My Life Started After High School

23. Cupid's Arrow - Million Dreams

Abel's POV

To be honest, I'm nervous about starting a new school with only a month left in the semester. Luckily Greyson was very nice to Kyler and me. Which is weird, because of his history with Kayde, going as far as having a restraining order in school with him.


Since what happened with Kayde and me, I've been a little awkward around Kyler, and he's starting to notice. “How was your break?” Kyler asked me.


“It was good, just the break I needed.” I could feel my face heat up a bit, thinking about the bedroom scene. “Yours?”


He shrugged. “It was meh. We really should have hung out more.” I nodded. “Any reason why we didn't hang much?”


I shrugged. “I don't know, was either busy or lazy, I guess..”


“I'll get the truth from you yet Abel Yeager!” I went full blush. “I'm not letting you off the hook, but won't push more here. There's enough stress right now.”


Greyson was waiting outside the office for us. Mom had done everything beforehand, so did Kyler's mom, so we were ready to get a good look around the school. “Ready for your tour of the school?”


“How can a boy like you give a tour Grey?” That boy, Noah I think his name is, came out from a hallway. “How much of this school do you have memorized?”


“Oh, not much.” Greyson then went on to tell Noah about the entire school. It was quite amazing how much he knows without his eyesight. “Think I can give a tour now?”


Noah shrugs. “I could use the company.” Greyson and Noah showed us around the school, showing us where our classrooms were, the cafeteria, and finally our lockers. Since we're new here, our lockers were put right beside each other. “Anything else you guys would like to know?”


Kyler and I look at each other. “Uhhhh.” We say in unison. We couldn't think of anything.


Greyson smiled at us. “Well if you need anything I'm here. Noah is probably too, but come to me first!” He stuck out his tongue, making a silly face. “Think you can find your way to your first class?”


“Yeah, I think so.” It was one of the first stops on the tour, should be easy to remember.


Kyler shook his head though. “No, I will probably need some help.”


“You had science first right?” Noah asked, to which Kyler nodded. “Don't you have science now too, Greyson?”


“Yeah, I can take him. You ready to go?” Kyler nods, and they are off down the hallway. Kyler gave me a little wave before leaving. That left me to venture into my unknown new school by my lonesome. Should be fun.


“Hey...” I voice behind me spoke up.



Greyson's POV

“So Greyson...” Kyler spoke to me on the way to our first class of the day. “I want to say I'm sorry for my brother's actions. He can be a real idiot at the best of times.”


I chuckled. “Why are you apologizing for something you didn't do Kyler?”


He sighed. “I don't know; I feel responsible since he's my brother, is all. Is that weird?”


“No, it seems pretty normal to me. Lots of people apologize for things they didn't do. They feel responsible as if something they could have done or said would have stopped them. Kyler, your brother, let his lower head get the better of him, and there's no reason for you to apologize. Thanks though.” That was really deep for something so early in the morning.


“Whoa... it's too early for this Greyson. I get what you're saying though. “Kyler gave me a gentle shove to show his appreciation. “So what's good on the menu here?”


I shrug. “I don't know I always bring a lunch.” I'm not very helpful for that kind of thing. “But I have noticed Abel's reaction to Cairo.”


“What reaction?” The confusion in his voice was clear. He had no idea what is going on.


A giggle escaped my mouth. “Both Cairo and Abel get all awkward around each other. They seem distracted when around each other. I'm blind and can see this.” I stuck out my tongue at him.


"Oh that. Yeah, Abel has thought Cairo was cute since they first saw each other.” Abel and Cairo, they are already adorable with each other, and I think their names sound cute together. When you're blind, you can't really say a couple looks cute together. “I think they would be real cute together.” Good, I'm not the only one who thinks this.


“You know what we need to do then?” I smirked looking over at Kyler.


Pretty sure he shook his head. “Get them together? Sure, I got nothing better to do. Think we could trick him into a date with Cairo?”


