Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 5: A Night As Clear As Day

OILT – Chapter 5 – A Night As Clear As Day


Ezra sat waiting for Emmett outside the team's change room. It had been several months since they had started to date. They had come out to the school together and they were met with almost universal acceptance. Sure, a few kids had a word or two, but they didn't matter to the happy couple.



Logan had come up to Ezra after the fact. “So you're admitting you're gay now?”


Ezra nodded. “Ya, Kieran helped me recognize it. You helped too, so thanks.”


“No problem?” Logan wasn't sure how else to reply. “Still the same deal as before? Minus the whole sex thing?”


“Of course.” Ezra smiled at his friend. “I won't tell anyone about you being gay. It's not my place Logan, it's yours.” The two shared a smile of understanding of their situation before saying their goodbyes.


There goes my only fun with a guy. Guess I need to find someone else to trust from now on. Logan thought to himself as he walked away.



Kieran had a not-so-great time with it all. He had come, so close, it seemed to being Ezra's boyfriend. Every time he saw Ezra, it was like he didn't exist. He would wave or say hi, but Ezra and Emmett were always deep in conversation.


“That's shitty.” Kaige told his cousin. “Sounds like he isn't worth it dude.”


Kieran hadn't told him it was Ezra they were speaking about, only that a boy he likes doesn't talk to him. “Ya...” Kieran sighed.


Kaige, who was lying on Kieran's bed, tossing a ball, turned to his cousin. “You'll get yourself a sexy guy and you'll make me jealous. I'm doomed to be single for life.”


Kieran giggled at his cousin's dismay. “No, you'll find a great guy or girl.”


“No girl wants a bi guy. Plus, dick is better.” He stuck out his tongue before throwing the ball across the room. The two wanted to be rid of the feeling of regret they both had.



Emmett's basketball team had just finished a very important practice. They had a big game coming up, and the coach wanted them to be at their A-game. Once Emmett had come out of the changing room, he saw Ezra sitting by the wall on his phone. “Hey, babe. What are you still doing here?”


“Thought I would wait for you. Wasn't sure what I was gonna do, so wanted to see if you had any ideas.” Ezra had done all his homework while waiting for Emmett. There was nothing left he had to do.


Emmett nodded. “I don't have any plans either, we could watch a movie or something?”


“Sure!” Ezra jumped up. “We could see if Levi wants to join in!” Staying true to his promise to his friend, Ezra would either include Levi in their activities or spend time with just him.


Emmett had no qualm about his brother hanging out with them. “Sure, that would be great!” Ezra gathered his belongings and followed Emmett out of the school. “Big game next week – you're coming, right?”


“Of course!” Ezra was excited, not for the game, but the part afterwords. It would be the first major party that he would be allowed to go to. They would be spending it together, with a possible chance for some alone time. “The party should be fun too.”


“Ya, most of the team will drinking.” Emmett casually stated.


“Will you be?” Ezra asked.


Emmett shrugged. “I don't know yet. Would it bother you if I did?”


“Nah, it's your decision. Just promise me you wont go over board.”


“Course.” Emmett smiled to his boyfriend. “Now lets get going!”



Ezra sat on his computer after coming home. He only had a few minutes before going to bed. Seeing Ryder online he sent his friend a message.


Ezra – Hey! Guess what?

Ryder – What?

Ezra – I know it's been a while, which just means I have several updates for you

Ryder – Could have guessed that... What's new?


Ezra took in a breath and started typing. Ryder had come out a couple years ago and made it pretty clear he was gay online. They have had constant conversations about their sexual endeavours. Ryder knew all about Ezra's time with Logan.


Ezra – Well, me and this kid Kieran had a night of fun while camping

Ryder – How old is the kid?

Ezra – 13

Ryder – Cool! How was that?

Ezra – Well... he actually got me to realize that I was gay...

Ryder – Finally! Dammit, that took forever

Ezra – Ya ya I know, and now I have a boyfriend.

