Voyagers Book II

Duty Roster ~ Other Ships


This is a list of the characters on other ships mentioned in Voyagers. You may print this list so you can reference it when trying to figure out who is who. As the authors, we may feel a need to look at this list so we can remember who belongs where, and we know some readers will be wanting a list as well. Again, you are welcome to print this for your own personal use.


Duty Roster

Those mentioned Serving aboard other ships

Personnel without a pic will have a Missing Image image in place of their pic.

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SS Victorious

Dylan Bowmont
Dylan Bowmont
Captain Introduced in Chapter Six Captain of the SS Victorious
Joseph Bowmont
Joseph "Joey" Bowmont
Commander Introduced in Chief of Operations on the SS Victorious
Ronald "Ronnie" Gordon Robinson
Commander Introduced in
Voyagers: Chapter Forty-A
Chief of Engineering on the SS Victorious
Felix Gonzalez LtJG Introduced in Chapter Six Squadron Leader of the SS Victorious
Clyde Executive Chef Introduced in Chapter Twenty-Eight Executive Chef

Space Fleet Non-Explorer Program Ships

SS Chiri'kuta

Garbage Scow

Alex Grainger Crewman Introduced in Chapter 27 Assigned to Operations




End Notes:

This is currently incomplete and as the remaining Bios are written, they will be added.

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