Naruto's revenge

Chapter 5 - Seal Lessons


Some time prior to the previous events...

During the two weeks preceding the previous events, Naruto had been studying seals. Well, his Kage Bunshin clones had, each reading a book in depth and dissipating once the contents was understood. That monumental task had required one hundred clones relaying each other twenty-four hours a day, while Naruto did a new Kage Bunshin the moment one returned to him. To be able to sleep he had his night shift Bunshin read the thickest tomes or scrolls around, so he had a break. Naturally, mornings were fast becoming the most hated period of the day with the flood of information waking up imparted to the freshly rested brain.

After that period, Naruto began to plan his first revenge: the Uchiha clan. He spent the next three days studying the Uchiha history, and what the Kitsune knew about it. They both came to the conclusion that Madara had been the one trying to control the Kyuubi, but that it was the Uchiha guarding his mother that dealt the final blow to his family. From the family tree, it had to be Fugaku as the others were either fresh Genin or still in the learning stage of the clan jutsu. Naruto noticed that the clan was mostly self-sufficient, training its members in-house. Few were sent to the Academy, and mostly the left-overs that did not succeed in moulding enough chakra at a young age to stand out.

Kyuubi recommended that Madara be dealt a death blow given how he had managed to gain control over him for a brief period of time.

"Gaki, if he was powerful enough at the time, imagine today. Five years is nothing to me, but for you humans, it is an eternity."

Naruto had to concede the point so a common ground was reached.

"But, Kyuubi, when we deal with Madara, we must deal with the others. For one, if we deal with each piecemeal, they might eventually find a counter. Second, if we fail with Madara, he might try to recover the Uchiha jutsu inventory. Third, I think that the current head, Fugaku, needs to suffer, and how better than by depriving him of what he considers his clan's valuables: the jutsu scrolls? And since ryo are also valuable, it might be worthwhile to deprive him of any."

"So, empty his library, his bank account, and?"

"Remove all the seals found on their property."

"Or themselves. I wonder what would be the consequences?"

"Similar to removing mortar on a support wall: cascading failure." Little did Naruto understand how prophetic his comment would be.

"Okay, I think I understand the recall array well enough to draw it so it does what I need it to do. But, where will I activate it?" thought out Naruto.

"First, draw a recall for the books still in the caldera library, Naruto, to test your knowledge. Start with one book, whom you remember the title, and see if it comes to you. And send a clone there to watch it disappear, telling the clone to dissipate once the book is gone. That way you will get an idea of what happens at both ends."


Naruto created two Kage Bunshin clone of himself immediately.

"Fly off to the caldera and enter the library. Clone 1 and 2, find the scroll titled 'Genjutsu, or the Magical Illusion'. While clone one keeps an eye on it. Clone two disperses, so I know that clone 1 is on watch duty. Clone 1, be very attentive. I will try to recall the book here. I want to make sure everything works as I anticipated."

"Boss?" asked clone 2.


"Why not test the seal with a book across the room?"

"I want to know if material can make it across rocks; but, more important, the power needed for the recall is proportional to distance multiplied by mass. I can not produce so little chakra. Remember my repeated failures with Bunshin before Kyuubi proposed the use of the Kage Bunshin? The issue is similar. It is also why I try not to use the Rasengan except in dire circumstances. The damn thing almost triggered a volcanic eruption! And we have three copies of that scroll. That test will also tell me how selective a selective recall of a scroll is. After all, I might decide to recall every book in the Konoha library related to a specific jutsu."

"Oh. Okay Boss. I will be back shortly."

The two clones Henged into birds and flew off, passing through the ventilation to reach the surface and escape into the air. Half an hour later, the two birds dived into the caldera and, after having landed, reshaped into Naruto to enter the library. They searched the library index and found where the scroll Naruto wanted. As soon as they assured themselves it was what was required, Clone #1 replaced it in the scroll tube and waited, while the other popped out of existence to inform Naruto of the success of the first part.

Naruto had been drawing a runic array on a piece of scroll. The first seal specified the scroll required; the second seal its location; the third its destination, namely the table in front of him; and finally, the fourth was the power and self-destruct seal that would make sure no trace of the runic array was left to be studied. The combo seal had been the first Kyuubi had insisted Naruto learn to draw.

