Naruto's revenge

Chapter 6 - Civilians? Where?


Naruto was busy studying more scrolls and books when one of his multiple clones puffed out of existence, to report to him his memories since it got created. As he reviewed the memories, rage grew in Naruto. He had left the civilians that had survived the Sandaime Hokage and his purge alone, but it seemed these bastards were now hunting others, simply because they were children of the 'freaks' namely, of the Shinobi charged with protecting them. That triggered a rage in Naruto of such magnitude the earth shook. Not that it bothered either the Shinobi or the civilians, as both were used to this phenomenon occurring in the Japanese archipelago. Mist, a hidden village in the country of Water, was threatened by the country's Daimyo, in violation of the hidden village Concord. Apparently, the civilians of Konohagakure that had escaped the Hokage's cleanup had regrouped in the capital of Water and infiltrated its administration, poisoning the mind of the Daimyo with lies and convincing him that the hidden village was a danger to his omnipotent powers in his country. They had done so well in intoxicating the administration of the country that a witch hunt was underway to dispose of every ninja in sight. That had been how one of his Kage Bunshin had been disposed of, as any stranger was considered a Ninja, even babies! The civilians were so enraged when the clone popped out of existence they cut down every tree within a radius of a mile to make sure none was a Ninja or harbouring one... as if a ninja would actually wait to get butchered before vanishing! People are so stupid, thought Naruto, unaware the reasoning he applied to Ninjas also applied to witches and wizards. Naruto meditated to enter in contact with the Kyuubi.

"What brings you to my abode?"

"The Konoha civilians that migrated to Water have managed to foment a rebellion against the Hidden Village of Mist by infiltrating the political structure of the Daimyo of Water, putting the Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist, Kirigakure, in hot water. There is a good chance that the Daimyo will use his loyal Samurai to overrun Kiri."

"What would you want to do?"

"What I want to do is not necessarily what must be done."

"True, but do not forget that power not exercised is power that diminishes."

"Let us discuss options, then."

"State them?"

"Why me?" pouted Naruto.

"Consider this a training to later come out and lead the Empire. You, gaki, are the hidden Emperor. You will, one day, need to take difficult decisions for the entire Empire, and exercise the leadership of the Hidden Government. The current 'Emperor' is a cover for you, and, he, like every military or government official, will have to bend to your will once you visit Edo... now Tokyo."

"Oh. Okay. So... Option 1... mmmm … Dispose of all left-over civilians from Konoha that have escaped the purge.... Option 2... mmmm … Dispose of the Daimyo and take direct control of the country of Kiri... Option 3... mmmm... have Kirigakure evacuated... Option 4... mmmm... combine options 1 and 2."

"What else do you know?"

"I learned that the current Mizukage, the Yondaime Mizukage, is the Jinchuriki of Isobu, the three-tailed Kitsune."

"HOLD IT! You mean my little cousin Isobu is still around? That is marvellous. He would do a great ally if his Jinchuriki is able to talk to him!"

"Well, we better move our asses, then, because Akatsuki is after him. My clones have yet to infiltrate Akatsuki, but they are tracking all the Jinchuriki around, all nine of them, including you, Kyuubi. That they have not found you yet, even after the disaster in Konoha, is surprising. They had five years to pinpoint you. Their spy network must be pitiful, but we must not count on it to stay that way!"


"So, priority number one: contact the Yondaime Mizukage, to inform him of the shenanigans of the Akatsuki criminals. That can be easily arranged if I use the duck migration to hide a good dozen Kage Bunshin in a flock migrating over Mist. They have to cross the China Sea and the Sea of Japan to reach their winter nesting grounds. And migration is beginning, which serves us right."

"Finally using your big head instead of playing with your small one! Good."

"Kyuubi! If you stopped projecting all those weird images in my mind under the guise of giving me sex education, I would not be playing with my small head until it became raw!"

"Use lubricant, gaki!"

