Hedley Hollow

Chapter Two: Truth and Pain


The Old Campus

Steven arrived early at the designated room with the key the coach gave him earlier in the day. Looking around Steven had an idea pop into his mind. So he set to work, first he set his phone up in the corner of the room with the cellular turned off so nothing could stop it from recording and then looking around he slid his tablet into a near by bookshelf. He set it up with the camera barely poking out but it was enough, maybe just maybe he could record what was happening and make it stop. Once everything was set up and recording he sat down and waited very uncomfortably. He only had to wait a few minutes and then the door opened.

Steven had learned to not look at the door whenever they opened it. “Good to see you’ve learned to not look at us.” Coach Ramblen said, mildly disappointed.

“Ah, I was so looking forward to you giving it to him for looking too,” Dilly said looking at the Coach.

“Dilly, lock the door and close the blinds and let's get this started.” The coach said while rubbing at his crotch. “I’m ready to see if he can take it all today.”

“I just want to see if he will beg for it to stop?” Dilly said remembering the last time. “It really drives me wild when he does.”

Looking at Lester for the first time since he arrived, Curt smiled a soft smile. “Yeah, she left on her own terms. Very much so.”

“Then boy, you need to smile knowing she left in control of her own fate.” Lester said as he rubbed circles on Curt’s back.

Both turned to the sound of Jess hitchen up the trailer to her truck and telling the doctor off. “Just get in the truck, and stop worrying about me. You’d think I was made of some fragile shit the way you keep babying me!” Jess hollered like she was starting to get pissed off.

Curt and Lester quietly walked over to the edge of the porch to listen to Jess and the doctor.

“Well, I’m sorry but you passed out over a phone call and now your hitching up a trailer to go retrieve some one.” Martin said with slight irritation. “Plus you should be resting, not going and playing the wrecker driver.”

“Well just hop in the truck like a good doctor and I’ll drive like a good ems driver and then when we get back. I will be a good patient.” Jess let loose as she waved her hands around like she was losing it.

Curt coughed trying to get her attention. Jess spun around realizing she had an audience. “Do you have anything to add?” Jess asked hoping Curt wouldn’t start on her too.

“Just remember be safe, and call if you need me.” Curt said making sure she understood.

“Thank You, I’ll be back shortly with Janet and Jacob.” Jess said as she hopped in the truck and took off sideways.

Lester jabbed Curt in the ribs gently. “Aren’t you glad your not in Martins shoes right now?”

“He really needs to learn about picking battles.” Curt said softly.

back at the mile marker

“Why didn’t you tell me then?” Steven asked while trying to remember when he moved in.

“You don’t remember you caught us holding hands and asked if we were fags?” Dylan almost spat the last word out. “The only reason we said no, was because at the time we didn’t know what the word meant.”

“So what do you want to do know?” Steven said with a tremble in his voice.

“Steven, I’m worried about you. I want to take you to the doctor or to a doctor I know.” Dylan said bouncing between annoyed and worried. “We need to make sure your not bleeding too bad.”

“So you don’t want my ass?” Steven asked while looking at the ground.

Dylan reached over and lifted Steven’s face up so he could see him. “I don’t want you in that way. You aren’t my type. I don’t want a Homophobic Asshole to take home and show to my parents. They would disown me.”

“Which doctor would you like me to go see?” Steven said barely above a whisper as a lone tear fell from his eyes. “Would we have to tell my parents?”

“We would need to tell them, we might be able to hold off a few days, maybe.” Dylan said as he sat down beside his friend and began rubbing circles on his back. “It would be best if we told them today. I’m sure they wouldn’t be mad at you.”

“Lets go then.” Steven said as he tried to get up gently.

Twenty Minutes Later

“Where are we? This don’t look like a Dr.’s Office.” Steven said looking at the small single story cabin.

“I never said we would be going to a Doc in a box. My uncle just got out of the military and he was a medic.” Dylan said getting out of the car.

As they both walked up the path the cabin door swung wide. “Dammit Dylan, I have told you to call first.”

“Sorry, Garrett. We needed a doctor and I forgot to call.” Dylan said as he realized they both had their hands in the air.

