My Life Started After High School

Chapter 24 - Out With the Old - Just Found Heaven

Cairo's POV
Since the trial is coming up so soon, Carter decided he was taking me out for a fun day to get my mind off things. We went hiking down a trail to a calm part of the river. He made sure we had brought swimming trucks so we could go in. But end up going to the swimming pool in town anyways.

 It was fun; we splashed each other and did races from one side to the other. The entire time I wasn't even thinking about the trial. My mind was just on Carter and I being brothers.

 Once we grew tired of the water, Carter pulled out stuff for sandwiches from his bag and a picnic blanket. “Here, you grab yours first.”

Okay, thanks!” I quickly made myself something to eat before handing everything back to Carter. With a bite in my mouth, I looked at Carter. “Why boys?”

 He just looked at me. “What do you mean?”

 I quickly swallowed my bite and clarified myself. “What made you first want to do stuff with other boys?”

 He shrugged. “I don't know, just kinda liked the idea of it. Why is that Abel kid really catching your eye?” My eyes went wide. “I'll take that as a yes.”

 Kind of...” I could feel my face heat up. “I think he's really cute and would like to see more of him.”

 It's good to have a crush. And you know the kid is gay too, so that's even better.” Carter looked at me inquisitively. “What if we brought him swimming? You'd be able to see him change.”

 I sunk my face into the water in an attempt to hide. Shaking my head, I disagreed with him. “That would be weird. What if he saw me watching him change!?”

 Carter giggled. “You have to be sneaky about it, that's all. Plus I'm sure Abel wouldn't mind you peaking.” He gave me a wink before splashing me. “Come on; let's go to the hot tub before swimming is over.”

 Okay!” I followed Carter to the hot tub just behind him. “Carter...”

 My brother turned to me. “Yea?”

 You're the best.”

Carter's face lit up, even if he only slightly smiled. “Thanks, Cairo, you're the best little brother a guy could ask for.”

 There wasn't much time to relax in the hot tub. The lifeguards came about asking everyone under 18 to leave before the adult swim started. We made our way to the change room and decided to test my peaking skills on Carter.

 Where we were, there weren't any mirrors, so I couldn't use that. So I looked at Carter from the corner or my eyes. I could tell his equipment was much larger than mine. Couldn't imagine how big he is erect.

 Once Carter got his underwear on he walked over to me and whispered, “See you can spy, no problem.” I blushed before putting on my shirt and turning away from him. I guess he expected me to spy on him.

 Maybe I can do this with Abel... only one way to find out, right?


Greyson's POV
What do you mean we're getting Cairo with Abel from across the street?” Skylar asked me.

 I nodded. “Yes, it's clear to me, a blind man, that they like each other. Plus Kyler, Abel's friend agrees.”

 At least someone else thinks so.”

 I cross my arms. “Is my opinion not good enough?”

 No, no, no.” Skylar back peddled. “It's just we barely know either of them, so it could have been them being very friendly to each other. Plus body language has a lot to do with it and reading that is not your strong suit.”

 I giggled. “I get it; I can't see and in turn pick up on the little things. But I have to do something about these two! They don't want to make the first move, so someone else has to!” I became very serious. “How do we do it?”

 We would have to get Abel and Cairo together more often so they can get to know each other.” Skylar thought out loud. “But how do we go about doing that?”

 GREYSON!” Mom called from downstairs. Skylar and I both get up and make our way downstairs. “Do you know anyone who does tutoring?”

 Skylar spoke to fast for me to say anything. “Noah!” He seemed very excited about this. “Noah tutors Cairo, who went from Cs to As.”

 Oh...” That voice... Abel's mom! “Do you think he would be willing to take another boy under his wing?”

 I reach for my phone. “We could call Noah now.” Dialing Noah's number I put him on speakerphone. The ringing stopped, and before Noah could speak, I did. “Noah!”

 Noah sounded like he was taken back. “Hello Greyson, how are you?”

 I have a question for you, and you have to say yes,” Noah said nothing, just waited for my question. “Would you be willing to take on another kid to tutor?”

 Why do I have to say yes to this?”

Don't ask questions, just say yes!” I couldn't really hold back my excitement. “His name is Abel, and he's one of the two new kids from the Christian school.”

 Noah took a moment, humming and hawing. “I think I could manage it. I assume I'm on speakerphone and his mother is nearby?”

 Yes, I am.” Mrs. Yeager spoke. “I would greatly appreciate it; we live right across from Greyson. If you could come by sometime, I would love to meet you.”

 “Yes, I am on speaker phone.” Noah's voice changed, sounding more professional. “Hello, my name is Noah. I have been tutoring another boy for most of the first semester. When we meet, we can talk about what classes he needs help in. Until then, you live across from Greyson?”

 Yes, I do.” Mrs. Yeager replied.