Red as a tomato, Naruto went back to topic.

"I doubt a direct order from the shadow emperor, me in occurrence, would bring the Daimyo to better dispositions. I could execute him but it would probably bring the Samurai under his command into direct conflict with me. And the last Shogun of the hidden countries has died with no male descent..."

"Not true, there, gaki."


"Your dad was the direct descendant of the last recognized Shogun of the Hidden Countries. It might well have been one reason I was pulled out of your mother by that Uchiha: one way to kill him without wetting his hands in the blood. Madara was good at this."

"So, if I write a letter to the Daimyo of Water with order to desist... with the seal of the Shogun... and the Emperor..."

"He will ignore it. But if you write to every Samurai, with the same seal pair, the shame will rest on his shoulders and those that follow him."

"Now, how to make sure Isobu acknowledges a message from you?"

"We Kitsune have our own writing. It will be only visible for another Kitsune... and their Jinchuriki."

"Okay, I will let you control my body. That way, things will go faster. Speed is of the essence here."

Shortly, a letter was written. On the front, visible to all, was a kid writing to a Kage to ask how to become a Ninja. Between the lines, written in ink only visible to the Kitsune and his Jinchuriki, was information on the Akatsuki criminal organization and what they planned. And a direct order from Kyuubi for Isobu to prepare for war, and to move his village to a hidden emplacement only known by Kyuubi, leaving only shadow clones.

In parallel, Kage Bunshin by the hundreds were busy writing individualized letters to each Samurai, reminding them of their sworn obligations to the Emperor and the Shogun. A much more strongly worded letter was written to the Daimyo of Kiri. Once everything was ready, the clones pocketed the letters and left the Namikaze – Uzumaki compound in different flocks of birds, flocks chosen for their lack of interest as food for the humans below. The twenty-five that carried the message for the Mizukage left mixed in a flock of ducks, leading them where they wanted by taking the front of the flight.

Naruto clones two-hundred and fifty to two-hundred and seventy-five had hinged into ducks and incorporated themselves in a migratory flight. As the birds were following roughly the path that led to Kirigakure, they rested by staying in the drag of the lead birds. Night fell, and, since ducks are not good night flyers, they took to a pond and rested, staying in the middle of the flock. Good for them, as a group of hunters targeted the ducks near the shores from camouflaged flat-bottomed rowboats, killing a dozen before the panic set in and the birds took off. One of the clones got killed and puffed out of existence, reporting to Naruto about the incident. The rest of the flight of clones survived and took the occasion to take the lead and veer a bit to the right, breaking with the established migratory path. That allowed the birds safe passage into Kiri as the hunters were waiting on the usual path.

Once in Water, the ducks flew higher than usual, staying out of sight of hunters below... but not of predatory birds. A falcon managed to harpoon a clone, only to find its claws empty, much to its displeasure after spending so much energy trying to outsmart the duck! That 'duck' also reported the meeting with the falcon and their current location. Another one hundred and twenty-two miles to go to reach Kirigakure. The ducks landed in a calm pool of water and fed before resting for the night.

As the sun rose, the birds took off, flying over a team of ninja looking up at them in surprise. One had a bow and managed to kill one of the real ducks as it flew off, adding to their field rations. As soon as the ducks were far enough, one of the clones puffed out of existence. It reported that a team of Iwagakure shinobi were well within Kiri. As both countries were not friendly by a long shot, that smelled bad... for Kiri. Naruto pondered the significance of the report.

Finally, the ducks reached the river the flock was used to following and landed to rest and fatten up in prevision of the cross-oceanic crossing coming up shortly. The clones swam up the swamps, hid in the tall wetland flora, and rested as well. The next morning, the flock left, the twenty-two residual clones staying behind. Kirigakure was barely three miles off, but three miles fraught with ambushes.

"Let us hinge into a flock of Grey Bunting. They are migrating too, but are too small to be of value."

