Little Life of Nolan Parks

1. Nolan Parks' New Life - Second Chance

My life sucks! Just when I start my grade 9 year my mom gets a job transfer. I had just started to get friends at school and then that got swiped from underneath me.

The worst of it all is that my mom got a transfer only a few days after I told her I was gay. So in my head the reasoning was that she was moving me away to be 'fixed'. It's what I told myself when I went to bed. “Mom doesn't like you...” I would cry myself to sleep nearly every night.

My entire life it's been 'You're not good enough' or 'You don't belong here'. My dad was never in my life, Mom was always too busy for me, or my brother for that matter. She never paid much heed to of us. Paul, my brother knew my dad, though... He never says anything nice about him.

Then came my last day of school. Middle of the week and we still had a bunch of packing to do. I saw a kid come out of the Industrial wing bathroom. Following behind him was Greyson, a blind kid who I had a crush on.

He had English at the time but was on the opposite end of the school. He was about to continue down the hall when I grabbed him and brought him back into the bathroom. I wasn't even listening if he said anything, I just kissed him. I lead him to his class and left him.

Through a couple of phone calls I called him after school and explained everything to him. His mom was freaking out about the entire thing and I apologized several times. He said he could handle it... and that was the last time I would ever talk to Greyson Payne ever.

The next day consisted of packing what's left in the bedrooms into the moving truck. Mom drove us to the airport where she got on a plane to get to our new house fast. Some of the other things we had already sent would get there soon. Paul and I had a 3 day drive ahead of us. I wasn't looking forward to it.

Paul is 17, 3 years older than me. He just got his 'N' so he's able to drive down to our new home. At least it wasn't on his motorbike, I'm scared of that thing. The part I wasn't looking forward to was not the drive itself... it was the 2 hotel rooms we'd be staying in.

To put it simply, I'm Paul's bitch. Not in the I-do-everything-he-says kind of way. I do that as well but there's more... I'm literally Paul's bitch. He's fucked my ass since he found out what sex was, age 13. I was 10 when I lost my anal virginity. He has told me several times that I will never find a girl who would want me.

He's right... What kind of girl, or anyone for that matter, would want someone like me. A loner who gets fucked by his brother on a daily basis. Someone who is told to do something and does it, in fear of being hurt. Someone who can't do anything.

Day one drive went by quickly. Paul blasted his metal music the entire time. I stared out the window and quietly cried to myself. He called me a baby and said to get over it, or else. I remained quiet but tears were still flowing.

When we got to the hotel Paul went in and got us a room. I stayed in the truck so when we got to the room and there was only one bed I turned to him, “Paul, there's only one bed.”

His smirk said it all. “We'll only need one bed tonight, Nolly.” I said nothing as I put my bag of clothes in a corner. “Hurry up, I'm hungry and we're meeting Harrison at White Spot.”

Harrison was Paul's friend who graduated last year. He was also the first person, besides my brother, that I had any sexual contact with. He's probably looking forward to tonight if he's staying with us.

When we got to White Spot there was Harrison waiting by his car. Paul parked and we got out and walked over, “Been a while Parks! How you doing Nolan?” I gave a slight smile as we continued to walk into the restaurant.

Paul and Harrison did their 'catch up with each other talk' as we got seated. I thought they would sit beside each other, but Harrison sat beside me. I was trapped between him and the wall.

Once our drinks were ordered Paul and Harrison continued their talk. Harrison's hand however had a different plan. It went straight for my crotch. I sharply inhaled, I think the people next to us heard me. Harrison whispered to me, “Say nothing and I'll be gentle tonight.”

He continued touching me and eventually undid my fly and button. He went right into my underwear and grabbed my hard on. Paul smirked when my face started to burn up, “You know as much as he says 'don't' he loves it.”

Harrison and Paul had a laugh, “Is little Nolly gay?” Harrison's hand went from my cock to around my waist, pushing me closer, “It's okay Nolly, Harri here is bisexual.” He whispered into my ear.

Dinner went down that path the entire time. From food to paying the bill. Harrison decided that we should go back to the hotel right away. He was horny as all hell and Paul knew it.

We got into the room, the door had only just closed when Harrison had me up in the air and was taking off my shorts. “Nolan, you're the cutest thing I have ever seen. It's been a while since I fucked your nice ass.”

I was thrown on the bed, my shorts and underwear taken off. “Have fun you two, I'm having a shower.” Paul walked off into the bathroom.

Harrison took off his cloths and got over me. “Shirt, off, now.” I did as I was ordered. Meanwhile he lubed up his cock and started to finger me. I let out a moan as he pushed against my prostate. “You love it don't you?”

I grabbed the bed and leaned my head back. He touched it again, harder this time. “YES!! Yes I love it!” Tears started to form again.

He wiped them away. “The more you cry, the harder I will fuck you.” I nodded as Harrison started to enter me. I was about to let out a scream when his hand went over my mouth, “Scream and I won't be nice to your ass.” He continued to enter me. His 8 inch long, 6 inch around cock.

Tears fell from my tightly closed eyes as I felt his pubes hit my cheeks. Harrison turned me on my stomach and pushed my face against the bed. He just started pumping into me.

I was trapped underneath him. My legs had his over them. The pressure from his hand made me stay down, my arms the only free thing to move... but I didn't dare. Last time I resisted Harrison he fucked me till he came into my ass 5 times. 5 hours later he was done.

He was ramming me for what felt like an hour before I felt Harrison's cock twitch in my ass. There was one more slam and he started giving me my 'cream filling'. My cock was as hard as steel but I didn't shoot anything.