“Boys you can put your hands down.” Garrett said looking at them both then spotting the blood stains. “Come inside boys lets see what wrong.”

Dylan had been curious where Steven was going to during seventh period so he decided to follow since it was so unlike him to stay after school. Especially since he didn’t have a seventh period class. He watched as he entered the old athletics building, then turning in to a classroom. Dylan was spooked and ran down the hall whenever he heard the main door open again. Hiding behind the locker he saw Steven’s driver and the school’s bastard coach walk in and go straight to the room Steven was in.

Dylan stayed hidden for a few minutes until he heard Steven scream a blood curdling scream. Slowly he walked up to the door and looked into the room through the broken blinds. The site was too much for his brain to handle especially seeing the pleading look in Steven’s eyes almost as if telling him to run. He stealthily slip away without being seen. He waited across from the old building at one of the benches pretending to do homework until he caught sight of the vile coach and bastard driver leaving the building. He started packing up still keeping an eye out for Steven. Almost ten minutes had went by and finally Steven emerged. Steven slowly examined the area and spotted Dylan causing his color to drain. Slowly he limped over to Dylan. “Not a single word of this to anyone!” Steven almost growled as he spoke.

“Why didn’t you come to me or someone from our group?” Dylan asked confused.

“All of them are the same. Who would you want me to tell?” Steven said quietly while still scanning the area. “Can we talk about this somewhere else?”

“Sure want to go over to my house?” Dylan asked making a mental note to email Lance.

“No, how about we go to our old hang out spot near the lake?” Steven said as he tried to adjust sitting down.

“I’m cool with it, I’ll drive unless you want to be drove by your parents driver.” Dylan asked being somewhat of an asshole trying to get a rise out of his friend.

“You drive. I’ll cover gas and food.” Steven said as he felt around for his wallet.

“Do you need to get changed or just go” Dylan asked noticing the blood on his pants legs.

“Lets just go” Steven said knowing Dylan had seen the blood.

As they walked to the car Dylan looked back and noticed Steven was still limping, turning around in an instant he was beside his friend pulling Steven’s book bag off and placing it over his shoulder. “Come on we can make if faster if I carry your bag.” Dylan said trying to get Steven to at least snap back.

“Thank you, Dylan.” Steven said quietly while walking a tad bit faster.

Once to the car, Dylan first unlocked the trunk and placed their bags inside and closed it, then went to the Passenger side and unlocked the door for Steven. “You could have just unlocked it from your door.” Steven said slightly aggravated.

“No, My electric door locks don’t work.” Dylan said trying to not sound like the ass he was talking to. “I haven’t had the extra cash to have it worked on.”

“Oh” Steven replied then gingerly sat down into the car. “We should have put a towel down in case I bleed everywhere.”

“Right, no worries. I have vinyl seats the only thing you have to worry about is wearing shorts in the summer time, especially if I park in the sun.” Dylan said with a grin as Steven’s ass began complaining.

“Holy shit, my ass is burning.” Steven exclaimed as Dylan fired up the old Mustang and hit the road.

“Don’t worry the car will either cool off soon or your bleeding will be cauterized from the hot seat.” Dylan said as he put on his driving gloves.

Soon Dylan turned on to the campground road leading to their fishing hole.

“Still can’t believe your parent’s made you get this car” Steven said thinking about how worn out the poor car was.

“Steven, my parent’s wanted me to get a nice used BMW as a status symbol. I wanted a nice car I could fix up, it’d be all mine and be something I wanted.” Dylan said wondering why Steven was this way?

Once they parked Dylan asked Steven for his phone and locked both his and Steven’s phone in the trunk. “This way we can have a private talk and you don’t have to worry about me recording it and making your life as much hell as you made Lance’s.” Dylan said with a sad smile.

“Why are you still defending him? He is just like my Driver and the Coach, I bet he would have tried to fuck me if my driver hadn’t packed his ass up.” Steven ranted and stopped as he noticed Dylan’s face was becoming blotchy.