"I will not count on you to destroy a piece of paper that might be studied later by some ill-intentioned individual to recall me!" thundered the Kyuubi. "One control freak in a life-time is more than enough!"

"I understand."

Naruto slowly pushed chakra into the activation rune, and, suddenly the scroll containing the recall array disappeared in a puff of white smoke, while, on the table in front of Naruto, the scroll and its container appeared in a much bigger puff of smoke. That surprised Naruto, whom had expected only the scroll, not the scroll tube. Not that he was going to complain, but it did worry him some. If the tube had been booby-trapped, he would have been blown up. Some more study was needed. As he was pondering the issue, Clone 1 dispersed, and Naruto learned he had even more research to do: At the other end, the tube had been replaced by the recall array scroll. GRR! More research. And he had to find a way to leave only dust at the end, without burning down the place. Disintegrating was proving problematic as it implied converting mass into energy and his tests had shown this was not a viable approach for any jutsu if the practitioner wanted to survive. Even a speck of dust contained enough energy to trigger a massive explosion. Then the dissociation by breaking down chemical bonds also proved problematic as it too dissipated a lot of heat, but at a lesser scale than disintegration. What to do?

"Use a pocket universe to send your recall scrolls in, gaki. Or better still, dump the scroll piece in the magma chamber of an active volcano. I can tell you scrolls burn at 451 F, way below the temperature of molten rock."

"A pocket universe?"

"Well, you frame the array in another array that defines the universe you want the recall scroll to land in. By the way, I do not recommend using Hell for a dumpster! It might attract the attention of the department head! Who wants to be under the watchful eyes of Lucifer? Even I shiver at the thought!"

"Suggestions as to what the universe should be like?"

"Use the KISS principle, gaki: Keep It Simple, Stupid. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut with you. All you want to do is some 'cool jutsu' and you try for the hardest thing first. Look around. Do you really think this is the only volcano of the Empire? I told you: Simply have the scroll materialize in the lava chamber of an active volcano, preferably one that is deep under the sea, and voilà, instant burn-off of compromising runic array, without the risk of an island blowing up."

"I guess it is time I finally look at those geography books. But I want the trick on pocket universes too! It might be fun to store things in one, where no one could find them."

"Look for an oceanography book, gaki. They have maps of the seabed. You will find it fascinating, believe me. By the way, it is a lot safer that way because creating a pocket universe requires regulatory runes that must be tighter than your own ass hole! We will revisit the pocket universe later. It might be one way to keep you safe from that idiot Uchiha, and by the same token, keep me safe."

"Kyuubi! Have you been peeking? I had that peeping girl, Akari, at the orphanage, and now I have to put up with a peeping Kitsune! What a depraved world!" said Naruto, acting all offended while smirking inwardly, not bothered by the ridicule of the situation. Kyuubi had been with him since birth and had access to every single intimate thought that he had ever produced. Kyuubi exploded in a thunderous laugh.

"You, gaki, are the first in millions of years to make me laugh! It feels great! Continue!"

"I do my best."

With the help of five hundred Kage Bunshin, the issue of finding and fixing the array progressed rapidly. Once the tests were conclusive, the library in the caldera was recalled in a single puff, and materialized in additional rooms at the opposite of the caldera location. Naruto did not feel at ease with putting too much stuff near the volcano. He added firewalls encircling the area which was uncomfortably too close to the volcanic caldera, and put one hundred Kage Bunshin clones to work into merging the two library index. Another one hundred Bunshin went to work expanding the library outward toward the outer wall of the Namikaze property. He had no idea of the size of the library of the Uchiha clan, or, for that matter, of Uchiha Madara, however long he had been declared unwelcome for his treason. Believing in preparedness, he created as many rooms as he could think of, using another high volume of Kage Bunshin.

The day of revenge on Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Fugaku dawned in black clouds, thunderous weather, winds that tore trees off their anchor: a typhoon of unprecedented magnitude was sweeping across the Elemental Nations. One might have even considered it was Naruto releasing a Rasengan given how demonic its strength. Not that the Elemental nations were too worried. After all, just about every house wall was made of... paper, paper that contained preservation runes incorporated during its fabrication process, seals that had been added by the Uzumaki clan as they taught every country the art of paper making! Talk about a time bomb!

"So, we recall the Uchiha library first, then, in quick succession, everything written belonging to the Uchiha clan, in Konoha, and finally, everything related to the Uchiha clan in the Elemental Nations, including the seals that allow them to graft their eyes?"

