A Way Out: Book One

Chapter Twelve: Saturday Dinner

We arrived at his parents' house an hour after we dropped off Matt. Carson jumped out of the car excitedly. I could tell he was ready to go see his family. I slowly got out of the car, but I stood by my door. I had a sudden hesitation of going in. It hit as soon as I put the car in park. I couldn't explain why I didn't want to go in though.

"Kirk are you okay?" Carson asked me as he walked up to me with a worried look.

"Um, yeah I just feel uneasy for some reason is all."

"But why you seemed fine earlier?"

"I know I did, it's just as soon as we got here a sudden hesitation came over me."

"What could it be though?" he asked with concern.

Suddenly without any thought, it hit me what it was. It was the fact that this place was where I ended up after falling apart. I opened up more here about everything with James than anywhere else. This was where I fell in love with the young man that offered his kindness his friendship and most of all his love to me. It was where we made love the first time even though we barely knew each other. Why it didn't bother me when I was here just the other day I don't know. But right then it all hit me and became too much for me to handle.

Instinctively I pulled Carson into my arms and held him to me thinking of so much all at once. He held me in return without out a second thought. Once he calmed me down with his hug and my mind slowed down I let go of him and stepped back.

"I'm sorry sweetie I had a flash of memories of being here for the first time and it became too much for me and I got worried about having those memories around your family. But I'm fine"

I got cut off by a voice "Hey are you two going to stand out in the cold all night or what?" I looked up as Carson turned to see who it was. It was Mark, his father was standing in the doorway holding a mug in his hand.

"Just a sec dad we will be right in." Carson hollered back. He then turned to me "Are you sure you're going to be okay?" I could see the worry in his bright green eyes.

"Yeah I'll be fine," I said putting my hand on his shoulder walking to the door. "Besides I have to protect my boy from his evil bitch-in-law." With that, we both started to giggle.

As we got to Mark he asked: "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing dad," Carson said as we stepped onto the porch.

As we stepped in the door Carson took my hand and lead me up the stairs to the family room, I don't know if he meant to or just did it without thinking about. The smells of the food rushed at me, making me realize just how hungry I was. Once we got into the family room there was a sudden quiet that swept over the room. A little girl about 3 screamed "Uncle Carson" as loud as she could and came running full tilt at us. Carson let go of my hand, knelt down and grabbed his niece as she found her way into his waiting arms.

He stood up with the little blond girl in his arms. "I missed you, Uncle Carson," she said with a big smile.

"I missed you too Mary." He gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

Even though I was looking at my lover and the little girl in his arms I could tell every eye in the room was on us.

Looking at me with her bright blue eyes little Marry asked her uncle "Who this?"

"This is my friend Kirk."

Mary, without missing a beat said: "Hi Kirk" which sounded more like Kirth than Kirk.

"Hi Mary, it's nice to finally meet you. Your uncle talks about you and your brothers all the time." Looking from her uncle to me she said


"Yep, he loves you all very much." She just giggled and smiled. Her eyes light up just like Carson's does when he is cheerful.

Someone behind us cleared their throat. We turned to see Mark standing there clearly excited to have his whole family there together. Mary leaped from Carson's arms into her grandfathers. He pushed in between his son and me.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said clear and steadily "I'd like you all to meet Kirk, he is the newest member of our family."

Turning to me he said, "I know I've said this once already, but I'd like to welcome you to the Willerdson family." He had a big smile on his face.

I, on the other hand, felt the blood drain out of my face and my brain fry right there from embarrassment. I never liked being the center of attention, even less so in front of people I didn't know.

"Thank you, Mark that means a lot to me," I said with a smile and thought, where the hell did this come from? Did he have this all planned, or did he just do it suddenly? I admit this was very awkward, but it would have been worse if he didn't say anything and we just stood there with everyone looking at us.

Out of nowhere, we heard someone say "Damn it" then,

"What are you complaining about I'm the one that lost a hundred dollars." I wasn't sure who said damn it but the man I knew that was Marcus said he was the one that lost the hundred dollars. Everyone in the room started laughing except Carson, I and a woman with brown hair standing next to Marcus. She had a scowl look on her face and the dagger look she was giving Marcus was all I needed to confirm that was Marsha (the bitch-in-law). I couldn't help but smile at that thought.

"I told you both he would tell mom and dad first. You should have listened," said a young woman that looked much like her mother.

"Yeah well he should have told me, I have always been the closest to him." came from a young man that looked just like his parents.

"I don't know why you two were so hell-bent on insisting our baby brother is gay anyway. I never saw it and still don't" said Marcus. I could see Marsha was not happy with this conversation in the least.

"It doesn't matter now, does it? He is here with his boyfriend and he is happy. And watch your mouth there are children present." Hannah said with a grin looking right at Carson.