“Steven you are the most bone headed asshole I know! He had a crush, a god damn crush on you for four fucking years. Not once did he push himself onto you. Not once did he pinch your ass, not once did he attempt to man up and confide in you.” Dylan said and realized he was no longer talking but yelling. “He really wanted to come out to you. Even if it meant he would loose you as a dear friend.”

“Wait, how do you know?” Steven asked feigning stupidity, “Did he tell you?”

“Steven before you started hanging out with us, we were a couple. We weren’t sexual, just a couple.” Dylan said knowing Steven would want to go home.

Dylan looked over to Steven and noticed he was looking pale. “Steven are you alright?” Dylan asked as Steven’s eyes rolled back and he collapsed.

Garrett, ran to where Steven was and picked him up. “Come on lets get him inside and you can tell me whats up.” Garrett said as he jogged up the steps and into the cabin.

Back to the Hollow: Front Porch

Curt was sitting on the porch thinking about his new brothers when the system alerted him to an emergency. Looking at the monitor and seeing who it was, he let out a roar. “Jake get the ATV and the trailer for it and bring mom down to the doctor. MOVE!”

Jake turned and ran straight to the trailer and attached it to the ATV and took off like a rocket.

Curt turned and walked inside the house. Walking up to the room the doctor and sheriff were using he gently knocked knowing he might scare the hell out of them if he let his emotions do the knocking.

“Come in” Dr Martin said knowing they wouldn’t interrupt unless there was a problem.

Curt opened the door and got an eyeful of scars which made him see even more red. “Doctor, Jake has gone to the stream to retrieve mom. Her health alert went off on the system and I checked the camera’s and sent Jake to get her.”

Trevor slowly walked over to Curt and pulled him into a hug, then released enough to walk him to the couch. “Doctor Martin, do you think we can stop for now and get dressed?” Lance asked while waving his naughty bits at Trevor. “Besides, if we here any more sailor slang from you we will never need to join the Navy or any other branch.”

“Get dressed” Dr Martin announced then turned to Robbie who was losing the battle with trying not to laugh. “You have any comments?”

“I never knew you could swear more than Jess on a good day.” Robbie said and then turned toward the window as he heard the ATV coming close to the house.

They all rushed out of the house to find Jake and Dan assisting Jess on to the porch. “Dammit, I ain’t no gall dern helpless person, I can walk!” Jess kept insisting as they walked her up the steps on to the porch and into the swing.

“She sounds alright.” Jake said after he got out of range.

“What happened?” Martin asked trying to get answers.

“I got a phone call.” Jess said pointedly.

“Ninety Nine percent of people receive phone calls and don’t pass out.” Dan said hiding behind Tilly.

“Sis, did it, but she got herself doing it.” Jess said exhausted. “She got the bastard.”

“Aunt Jess, your not making sense. What did she do?” Lance said as he sat beside her and snuggled in listening to her heart beat.

“Honey, your mom reprogrammed the elevator to his office.” Jess said trying to figure out how to be gentle. “She locked out all the safety overrides on the elevator and made it a killavator.”

“Where is mom?” Lance asked hoping he was wrong.

“She… lured him in to the elevator… and well… I’m sorry Lance” Jess spoke brokenly until she couldn’t continue.

“So she didn’t want to see me again?” Lance asked as he got up with fresh tears running down his face and started walking toward the field.

“Lance!” Trevor shouted and was hot on his heals.

Lance walked to the field and over the fence on an almost auto pilot. Stopping in front of numbers he reached around his horse neck and began sobbing uncontrollably. Moments later he passed out.

Numbers stood motionless waiting on Trevor to retrieve his boy. After Trevor had pulled Lance on to his shoulder he was amazed by how Numbers was walking next to him almost as a protector. Trevor stopped at the fence and passed Lance across to Jake who easily placed him on his shoulder. “Come on across, we need to take him inside.”

“Take him back in to the exam room and put him on the couch.” Dr Martin said almost in tears. “Jess, will you be alright or do I need to have you taken to your room too?”

“I think I need to go lay down as well.” Jess said slowly getting up and moving toward the door. “Jake call Lester and his boys see if they would be up for taking care of the ranch for a few days.