Ryder – Gay and already has a boyfriend. What am I doing wrong then?

Ezra – Not being cute adorable me!

Ryder – Oh yes, you're the adorable one.

Well I'm happy for you Ezra.

Ezra – Thanks Ryder! Who knows maybe you'll find someone soon

Ryder – I have had my eyes on this one kid. He's def gay this time

Ezra – You sure? Last time you said that the guy you fucked never spoke to you again.

Ryder – Don't remind me Ezra.

He was a dumbass anyways.

Ezra – Well I wish you luck with him! Go get him tiger!

Ryder – I'll do my best :)


The two friends spoke to each other online for hours. They talked and talked about this, that, and the other thing. Ezra and Ryder had to say their good byes earlier than they wanted to though, as it was a school night.



A week came and went, and in no time, it was the day of the party. Kieran had heard of the party and thought it a good idea to attend himself. Knowing full well most of the attendees would be the basketball team and their dates, but there would be a good amount of people just there for the booze.


Kieran had found Ezra just before the game. “Hey, Ezra!” He waved to his friend up in the stands. Ezra waved back and cleared a spot for Kieran to sit by him. “You going to the party after?”


“Yes, sir. It's a make-or-break game. It's either their last game of the year, or the game that gets them into regionals. Either way, it's something to celebrate.” Kieran nodded pretending he had any clue what he was just told. “I heard there's gonna be tons of party crashers, too, you one of them?”


Kieran blushed. “I was thinking about it.”


“You should come! It should be a blast! Maybe you'll find someone there.” Ezra winks, making Kieran's blush turn a deep crimson. Unlike Ezra, Kieran was still in the closet to the school. Ezra went into a whisper. “I heard Logan planned on coming out at the party.”


Kieran turned to his friend. “Like Logan, me in the room Logan?” Ezra nodded. “I didn't think he was gay...” Even though he called me sexy, I thought at most he was bi. He has a girlfriend after all. Kieran thought to himself.


“Well, I know he is. We've done stuff a bunch.” Kieran's eyes went wide, looking at Ezra. “What? You thought I wouldn't be experienced?” His face reddened again as he turned away from Ezra.


“I don't know, just never thought of it that way...”


Kieran was about to continue his sentence when music went over the speakers in the gym. “Oh, game is starting!” Ezra's full attention was on Emmett as he played.


The team did their very best in the game. Keeping the scores fairly close throughout the game. Emmett score several baskets and Ezra screamed for him every time. Emmett heard him too, looking directly at him each time and shaking his head.


Kieran spent most of the game distracted. He was thinking of Logan and Ezra and his experiences with them. Logan and I could end up doing more than last time... Should I go to the party? Kieran thought to himself.


In the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, the home team was just barely in the lead. Only being 2 points ahead, they struggled to keep the ball away from their net, and under their control.


With less than a minute left the away team scored a three pointer, putting them a single point ahead. After a quick huddle, the game started up again. The best players were on for that last minute. Logan and Emmett were among them.


They tried their hardest to no avail. In the last ten seconds the whistle blew and the referee shouted out, “Personal foul! Adams, you're disqualified from the game!”


The kid was visibly upset at the call. It caused a huge fuss between the player, coach and ref that lasted several minutes. He had stopped Logan's attempt at shooting for a three-pointer and was called on his illegal contact.


The referee blew his whistle again to get everyone's attention. “Personal foul stays, three free throws awarded to King!” This will be the game. Ezra thought to himself.


“Talk about pressure.” Ezra said, mostly to himself.


“What do you mean?” Kieran asked.


Ezra shook his head. “Logan has three shots he gets to make without interruption. If he scores on two of the three they will be a single point ahead. Then they just have to play a defensive game and they'll win.”


“Oh... and if he doesn't make the shots, they loose?” Ezra nodded. “Ya, that's some pressure on Logan.”


The entire gym was silent as the teams line up and watched Logan on the foul line. Taking in a few breaths Logan zoned the rest of the room out and focused on the hoop. The sound of the ball bouncing on the floor echoed twice before his first shot.


