Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 3: Fighting Those Feelings

OILT – Chapter 3 – Fighting Those Feelings

Ezra walked the halls of his school, ready for the weekend. The weather was going to be warm enough for him to camp again, possibly for the last time until the New Year. There was nothing that could get in the way of his trip.


That isn't what Whitney thought, however, she had a much different idea for Ezra. She found him closing his locker with books in his hands. “Hey, Ezra.” She surprised him, and Ezra nearly dropped the books. “Didn't mean to scare you, sorry.”


“It's okay Whitney, what's up?”


Cheerfully she explained her plan to Ezra. “My parents are out of town again this weekend, and I wanted to have a couple of people over. Nothing like last time, just a few friends.” Ezra didn't take the hint. “I would like it if you came.”


“Oh... I can't.” Ezra didn't want another social gathering. In fact, he didn't want to be near Emmett at the moment, which meant that Levi wasn't an option to hang out with, either.


Whitney was confused with his quick reply. “How come? What are you doing this weekend?”


“Last camping trip before it's too cold out.” Whitney wasn't impressed with Ezra's plans, and her face showed it. Ezra did not take notice. “Dawn and I are roughing it for the weekend!”


“Dawn!?” Whitney was stunned by the mention of another girl's name.


Ezra nodded. “Yeah, Dawn is my dog.” Whitney relaxed a bit. “She comes with me camping to keep me company and safe.”


“I think you should ditch the camping and come to my place.”


Ezra shook his head. “Sorry Whitney, maybe next weekend. I gotta go, though, see ya.” Leaving her behind, Whitney stomped away irritated at the oblivious boy she had been speaking too.



Everything was ready when Ezra got home. The camping bag had everything securely attached, and his father had the dirt bike ready for the ride. Just as Ezra was getting ready to leave, he was interrupted by the smallest of the Davis family, Adam.


Adam looked much like his brothers did when they were his age. His hair hadn't quite obtained the waves his older brothers had but was just as blonde. Cut just around his sapphire eyes and covering most of his head, his hair was as straight as can be.


“Can I come with you, please?” The ten-year-old begged his older brother. Unlike Owen, Adam enjoyed camping and fishing. Ezra was his idol who he aspired to be like. “I already asked mom, and she said if it's okay with you I can go. So can I come? Please, please, please!?”


Ezra took his helmet off to speak to his brother. “No, you can't come.”


“Why not?” Adam pouted. Ezra couldn't think of an explanation that didn't involve telling Adam about Emmett. “See you don't have a reason not to bring me!”


“Adam go back inside.” Ezra positioned himself on his bike. “You're not coming with me.”


“I'm going tell mom you don't have a reason.” Adam threatened his older brother.


“Take the kid!” Owen called out from the kitchen window. “He just wants to spend time with his favorite brother.” He taunted Ezra.


Ezra rolled his eyes. “Why should I take you, Adam?”


“I promise I won't get in the way and I'll bring my own tent and everything. It'll be like I'm not even there!” Adam beamed with excitement.


“Hurry up.” Adam shot off like a dart into the house. Ezra could hear Owen laugh from inside. “Whatever Owen!”


Ezra, with Adam hanging on behind him, rode to his usual spot, just below the ridge. It didn't take long before the site was set up and their rods were in the water. They spent the night listening to music and pulling in fish for meals later.


True to his promise, Adam behaved himself and didn't get on Ezra's nerves, though Mrs. Davis put her foot down and told the boys to share a tent. Neither minded, as they were used to seeing each other in various states of undress.



Waking up the next day Dawn heard footsteps coming from outside the tent. “Oh, it looks like there's someone camping here.”


Her bark woke Ezra just enough to silence her. “Enough Dawn!” It silenced her for only a moment. When she barked again, Ezra got up and opened the tent. Before him stood Kieran and a boy he had not seen before, carrying fishing rods. In just his underwear Ezra awkwardly smiled as Dawn investigated.


Kieran whispered to his cousin. “That's the boy that was here before.” Kaige's eyes couldn't leave the boy in front of him.


Realizing he was not well clothed, Ezra blushed. “Oh whoops, hey guys. I'm Ezra, and I'll be right back.” He quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and t-shirt before exiting the tent. “This is Dawn, she likes to make sure we're safe, but she won't hurt you.”