"Yes, gaki. That way, we cut their source of power progressively: the library, the clan compound, the Elemental Nations. That way, when Madara tries to recover anything, there will be nothing to recover... if he survives the recall of the seals that allow them to graft eyes... I so wish I was a fly on the wall to see the result of the recall! It will be glorious! MWAAAAH! " Kyuubi laughed devilishly, unable to hold back his good mood inside. "Second time in an eternity you make me laugh, Gaki! If that continues, you might manage to break my contract with Lucifer... and you would become my boss!"

"Is that bad?"

"For me? Certainly not! For you? Well, that depends on how Kami takes to a demon being freed from Lucifer, the boss of Hell. As for him... let us say that losing such a powerful servant would considerably dim his hotness!"

"Oh! Well let us not sell the marshmallows too soon."

Naruto had drawn the arrays carefully over the last two days, and the only thing left for him to do was to pump chakra into the activation seal of each array. He walked to the table with the 'library' scroll as he called it and pumped chakra into the array, which began to glow ever brighter. Suddenly, it vanished and millions of scrolls popped, after a detour into individualized pocket universes where dangerous seals were deactivated before they got released into the huge room. As soon as the smoke cleared, a dozen Kage Bunshin began sorting the piles, reading the scrolls using a rapid reading & memorizing technique Naruto had found in one of his family scrolls, before moving them to the correct section of the expanded library.

Naruto turned on himself, looking at the other half of the room, and activated the next array: everything in the Uchiha clan compound with a seal vanished and reappeared there for the most part. That seal array had been a pain to conceive and draw. It needed to recall anything material, but buildings themselves. It worked perfectly: anything written was recalled (as Fugaku found out!) but the paper walls. Naruto found huge training poles, building cross-beams, weapons of all sorts, exploding tags, ninja wire by the mile, hundreds of desks, chairs, futons, and... clothes! He could not help it, he laughed maniacally thinking about the stick in the mud Uchiha clan members finding themselves nude with nothing to wear!

Next, Naruto moved to a rather huge room and activated another runic array that recalled all assets of the Uchiha in Konoha. Unknown to the bank manager, a huge pile of gold, precious metals, and jewels disappeared from the Uchiha coffers deep under the bank, along with a sizeable chunk of ryo. Come morning, the bank manager would find the capital of his bank had been sliced by 90%!

Last but not least, the recall of Uchiha assets across the Elemental Nations. Naruto decided to create a an auto-expandable pocket universe to receive that, as he had had no idea of the real assets of the Uchiha clan. It did him good as the pocket universe literally exploded with goods. Apparently the Uchiha had businesses all over the place, under false identities, and numbered companies. Everything vanished instantly: every asset, including buildings! Hotels, apartment buildings, shops, name it. If they had a controlling interest, it vanished! If not, they lost trace of their shares, and any proof they had money invested in it. Right now, the Elemental Nations were paying their treason to the Uzumaki with interest!

Fugaku was walking at a brisk pace back to the Uchiha quarter after leaving the Hokage tower, fuming about Naruto when... suddenly... he felt his ceremonial robe fall off his body and he found himself bare-ass in public! All his weapons were gone, and the silk that had been reinforced with seals fell to tatters. As he jumped up in shock, the straps that held his sandals broke, leaving him barefoot.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" he hollered, attracting attention to his predicament.

The children laughed at the adult's predicament pointing at his dangling bits; some adults called him pervert; and some commented about Fugaku junior:

"Hey, Fugaku! Are you sure you can poke the cave of pleasure with that stick?"

"Do you need a mirror to find it?"

"Maybe you should check if Suishi is your son! I'm not sure you could shoot far enough!"

"Trim the forest, I heard it lets the tree of life show!"

"If you count on that as a walking stick in your old age, forget it!"

"See kids, this is what it means to lose his pants at gambling!"

"I wonder how the casino boss plans to recoup his losses with the Uchiha if he lost up to his dignity! I for one, do not plan to buy anything at the upcoming auction. I don't buy in second-hand shit!"

"But it is Uchiha shit! It is bound to be precious!"