"Easy for you to say, Sis you're a hundred and fifty dollars richer," Marcus said with a laugh.

"Oh, quite your boobing I was going to give it to him anyway." She said

"You were betting on me? You people are insane." Carson said shaking his head and smiling.

"Well it's your fault," Luke and Hannah said in unison.

Then Luke said "If you hadn't taken so long we never would have. Besides we had fun deciding when and who you would tell first. We even had a how." he was sitting next to a cute young woman about his age with red hair.

Everyone then came and gave us both a hug and welcomed me to the family. Everyone that is except Marsha, but something told me that was expected. I had a sudden sadness for Matt. What will happen when the time comes when Matt and Marcus meet and in time Marcus learns his son is gay? I, of course, hoped the meeting would be soon but Matt's coming out can wait for as long as needed.

We all had a good time talking, getting to know each other and telling stories. Carson begged them not to tell the embarrassing ones, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen. They waited years to tell Carson's special someone such things. Some Carson had already told me. It was the ones where he was too young to remember he never did tell me.

As it turned out Dinner wasn't until six, but Karen told everyone five to make sure all got there in time. But then it was pushed back a bit because we got caught up in getting to know each other. Marsha avoided Carson and me as much as she could but when she couldn't she stared daggers at Carson. I didn't care as I was used to being looked down upon by some people just for who I am. Carson, on the other hand, wasn't, I knew he was on edge whenever she was around. For that reason, I never left his sight. As time went on I could tell others around us could see the way Marsha was looking at us but they never said anything. All they did do was comfort their brother/son in their own ways.

The dinner was great. We stuffed ourselves like everyone does at family dinners. Unfortunately, things started to go downhill after we sat down for the dinner. After the prayer, everyone took turns saying what they were most thankful for that year. Once it was my turn I said I was thankful for the wonderful way Carson was brought up to be kind generous and helpful towards others he didn't know.

Then it was Carson's turn. He was thankful for having such a kind accepting and understanding family. Also, that he was thankful for having me in his life. I didn't have time to feel proud and loved at his comment because that was when Marsha started saying things. What I didn't know but it was bad enough it pissed off Marcus. He told her to stop and that was enough in a tone that made me hope I never piss him off.

Those after Carson took their turns and then we started eating. There was a tension at the table that never left. Once we were done we cleared the table then I lead Carson up to his room and we sat on his bed. I held him to me as he held on not wanting to let go.

When I was about to let him go and take him back down to his family there was shouting coming from downstairs. I didn't know who they were but there were multiple voices. That went on for a few minutes then was stomping and a door being slammed shut. It was quiet in the house, though there was yelling outside. The whole time Carson held me tighter and tensed up. I didn't know what he was thinking but we both knew the argument was about us. I was so glad I took him up to his room, so he could relax some and that we avoided the ruckus downstairs. I knew deep down it was Marsha that started it.

After a few minutes, a car sped off then someone came inside. I figured it was Marcus, I felt bad for him at that at moment. I could have blamed us for what was said but in reality, it was Marsha. She was the one with the problem or I should say problems. I knew Carson being gay wasn't the only reason she acted the way she did knowing, the family had problems with her before.

Once I got Carson calmed down I took him downstairs. I kept an arm around him for comfort. We cut through the dining room straight to the kitchen hoping to avoid everyone at once, but they were all in the kitchen, so again all eyes were on us. As soon as we stopped Marcus walked up to Carson and warped him in his arms. They whispered to each other, and then Marcus took him back upstairs.

I was surprised that they went upstairs but I knew it was because Marcus wanted to talk to his brother about what had happened. I could just tell they were worried about how this would affect Carson. I wanted to be up there with him too, well protect him I guess. Not that he wouldn't be safe with his brother, but I felt a need to be there with him to comfort him. Since he had so much weight on his shoulders earlier in the day I wasn't sure how this would affect him.

I sat down at the kitchen table because I was suddenly exhausted, from the beginning of the day I had lots to think about and more stuff kept coming along, it became too much for me. I put my elbows on the table and rested my head in my hands. I was getting overwhelmed with everything all at once. I glass of water was placed in front of me then a hand was on my shoulder. I slowly sipped from the glass.

"Don't worry about her, she has been a bitch from day one. We only put up with her for Marcus' sake, and he knows that." I looked up and saw it was Hannah talking to me.

"Oh, it's not just her, I well we have just had one of those days. We just had one thing after another come up. I was worried about Carson all day about coming here not knowing what to expect. But I have to admit she hasn't helped any."

"Well seems that we won't have to put up with her much longer anyway. She and Marcus haven't been getting along for some time. They argue a lot, she was never really nice to any of us especially Carson. I don't know what she had against him but guess it doesn't matter anyway. He was saying this was the last straw, he is ready to end it with her. He really wants to settle down for real and have kids. He has always wanted kids, but she never did." She told me. Well, he does have one kid out there and I found him I just have to tell him. I had a sudden urge to tell Marcus right then and there about Matt, but I couldn't without talking to Carson about it first.