Dawn sniffed both the boy's hands before standing down. “Good thing to have some protection.” Kaige smiled as he pet Dawn. “My name is Kaige, and this is my cousin Kieran.”


“Didn't I see you at Whitney's party?”


Kieran blushed before turning to his cousin. “Don't tell mom or dad about that. Isn't it a little cold out for camping?”

Ezra shrugged. “It's fine by me. To be fair, I don't mind the cold that much, and it's just 10 degrees out. Nothing bad at all.”


“We just came down for a day of fishing.” Kaige held up the tackle box in his hand. “Know any good spots?”


“Yeah just over there, give me a second, and I'll show you.” Ezra quickly went into the tent and pulled out his fishing gear. Leaving Adam to sleep, the three boys and pooch went to the river bank and began their day of fishing.


Before long Adam woke and joined in on the fishing, and the four boys spent time and bonded with one another. By the time it was time for Kieran and Kaige to leave they didn't want the day to end.


“My mom is going to be heading home really soon; I have to get going,” Kaige told the brothers. “I don't live in town.”


“Awww, when will you be back in town?” Adam was disappointed by this news. “You're fun to hang out with.”


Kaige giggled. “Thanks, Adam but I don't come to town often. I've been lucky that mom has come to visit these last few times. I promise, though, next time I'm in town I'll make sure to give you a call, Adam.”


Adam grinned from ear to ear. “Okay! Hope to see you sooner rather than later, Kaige.”


Kieran looked to his cousin. “I could maybe spend a little more time out here tonight.” In Kieran's mind, it was a way to maybe do something with Ezra. But he knew Adam would prevent that. “Do you think Dad would mind?”


Kaige shrugged. “You can only ask, right?”

“I might be back, okay? Is that okay with you two?” Kieran's excitement momentarily took a step back, waiting for the Davis brothers' reply.


Ezra turned to his brother, who was overjoyed with the idea. “Sure, bring a tent though. I don't think there's enough room for four in mine. Oh and don't worry about dinner, I'm making fish.”


“Sure thing!” Kieran and Kaige started on their way back to civilization.



Within the hour Kieran returned with a tent and his father. After a short investigation, Kieran was given permission to stay the night. Ezra gave his and his parents' numbers in case of an emergency.


Once Kieran was all set up, the three boys enjoyed the fire for the remainder of the night. Adam was the first to call it a night, and Dawn followed him into the tent. Which just left Kieran and Ezra out by the fire.


Ezra was playing with the coals of the fire with a stick when Kieran spoke up. “So... did you and Emmett do anything in the room?” Ezra didn't move. “Or did you just sit there?”


“Yeah, we just sat there. We know each other, so we didn't get into anything.” Ezra lied to his new friend.


Kieran didn't know why, but he didn't believe Ezra. “Logan said we didn't have to do anything while we were in there.”


“Did you do nothing?” Ezra asked as the idea of Kieran and Logan getting it on caused a rise in his groin.


Kieran nodded his head. “I was curious and ended up blowing him.” Ezra turned eyes wide, to his companion. He knew the cock in question; it stunned him that Kieran was willing to take that. “It wasn't bad honestly.”


“I wouldn't know.” That was a truth; Ezra had never blown another boy. Bottomed for some, but never had a cock in his mouth. His gaze returned to the coals of the fire. “Are you interested in other boys?”


Kieran thought about it for a moment. “I would say, I am.”


“How do you know?”


“I don't know,” Kieran replied hesitantly. “It's like... most of my friends look at girls and tell me how hot they are. Sure they are right, but I also think boys are good looking. I can't say that though, or I'll get beat up.


“When I jack off, my friends are what I think about, not girls. When I start to think about them naked, I sort of get disgusted. Boys just seem more appealing to me.” Kieran shrugged before turning back to the fire.


Ezra's mind went into deep thought. What do I think about when I jack off? He thought to himself. Logan... Emmett... Everything he thought of was gay. There was not a single girl came to mind.


On a whim, Ezra stood up and walked over to Kieran. Lifting his chin, Ezra kissed the younger boy. Once Kieran realized what was happening, their lips began to move, tongues began to play with one another.


Kieran broke the kiss but grabbed Ezra's hand. Pulling Ezra to his tent, they quickly resumed making out. Their clothes came off piece by piece. When Ezra took off his underwear, Kieran took his cock into his mouth instantly.