The ribbing was incessant, as Fugaku had not made any friends as the chief of police in Konoha. No one bothered throwing rocks at him: his situation was clear enough. Fugaku tried to walk home with what was left of his dignity until green flies began to band around his rear door, stinging him incessantly. He took to a run, followed by a hive of flies. All he heard as he turned the corner leading to the clans sector was a last comment:

"See? I told you Uchiha shit had value... for the crap flies!"

As soon as he reached the Uchiha compound, he hollered:

"Lock down!"

"With what? The gates will not lock!" answered a branch family member.

"Use a log!"

Fugaku ran to the nearest furo and dove into it, only to land on the wet tiles on his belly.

"Where is the water?"

"The bamboo pipes leak like sieves!"

"Seals! NARUTO!"

"We have not seen him, Fugaku."

"I do not care! I know it is him!"

"If it is, it is his worst prank on the clan ever! Open your eyes and look around! Not a single one of us has a weapon or a piece of cloth to wear. Quite a few houses have lost their roof as tiles get blown up by the breeze picking up speed."

Just to make the point clear, a stronger burst of wind snapped at the trees. Fugaku watched, terrorized, the paper wall of one house literally disintegrate in front of his eyes. Beams snapped, stressed beyond their natural capacity.

"Hide in the library!"

"It's no use. The roof collapsed while you were gone. Luckily, everyone was out."

Fugaku looked around and began to see the danger his clan was in. The wind was picking up strength, converting everything not tied down into projectiles. Shortly, the area would be a killing zone.

"Evacuate the compound! Nara is the nearest, retreat to the Nara compound!"


"Look around! If we do not get out, we are dead, to the last member! The compound will become a killing field! Move!"

"That is assuming the Nara are not in the same boat."

"Let us pray to Kami it is not the case!"

"And that they let us in!"

Fugaku had to admit the last comment was worth thinking about, but he had no choice given the situation in development. He had not been that kind to the Nara clan, snubbing them. He would have to swallow his pride and ask for refuge.

As the last member of the Uchiha clan left the compound, Fugaku heard a very loud crunching noise. The roof of the main house was being blown off by the picking wind!

"Run! The roof is coming this way!" he hollered, picking up his youngest, Susuki, and taking off at a run. Barely had he turned the corner to head for the Nara compound that he heard the roof crash into the Uchiha gates with a loud bang, bringing them down in a metallic cacophony.

"This is a typhoon, Fugaku. I know Naruto is powerful, but that powerful? I doubt it."

"Remember the Rasengan? It was a wind jutsu!"

"Oh shit! But his dad never did this..."

"Because he had no reason to. We, in our arrogance, have given his son all the reasons he needs to do just that! We tried to kill him, ignore him, destroy his hope by cutting him off his own resources, sabotaged his education... Now, he is out to get us!"

"Fugaku, when will this stop?"

"When Naruto has exacted complete revenge. The only thing I wonder is what he considers complete!"

"Given he is a kid, he might not know when to stop..."

"That and he is the Jinchuriki. How much is him and how much is the Jinchuriki acting up through him?"

"I thought it was forbidden to talk about that?"

"Openly, yes. Has it ever stopped anyone from talking? No. Ah, here comes the Nara compound. We are lucky they are this close, Susuki, you have gained weight."

"Dad, why did we not stop at the Inuzuka compound? It was closer!"

"Do you want to sleep with the dogs? I know you like dogs, but I doubt you want to spend the night with their fleas!"

"And, Susuki, what your dad does not tell you is that he has had several scrapes with the Inuzuka over the years because both are hot-tempered. At least, the Nara are calmer... which still does not guarantee shelter in our time of need."

"Okay, mamma!"

The huge group had collected at the Nara gates, waiting for Fugaku to take the lead. He pressed on the seal to ring the bell in the main house and waited. After ten minutes, the Nara clan head made his way to the gates slowly.

"Yes? And how come you are all bare?" asked the man as he looked at the Uchiha clan through his gate.

Fugaku pondered what to answer and decided truth was the best policy.


"Naruto? I know he pranks well, but he has never gone that far!"

"It goes further. Our estate is in ruins. Nothing is left standing."

"I thought he had taken your library only?"