Going through the air, ball bounced off the hoop. Hitting it two more times before falling through the net. The gym erupted in cheers for the home team as Logan was passed the ball for his second shot.


He took his breaths, zoned in on the hoop, dribbled twice and took another shot. This time the ball bounced right out of the net. The away team cheered along with a few audience members.


“Just chill and shoot. You can do it Logan.” Emmett encouraged his teammate.


Logan took a breath. “Yep, I got it.” Logan lacked conviction in his voice. He took a couple more breaths as he prepared for the last shot. When the ball was set free the teams moved to try and catch the ball.


It bounced off and away from the net into the hands of another member of the home team. They shot the ball instantly toward the net. With a swish the ball went perfectly through the hoop and scored the final 2 points needed for the home team to win.


The gym went into an uproar of proud fans and family. Logan and the boy who scored the last basket went up on the team's shoulders. They chanted the boys’ names as they celebrated as a team.



Emmett spent a good ten minutes looking for Ezra after the game. Thinking he got caught up in this and ended up outside, Emmett made his way to his truck. “That kid.” he shook his head. “He needs to pay more attention to things.”


When he got outside he saw Ezra sitting on his bumper. The 1995 Chevy Silverado, was in near-mint condition. Emmett took pride in the way he kept his truck. Even if it was a handy down from his parents.


“Hey, winner.” Ezra kicked his legs back and forth as he sat.


Emmett grinned. “So this is where you went. Ready for the party?” Ezra nodded. “Me too, so proud of everyone. We played a damn good game today.”


“A win by the swish of the net!” Ezra giggled as he got down from the bumper. “To party!”



Kieran ultimately decided to go to the party. Having to walk there, he set out from the school before hearing a car horn behind him. Kieran stopped and turned towards the sound.


“You going to the party, Kieran?” Logan sat in the driver's seat of the small, two door car.


“I was thinking about it.”


Logan waved him over. “Come on, I'll give you a lift – hop on in!” Kieran hesitated for a moment before checking for cars. He got into Logan's car, and then they were off. “I didn't take you for the sports type. Seeing you in the stands was kinda a surprise.” Logan started to make small talk.


“You saw me in the stands?” Kieran was surprised that he would be noticed by one of the stars of the game. He barely even made a sound, even when cheers were happening.


Logan nodded, keeping his eyes on the road. “Ya, you were sitting beside Ezra.” Oh, it's cause of Ezra that I was noticed. Kieran thought. “I noticed you first though. I remember you from that party. You gave good head dude.”


Kieran blushed. “Thanks... glad to know I'm memorable.”


“You kidding?” Logan laughed. “I've jacked off to the thought you countless times, dude. You're very cute I'll have you know.”


“Wait, you really are gay?”


“I'm as straight as the turn that's coming up.” Logan grinned to himself. “Lyndsey knows I'm gay, she was the second person I told. She's even the one to come up with the idea of us 'dating' so no one would question me.”


“Why are you telling me all this?”


“Simple.” Logan took a breath. “I plan on coming out at the party, and I like you. At the very least you're experimenting right now, so if you're up for it we could play around a bit.” It was more of a question than a statement.


Kieran looked over at his driver. “Really? That isn't weird to you? I'm thirteen and you're 16... that's a three year difference.”


Logan shrugged. “My parents are six years apart, so what’s your point? You've already discovered sex on your own, why shelter you from it now?”


“I wouldn't say on my own...” Logan raised an intrigued eyebrow. “My cousin, Kaige, first showed me about sex. Both straight and gay actually. I was kinda grossed out by the girl.”


“Same here. Couldn't get into the straight stuff at all.” Logan placed his right hand on the thigh of his passenger. “Wanna find a hidden spot and have some fun?”


Kieran froze looking at the hand rubbing his thigh, making his cock grow into a full erection. Logan retracted his hand, seeing the reaction. “Sorry...”