"Ia it not a bit early?"

"Maybe, but do you have a better suggestion? Maybe they will think winter is coming early."


The clones puffed into the selected birds and flew off, flying low between the reeds so as to escape detection. Their dark grey colour acted as a good camouflage at ground level. Nonetheless, two more clones puffed out of existence before the group reached Kirigakure. One from getting attacked by a snake, and another after being hit by a stone throw by a kid practising his aim. Infiltrating Kirigakure itself was anti-climatic. It was market day and the guards were too busy watching the merchant-men to worry about individual birds flying in.

The birds converged on the tallest building in Kirigakure, the Village Hidden in the Mist, the Mizukage tower. Once perched on the rail of the balcony, the birds peeked inside the Mizukage office. One bird hid in the shadow, and listened to the talk going on. The Mizukage was talking to one of his teams.

"So, if I understand this, your team got attacked by a group of well-armed civilians accompanied by ten Samurai wearing the colours of our own country and Daimyo?"

"Yes, Yondaime Mizukage. We made it out of that trap with one severely wounded, that is now in the hospital."

"I wonder what is up with this!"

The bird flew in and landed on the Mizukage's desk, before puffing into its Naruto clone and extending the scroll to the Mizukage, surprising both him, the team Jonin, and the three Anbu that were on guard.

"Explanations are in this scroll!" he said before puffing out of existence to report to Naruto.

The Mizukage examined the scroll, making sure it was not booby-trapped and then broke the seal and unrolled it after examining the seal carefully. He was sweating profusely as he recognized the seal of the Shadow Emperor and the seal of the Shadow Shogun respectively. He sat heavily on his chair, white as a ghost.

"Bad news, Yondaime Mizukage?"

"The combined presence of the Imperial and Shogun seals on the same scroll never foretell good news. Let me read this."

To Isobu, three-tailed Kitsune and its Jinchuriki, Yagura, Yondaime Mizukage of Kirigakure, greetings.

It has been brought to our attention that the criminal organization called Akatsuki has eyes set on you and our family. You must take evasive actions as soon as possible. They far out-power you, having managed to even counter my own Jinchuriki, the Imperial family of Uzumaki line. It is by pure luck I found shelter in her new-born son. Take heed of the warning. If you have knowledge the location of other jinchuriki, please tell it out loud as even insects can hear.

Further warning must be given. The Daimyo has broken the compact of the Hidden Villages intentionally, under the influence of civilian infiltrators from Konohagakure, civilians that have managed to escape the wrath of the Sandaime Hokage and find refuge in Kiri. They have been at it for a while, finding a fertile ground in the civilian population of Kiri, which has been intoxicated by outside influences. My Jinchuriki thinks it is the Akatsuki and the Uchiha family that combined their efforts in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate ruling forces of the Hidden countries and the Shadow Emperor and Shadow Shogun. Indications are that the death of the Shadow Shogun, Namikaze Minato, and of the Shadow Empress, Uzumaki Kushina, were orchestrated by Uchiha Madara and the Akatsuki. Beware of your civilians, as they are as corrupt as those from Konohagakure.

Hidden on the reverse side of this scroll is a path to safety. Lead your shinobi there, where my Jinchuriki awaits your arrival. The village is now a liability, not an asset, as it constitutes a target for the Daimyo and his Samurai. They outnumber you one hundred to one.

Kitsune Kyuubi Kurama

"What is it, Yondaime Mizukage?" asked the Jonin as he saw his leader shake violently.

"How long before our last teams report in?" asked the Mizukage, rather than answer the question of his Jonin.

"A week," answered his closest friend and ally, the Boar Anbu.

"We have a week to prepare to evacuate the village. Do not inform the civilians. They are compromised and are against us. In seven nights, we will leave the village as soon as the sun is set. Narval, what do we know about the location of other jinchuriki?"

