anything that came to mind. After lunch, I decided it was time to get home. For real this time and Carson wasn't so reluctant for me to leave nor was I.


I don't know why I kissed Kirk while I thought he was still asleep but I just had the urge so I did it. I was worried he might get mad but h didn't. When he kissed me after I couldn't believe it. My mind was racing the whole time and hard really fast. I was so humiliated when I came just from a kiss. But Kirk made me feel so much better about it. There is something about him that made me fall for him when I barely knew him. The more we talked the more my feelings for him grew. I can't say when I wanted him to be my first but I am glad he was. He was so gentle and took his time. He kept asking if I was ok. I loved every second of my very first time.

I got worried when he started acting weird right after though. I didn't stop to think of his feelings about making love to me but I knew he wanted to. For a second it seemed like he wished he didn't or that he just didn't it to get off. Looking back at that moment that isn't true at all. He said he didn't think of the two of us and got caught up in the moment. To be honest I got caught up in the moment too but I knew I wanted him in my life for good. Even if we didn't make love still would have wanted to be part of his life. We connected in a way that it wouldn't be right if we parted ways once he went home. All I could do was wait to see what would become of our friendship.

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