“Don't be.” Logan smiled. “I'll respect that you don't know what to do. I wont force you into anything.”


“Thing is...” Kieran took a breath of his own. “I really do wanna blow you again. So I wouldn't mind stopping somewhere and having some fun.” Logan smiled turning off at the next turn.


The back roads all intertwined somehow, so Logan found the spot he had in mind and parked his car. “Lets get into the backseat for this, much roomier.” Kieran went in between the seats while Logan got out and came through the door. “Comfy?”


Kieran nodded. “Yes.” They shared a smile as Logan undid his belt and the button to his jeans. Kieran didn't need to be told, he went straight to the awaiting cock.


“Mind if I play with yours, too?” Logan asked as Kieran pulled his underwear down.


“Go ahead!” Kieran gleefully agreed.


Kieran now had Logan's cock once again in his mouth. Logan had his hand exploring Kieran's groin. Both boys enjoyed the tools they were given to play with.


Logan's hand quickly pulled down Kieran's pants and went to play with his hole. Kieran jumped at the contact, but didn't resist. He started moaning as Logan's finger played with his hole, and his reaction caused Logan to leak even more precum.


Kieran got so into things, he stopped sucking and pressed his lips to Logan's. Logan had one hand holding the back of Kieran's head, the other still below. Kieran's hand replaced his mouth as he now held the larger cock.


“Do you have lube?” Kieran asked.


Logan lifted Kieran's shirt over his head. “Yes I do, why?”


“I want you to be my first. I want you to fuck me.” Kieran slowly went down and unbuttoned Logan's shirt. Excited, Logan grabbed his lube from the glove box and applied some to his fingers. Kieran tore his pants off and sat naked waiting.


“Come here.” Logan waved Kieran over. Kissing again, Logan's fingers pushed through the tight hole. Kieran stopped kissing and moaned into Logan's shoulder. “You like that?”


Kieran felt as his anus was penetrated completely by Logan's finger. “It's so good.” Logan took his finger out, to push two in. “Even better.” Kieran moaned his loudest.


Logan positioned Kieran into a doggy position. Kieran obeyed every command Logan gave him. Logan slowly pushed his cock into Kieran, listening to his young bottom, Logan got his entire cock inside. “You're so tight, it's so amazing!”


Kieran followed Logan's thrusts pushing for more cock. “More!” He demanded. Logan gave him more, thrusting more frequently and harder. “Fuck! You're amazing!”


“Kieran I'm gonna blow!” Just a few seconds later, Logan pushed his cock as deep as he could Kieran squealed as Logan unloaded himself into Kieran. Kieran shot out everything he had stored up onto the back seat of the car.


Logan lifted Kieran so he would sit on his cock. “Logan... please lets do this again.” Kieran laid back on the older boy.


“Anytime you want, Kieran.” Logan kisses Kieran, and they began making out.


It would be another hour before they would leave their hiding spot. Having released another load each, they enjoyed each others’ naked company. The pitter-patter of rain surprised the two and had them on their way to the party.



Ezra and Emmett were up on the balcony of the house when Logan and Kieran showed up. The rain hadn't reached the house yet, but was clearly on it's way here. Emmett noticed them pull up. “Hey there's Logan's car. Late as ever, like always.”


Ezra looked over his shoulder at the car. “Is that Kieran?” The two watched Kieran awkwardly come out of the car fixing his clothes. “He looks nervous about the party. He shouldn't be, he's been to a party before.”


Emmett laughed. “I don't think that's what he's nervous about. Maybe Logan and him did some nasty in the car.”


Ezra shook his head. “Really?” He turned completely around and waved to the two new arrivals. His wave was returned. “Sure they are both into that kind of stuff, but I don't see them doing that together.”


“Oh? And Why is that?” Emmett raised an eyebrow.


Ezra shrugged. “They don't seem like they would.” Emmett rolled his eyes a his oblivious boyfriend. Feeling a raindrop on his forehead, Emmett turned to Ezra. “Should we rejoin the party?”