Narval, the T&I chief, looked at his boss questioningly. "We know of where the one-tailed and the four-tail are, but we are lacking on the others. Gaara of Sunagakure holds Ichibi Shukaku, the one-tailed; the Yonbi Son Goku, the four-tailed, is held in prison under Mount Fujiyama. He is the most vulnerable to attack since he is in hibernation. But beware the day he wakes up!"

"What about the nine-tailed, Kyuubi Kurama?"

"We lost track after it attacked Konohagakure, Yondaime."

The Mizukage smiled inwardly, he had one over the T&I specialist!

"Off you go to eliminate spies, Narval. The second scroll lists all civilian spies infiltrated in our village, including those commandeered by the Daimyo. Your task, Narval, is to invite them on a false pretence to the arena and to kill them 'accidentally' by having the building blow up. A natural gas leak would do good here. Narval, I count on you, do not betray me."

"Are you sure of that list?"

"Would you deny the Shadow Shogun justice?"


"Then get to work."

Meanwhile, in the capital of Water, yet another group of clones made their way into the Daimyo offices, hinged into a collection of Samurai, civilians, and even a couple of children. The Daimyo was getting ready to open his morning meeting when a 'mailman', in fact a Naruto clone Henged into one, knocked on the door, and receiving licence to enter, walked in.

"What is it?" the Daimyo asked gruffly, perturbed as he got de-concentrated from his planned harangue.

"An emergency letter," said the clone, as he bent his neck slightly, a hidden insult to the Daimyo: he should have bent at the waist and waited for the acknowledgement.

The Daimyo almost blew his top. Those low-lifes needed to learn their place! He grabbed the scroll and studied the seals. At first, he did not recognize them, but as light came to the dark caves of his mind, he realized this was no ordinary delivery.

"Validate the seals!" he ordered the scribe that took note of the debates and orders of the Country's Council.

After careful examination, the scribe returned the scroll to the Daimyo.

"It is authentic. It had the hidden seals layer we have never managed to duplicate that validates this as an original Uzumaki and Shogun seal pair. Anything within is an order of the Highest authority."

The Daimyo of Water broke the seals with shaking hands and unrolled the scroll. He began to read aloud, his voice becoming ever more coarse as rage grew.

To: Hiraka Nurata, Daimyo of the Land of Water, salutations.

It has come to the Shadow Emperor's attention that you plan on breaking the Hidden Villages Concord signed by your ancestors in the presence of the Shadow Emperor and of my ancestor, the Shadow Shogun. You are hereby ordered to desist. Should you not, you will lose all rights and authority within any land under the control of the Shadow Emperor and myself. Any and all Shinobi of Land of Water are now under Imperial Protection. Any and all Samurai are to divest themselves of your symbols and replace them with the colours of the Shugunate, my colours. Should you or your current subordinates find the order too unpalatable, you and them are ordered to do hara-kiri as soon as possible to regain your honour.

So ordered by the Shadow Emperor, in my presence.

Uzumaki – Namikaze Naruto

Shadow Emperor of Japan

Shadow Shogun of the Shadow Shugunate and Hidden Countries.

"I thought they had been eliminated!" exclaimed the Daimyo, unaware that his exclamation marked him as a traitor to the vast majority of his Samurai. Taken by a murdering rage, the Daimyo took his sword and swung it at the mailman, cutting his head off, only to meet a puff of smoke as the clone dissolved to report back to Naruto.

"If you think you gained any time with this action, you are wrong. Destroying a Kage Bunshin just about gave the source the information that would have otherwise taken months to reach the Emperor. He now knows you have betrayed him," said one of his councillors. "The Emperor now has all the time in the world to meet you and tackle the problem as he sees fit."

"That is a puppet emperor, a puppet shogun, and a puppet government. We govern!"

"I would not be so sure. Rumours have been circulating about what happened in Konohagakure. If only one percent of what is said is true, I plan to wear diapers to retain my dignity!"