Ezra played with Kieran's equipment for a few moments. Caught in the heat of the moment and his own horniness, Ezra took off Kieran's underwear and took a good look at the cock before him.


Uncut but uncovered, Kieran's cock was twitching in anticipation. The four and a half inches was something Ezra couldn't resist. The two boys were on their sides sixty-nining each other.


Ezra could barely contain himself and released his load into Kieran's mouth. Pushing Kieran on his back, Ezra pushed his cock as deep as he could into his throat. The load was too much for Kieran, and some of the cum erupted from his mouth and covered his face.


Kieran didn't last much longer than Ezra did. His cock shot its load to the back of Ezra's throat. Ezra managed to swallow all the offering. He released Kieran from beneath him, licking his lips.


“How was that for you?” Kieran giggled as he took his underwear and cleaned his face.


Ezra had a huge grin on his face. “It was really good... thanks.”


Kieran winked. “Anytime Ezra.” The two boys ended up snuggling for the night inside Kieran's tent. After putting out the fire of course.



Ezra and Kieran both woke up before Adam even stirred. They had this relief that Adam didn't wake and find them together.


In a few minutes, Ezra lit the fire again and started to prepare food. Kieran smiled as he accepted breakfast. “Thanks, Ezra.”


“No problem, enjoy Kieran.” There was a silence between the two boys. In the midst of preparing his own food, Ezra's mind was on what happened the night before. “Kieran... thanks.”

“For what?” Kieran was confused.


Ezra struggled with his words. “You helped me... Helped me realize something last night.”




“Yeah, for so long I thought it was just for physical pleasure... but pretty sure it's always been more.” Ezra looked up at Kieran, who was still very confused. “Pretty sure I'm gay. The more I think about it; not a single girl catches my interest...”


“But there's a boy who does?” Kieran's voice was full of hope. Since the night he saw Ezra over the ridge he had developed a crush on him.


“I guess... More than any girl does.”


“Maybe you should tell him about it.” Kieran blushed.


A smile formed on Ezra's face. “You know Kieran; I think I should.” Kieran waited but received nothing. The conversation was over as far as Ezra was concerned. The more time passed, the more Kieran realized he wasn't that boy Ezra was talking about.



Ezra spent little to no time at home after camping. His mother was less than impressed, knowing that her son had homework to do. Once Ezra had dropped off Adam at home and washed up he immediately went out the door.


He ran most of the way across town to the Cooper household. It didn't take him long before he was heaving and knocking on the door. Levi answered the door laughing at the sight before him. “What's up with you?”

“Levi... I like your brother.”


Levi rolled his eyes. “Tell me something I don't know.”


“No, like LIKE your brother.”


“Yeah, I know.” Ezra's confusion made Levi laugh. “I've told you time and time again, that you have feelings for Emmett. What did you guys do in the room at the party?”


Ezra's face turned beat red. “We kissed... but that is it!” He raised his hands up in surrender. “Would you mind... if Emmett and I went out with each other?”


Levi shifted his weight. “I don't know; I don't want to lose my best friend. If something were to happen between you two, I don't want to have to take a side.”


“I wouldn't make you do that Levi.”


“But you would, Ezra, even if you don't mean to. If you wanted to hang out with me and you two were in a fight or broke up badly, I would be choosing you.” Levi shook his head. “I don't know Ezra... You two are both important to me.”


“What about my opinion?” Emmett walked up the steps to the front door. Ezra didn't dare turn to look at him. “I can promise that I would hold nothing against you for hanging out with Levi. No matter what happened.”


Levi smiled. “So you're saying you want to date Ezra?” Levi looked over at Ezra, who was anxious for the answer.


“It would be my honor to take Mr. Ezra Davis out on a date!” Emmett gently moved Ezra's face before kissing him. Ezra relaxed and returned the kiss.


Levi threw his hands up in the air. “Well, I don't need to see this! I'll be in my room.”


The new couple shared a laugh. “I should get home...” Ezra spoke softly. “Mom hated that I took off so suddenly when I have homework to complete.”


“I can take you home then.” Grabbing hold of Ezra's hand, Emmett led him to his car.


Smiling from ear to ear, Ezra eagerly followed. “Thanks.” He wanted to add babe or something to it but was too nervous. He just kept his smile and glee in his step.


Before leaving the car at home, they kissed again. What they didn't know, is that Owen saw it.


Chapter End.

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