As soon as Harrison got off me I was flipped around. There was Paul, naked and still wet from the shower. My legs went up over me and he pushed his way into me. I didn't dare make a sound. He would kick my ass if I did.

Paul shot a lot faster than Harrison. He made sure I came as well and got up, “Go have a shower, you're filthy!”

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As the water warmed up I could feel Harrison and Paul's cum sliding out of me. In the shower I cradled my legs and cried. I must have been in there for an hour. By the time I got out it had been cold water for about 10 minutes.

That night I slept nude beside my brother and Harrison. Just like most nights I cried myself to sleep. Harrison had his arms around me and he was spooning against me. It wasn't uncomfortable sleeping there... I would rather sleep on my own bed, though.

I woke up to Paul pushing me off the bed. “Hey!”

“Wake up then!” He glared at me, I went quiet. We were off a short while later. Saying good-bye to Harrison who grabbed my crotch again and gave it a good grope.

The ride that day was equally boring. Same old metal music, same staring out the window. The only difference, the lose of the Rockies. Alberta here we come... That night Paul had his fun with me again. This time there were no friends there.

When we finally arrived at our new home after the drive, I was relieved. Most of my stuff was already in my room, still in boxes but in my room. My new bed was completely set up, again boxes all over it but still set up. Boxes apparently are against me, too.

I spent the rest of the day emptying the boxes in my room. I ended up getting most of the stuff out. I had about half a dozen boxes left when mom informed me there was about half a dozen more. My room is significantly smaller now... I don't think I can fit it all in my new room.

Next day was yet another day of unpacking. I finished up enough of my room to be satisfied. My clothes were out and my books were on my bookshelves. It was looking like a room. So I started helping mom unpack the kitchen and living room. By the time it was dinner time we had the kitchen unpacked and the living room all set up.

Mom ordered pizza for dinner that night. When we were sitting there eating she spoke up, “Tomorrow I'm going to register you two at the school. Monday will be your first day of school.” It was Thursday so we'd have a long weekend of unpacking.

I nodded and took a bite of my pizza. Paul looked over at me, “Hey Nolly, what do ya say we go swimming tonight? If it's okay with you of course.”

Mom thought about it quickly, “I don't see why not. The main rooms, and your bedrooms are done. All that's left is your entertainment room and garage.”

I spoke quietly, “Where is my desk going to go?” I had a desk in my room in the old place. There was no way I could get it comfortably in my room.

“The basement with your entertainment things.” Great... so to do my homework, that needs a computer, I will have to suffer the wrath of Paul's video games and the washer and dryer. I need a laptop...

“Hurry up and eat Nolly, swimming should start soon. I'm gonna call and check.” Paul got up leaving his plate on the table, like always.

When I got up mom got me to bring the dishes out and then I made my way up to my room. I hate swimming and Paul knows it. I was pushed in when I was little by a bully and have refused to learn to swim ever since. Nonetheless I got my swimming shorts and towel ready and put into my backpack.

When I opened the door to my room Paul threw a helmet at me. “We're taking the bike.” I followed him out to his bike, holding the helmet against my chest the entire time. Paul had already got on to the bike, “Get on, twerp.”

I put the helmet on and tightened it. I got on behind him and wrapped my arms around him. He started the bike and my grip got tighter. And when we started to move, it got even tighter. I do not like motorbikes!

We got there and the public swim had just started. Paul paid for us and quickly went through the change room. When I got out at the pool he was no where to be seen.

The pool was big, bigger than the one from home. There was a little kiddy pool part over to the right. The hot tub and Sauna were over in front of the kiddy pool. I made my way to the kiddy pool and sat down in the water. It came up to my belly button, I didn't want to go much deeper.

I spent most of the night in the same spot. That is until one kid came over to me. His brown hair was dripping wet and he was wearing a speedo! “Hey, what you up to?”

I must have looked at him for a good ten seconds, then I felt awkward. I was staring all over his body, from his package to his muscles. I started to blush and looked at the water below me. “Splashing...” I splashed the water around me.

“I know, you've been doing this for the past hour and a half.” I blushed, “My name is Henry.” He stretched out his hand.

“Nolan...” I shook his hand, tight grip. “I just moved in to town.”

“I thought so! I've never seen you before and I'm here almost everyday.” He smiled. I stayed quiet. “I'm part of the swim team.” Makes sense.

“I don't like water...” Henry sat down beside me and looked over me, “Don't you have friends to hang out with?”

He smiled, “I'm trying to make a new friend, so yes!” It made me smile, some random kid wanting to be my friend. “Would you like me to teach you how to swim?”

I was about to answer when I got interrupted, “Nolan, we're going home!” Paul came over upset, and with a red hand print on his face. “Come on, lets go!”

I got up and waved to Henry. He followed me, “So next time you're here, wanna learn?”

I shrugged, “Maybe...” I looked at his height. He was almost a complete head above me.

“How 'bout this, we'll go in the shallow end deep enough for you to still touch the ground. Then I'll help you float.” I looked at the ground as I walked. “I won't let you go, I promise.”

I looked up at his bright green eyes. He was being completely honest and sincere. “Okay... I'll see what I can do!”

He smiled and pat me on the back, “Awesome! Just sit in that same spot next time. If I'm here I will find you!” He went off waving and eventually diving into the deep end.

So in 5 days I went from one home to another, unpacked, and found a new friend... Yay?


Chapter end.


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