"Realist, I see myself as a realist."

"Anyway, prepare for war. I want you back this afternoon with plans to destroy Kirigakure. Now, leave."

That afternoon, a super-secret meeting was being held in the Water Daimyo's office. Things did not start well.

"Where's everyone?" asked the Daimyo, as he walked into the huge conference room, ninety percent empty!

"You lost most of your forces, it seems. The Samurai have turned coat for the most part, and of your trustworthy forces, half got killed before they could return to the town for the meeting."

"If I do the math, twenty percent of my forces stayed, of which half were disposed by traitors to the Daimyo of Water country?"

"The majority see you as the traitor."

"Tell me that it cost them as much as it did me?"

"No. Only a few green under the feet were killed, the vast majority of your opponents have survived."

"Then we shall recruit amongst the civilians."

"Easier said than done. And the issue is that these civilians are just that: civilians, with no military experience. We only have one teacher left in the Samurai Academy, the others left, with most of the students, including the freshly graduated ones."

"GRR! Why?"

"Remember your own oath of office, Daimyo. For your memory, it states «I, , swear on my life and honour to serve the Emperor, the Shogun, and the Daimyo to the best of my capacity.» You come in third place. And they recite that oath every day. When was the last time you swore your oath of office?"

"GRR! Suggestions?"

"I do not know how big the Imperial forces are, since the Shadow Emperor's military is as shadowy as he is. All I can tell you is that tackling the Emperor will likely bring down on us the vast majority of the Hidden countries. We need to focus on our local issues, and pray to Kami that the Emperor learns of your betrayal as far away in the future as you can imagine."

"Send messengers to the Samurai that patrol the country and are not in immediate contact with the traitors. Denounce the traitors per prefecture, so they can not recruit locally. The messengers are to go 'civilian' and only put their uniforms once they are at destination. Begin recruiting amongst the civilians. Promise anything. We need not honour promises given to the dead, and the civilians are fodder for the weapons of the enemy."

The comment of the Daimyo sent shivers down the spine of the Samurai, whom realized, a bit late, that the Daimyo considered himself above anything, including the need to be honourable. But they were committed. The debate on how to deal with the shinobi village and the treasonous Samurai quickly turned to a verbal skirmish, as most qualified soldiers had defected. Strategies, each more ludicrous than the previous ones, were thrown on the floor to be shredded immediately. At some point, one of the Samurai asked a question that brought everything to a standstill:

"What precautions have been taken to keep this secret?"

"No one is on the balcony, the windows are closed and sealed," replied, confidently, the Daimyo, "And so are the walls. I activated the seals."

"Uzumaki seals, IMPERIAL seals!"

"Right. So? The Emperor must be present to activate or deactivate them."

"So we think, but somehow, this conception of seals will bite us in the ass."

The smart Samurai was not wrong in worrying, but he was not there during the arrival of the Imperial messenger and therefore could not add two and two and conclude that if it came in as a bird, another one might well come in as an insect! However, the 'insect' in question was outside, using its eight spider paws to register the conversation by sending the vibration of speech along a transparent silk thread down the wall to another Henged Kage Bunshin who was memorizing the conversation and the name of all those involved.

After six hours of stormy discussions, the Daimyo had enough.

"You have two weeks to get a reasonable number of civilians armed. I do not care one whit if they know what end of a sword to use, or if their arrows travel no further than their noses. Give them pre-strung bows, a quiver of arrows, and anything resembling a sword. If they can walk, they are in the army! You have two weeks to get them ready to move. The only command I want them to know is 'Charge!' Got it?"

The Samurai group left, disgusted by their leader. Some vowed to do everything in their power to slow down things from behind the scenes, others left the city to join the opposition, but the majority stood with their Daimyo. As the Daimyo left his office, he did not notice the spider leaning on the window outside puffing out of existence.

