Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 2: Secrets Behind Locked Doors

OILT – Chapter 2 – Secrets Behind Locked Doors

Returning from his overnight camping trip, Ezra walked into his yard. He found his mother working in the yard, too focused on her task that she failed to notice him as he approached.


“Busy in the garden again?” He asked startling his mother. “Sorry.”


Laughing mostly to herself, Mr. Davis turned to Ezra. “How was camping?”


“It was good,” Ezra turned to hide his blush. “Cooked some fish and had a grand ole' time.”


Mrs. Davis shook her head, “I will never understand how you and your father enjoy camping. Go have a shower and get started on your homework.” Ezra rolled his eyes but obeyed his mother.


Ezra spent half an hour in the shower to remove the dirt and grime from his biking and camping. Once finished, he felt refreshed and ready to tackle his homework.


He was interrupted when leaving the bathroom, still in his towel, by his older brother Owen. “Hey camper, how was your night out?” Owen was the eldest of the three Davis brothers.


Owen looked more like his mother than Ezra; nonetheless, you could see his father in him. This 17-year-old had darker blonde hair covering his gray eyes. Owen's helmet head of hair was a staple of his. Ezra is known as 'Owen's little brother' among the older students at school.


“It was fine, Owen. I need to get changed now, though,” Ezra tried to push past, but was blocked. “Owen... I need to get clothes on; please move.”


“Owen leave your brother alone!” Their father's booming voice came echoing down the halls. Owen immediately moved out of Ezra's way and let him through.


Nonetheless, Owen followed his brother to his room. “I don't get what you like about doing so much outside. It's all dirty out there.”


Ezra rolled his eyes. “Maybe I like getting dirty out there?” He spoke sarcastically to his brother before closing the door. “Stupid brother...” Ezra muttered to himself.



The next day, Ezra was walking down the hallway at school grinning to himself. He had his time with Logan on his mind and a semi in his pants. His thoughts were interrupted by a girl, though. “Hey, Ezra.” She smiled pulling on his sleeve.


Pulling his earplugs out from his ears he turned to her. “Hey, Whitney, what's up?”


“Nothing much, there's going to be a party this weekend. Are you going?” Her eyelashes bounced in an attempt to woo him.


Ezra didn't even notice. “I hadn't heard, so probably not? I'll probably just end up camping like any other weekend. Not much time left for camping with fall starting soon.”


Whitney smiled and nodded as if she knew what Ezra was talking about. “Yeah fall isn't very good for that stuff. Well the party is going to be so much fun. You should come.”


He shrugged her off. “No thanks, I don't really like parties.”


“Please Ezra; it would be so nice to see you there!” Whitney bounced her eyes again. “Like you said, it's getting too cold for that stuff.”


Ezra thought about it for a moment. “I guess I could go camping the night that isn't the party. When is it?”


Whitney got very excited and gave off a scream. “It's Saturday! I'll see you there Ezra!” With a spin, she was heading down the hallway.


Ezra stood there confused. “But I didn't say I was going...” he just shrugged it off and continued on his way down the hall.



Kieran stood in the hallway, zoned in on Ezra. “That's him...” He whispered to himself.


Whitney had stopped nearby to talk with her friends. “I convinced Ezra to come to the party. Maybe that will be the day we become a thing!”


Kieran snorted to himself. “If only they knew.” He smiled as he headed off to his classes.



At lunch, the word had spread that Ezra had agreed to go to the party. Ezra was infamous around the school for not going to anything. Even in elementary school, when invited to a birthday, he would end up not going. Not because his parents wouldn't let him, but because he always forgot about it.


So when Owen heard his little brother was going to a senior's party, he had to investigate. “Ezra!” He called out to his little brother.


Ezra, who was caught up talking with Levi, didn't even notice his name being called. Owen rolled his eyes and headed to his brother. Once in his sights, Ezra groaned. “What do you want Owen?”


Levi laughed, “Well he called you, so probably wants to talk.”