“Nah, I wanna hang out with you for a bit.” With a quick peck on the cheek, Emmett lead his boyfriend into a spare bedroom. “Should we have a quicky?”


Ezra shook his head. “Nah, we can save it for tomorrow. Could we just snuggle and talk for a bit?”


“Of course.” Emmett grabbed his drink from the side table and took a drink. “We can do whatever you want.”


They lay there on the bed snuggling talking for fifteen minutes. Suddenly Ezra had a thought. “What are your plans, after you graduate?”


Emmett thought about for a moment. “I'm not quite sure. I know I'm staying here for a while, probably working. So you don't have to worry about me leaving.”


“You're not staying ‘cause of me though, right?” Ezra asked.


Emmett shook his head. “No, this has been my plan for a while. You only made if more concrete. Promise, you are not the only reason.” Emmett pushed the hair out of Ezra's face. “You don't need to worry, Ezra.”


“Okay.” Erza snuggled in closer. “I love you, Emmett Cooper.”


“I love you, too, Ezra Davis.” Emmett kissed his boyfriend's forehead. Ezra had another idea, though, and began making out. Hopping onto Emmett, Ezra straddled his boyfriend. “How can I help you?”


Ezra wiggled causing a reaction in Emmett's groin. “I was thinking we could have a first...” Even with Ezra's past, he had wanted to wait for the right time for sex with Emmett. With the great win today, was there a better time? “I think you deserve it after that game.”


Emmett giggled. “If anyone deserves it, it's Logan.” Ezra rolled his eyes. “But I'll take one for the team.” With a wink Emmett lifted Ezra's shirt up and off. With Emmett's help, Ezra found himself naked and fully erect.


Emmett wasted no time and took his clothes off before returning to the bed. Ezra giggled as his legs met his chest. “We might get caught.”


“Nope. I locked the door when we came in.” Ezra grinned from ear to ear right before Emmett began grinding his cock against him.


The couple were caught up in themselves, they barely noticed the rainstorm forming outside. Their hands explored the others body as they kissed. Their cocks wanting to do more the entire time.


Emmett was the first to give in. He lifted himself away from Ezra, just to flip Ezra onto his stomach roughly. Emmett led Ezra so he was pushed against the headboard. Grabbing lube and a condom, he prepared himself and Ezra for the coming entry.


Ezra's ass had tightened a bit over the months he had not had a real cock in it, but it still opened up for Emmett. Ezra was stuck between his boyfriend's cock and the headboard, and he loved every minute of it.


Neither one liked playing it nice either. Ezra loved being dominated and rough sex, while Emmett loved slamming his cock deep into his bottoms. They have had many conversations about sex before hand and knew what they liked and wanted.


It didn't take very long for Emmett to say, “I'm gonna blow my load soon.”


Ezra pushed his ass so the cock would enter him farther. “Fuck me hard, blow that load in me.”


“Bareback?” Was Emmett's only reply. Ezra just nodded, almost begging for it. With a quick lube up, Emmett's cock was back in at full force.


Ezra grabbed his own cock and started to jerk it himself. Keeping himself up with his left hand and the pressure from Emmett, he furiously stroked his cock.


“Emmett!” Was all Ezra could get out before he unleashed his load onto the bedding below.


Very soon after he felt Emmett's cock go deeper than before and a loud moan escape from about him. “Oh fuck! Your ass is amazing!” They both collapsed together, Ezra still penetrated.


The young couple snugged for a few minutes before there was a knock at the door. “Are you two going to stay in there all night? Come on, the party is just getting started downstairs!”


The two groaned but moved nevertheless. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they gathered their cloths. “Mine!” Ezra grabbed Emmett's boxers and handed him his pair of briefs. “You wear these tonight.” Emmett did as he was told.


“I love you, Ezra Davis.”


“I love you too, Emmett Cooper.