"Every single scroll, even our ryo scrolls... but we, as you, forgot that everything is reinforced with seals, Uzumaki seals. So... he either recalled everything or left them so weak it collapsed on itself or got blown away. And the typhoon is not yet on us, as you can witness in the street. The library vault, which could have been our last refuge, collapsed on itself, which is good since we would have been trapped like rats in a sinking ship once the rain gets going in earnest." Fugaku tried to convey his clan's needs without saying it, to save face, but the Nara clan leader was not into saving that face, so he waited for the coming request!

After five minutes of looking at each other like dogs in a fighting arena, Fugaku's wife had enough of her husband's grandstanding.

"We need shelter from the upcoming storm, Nara Shikamaru. Our children are already cold and scared. And we have two women ready to birth."

"What makes you think the recall jutsu will not extend to us if we give you shelter?"

"We can not be sure. But we have no option. Please! For our children!"

Fugaku almost jumped on his wife to strangle her for pleading. His jaws got so tight he broke a couple of teeth and bled at the lips.

The 'please' had been what Nara Shikamaru had been waiting for. He did a couple of hand signs, behind his back, and the gates unlocked. He was not ready to trust the Uchiha with the unlocking hand signs any time soon.

"Come in. We have a dozen homes currently empty. You will be sheltered, if a bit packed. We will supply you with minimal clothing as well, and some emergency rations. Pray that your curse does not extend to us. I am taking a huge risk."

"We know. Thank you, Nara Shikamaru!" said Fugaku's wife while bending at the hip. She saw the rigid posture of Fugaku and kicked him in the balls hard enough for him to bend.

"Husband, get over your attitude! The Nara clan is in no obligation to help us so you will show basic courtesy!"

Fugaku gasped as the pain to his family jewels registered, while Shikamaru snickered behind his hand. He guided the Uchiha clan members to the different homes, assigning the smallest to Fugaku and his rather smallish family. The look Fugaku got from his wife as he opened his mouth to protest almost broke the Nara clan head's stoicism.

"Dinner is in an hour. You will get clothes by then. One of my clansmen has taken a run to the Hokage tower to inform the Hokage of the situation."

"I so wish I could see Fugaku now!" said Naruto to one of his clones, as he was helping them sort through the recovered scrolls, books, clay tablets, and accounting books.

"When Clone #630 dissipates, you will. He's tracking him," noted clone #246.

"From the amount of stuff we have to sort, there's not much left of the Uchiha clan, Boss." added Clone #230. "I am surprised we did not get diapers in the stuff!"

"I hope Clone #820 is keeping an eye on Tara. The cat deserves some peace."

Just then, said clone dived from a tree and captured the cat, who was being pursued, once again, by a group of Genin. He quickly vanished from view by substituting himself with a log, that fell right in the path of the Jonin in charge, sending him in a roll. The last thing the Jonin saw was Naruto flash from roof to roof, headed straight for the Forest of Death.

"My adorable students, we will be short a mission. But I think spotting Naruto might compensate. Let us go to the Hokage tower, I have a sighting report to fill in."

The team of four made its way to the tower and ran up the stairs to the Hokage office, surprising the secretary by the speed in which they disappeared into Hiruzen's office. Barely had the door closed behind the Jonin that he began his report.

"Sandaime Hokage, we spotted Uzumaki Naruto!"

"What happened?"

"We were trying to capture Tora when he popped in front of us, bent over, caught the cat, and did a perfect log kawarimi no jutsu before jumping on the nearest roof. The last thing I saw was a series of gold flashes as he disappeared toward the Forest of Death. The little pest has mastered his dad's Yellow Flash no jutsu!"

"That means we need to search that forest again..."

One of the students denied with his head, not daring to state openly his objection.

"And why not, Itaka?" asked the Hokage.

"If he can do this, he will be impregnable in the forest. He has tons of logs to play with, he can jump from tree to tree in the upper branches, he is the ultimate predator in there. I would not put it beyond him to trap the trees with logs to fall on anyone following him."

Sarutobi Hiruzen scratched his chin, and looked at the youngster. "You are right. Not even Jonins would be safe in there with that kind of predator."

"But he's only a child!" objected the Jonin teacher.