“Yes, mom.” Jake said looking around the porch at all the shocked and gloomy faces.

Cabin in the woods (This ain’t that movie!)

Garrett ducked under the door frame and walked to the kitchen table. “Dylan, go ahead and clear the table.”

Dylan looked up to Garrett’s face then looked at the table full of three dimensional puzzle pieces. Sticking his arm out level above everything he streched across the table and pushed every thing to the floor on one side. “That was easy.”

“Later you can pick it all up properly.” Garrett said as he laid Steven down across the table.

Roger’s Household

“Where the hell is that boy?” Daniel Rogers asked no one in particular. “We need to get on the road.”

“Honey, did you forget you can track his phone.” Lily said as she patted her husband on the shoulder.

“You know how I feel about tracking his phone, I feel like I’m spying on him.” Daniel said while staring at his phone.

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door.

“Perhaps, he forgot his key.” Lily said as she opened the front door.

“Lily, by any chance is Steven over here?” Jacob asked looking a little warn out.

“Honey, go ahead and pull his location.” Daniel said with defeat. “I don’t like tracking devices and I hate being tracked.”

Before Lily could even start to react the home phone line began to ring. Daniel looked down reading the caller ID, scarring everyone as he scrambled for the phone. “Garrett, hey buddy whats up?”

“Hey dad, so um we have a situation going on and we need advice.” Garrett said gently. Knowing it had been over three years since he talked to his dad. “Can you come over to my cabin?”

“Sure son, but we are currently looking for your brother and one of his friends. So it’ll need to wait till we find them.” Daniel said knowing something was a miss.

“Um, dad please tell me it’s not Steven?” Garrett asked knowing this could go from bad to worse. “Are his parents there with you?”

“Yes, and how did you know it was Steven we were looking for?” Daniel asked as a realization hit him, “Is Dylan there too? Is everything alright? Jacob is in the kitchen with your mother.”

“Dad, everything is not alright. However we need to tread softly around him. He needs to be the one to tell his parents if we are to keep his trust.” Garrett said not liking the thought of keeping things from Jacob. “Or we can tell them and lose his trust and cause him to panic, and I really don’t know what he would do if it happened.”

Turning at the sound of Jacob entering the room. “Garrett you tell the boy’s that I really wish they would have cleared going camping with us before going to your house. I just want them to be safe and I hope you will keep an eye out on them for me.” Daniel said trying to sound convincing.

“Really, they went camping? I can’t be mad at him for reconnecting with his friends.” Jacob said in shock. “Tell him have fun and we will talk to them when they get back.” Then proceeded to go back in the kitchen.

“Did you really just suggest they are camping?” Garrett asked slightly flabbergasted. “I guess it works but they don’t have spare clothes with them.”

“I’ll send you a little bit of funds through your card if you still have it?” Daniel asked kind of hoping he did.

“Yes, Dad I keep the card active and updated in case for some odd reason we needed it.” Garrett said remembering why he stopped using it. “Dad, I’m sorry.”

“No at the time you were right to feel like we where manipulating your life.” Daniel said as a tear slipped down his face. “Son, you have always made me proud of the young man you have become. I should have never acted the way I did with you. I am sorry for everything.”

“Dad, when I see you we will need to catch up but I need to get back to double trouble.” Garrett said as his voice started changing as his emotions were running raw.

“Son, I’ll pack your mother up. We should be up there in two hours.” Daniel said hearing the emotions in Garrett’s voice. “But for now just keep watch of them.”

Murdock household

“So your telling me he went camping after saying he was going to talk to Jake?” Janet asked confused momentarily. “I suppose he needed someone to talk to about it.”

“Either way we need to hit the road, if we are going to get there early.” Jacob said softly. “We can always give the Roger’s the address and directions if they decide to go and visit the hollow.”

“If you give them the information, make sure they have Jake’s information so they can arrange it in-case Steven decides to go visit.” Janet said remembering how Jake wanted to talk to their son.

“I’ll go ahead and send them everybody’s information and all the requests, plus I’ll send them their address.” Jacob said while composing the lengthy detailed text message. “Wow, this almost looks like a mini riot act.”