The party went on late into the night. Emmett had a few drinks, but paced himself. As the night went on the rain did not give any relief. By 1am the party was winding down, many players had gone home, though most were waiting for a ride.


Owen had arrived at the party and was taking a few guys and Ezra home. Emmett was also taking a few guys home in his truck. “So I'll see you tomorrow?” Ezra asked.


“Yes, I believe it was a dirt bike ride tomorrow?”


“Yep!” Ezra spoke, stoked for riding. “Maybe not anything to big since it's raining. Unless you want to get all muddy.”


Emmett shrugged. “I wouldn't mind, as long as I'm with you.” Ezra blushed before backing away from the truck. “You should go get in Owen's car. I'll call you tomorrow.”


They blew each other a kiss before Emmett pulled away and drove off. Ezra watched until it was out of sight. Now soaked from head to toe, he got into the front seat of his brother's car.


The drive was a mostly silent one. The rain assaulting the roof almost downed out the music going through the speakers. When the Davis boys got home lighting lit up the sky, and a huge crash of thunder echoed through the night.


Owen and Ezra both rushed inside. “Good thing we got home when we did.” Owen commented.


“Ya!” Ezra replied, still very wet. “I'll go check on Adam, that might have just woken him up.”


“See you tomorrow, then.” Owen waved his little brother off as he went to his room to sleep.


Ezra found the littlest Davis, Adam just walking out of his room. “Come on, I got ya.” Adam followed Ezra and joined him in bed. Adam snuggled up to his big brother for protection from the storm.



The next morning, Ezra woke up earlier than expected and was unable to fall back to sleep. He decided to hop onto his computer to see if Ryder was online. Ryder was an early riser, so he would probably be there to talk to.


Ezra – Hey, you still up?

Ryder – Yep! How you doing?

Ezra – Really good, just woke up for and can't get back to sleep

Ryder – You were at that party earlier, right?

Ezra – Ya I was, with my boyfriend.

We actually did it for the first time.

Ryder – Congratz

The news said they found a crash not far from where the party was.

Ezra – Oh no. I hope everyone's okay

Ryder – It said the driver was announced dead at the scene.

The passengers were brought to the hospital

They were all minors so no names have made it out yet

Ezra – Shit, that's not good. Did it say what kind of car it was?

Ryder – Chevy Silverado


Ezra's face went white as a ghost. There was quite a few of those trucks around town, and without a year he couldn't know for sure. But the worry instantly went through his entire body. He frantically searched for his cellphone, waking Adam up in the process. “What are you doing?”


“Looking for my cell phone.” Ezra replied distracted. When he found it he dialed Emmett's number instantly. There wasn't any rings though, just went straight to voicemail. “Hey when you get this please call me back. Love you.”


“Gross.” Adam rolled over away from his frantic brother. Ezra just rolled his eyes.


Ezra waited for almost two ours before his phone went off. But it wasn't Emmett who was calling him. Levi's name and number appeared on the call display of his phone.


Hesitantly Ezra picked up his phone and answered. “Levi?”


“Hey Ezra...” Levi sounded distant, distracted, barely capable of conversing. “Ummm...” He tried to find words to speak to his friend.


“What is it Levi?” Ezra's worries became even worse, his right hand began shaking. “Is something wrong?”


“Ya, something's wrong... I just don't know how to say it.” Ezra waited patiently for his friend to continue. “Did you see the news this morning?”


“No, but Ryder told me he saw something about a crash on it.” Ezra swallowed the saliva build up in his mouth. “He also mentioned that the driver was announced dead at the scene.

“Ya.” Levi simply replied. “It was Emmett's truck.”


Ezra dropped the phone before loosing balance. His entire body shook as he tried to hold back the overflowing emotion going through his body. Adam rolled back over, looking at his brother. “Ezra, everything okay?”


Ezra's only reply was a scream as tears erupted from his eyes. Levi, and the Davis household all heard him. Ezra lost much more than he initially thought that night...


Chapter End.

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