Naruto scanned the memory of the clones that had been returned to him and decided to take some preventive measures. His first move was to send a dozen clones to Water with mission to assassinate the Konoha civilians that had infiltrated Water Country and triggered the purge.

"Dispose of the adults. Recover the children with these scrolls, and bring them to Konoha to be incorporated into the Shinobi families. I do not do war on children."

After sending off his clean-up team, Naruto began preparing the recall of all that had been lent to Water under the Uzumaki seals. That country would woe the day it had renounced its vow to his ancestors. Naruto also sent another clone to Kirigakure to inform the Mizukage of the latest development. The clone carried a hundred sealing scrolls carrying each one thousand sealing scrolls. The clone was to instruct Kiri shinobi on how to use the scrolls to pack their things more quickly. Another clone was behind the first one, packing body scrolls, designed specifically for the retrieval of live people. The objective was to remove the civilian children in Kirigakure and also empty the shinobi hospital of its patients. Naruto wanted the forces of the Daimyo to only find adults, not children. He was well aware that there would be a blood bath once the Daimyo's forces reached the gates of Kirigakure, and he did not want this to include children.

It still took a week for the Mizukage and his shinobi to pack everything, even with the scrolls, but finally, on the seventh day, everything was done. In the civilian quarters, the clones had been busy marking every child, from expectant mothers to new-borns to adolescents with seals that sank deep under their skull, readying them for instant recall and sealing in body seals.

"We are finally ready," began the Yondaime Mizukage, as he watched his shinobi teams from his high seat. "According to the Shadow Emperor, the activation of the body seals must follow a specific order. First, the seals we placed on our own children... Activate them now."

The children, which had been grouped with their parents, puffed out of view and were sealed away, falling asleep immediately.

"Note that the seals containing your children are red, as was explained by the clone of the Emperor. Next, empty the Shinobi hospital of patients... now!"

The Anbu moved quickly to the hospital, Shunshin used profusely to move from room to room to activate the seals taking the patients and their beds into body sealing scrolls. Once the task was done, what the medic-nins quickly packed everything that was left into sealing scrolls.

"Now we leave. The sun is down, and we all carry about one hundred scrolls. We regroup west, near the sea. Remember the recommendations of the Emperor: walk within the waves, so your steps get washed off."

The shinobi forces left the village using a tunnel that would blow up if anyone tried to use it to either enter or leave the village from now on. In all, the shinobi forces of Kirigakure numbered one thousand two hundred, including students of the Academy. It took until midnight to reach the seashore silently.

"Is everyone present?"

Getting a nod, the Mizukage led his people along the sea, walking ankle-deep in the water. Now was not the time to leave behind chakra to follow. At three in the morning, he collected his Anbu.

"Time to implement phase three. Walk on the sea, and Shunshin to the village. Activate the civilian children seals quietly. At three in the morning, I doubt many adults will be up. Target the child-bearing mothers first, and then the babies, and finally the toddlers and the teens."

"What if an adult wakes up?" asked Boar, the captain of the Anbu.

"If it is not one to be recovered, kill silently. If it is a pregnant woman, use the senbon needles the Emperor has sent us to put her to sleep silently."

The fifty or so Anbu walked on the water, well aware that the sea would wash away any trace of jutsu or of chakra being used, and puffed directly in Kirigakure centre of trade. One unlucky drunk caught the attention of the Anbu, whom disposed of him instantly before he could even open his mouth. They then took part of the list of targets, and moved around in pairs. The village had been divided in twenty-five sectors, each sector's children and pregnant women inventoried, and the civilian hospital was left to Boar and his team-mate, Rabbit.

The two quickly jumped on the roofs and made their way to the hospital, climbing to its roof and entering through the staff room. Two medic-nins were terminated between snores, and they began descending each level, disposing of every staff member and civilian except the pregnant women and the children in the nursery. In fifteen minutes, the job was done. Meanwhile, the other teams reached their targets and applied the Mizukage's instructions to the letter. By three-thirty in the morning, the Anbu regrouped, laden with body scrolls, and puffed away silently to regroup with the Shinobi. They had managed to add another five miles to their walk along the beach.