“Honey, they will know it’s not your fault. I’m sure once they see it they will understand it was Steven’s fault for all the information.” Janet said wondering how they went wrong with their weird son.

“So do you want to take a nap before we leave out for the hollow or do you just want to start the trip?” Jacob asked, knowing he would rather take a nap first.

“I’ll drive first, that way you can get a short nap in.” Janet said reading his expression. “We’ve been together too long for you to hide your desire for a nap.”

“Alright dear, I’ll go get our bags loaded into the car then.” Jacob said with a loving smile on his face.

Garrett’s Cabin

Garrett sat nervously beside the table waiting for Steven to show signs of stirring. “Dylan, how long has he been out now?”

“It was a little after four pm when he passed out and its currently a little after six pm.” Dylan said then seen the sour look on Garrett’s face. “Two hours plus a few moments.”

“He should have been awake by now, especially since we didn’t use much pain killers.” Garrett said looking at his cabinet. “Can’t believe I let so much stock go out of date. I must have just gave up.”

“Brother, you left because of controlling issues from the parent’s. If you gave up, then it’s understandable. Things happen Garrett, besides you’ve been away for a few years now.” Dylan said slightly frustrated with his brother. “Besides you can’t see the future like your favorite story character.”

“If only I could, then maybe he wouldn’t have turned into an asshat.” Garrett said pointing his thumb at the table. “But then again he has always been some kind of asshat.”

“But think of it wouldn’t it be grand if Tyne was real and here.” Dylan asked thinking about what it would be like.

Steven let out a rough gasp “If you want Tyne, then I want the yarn guy here.” Steven said literally blowing Dylan’s mind. “God, why do I hurt so much?”

“I had to remove what looked like splinters from your rectum, and sew it all shut. Plus, I didn’t have enough pain killers on hand which were in date.” Garrett said in a rush.

“So I guess the sick fuck did use the ball bat like he threatened to use, if I didn’t play along.” Steven said with a whince as he attempted to sit up. Only to have Garrett place a hand on his chest to make him lay back down.

“Don’t attempt to sit up anytime soon.” Garrett said looking to Dylan for help.

“Dammit, lay back down. I’ll get you a pillow so your not flat on your back. He just got you stitched back up so please don’t fuck it up.” Dylan screamed shocking both Garrett and Steven. “I was so afraid you died on me earlier. So what, we aren’t the best of friends but that would still suck.”

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault we aren’t.” Steven said in a mumble.

“Look, enough of that for the moment.” Dylan looked at his watch. “Mom and Dad should be here shortly. Your parent’s left to go to the hollow. So I don’t know how much you want to tell them. But I think it would help if they were in your corner.”

“I’ll tell them, and then maybe we can go to the hollow too.” Steven said at a whisper. “I owe him that much, at least.”

“Try and get some rest.” Garrett said placing a heavy blanket on top of him. “and try not to roll off the table.”

“I’ll make sure he don’t fall off the table.” Dylan said as he began picking up the puzzle pieces and sorting them by set.

“I’ll have mom give him a once over when she gets here” Garrett said almost thinking aloud.

“Why don’t you call mom and have her bring the emergency kit, just in case.” Dylan asked quietly as he checked Steven’s pulse. Once he stopped his phone chimed. “Garrett never mind on the kit, mom told dad to bring the RV.” Dylan smiled at the thought of the RV lumbering up the trail to Garrett’s cabin.

On the way to Garrett’s

“I still can’t believe Garrett called us.” Daniel said quietly.

“Honey, he’s just like you in a way. He knew they needed more help than he could take on. No matter how mad he is with you over past decisions and battles. He called someone he trusted.” Lily stated while rubbing her stubborn husband’s arm. “Let just go see how bad it is and help where we can.”

“Yes, Dear.” Daniel said with a mono tone. “I’m thinking this is the turn.”

“Honey, if you’ve forgotten the way to your old cabin then I will be sending you for mental testing!” Lily said very loudly. “You lived here before we got married, stop with the act.”

“Alright, but you know we are still about twenty minutes out.” Daniel said smiling at his wife.