“He called me?” Ezra tried to remember hearing his name, but couldn't.


Levi laughed. “You really are the oblivious type.”


Owen shook his little brother. “What are you doing, saying you'll go to a senior's party?” Ezra gave Owen a questioning look. “Everyone has been saying how you're going to the party this weekend.”


Then it clicked. “Oh, the party Whitney invited me to. I didn't know it was a senior's party... Do you not want me to go?”


Owen shook his head. “Oh hell no, I'm going to make you go. I'll finally have a normal little brother and not the 'dirty camper'.”


“People call me 'dirty camper'?” Ezra raised an eyebrow. “Camping doesn't have to be dirty, just lacks showers. So when you have spent the last couple days outside you, you tend to be a little dirty afterward.”


Owen rolled his eyes. “You're hopeless; you know that? So this weekend, you're going to the party, no backing out now.”


“I never even agreed to it!” Ezra flailed his arms about. “I'm being forced to go to a party that I 'agreed' too! Whatever. Levi - you're going, too.”


Levi laughed. “Emmett would kill me if I backed out of the party now.” Ezra smacked him and rolled his eyes.



Levi and Emmett arrived home, to no parents, as usual. Levi got straight to work on his homework, while Emmett gathered food for himself.


The two brothers had a very open relationship with each other. They told each other almost everything for as long as they could remember. But the one thing that Emmett couldn't share was that he was into his little brother's best friend.


See Emmett is gay, and Levi knows that. Levi also knows how much Ezra is into his brother, too. The one thing Levi commonly feared was those two getting together. He didn't want to lose his best friend.


“So Ezra is actually going to the party?” Emmett asked, taking a bite out of an apple. “That's very odd of him.”


Levi nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it's weird, but Owen voluntold him. So now he's going to the party.” Looking over, Levi studied his brother. “You're very interested in Ezra right now...”


“It's just because it's weird he'd go to a party is all. Nothing like 'that'” Emmett left his brother in the kitchen to do his homework. Levi just smiled and shook his head at the events of the day.


When Ezra and Owen arrived at the party, Owen left him to the wolves. Whitney found the lost Ezra and showed him around the party like she knew everything. She kept trying to impress the boy, who was oblivious to her attempts.


“This is going to be where we will play spin the bottle later, and seven minutes in heaven.” She smiled, trying to drop a hint towards Ezra. “Would you like to play with us?”


“What's seven minutes in heaven?” Ezra raised an eyebrow in wonder.


Whitney grinned from ear to ear. “It's where you spin a bottle, and then you and the other person are put into a closet or room to make out for seven minutes.” Ezra's face changed to confusion. “What's wrong?”


“Why is that even a game? It sounds dumb.”


Logan, who had overheard part of the conversation, butt into the conversation. “Doesn't matter, Ezra is going to try it right?” He poked him in the cheek.


“Come on Ezra,” Lyndsay push him on. “Join the fun. What's the worst that could happen?”


Ezra's mind went straight to all the boys around him. Not a girl entered his mind or his thoughts. All he could see was him and someone else making out in the closet.


“Umm, I think I need to do something else...”


Logan laughed. “Don't try and get out of it - just play. You might not even get picked.” With a hand placed on Ezra's back, Logan ushered him over to where the games would be played.


Ezra sat there very awkwardly as he looked at all the people who were gathering around him. His mind was becoming more and more anxious, telling him that he would end up with a jock for the 7 minutes and that Ezra would be forced into the bottom position and would be discovered.


He distracted himself so much that the game started without his notice. “You're playing, right, Ezra?” Whitney waved him over to a spot right beside her.


Looking around the circle, he could see a few people he knew. Emmett and Levi sat on the other side of the circle of 15 people. The host of the party spoke clearly so everyone could hear. “First we spin for 7 minutes in heaven, and then we do kisses until they are done. Fair enough?”


With everything in agreement the games began. The Host pointed to the youngest member of the crowd and told him to spin. The bottle landed on Logan. The two entered into the closet off the room they were playing in, while the rest of them continued in the game.