“Easily.” I was grinning like a supervillain, don't know about Kyler but I had a pretty good idea we were hatching up a plan together.



Carter's POV

I spent a good part of my morning looking at that Cupid kid. Of course, the time I want to talk to him, he's nowhere to be seen. This guy certainly knows when he wants to talk to someone.


Once lunch came around, I looked around again, and again with no luck. Tiz, one of Noah's friends, was found though. “Hey, Tiz...”


He looked over at me. “Oh, you're that Carter kid. Can I help you with something?”


“Yeah, have you seen that kid with the pink hair? His name is Cupid.” It feels so weird to try and talk to a guy who I shut down only a few weeks ago. “I need to talk to him.”


Tiz thought about it for a moment. “I think I've seen him eat in the art room at lunch. Cannot confirm that though.”


“Good enough for me thanks.” I gave him a little wave before I made my way to the art room. Down a couple of halls and through one door and there he sat, drinking out of a water bottle. “Finally...” I said under my breath.


A couple of kids looked up as I entered the room. I choose to ignore them and go over to Cupid. He looked to be in the middle of drawing something. “How can I help the high and mighty Carter?”


I deserve that don't I? “I would like to make a complete ass of myself.”


That got his attention. “You have my undivided attention; please continue.”


I took in a breath. “I realize I told you we couldn't go on a date, but I'd like to ask you out on one.”


“I think it was more like 'I'm good thanks though. Maybe just friends for now.'” He copied my voice pretty well. It even made me giggle. “What made you change your mind?”


“Over the holidays I talked to someone who questioned why I said no to you. He convinced me into giving this a chance.” I stood there scratching my head nervously.


Cupid smiled though. “I'm glad he did! This Saturday work for you?” I nod. “Good, I'll figure everything out, since I was the one to ask you out first.”


“Do I get a say in anything?”


He handed me a piece of paper. “That's what my number is for. I'll surprise you but make sure it's one you'll like.” I'm not sure if I like someone else having control over where we go on a date, but I guess I'll have to trust him.



Cairo's POV

Today was the day I'd find out when the court date was with my dad and step-mom. Carter and I were heading to the Craven's where the lawyer was already talking to Judith and forming a plan of action.


Carter seemed distracted on our walk home though. “What's on your mind, Carter?”


“Nothing.” He answered instinctively.


I stopped and crossed my arms. “Tell me.” I glared at him.


In a huff, he turned around and looked at me. “Cupid and I are going out on a date.”


“Like the angel?” I raised my eyebrow confused.


Carter rolled his eyes. “No, the other new kid who started the same day as me. Your trial is more important than my little problem.” He started walking again; ignoring the fact I wanted more from him.


When he didn't stop walking away, I gave in and caught up with him. “All because the trial is important doesn't make your issues any less major,” I told him. “Why are you so worried about your date?”


“I don't want to talk about it.”


I scowled at him. “Why not?”


He stopped and turned to me. “Because it has to do with what I did before staying at Tre's house the second time. And you don't need to bear that burden on your shoulders.” He was absolutely serious about it; there wasn't going to be any more information coming from him on the subject.


“Okay... Sorry.” He ruffled my hair letting me know I didn't need to apologize and we continued walking. I wasted no time when we got there; I ran straight inside and found Judith talking with the lawyer. “And?”


The Lawyer looked to be right in the middle of a sentence when I spoke. “Good afternoon Cairo.” He composed himself. “I was just telling Mrs. Craven here that my attempts to settle out of court fell short.”


“Which means?” Carter's words were like a bullet.


“Which means that your step-mother is pushing forward getting back custody of you.” Carter looked like he was about to speak, but Judith silenced him. “I think we have three important things to present the judge though. One being your sexual identity and Carter's current standing. The second being your grades have rapidly improved in the Craven household. And the last being your desire not to return.”


“So you think we can win this?” I asked hopefully.