“It just gives us time to mentally prepare for what we are about to see.” Lily said as she loaded her Enigma CD into the stereo. “Now just relax and focus, we will need to be focused.”

you spin me

“Janet, please slow down. We don’t have to be there tonight. If we have to we can stay at a local inn for the night.” Jacob said as his knuckles started to turn white.

“But if we get there tonight we don’t have to stay elsewhere and we can see how Lance is doing tonight?” Janet said as she goosed the car a little more. “Besides we should be close to the mile marker Jake said to stop at so we don’t miss the road.”

“I would just feel a little better if you would stop speeding through the woods.” Jacob said as the color drained from his face. “Deer, Deer, Deer!”

Janet whipped the car to the other lane narrowly missing the Deer although she caused the car to go into a spin. “Lets hope I don’t flip the car!” Janet screamed almost with glee.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so gonna puke!” Jacob mumbled with his hand over his mouth.

Mile marker twenty one

“Would you look at that buck!” Robbie announced to Jake. “I wish I had my gear with me.”

“You know Jess would kick your ass.” Jake said as he noticed the speeding car. “Looks like we might be about to have a clean up.”

“Shit how fast are they going?” Robbie looked over to the radar gun noticing it was turned off.

“I’d say they are traveling nothing shy of one hundred and twenty miles per hour.” Jake said doing the math based on the stripes and distance. “I think that’s Janet and Jacob.”

“Did you see how she swerved, good thing the road is slightly damp. They might just come out unhurt.” Robbie said looking at the full blown spin. “Well the car will definitely need a cleaning.”

“Gross, almost wonder what he ate! Almost.” Jake said as the car slowly spun to a halt less than thirty feet from them.

Robbie walked over to the driver side of the car and tapped on the window.

Janet thought for sure her head was swimming when she heard the tap at the window. Rolling it down she seen it was a county officer. “Officer, please let me get my stomach under control before you begin writing.”

“Mame, are you alright? Do either one of you need a doctor?” Robbie asked gently as he noticed she was pale. As if by instinct he took a step back.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine if you…” RWARRWWER Janets stomach violently heaved a massive amount of something at mach five.

Robbie looked to Jake who was already on the phone. “I think we need a rollback and the doctor.”

“The doctor is on his way and Jess is bringing the trailer.” Jake said as Jacob heaved again on the window. “I wonder why Steven’s not with them?”

“Maybe he wanted to keep his lunch?” Robbie said as Janet let loose another torrent of nastiness.

Back at the Hollow

Lester arrived at the Hedley ranch to find Curt sitting on the porch. “Alright youngen, whats with the sad face and why the sudden coverage request?” Lester asked since Jake didn’t give any details.

“Lester, Lance’s mother is gone.” Curt barely said above a whisper while looking at the floor.

“Did she go on her own terms?” Lester asked knowing this was a loaded question but also remembering the fiery woman she was.

Looking at Lester for the first time since he arrived, Curt smiled a soft smile. “Yeah, she left on her own terms. Very much so.”

“Then boy, you need to smile knowing she left in control of her own fate.” Lester said as he rubbed circles on Curt’s back.

Both turned to the sound of Jess hitchen up the trailer to her truck and telling the doctor off. “Just get in the truck, and stop worrying about me. You’d think I was made of some fragile shit the way you keep babying me!” Jess hollered like she was starting to get pissed off.

Curt and Lester quietly walked over to the edge of the porch to listen to Jess and the doctor.

“Well, I’m sorry but you passed out over a phone call and now your hitching up a trailer to go retrieve someone.” Martin said with slight irritation. “Plus you should be resting, not going and playing the wrecker driver.”

“Well just hop in the truck like a good doctor and I’ll drive like a good ems driver and then when we get back. I will be a good patient.” Jess let loose as she waved her hands around like she was loosing it.

Curt coughed trying to get her attention. Jess spun around realizing she had an audience. “Do you have anything to add?” Jess asked hoping Curt wouldn’t start on her too.

“Just remember be safe, and call if you need me.” Curt said making sure she understood.

“Thank You, I’ll be back shortly with Janet and Jacob.” Jess said as she hopped in the truck and took off sideways.