"Carson told me she never got along with the family, but it wasn't until this morning that I learned that Carson had problems with her. He didn't get into much detail about it. With his worry about coming out to you all and meeting me, he was pretty down this morning, but he told me there was more to it than that. That's when he told me that Marsha never treated him right. Deep down I knew all was going to be okay, but it took some convincing to get him to decide to come again." I told not just Hannah but everyone in the room.

"As long as Carson is happy that is all that matters." Said Luke with a big smile

"We are always on edge when she is around no matter what." Added Derrick Hannah's husband. They all agreed at once.

"Now we have to make sure Marcus is going to be okay. Him saying he will leave her is one thing but actually doing may not be so easy for him to handle. He does love her after all." Hanna said

"I'm pretty sure Marcus will be just fine," I said quickly then jumped up thanked Hannah for everything and ran upstairs. I found Carson and Marcus in Carson's room.

Hurriedly I said, "Carson come here I have to talk to you." Carson started to disagree. "Marcus I am really sorry about this but it's important."

"Uh okay." was all Marcus could say.

I took Carson by the hand and lead him to the bathroom closing the door behind us.

"Kirk, what the hell? Marcus was trying to tell me something."

"I know honey but listen, I, we have to tell him," I said in a low tone.

"What are you talking about, tell him what?" he was really confused and clearly annoyed with me as well.

"We have to tell Marcus about Matt."

"Are you sure this is the right time?"

"Well no I'm not sure it's the right time but I just feel that it is. But first, what did he just tell you?"

"That what just happened wasn't my fault and that I shouldn't feel that it was. That he loves me no matter what. Why what does that have?" I cut him off. My mind was racing so fast.

"That's great! And he's right it is not your fault. Now, let's go in there so he can finish up what he was saying." Again, I grabbed Carson by the hand then lead him back to his room.

"Marcus I really am sorry I interrupted your conversation with your brother, but I had to talk to him about something really important. Now, why don't you tell him what else you were going to say." I put my hands-on Carson's shoulders and placed him next to his brother where I had found him. Marcus looked at me for a few seconds, probably thinking I was insane but then turned to his brother.

There he continued their conversation. He told Carson that Marsha and himself hadn't gotten along for some time and he was ready to end it with her but today just made him want to do it sooner. He continued on the other reasons why he was ready to leave his wife which Carson understood completely.

"Thank you for telling me all of this I was worried. I knew the fight downstairs was about me, um, us," Carson looked up at me. "but I also know there was more to it deep down. I knew she never treated you right, we all did. But since you wanted to stay with her we weren't going to get in the way." Carson hugged his brother for several minutes then Carson leaned back.

"Now we have something to talk about with you. We never really decided when we would do this but," looking up at me again "Kirk felt it is the best time as any." Marcus looked really confused, I didn't blame him at the time. I sat on the other side of Marcus. I pulled out my phone and looked for the picture of Matt I knew I wanted to show Marcus. It was one of the few times I caught him in a really good mood one time when we were hanging out.

I took a deep breath and let it out. "Marcus, I have something I need to show you. But first, let me tell you about what I do for a living." I rushed through, to sum up, my work at the center. I continued with telling him about the young man I knew, Matt.

"Marcus this is what I wanted to show you." I handed him my phone. He studied the picture of the happy smiling teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes for several minutes. Suddenly I saw a tear dropped down his right cheek then he swallowed hard.

"What, what's his name again?" Marcus asked trying not to cry.

"His name is Matt." I told him softly then continued "You understand why I am showing you this picture don't you?" He nodded his head yes while wiping tears from his face.

"He looks just like me." he sobbed out and started to shake. Carson pulled him into a hug and held him for some time then Marcus asked how did I know? I started by showing him the picture Hannah had posted on Facebook with all the siblings. The one where Marcus was about 15, then I told him what happened when Carson opened his dorm room door that day I went to surprise him for his birthday. I told him about my visit with Anne and finished up with the DNA test results from a few days before. Carson held onto him the whole time.

"Now if for any reason you have doubt we can still do a paternity test to confirm you are his biological father," I said. He took a minute to answer. "I don't know but I would like one just for peace of mind."

"I understand completely, we can get that done in no time at all," I told him.

"When can I meet him?" Marcus asked softly still holding my phone.

"Well, that I don't know yet. I know he really wants to meet you like I said before. I will talk to Anne and her to set something up."

"Good I want to meet him as soon as possible if that's okay."

"I'm sure that won't be a problem." Carson took my phone from his brother then there was a text notification from a phone. "I just sent you the pic to your phone, so you can have it until you two can meet," Carson told his brother

"Thank you so much," he replied.