He smiled. “I think we are well armed for the case young man. We have a good chance of keeping you close to your brother.” I started grinning from ear to ear. “I plan on talking with some of your teachers in the coming days to get statements from them on your attitude in class. Perhaps someone might even testify if we're lucky.”


“This all sounds a little excessive for just a custody case.” Carter always seems so down...


Mrs. Craven nodded. “The more we have against your mother, the better our chances of keeping Cairo out of that house and in ours.”


“When's the court case?” I ask.


The Lawyer's face showed concern. “One month from today. I have to get all the evidence and witnesses we plan to bring to the hearing to the courthouse in less than a week.” So soon... but it has to happen eventually. Guess it's time to prepare for battle.



Aidyn's POV

I quickly sent my parents and Noah the same text.

Got to the dorms just fine.



When I got inside, I noticed Nathan's usual mess about the place but no sign of him. His door was left open, showing his even bigger mess inside. So he was on campus, just not in the room at this moment.


I dropped my bag inside my room and made my way out to meet up with Bryce. I made it out, and he was helping another guy with directions. “Hey Aidyn, where's the cafeteria from here? I seriously can't remember.”


I shook my head. “I can take you there, but probably couldn't direct you.”


“Thanks! Aidyn?”


“That's me, Aidyn Scott.” I extend my hand for a shake. “And you are?”


The guy grabbed my hand. “Xavier Christensen, I just started here today and not sure where anything is.” He's got a pretty firm handshake.


“Well, welcome to our little community college, Xavier.” We made our way over to the cafeteria quite quickly. When we arrived, Xavier went into the line to get his food after thanking us. Nathan's laugh echoed through the cafeteria. “Oh hey, here's Nathan.”


Bryce and I giggled to ourselves as we saw Nathan hanging out with Josh, Brailyn, and Iris. The two of us went over to the four of them. “Hey guys, how were your breaks?”


Josh was the first to chime in. “It was great! I got lots of beautiful pairs of socks.” He then stuck out his leg, and sure enough, there were some sailor moon socks on his feet. “I have one for each of the scouts.”


“Oh cool...” I didn't know what else to say, never watched Sailor Moon.


Brailyn shrugged. “Was pretty chill, not much to it. Just some family time and spent time not studying.”


Iris rested her chin on the back of her hands. “I spent my break working, it sucked. Didn't have much time for myself aside from Christmas day.” She shrugged. “Oh well, such is the life of a student.”


Nathan was sitting there silently blushing the entire time. “What did you get up to Nathan?” Bryce poked his forehead. “Looks like it was something to be nervous about.”


“I entered into a relationship with someone...”


I raised my eyebrow. “That's an odd way of putting it. Who's the lucky one?” His blush grew even more intense. Nathan's face as red as a firetruck. “Is it Iris?”


Iris bursts into laughter. “Oh no, Nathan and I are way better as friends. Though I think it's adorable.”


“Who is it then?” Bryce asked my question again.


“IT'S ME!” Josh gleefully shouted. “Nathan and I are an item now.”


Bryce and I had the same expression on our faces, deadpan. “Seriously?” We spoke at the same time.


Nathan nodded. “Yeah, we spent some time together and ended up going on a date. I like how extroverted he is, but still up to chill somewhere by ourselves. It's been interesting so far.”


“I would say!” Bryce exclaimed. The group of us burst into laughter. We joked around for a bit and just hung out as friends. Josh and Nathan shared a few cute moments together. It was just great to be hanging with friends before classes began.


When we got back to the room, Nathan looked at me. “Your birthday was over the break wasn't it?” I nodded. “Well happy birthday, what did you do?”


“Thanks. I just had a simple dinner with Noah, didn't want any more than that. I'm not a huge birthday kind of guy.”


He nods. “That's fair. Well, I'm tired as hell, I'll see you tomorrow.”


“I'm joining you in that, time for bed for me too. Night.” We each went into our rooms and prepared for bed. It's nice to be back at school, back to learning for a bit. I missed it in a weird way...

Chapter End.


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