Lester jabbed Curt in the ribs gently. “Aren’t you glad your not in Martins shoes right now?”

“He really needs to learn about picking battles.” Curt said softly.

back at the mile marker

Janet looked over at Jacob and said, “At least I went out side of the window.”

“Says the woman who drives with the windows locked to keep people from putting them down.” Jacob mumbled darkly while looking at the mess he had made.

They both looked up at the sound of the truck and trailer coming down the dirt road. As Jess and Martin pulled up beside them they noticed the cars interior and both decided they would diagnose them back at the ranch once they were at least rinsed off.

Jess looked at Jake and spoke “they can ride on your tailgate, just make sure you and Robbie go slow and not hauling ass like normal. I don’t think they would be able to handle it after.” Jess said pointing at the puke filled car.

“Gotcha,” Jake said then asked the bigger question. “Where is Steven?”

“Not, sure. They said he disappeared to a friends house and went camping.” Jess said with a shrug, but the face she made didn’t match with her thoughts. “They said on the phone, they sent all the contact details to the other family if they decided to visit. Of course they don’t know about sis.”

“Mom, take my truck and get everybody back to the house, me and Robbie will load up their car and get it back to town for a cleaning.” Jake said hoping she would agree.

Jess nodded then looked to Jacob and Janet, “You two hop up on the tailgate of this truck leave the keys with Jake. Once we get back to the house y’all are going to strip and go take a shower, then Martin will have a look at y’all to make sure your alright after seeing how many times you could spin on the road.”

As if on auto pilot the two both responded. “Yes, maw.” then both climbed up on the tailgate while Martin climbed in the truck giggling.

“Martin, what’s so funny” Jess asked thinking she knew the answer.

Martin started chuckling then stopped, “Maw” and lost it again.

Jess reached over to swat Martin. “Can’t you act your age at least once a day?”

Back at the cabin

Garrett heard the low rumble of the RV getting closer and walked outside after making sure Dylan was still awake and watching Steven. Once on the porch he took a seat and watched the RV slowly pull the driveway, wishing he had taken better care of the driveway.

Once the RV was parked Lily and Daniel hopped out and walked up to Garrett. “Son, I’m sorry.” was all Daniel was able to get out before Garrett enveloped him in a rib crushing hug. Lily smiled knowing the feud was over finally.

“Garrett, where is my patient?” Lily asked getting a sad smile and a low response.

“Dylan is looking after him on the kitchen table.” Garrett said as he opened the front door and swung it open for his mother. “I didn’t have enough pain killers in date so he is in extreme pain.”

Daniel backed up from Garrett and walked over to the storage bay on the RV, grabbing three kits out of the bin and then locking it back. “Lets go check out our patient.”

Once inside the three of them noticed Dylan holding Steven down carefully. “They are here to help, please calm down.” The look Steven gave Dylan would have made most cringe. “I swear on my life Steven, they are here to help.”

Steven looked back to Dylan and starred him in the eyes looking for any sign of lies. Finding none he calmed down and whispered. “I’m sorry.” Then stopped fighting.

Lily slowly walked over to him, “Honey, I’m going to check out your wounds then we will get you some medications to help you deal with the pain and to help everything heal.”

Steven looked her in the eyes for a few moments and only nodded.

“Will you be alright if my husband helps me?” Lily asked and Steven nodded slowly.

Dylan spoke softly. “I’m going to let go and go to the other room so they can check you over.” as he tried to let go of Stevens hand he noticed Stevens grip had tightened.

“I know I don’t deserve it, but please stay.” Steven whispered while small tears began flowing from his eyes down his cheek.

“Alright, I’ll stay” Dylan said while wiping away the tears.

Lily and Daniel began going over all of the wounds the process took over two hours for the detailed check over.

“Honey, you will need to bring your parent’s into the loop. We need to stop this bastard who did this to you.” Lily said watching the expressions roll across Stevens face.

“Just know, we will be with you the entire time in case something goes wrong.” Dylan said hoping Steven knew he would not be alone for this.

Seems like a good stopping point. Not all villains are truly villains but

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