I stood up took Carson by the hand and led him out. I figured Marcus needed some time alone to process all he just learned.

Once downstairs we both sat at the kitchen table where everyone was gathered together. They were all talking like nothing had happened earlier.

"How is your bother? He going to be okay?" Karen asked Carson.

"Mom, he is going to be just fine. He just stayed up there to collect his thoughts."

"That's good dear, you all were up there for so long I was worried," she said.

I asked for a glass of water as the one that was given to me was now gone. Mark handed one to me and I gulped it right now. Talking with Marcus as much as I did it dried out my mouth. I thanked Mark once I was done and handed it back. I was kinda on a high from telling Marcus about his son, but I was also really drained at the same time.

A half-hour later Marcus came down the stairs. One could tell he had been crying but all that remained was red eyes and puffy cheeks. When he rejoined the family nearly everyone gave him a hug and wanted to make sure all was okay with him. I and Carson both knew he was okay with ending it with his wife and so the evidence of his crying wasn't because of that.

By this time, it was getting late, so it was time for those of us that had to travel needed to get ready to leave but before we did Marcus told everyone about Matt. He told us most of all what I had told him upstairs. They were all shocked and surprised at the eldest son's big news. There were lots of questions to me, but I told them I will tell them everything at a later date, well not everything mind you but all I felt was safe to reveal.

We all said our goodbyes. Hannah her husband and the kids were staying there at the house but the rest of us headed home. Marcus hitched a ride with Luke. But before he headed out to the car he pulled me aside.

He gave me a hug and thanked me for finding his son. I told him it was my pleasure to help bring a father and son together. I told him that we had to get together in private, so I could talk to him about Matt and his mother. I didn't know what I would tell him at that moment, but I knew I wouldn't tell him about the abuse Matt told me about in my office. Marcus and I talked for a bit longer then he had to go.

Just as I was about to get in the car Mark came up to me and gave me a big hug. He looked me right in the eye and thanked me for everything. He told me I had done so much for his family than I will ever know. Without saying another word, he turned around and went back in the house. I was shocked and confused that he had done that. I got in the car turned the ignition and the heater on, but I just sat there quietly. I realized what he had meant. I made Carson happy at last. I helped the family be rid of the bitch, well kinda and I found them their long-lost son, grandson, nephew and cousin.

With our share of the leftovers from dinner in the back seat, we headed home. Very little was said during the hour-long car ride, we just listened to the music playing on the radio. I replayed the whole day over in my head from the moment I woke up with the love of my life playing with my chest hair all through the day until I pulled away from the house, the house where my life started a new.

As soon as we got back into town it started to snow. I hoped it didn't snow too much as Carson had to head back to school the next day. But I had a feeling he would want to stick around for the meeting of Marcus and his son. We would discuss that as soon as he brought that up. I would feel more comfortable if Carson was there for the meet but that would depend on how soon we would be able to set it up.

We got the leftovers put away and got ready for bed. For how exhausted we both were it didn't take long for us to doze off. In the middle of the night, I woke to a wet warmth on my rigid cock again. My boy was down under the covers sucking away while rolling my balls in one hand. I didn't move, I just opened my eyes but somehow, he always knows when I wake up while he blows me. He waits until I am near then stops. He crawled up on me, without looking he grabs the lube does his hole then my cock. He then sat himself up and slowly sat down taking my pole into him. Gasping as he gets the last of it in. He didn't move he just sat with me inside of him. I can barely see him with the little light from the room and what small amount there was coming from outside through the window. What little I was able to see of him combined with the warmth of his insides grasping my cock I got a shiver all down my spine.

I love when he wakes me up like this then impales himself on me. I never asked why he did this, but it was just part of life I accepted. I wished it could happen more often. But what I wanted most of all was to wake up with him next to me every morning.

He started to pivot up and down continuing until I was close again. I thought he would keep doing it, but he leaned down, and we kissed passionately when we released for air he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to fuck him. Of course, by this time I was fully awake, so I was more than happy to do as he desired. We rolled over as one until he was on his back with his legs wrapped around my waist pulling me into him. Even with the low light in the room, his bright green eyes sparkled in anticipation of what was to come. I took my time with him bringing myself near orgasm then stop and start again. I did it until it became too much for me to hold back.

Then when I was near again I pounded that hole like that was all it was meant for. My boy started to get a bit too loud at that point, so I muffled his screams by kissing him urgently. His last scream came as I thrust hard one last time coating his inside with my babies. He shot between us covering our bellies. I lay there on top of for some time before I caught my breath his legs and arms still wrapped around me. Once I felt his limbs go limp I rolled off and went to get something to wipe us up with. All cleaned up I got back in pulled him to me and held him. Waiting for sleep to return I kissed his neck and listened to him breathe. I slowly drifted back to sleep dreaming of my lover and my new family.

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A big thank you to Max and Mason.


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