"A child that escaped capture repeatedly before vanishing into the forest. Attempting to capture Naruto was the test of our Anbu. No one ever succeeded since he could walk! Now, he shows jutsu that are for chunin, and, you, yourself, have seen him do an S-class jutsu. I could put everyone on that capture, and be ridiculed. No, we leave Naruto be, just observe his actions. For your clans' safety, do not piss him off. He has reduced the Uchiha clan, one of our strongest, to paupers. I just got the report from the bank. The Uchiha do not even have their underwear to their names, according to Nara Shikamaru! I sent a Jonin team to look at the Uchiha clan district, and there is nothing left standing," noted the Sandaime Hokage. "I believe Itaka is right. Sending anyone in the Forest of Death to capture Naruto would be an SS-class mission, even if I put every single Anbu on it. And, somehow, I am sure Naruto has found his dad's clan district, the only district we know is part of Konoha but are unable to locate!"

"I wonder if Naruto is responsible for the disaster that hit the civilians?" Itaka wondered aloud.

"No, Itaka. I was. The civilian council tried to kill Naruto one too many times, and he fought back. Rather than let him flatten the village to avenge the number of murder attempts done on him, I had the civilians executed. Call this surgical intervention to halt the propagation of the cancer the civilians were responsible for. It had reached my own troops, Itaka. Betrayal covered every level of this village, including the Anbu. Seemingly, from what happened to the Uchiha, I did not dig deep enough. I need to call all the teams that have been out doing C-rank and above missions outside of the village and explain the reason why the civilian district is in ashes, to stop rumours about Naruto being involved. He was not, although he was the trigger."

Itaka looked at the Hokage, wide-eyed. "How long has this been going on?"

"Since he was born. The medic-nins tried to kill him on day one and failed."

"Why such hatred, Sandaime Hokage, after all a new-born baby can not be held responsible for anything."

"I wish everyone thought like you, Itaka. Given the situation, I think I will tell you why. Naruto is the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, the nine-tail Demon. As you learned in history, the Kyuubi is the one that destroyed a good portion of the village before Namikaze Minato sealed him in his son, Uzumaki Naruto. Ever since then, Naruto has survived several dozen murder attempts a year, murder attempts at the hospital, on the streets, and in the orphanage. I tried, and quite a few clans tried too, to take him in but the civilians blocked every one of these attempts, voting instead each day to have him executed, only to be blocked by the clan leaders. That Naruto has yet to erase the village off the map is surprising."

"What about what happened to the Uchiha clan?"

"Fugaku was charged of protecting his mother. We all know where that led."

"I do not understand why they hate Naruto. He's the jailer, not the culprit!"

"You show more insight than most civilian adults, Itaka. The clans, exception made of the Uchiha, have understood the role of the Jinchuriki, and, at least, have not contributed to Naruto's pains." The Jonin nodded.

"Naruto must be powerful to be able to take the Uchiha clan on his own... and win!"

"Powerful... on his own, he is Namikaze – Uzumaki, a combination of what where once the two most powerful clans of the Hidden Countries. His mother was the princess of Whirlpool, and you know who Namikaze Minato was. Whirlpool is the creator of seals. Yes, you heard me, of seals. They invented the sealed scrolls, the sealed paper, the seals we use every day in our ninja work. We depend intimately on these seals to reinforce our homes, to hide things, to carry things, to reinforce our weapons, to train, to purify water... everything. Naruto has gained control of these seals, as shown by the destruction of everything Uchiha in the village. If it was Uchiha, it was rendered useless, even their clothes. Add to this that he is the Jinchuriki of the strongest Demon. From what I have heard so far, he has been using the demonic chakra from day one. Not that he had a choice, given how much abuse he was put through. He must have a good heart, otherwise..."

"And he has learned all this on his own. No one wanted to teach him how to speak, or read or write. I saw him watch us train from a tree in training ground 11. I never thought he could gain anything from just watching."

"You did, Itaka? Why did you say nothing?"

"I never thought it important, Sensei."

"I wonder if the 'teacher' is not the Kyuubi..." whispered the Hokage, way too loud in the silence that followed Itaka's last comment.

"Anyway, we never did reach this level. Shunshin body flicker is Chunin level, and from what I saw, he is way past that," the Jonin stated.

"He was not always there, Sensei. Nothing stopped him from watching others."

"Especially the Anbu, which he repeatedly managed to prank... in their own compound, no less," added the Hokage, shivering at the pranks Naruto had pulled. Morino Ibiki still raged at the pink tutu prank day, where every Anbu made it to duty only to find themselves in pink tutus tied at the hips... even the females. Kurenai was still jumping up and down at the memory of said prank that had left her bare-chested.