 Okay!” Noah took a moment before he continued. “If I need help finding the place I know who to go to! Does tomorrow after school work for you?”

 5:30 does.”

 Sounds good! See you then.” Noah hung up the phone. I stood there feeling proud of myself that this situation had fallen into my lap and it looked to be working out.

 Mom's voice knocked me out of my trance. “Well, hopefully, that can get Abel better grades. Thank you, boys.”

 No problem!” I grab Skylar's arm and bring him back to my room. I was giggling with excitement. “See that was easy!”

 That's if you're theory is correct that they like each other,” Skylar said a-matter-of-factually. “I do hope it works out though.” He kissed me before we went on to hang out and enjoy each other's company. God, I love this boy.


Noah's POV
Why did I just agree to that...” I looked at my list of stuff that needed to be done for Student Council. “I really shouldn't have agreed to tutor another kid.” I shook my head and leaned back in my chair.

 Aaron walked into my room and sat down on the bed. “What did you do this time Noah?”

 I just agreed to tutor another kid. When I have all of this that needs to be done too.” I handed her the notes of the upcoming Student Council events. “I have no idea how I'm going to do get all this done.”

 When was the last time you had a Noah day?” Aaron briefly looked over the list before looking up at me. “Seriously? When was the last time you put you first and just had a relaxing day?”

 I shrug. “I don't know honestly.”

 Get on it then. Have a date night with Aidyn or something and just let yourself go.” Aaron gave me a really serious stare. “Seriously, I'm not joking.”

 I know you're not but then how will all this get done?”

 She rolled her eyes. “Delegate the tasks out. There are other kids on student council that are at least partially in charge of these things, right? Let them take more of the reins and set back a bit.” I went to grab the list back, but she retracted it, putting it out of my reach. “Seriously Noah.”

I scooted towards her. “Fine, I will.” I snatched the paper from her hands and returned to my desk. “Why do you have to be such a jerk about it?”

 To get the point across.”

 I rolled my eyes. “Thanks, Aaron.”


Next Day at School
Wait really!?” Cairo ran in front of me after telling him the news. “Can I come with you!?”

 You know we're probably going to be studying...” Cairo nodded. “You want to do an extra study session?”

 YES!” His excitement was still there for some reason. “Well, not exactly but I want to come with you!”

 I'm not dumb; he wants to hang out with Abel. Since Abel and Kyler came to our school, Abel has done his damnedest to hang out with those two. It's pretty clear he has a major crush on Abel.

 You can come with, but we stay strictly on studying.” He nodded, his face red as a tomato.

 The two of us made our way to the Yeager household. I had to stay after school for a little bit, or I probably would have walked with Abel. I knew where Greyson lives though, so should be fairly easy to get there.

 Cairo stayed just a step or two behind me the entire time. I think I even noticed him shifting himself a few times. Once I got to Greyson's house, Mrs. Payne opened up the window. “It's that house there Noah!”

Thank you!” I waved to her before crossing the street. Going straight to the front door, I knocked a little louder than I would have liked. “Whoops.”

 Cairo snickered. “Don't be so nervous.”

 There were a few sets of footsteps behind the door. Two seemed to dart off in different directions while one came straight to us. The door opened, and there stood Mrs. Yeager. “You must be Noah, and this is..?”

 Yes, I am Noah Wesley. This is Cairo Reynolds; he's the student I am currently tutoring.” I step out of the way so he could be seen. “He wanted to join our study session, today if that's alright?”

 Of course!” She moved out of the way and let us into her house. It was pretty clearly home to a Christian family. Which is a little weird considering my sexual orientation. “We've set up the dining room table for you.”

 Sure enough, there were textbooks and binders on the table, alongside snacks and a few options for drinks. That may make studying easier. “I assume Abel is getting ready?”

 He should be here soon.”

 I'm here!” He came dashing around the corner, with a little girl right behind her. “Mom, Zina is crazy.” Abel hadn't looked our way yet.

 What is she doing?”

 Abel rolled his eyes. “She's chasing me saying...”

 Abel likes someone!” Zina interrupted him.

Mrs. Yeager pointed out of the room. “Zina leave them alone, they are going to study, and they don't need you interfering.” With a huff, the young girl left the room. “Okay, now go study.”

 Yes, mo...” Abel looked over at us and froze. It only took a moment for his mom to have this look of realization. I think me being there was enough to comfort her though, that studying would be the main focus. “Hi, Noah... Cairo.”

 I heard Cairo gasp behind me. “Hey.” His shy voice came from behind me.

 Okay, let's get started!” We studied for a little bit. Abel, for the most part, just needed everything explained in another way. Just like that, he was doing his work no problem. It was nice to see the two sharing little glances at each other as they worked hard on their homework. They'd make a cute couple.

 Chapter End.


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