"Did everything go as planned, Boar?"

"Yes, Yondaime Mizukage. The hospital is filled with ghosts."

"Anything worthy of mention?"

"No. We had no issues."

"We still have an hour and a half of walking before we reach the way-point recommended by the Emperor. The clone is up ahead, waiting for us. From what I understand, it is a rather huge cave that is dry even during the highest tide, but its entry gets flooded to the roof every tide. We must be passed before the high tide."

"That will be close, Kage. The high tide is in three hours."

"I know."

The walk sped up and, gradually, the procession moved further inland as the tide pushed on their heels. Finally, the clone was seen by the Mizukage, pointing at a very narrow gully, where the waves lapped at the rocks.

"Hurry up. The tide is coming in fast!" said the clone.

Shortly, the first members of the column entered the cave and walked further inside, with torches supplied by other clones.

"Walk as far as you can. Others are behind you."

Finally, the Mizukage and his Anbu made their way to the higher grounds and turned around.

"I must report the success of the first leg of the move to the Boss. Another clone will replace me. Stay put until the tide drops in six hours. Sleep, you will need it. And kill the torches. You do not need light in here." to which the Mizukage nodded.

Meanwhile, the Samurai of the Daimyo and his ragtag army were nearing Kirigakure. In Kirigakure, adult civilians woke up to realize their children were gone. They regrouped in the centre of the village, intent on revenge against the Shinobi forces, only to realize they had vanished overnight with everything. The furore increased as news spread that the hospital had been emptied of pregnant mothers and new-borns. That every adult patient had died along with the staff passed under the radar completely.

Suddenly, war drums were heard at the gates of Kirigakure. The Samurai had reached their target. The civilian council ran to the closed gates and watched in awe as a line of Samurai pushed ahead of them a disorganized mass of people armed with everything from bows to pikes to swords, even pipes! A tree trunk was swinging between horses, getting ready to tackle the gate doors. A puff of smoke was missed as a bird, perched on a tree branch reported to Naruto.

"The siege of Kirigakure by the Daimyo is beginning. The first hit of the battering ram must just now resonate across Kiri, Boss."

"Time to recall the seals, then, since the Daimyo broke the Concord."

Naruto pressed on a first seal, recalling everything possessed by the traitor Daimyo and his allied Samurai. The result was immediate: the libraries, the funds, the bank contents vanished to reappear under the Namikaze – Uzumaki castle. The Daimyo and his Samurai found themselves disarmed and nude as jay birds. The Daimyo army found itself in a similar situation as rust ate at anything metallic as if they were heated in a pure oxygen atmosphere. The ram, which had held for the first few hits, exploded in splinters, not that it was needed anymore as the palisade that kept Kirigakure safe tell inwards. The enraged civilians of the defunct shinobi village charged with everything they could get their hands on, from pitch forks to bats. The Daimyo's army replied with similar tools and a ferocious battle began, with no side showing any mercy. As the villagers were pushed back by the Daimyo's forces toward the centre of the village, the Daimyo watched with some satisfaction. Finally, the invaders had the grounds, having killed everyone, and the Daimyo walked in the village, heading for the Mizukage tower.

As he reached the counsel room, he looked outside, just in time to see the entire village burst into an inferno. He and his troops were encircled by the fires of hell. Naruto had waited for the seals lodged within the floor of the Mizukage's upper tower level to record the Daimyo's presence to trigger the Great Dragon Flame Jutsu seals embedded in every construction of Kirigakure. A repeat of the same was occurring in every home of the betraying Samurai, as their homes first lost their contents, their children and finally the structures themselves. Naruto never did things by halves. Revenge is a dish I prefer Dragon-fire hot! thought Naruto to the now empty ballroom of his ancestral castle.