Kieran looked at Logan nervously. He wanted very much to see this boy naked but didn't want to push what would happen. “Don't worry; we don't have to do anything if you don't want to.” Logan sat on the bed. “What's your name kid?”


With a blush, Kieran stuttered. “I.. I.. my name is Kieran.”


“I'm Logan. Nice to meet you, Kieran.” Logan couldn't help but think of how cute the young man in front of him was. If it were up to him, he would be grinding against him right now. “What do you want to do for the next... 6 minutes?”


Looking away from the older boy, Kieran's face turned crimson. “I wouldn't mind seeing yours.”


Logan chuckled. “I'll show you mine if you show me yours.” Kieran's eyes went wide, and his groin began to bulge out. Logan dropped his pants just enough for Kieran to see the semi-hard cock.


Kieran did the same, clearly outclassed by the older boy. “Wow... You're much bigger.”


“You'll get bigger in time. You won't stay like that for long.” Kieran lowered his head and whispered something not even he could understand. “Speak up if you want me to hear you.”


“Can I play with you?” Kieran asked.


Logan smiled from ear to ear and sat down on the bed. Dropping his pants, he laid back, waiting for Kieran to make the next move.


Kieran tentatively approached and explored the older boy. Knowing he didn't have much time, he started giving Logan a hand job. In no time at all, he was fully erect and wanting more.


Logan was surprised to feel Kieran's tongue lick up the shaft of his cock. “Oooh, you're adventurous aren't you?” Without a reply, Kieran took as much of the cock as he could. Logan's hand went to the back of the boy's head and began guiding him.


Kieran was in heaven sucking this older boy. When he came up for air, he looked at Logan. “How much more time?”


Logan smiled. “Two minutes.” Grinning from ear to ear, he went down once more. Eagerly taking the cock, the pleasure turned out to be too much for Logan.


Logan held Kieran against his groin as he shot his load. Kieran tried to swallow the load, but it turned out to be too much for him. Semen spilled from his lips, going down his face and onto Logan's cock.


When Logan finally let him go, Kieran choked up some more cum. Logan recovered from his climax before returning his clothes to their original state. “That was a great blowjob. Was it your first time?”


Kieran nodded as his eyes watered, “Yeah, first time. Thanks.”


Logan ruffled the kid's hair. “No problem.” He helped do some last minute clean-up before leaving the room. “Anytime, Sexy Kieran.” He winked towards the boy before leaving the room.



Ezra watched as Logan came out of the room. He could tell he had just shot his load. Kieran came out of the room with his head down and returned to his spot in the circle.


The host looked over at Ezra. “You haven't been to a party before, have you? Spin the bottle, get into heaven.” Ezra was winked at by the host. Hesitantly he spun the bottle and watched it spin and spin.


It stopped and was pointed at Emmett. “Oh...” Ezra spoke softly; looking at the boy he'd be sharing a room with for the next seven minutes.


Emmett shrugged before getting up and heading to the room. Ezra, unsure of what to do, stayed in the circle for a moment. “Eh!” The host spoke loud and clear. “Don't leave your boy waiting.”


Scared, Ezra quickly made his way into the room, and after closing the door, he turned to Emmett. “Ummm... I don't know what to do here...” his mind said to kiss Emmett, but his body wouldn't move.


“I do.” Emmett stepped towards Ezra. Placing his hands on Ezra's hips, he pulled the younger boy closer. Ezra looked up and instantly; their lips were together.


Without any hesitation, Ezra pushed his tongue through and into Emmett's mouth. The two began making out and lost track of time. When someone knocked on the door to signal that time had passed, Ezra jumped.


Sitting back down in the circle, Ezra couldn't help but smile. On the inside though, his mind was at battle. Was it just the heat of the moment, or... Ezra thought to himself. I'm not gay! I'm not!


His smile quickly faded away from his face.


Chapter End.

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